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Here is the king who now reigns
The wealth of all nations he drains
The ship's going down
Because of this clown
Who looks like he has ship(t) for brains!

The Limerick King



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His teeth are as crooked as his mind. And do I see some of that "barbarous relic" in his mouth?

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I can't remember if it was a line from Das Boot or Hunt For Red October, but, it went something like, "You arrogant fool, you've killed us all."


It was the ist officer onboard the soviet hunter killer to his captain after he shot a torpedo at the red october and the october turned into the attack sub and the first officer heard theie own torpedo coming back at them

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That schematic is brilliant WB7, nice work.

Only problem is i don't see the gold and silver suppression pressure chamber, that once overflows causes critical failure to the machine.

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I started with the actual schematic of the Phillips Machine, which was a working model using tubes, valves, pumps and water.

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the ponzi crank needs to be bigger, LOL!  great job, i also like the 99.99% working sump and taxation pump.

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WB...the deficit accumulator does not appear to be in scale.

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It's pressurized and there's no over-pressure valve.

Its probably going to blow-up soon.

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Too late to pull the relief valve; the explosion's coming and when it does, God help us - all - rich and poor, won't matter.  Sorry sheitkoffs!

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Bernanke with the Titanic through the brain: what an image Banzai

I could think of something else to put through there but the Feds Google spy stations would have me arrested!

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Oil, Gold, and Silver all ramping up along with equity markets hitting highs "not seen since May 2008" (CNBC).


Ben will swear there is no inflation or reflation using public debt, as the prow of the U.S.S.A. Titanic Debt Ponzi heads at 3/4 steam toward that submerged iceberg called "Reality".

Drinks and dancing in the parlor!

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The bonus tank seems a bit small

After all, they are doing God's work

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Good stuff.

Perhaps the "Bernanke Activator" should assume a more - ahem - central function?


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a bit off topic, but related... there is a good chance the titanic never went down, but rather, its sister ship disguised as the titanic in an insurance fraud scheme perpetrated in part by none other than J.P Morgan. Impossible you say, check out "the ship that never sank":


the banker lies never end.

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Right. And Coldman Sachs arranged the iceberg. On the other hand, this IS sophisticated trolling. Give all conspiracy theories a bad name by spouting nonsense.

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Another way to insure that conspiracy theories get a bad name is to deal with an educated audience; persons who are actually educated regard conspiracy stories as hilarious.

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No, 'persons who are actually educated' find conspiracy theories threatening, because the 'conspiracy theorists' often know ten times the amount of detail that they do, and the shock of discovering that most of the Apple Pie Goodness they been spoon fed might actually just be manipulative horsehit makes them feel deeply vulnerable and panicked... So.... they laugh.

Having said that, the Titanic swap theory seems a tad farfetched. But then, I haven't watched the link.

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The funny thing is that anything but the 'official' story is labeled by those that wish to keep the Sheeple believing in that the government always tells the truth, companies never do unscrupulous things for profits, politicians and regulators work for the people, ext. ext, ext.  

What is a Conspiracy Theory exactly? What does that mean?

Now, let's look at the 'official' stories of today. 

1. MF Global doesn't know where the missing money is and JP Morgan didn't know that MF Global was using customer funds to pay JP Morgan.   

2. Officials at Penn State had no idea that Sandusky was a pedophile.



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you didn't watch the movie.  they assembled quite a bit evidence.  the motive was real.  the people were not supposed to die, the carpathia was supposed to be stationed close by to pick up passengers...    sinking a damaged ship to collect on insurance seems alot more believable than destroying the twin towers to take fascism to an all new level and start WWIII...  and by now anyone with a brain has realized that is exactly what happened.

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Every left-hand threaded wing-nut that wastes their god-given brain arguing about these wacka-mole stories, is another person who will never take the time to find out what actually happened to their country and their standard of living. too bad. but useful to the powers.

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Here, I have one for you. Yer gonna like it.

Euclid wasn't all that. I can prove the world is in fact flat in relativistic space/time. Seriously, I really can. Flat as a table that doesn't have an edge. Doesn't require all 4 trillion computational units and a DDD cup size to do the maths, either.

But you'd need to have a degree in Physics to follow my explanation, so I won't trouble you with it. <snicker>

And yeah the Titanic sank like a mu'fucking brick. Don't know where these Neanderthals come up with this ship-didn't-even-sink crap. There is some kind of human gene for gullible stupidity that Mom Nature would have pounded into the greased axels of evolution, except you take care of them so they don't hurt themselves.

You're just pissing in the gene pool though, letting them reproduce like that. So I try to set a few on fire every day just to right the balance of your species. But damn if you people don't keep making more of them. Excuse me looks I have some work to do. Ta.

Signed: the Archangel Fortran

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*cough cough*

IMM was a holding company that controlled subsidiary corporations that had their own subsidiaries. Morgan hoped to dominate transatlantic shipping through interlocking directorates and contractual arrangements with the railroads, but that proved impossible because of the nature of sea transport, American antitrust legislation, and an agreement with the British government. One of IMM's subsidiaries was the White Star Line, which owned the RMS Titanic. Analysis of financial records shows that IMM was overleveraged and suffered from inadequate cash flow that caused it to default on bond interest payments in late 1914. As a result, a "friendly" receivership was put in effect in 1915, which allowed IMM to reorganize its finances; it emerged from the receivership in 1916.[1] Saved by World War I, IMM eventually reemerged as the United States Lines, which itself went bankrupt in 1986.[2]


Or you could pick up any number of books on the history of Jp morgan or the house of morgan.

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Twin sister ships, Olympic and Titanic. One sank, one didn't. Names switched. Not that complicated.

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Correction: Goldman Sucks is the iceberg

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"pump won't work

cause vandals stole the handle"


long silver

and seal skins..

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RMS Titanic not HMS Titantic.

Royal Mail Ship (RMS) is correct.