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LARRY'S LINKEDIN PROFILE UPDATED[Larry: If I say it's "verbatum and not Verbatim" it damn sure as hell is Verbatum!]












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Hmm, Nazi emblem for Oakland police, makes it Nazi on Nazi violence, no? Well the Rothschilds are used to funding both sides of a fight. Keep voting for those progressives, all the same.

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I'm going to take the contrarian point of view here - eventually some of this stuff deviates from 'statement art' to raw childishness (haha Summers is fat and has no 'linkedin' friends, Oakland police are Nazis).  While WB has produced some brilliant pieces; I would humbley suggest that less is more in this case.  One awesome image that captures the zeitgeist is, IMO, better than 'spamming' 20 images consisting of photochopping some finance minister's (or whoever) eyes, ears, and mouth onto a picture of a clown.  Just an opinion from someone who enjoys WB creative output.

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art (in this case anyway) functions as counter environment. the more ABSURD the society or morality that you are reflecting, the louder the counterweight, or artistic statement may be. the men who make Southpark describe themselves as a bullhorn aimed at America.

and there is no avoiding the premise that the current economic policy passed ABSURD about three years ago. happily Barry Obama took the wheel from Bush, while the car was heading over the cliff, and said THANKS. it's like the cabin boy on the Titanic standing by the wheel while the captain abandons ship. Weeee. This is fun.

there was a short lived sitcom on Comedy Central in 2000, called "That's My Bush.." Yeah it was about the Bush White House, but it was a fairly tame sitcom. As an artist I can tell you, a similar show would never work today, because the scale of that sort of white bread humor is lacking the precise counterweight to the depth of the (perceived) mendacity, dissembling, and blatant political corruption that exists today. We have to kick it up several notches to get there, and really none of the MSM people choose to do that. For what its worth Jon Stewarts gesticulating about the political situation is probably too tame for most viewers right now.

can you make a comedy about frog marching the highest elected officials into the police van? "That's My Bernie Madoff.." that won't work, you see. When that happens art moves to the fringe, and the volume of the pushback picks up.

such is the nature of the system. Wm B is just as important in his way as the OWS movement is in theirs.




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I have a simple metric. When I google anyone of these idiots, I look to see how many images there are lampooning them.

Take Trichet for example. There is hardly anything. I seek to remedy that across the board. The stupider they look the better.

Destroy the image and you break your opponent. Now I'm trying to get other artists focused on this as well.

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The way I look at it, and I look at it all the time, those clowns have not been dished hardly enough.

They live on a big boat of illusion which I will continuously aspire to torpedo with every form of visual ridicule available. Trichet is a clown just as depicted and the other two are a match made in freak show heaven.

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WB7 you are such a wonderful bright shining light!!!

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jewnazijew afterjewiseeyou banzai shepard pie!

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This is what I love about zerohedge. The contributers. They all have their own little fan clubs and they share them with everyone on this site. O'l slick willy banzai is pissing people off on a George Washington scale these days.

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Unfortunately for my detractors, I am extremely hard to pin down because I have absolutely no love for any of the garbage running, purporting to run or seeking to run the country.

As far as I'm concerned we chuck the whole corrupt lot in the hopper and start from scratch.

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Though you do seem to pretty consistently pump the WH progressive media czar memes (truth-out, media-matters, whatever, take you pick of Soros-front propaganda groups).

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You are fuking awsome........ keep up the good work !!!

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I really am sick and tired, as we all should be.

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The bad news William is you lose a piece of yourself by trial by fire. The good news is you lose a piece of yourself through the trial by fire.

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You are probably fatigued because you are doing real creative work.  These are discourging times.  The seeming total absence of character in high places is discouraging. 

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Not fatigued, sick and tired. There is a difference. I'm not anywhere near fatigued ;-)

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the deep capture and ravaging of the american dream by dishonest and dishonorable men.

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It's the CFR UberAlles! Really amazing how that doesn't seem to register with most people . . .

What say you WB7? Isn't it time to work over that crew?

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Another nefarious nest of goons.

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650,000 Larry Summers friend requests rejected. Fucking awesome.

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I think I may have understated it ;-)

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Sarkozy has threatened Oakland PD he will send in NATO to "protect the civilians" if they continue beating the crap out of unarmed kids, housewives, old veterans, etc..

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not to worry, Obama is in the hood

President O is scheduled to appear before hundreds of donors at a $7,500-a-plate noontime fundraiser today at San Francisco's W Hotel - but not a single local reporter will be allowed inside to cover his only stop in the area, the White House said Monday.

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All you fucking ScumBagz on here are part of the 99% so you had better learn to get along, some of you are dumber than the ones next to you but you had better learn to get your brothers back.

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Feminist Porn tag for Larry Summers and "Mitt Zombie", ROFLMAO!

Thanks again WB7

p.s. - Debt Brother from Planet Zero POTUS is going to be on Jay Leno tonight.

Shouldn't he be working instead of dicking around with late night comedians?

