The Greek Deal is Pointless... European Banks Need TRILLIONS in New Capital

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timing is a bitch!

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Just imagine how broke you'd be if you actually listened to this one note band. I'm up $9,000 a contract on my Long Bond Short from 144.25 put on on Oct. 3thd; and anounced here. Join the party; the Bonds have a long ways to go; down. And that's the way they're headed, folks.

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Good points.  I only wish there was a guide available to show me how to make money in a crisis.

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They just kicked the can down the road.  I agree we are doomed, but it's not going to happen next month.  That is why I don't trade, and especially don't short. 

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" ain't seen nothin' 'til you're down on a muffin."

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The EFSF "leverage" was explained to the German public on TV last night :

Private Investors (China) are supposed to lend the EU money and get a 20% insurance on a possible loss.
OK, now it's apparently 25% , but still.

Can someone here tell me if I've got it wrong .. or is that really the deal ?

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46T in assets with 26:1 leverage  means they have 1.7T in catital.

In order to bring ration to 13:1, they need to double CAPITAL from 1.7 to 3.4T

That's NOT 21T!  Check your math...


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this will resurface some time in Q1 2012 for now its Risk On !!

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More restaurant reviews please.

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yes, they're going to need much more money.

where are they going to get that money?

what will that do the purchasing power of the money already in exsistence?

now, and here's the important one,

what will that do to assets priced in that currency?

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Is the deal relly done! I mean, who decided in the name of "the banks"?

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How's that 'proven' crash indicator of yours, that's been flashing red all October, hanging!?

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"On that note..."  hehehehe.  Actually it was decent info this time, but still not buying your damn newsletter.