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It's all part of his hey I'm a regular guy on a bus PR ploy.

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I saw that. Rather ironic given all the law enforcement rhetoric about fire arms.

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a little premature with the nazi thing. can't you at least wait until the fema camps are filled with occupywallstreet protesters?


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Crap, I thought it was Larry Flint, not some prevert.

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Timmay's monkey is going to give me nightmares and daymares. That's hitting me in the subconscious.

I think it's now time for you to begin using the Motion Picture Association rating system to avoid heart attacks for the exquisitely sensitive.

How do you do what he did at Harvard and then get hired at all?  What must you have in the way of secrets that these people will hire you? People who fail this spectacularly are rewarded not punished severely, holding out tin cups on Main street to survive.

I really don't get it.  There has to be a great deal of truth to the conspiracy of secret societies that will preserve your sorry fat ass, no matter how badly you fail.  Does anyone ever interview those who hired Summers to answer the question as to why they would do that, with so many much more accomplished people in the world? 

What gives?

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Maybe they wanted to hire him so they knew exactly where he was when the Harvard endowment fund evaporates as the financial world's derivatives casino melts down to zero.  He's the smartest guy in any room  (so he tells anyone who will listen) and he stuffed the endowment with worthless financial crap paper.  They probably will sue him for everything when it all hits the fan, but they need to know where he is.  I have heard of lots of people who were incompetent assholes with union protection, but were promoted to positions with greater and greater responsibility, and then fired when they made the tiniest of errors.  Maybe they will want to make an example of him when he is no longer needed at Hahvahd...

In my opinion, anyone who constantly tells me that they are smart or creative or rich is probably none of the above.  In Larry's case, he is nothing but a blowhard doofus who probably couldn't get a date unless he paid for it.  Of course, now that he has his own jizz-boy, Timmah, he doesn't have to insist that he is a heterosexual, either.

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The scene with him in the Facebook movie is priceless. It is totally consistent with everything I have read about him. A smug pompous asshole who has been told all his life that he is smarter than everyone else.

Really now?

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timmy is a vested member of 'bis', thus with his lifetime membership comes int'l immunity of all infractions 


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It's called tenure. Imagine if we all had that. It is galling for that fat fuck to be shooting his mouth off publicly after all the damage he and his posse of evil financial clowns have done.

It is even more galling to see such human garbage defended by the people who oppose the concept of OWS.

Wall Street is a human cesspool. Not everyone who works there, but the people currently at the top for sure. 


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Wall street is a reflection of the rest of the country. This country has been going down the sewer since Clinton was the first black President.

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Why stop at Clinton? Keep going.

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The last real President for the people was Kennedy.....and look where that got him.

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Its kinda sad to discover that a brilliant cartoonist cant distinguish between police doing there jobs protecting public order and them acting like nazis.

Why not let the OWS Oakland army simply take over the city.

c'mon Billy, you can do better

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Look up Oakland SWAT busting into the house of a woman accused of Student Loan violations at the directive of the Department of Education.

Held the Husband cuffed in a patrol car for over 3 hours, no search warrant, Wife was estranged and didn't even live there anymore.

No apologies, no investigation, guy is left with a busted door and terrified kids.

The swastika fits for many of the Jack-Booted cops and swat teams in the U.S. who are organs of the corporate government and prison industry.  The good cops don't last long, and the testosterone adrenaline junkies who can't see a shade gray stay because they enjoy pretending they are good guys.  Most decent cops move on to something else before long when they realize law enforcement is a revenue instrument versus protecting Mom's and Kids and Families, ESPECIALLY in corporatocracies of large cities.

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Plus she was a brilliant surgeon with 500,000 in debt and so good she took to landing her private plane upside down. Honestly where's the understanding anymore?

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"we haven't been hit yet", says the lit'l dick draft-dodger and chief architect of america's pyrrhic victory as 'hs' searches and destroys unruly demonstrators and dept. of ed.'s ss protect the proletariet from themselves

1984 has been along time comin, but after 27 arduous years it's finally metastasized 

good goin america, ya finally done it,... now what?

shouldn't have asked, is it to late to take it back

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Fcuk SWAT - what you don't hear about are all the vets with claymores above their front doors pointing down and out. Wonder what happens when you hit the door with the sledge and it doesn't budge? Don't look up.

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So, you don't see the police state that has formed around us as Nazi like?  And the violation of our rights?  The constitution?  Oh..yea, that's just some stupid dead peice of paper.

The actions across the country of our police forces is disgusting.  Doing their jobs? Yea..that was the excuse the nazi's used as well.

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Considering the protesters are breaking hundreds of laws I think the police have been quite reasonable.  What about the people who live nearby and have to look and liosten at these people day after day, night after night? Pathetic bunch of useful idiots! They should be camping out in front of the White House, the Federal Reserve and Congress!!! Of course smart people would know that.

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I do believe that there is a set of laws that trumps all others. The Constitution maybe.