How Inferior American Education Caused The Credit/Real Estate/Sovereign Debt Bubbles & Why It's Preventing True Recovery Pt 2

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Those who follow me know that I take a perverse pleasure in purposely making the Bourgeois squirm. Let today be no different. This is part 2 and 3 of my multi-part rant on how the inefficient education system in the US is responsible for our current economic malaise. Please see the entire post here. The next installment, probably even more controversial than this one, will be published forthwith. Remember this is both a continuation of a previous article and lengthy - thinking caps, an open mind, and a little time to dedicate are prerequisites!

The Talented Tenth and Class, 101

As a target for the definition of Dubois proverbial "Talented Tenth" who are to be the true “new” educators of this country’s youth, I advocate a minimum of a higher “upper middle class” standing, ex. a score of 23 on the boombustblog.com_social_class_model v.7.3 156.00 Kb. By definition, this transforms the Talented Tenth, in a mathematical sense, into something more like the Talented Three, due to the significantly increased rigor of the selection process resulting in the top three percent of society, in lieu of the top ten percent. It is very, very important to recognize the fact that this does not mean that only the wealthy can teach, for wealth is only one aspect of the socio-economic class structure, and there are many in the higher strata that are not necessarily wealthy, although there are none that are poor. This concept is very, very important and cannot be overstated. In a nutshell, it is actual accomplishment and influence that sets this strata apart and provides the actual credentials to teach. In essence, I feel that one cannot teach what one doesn't know, hence how can one teach another how to succeed at something that one hasn't succeeded at themselves. Basically, this is the antithesis of the mantra "That that can do, and those that can't teach!"

Simply taking characteristics that the media has popularly attributed to success such as education, or income will easily mislead today’s youth (and their parents) into a false sense of both security and superiority. I personally know many highly educated people who have little in terms of productive (income producing and/or appreciating) assets other than the home that they live in and a small retirement account. I know many individuals and couples with high incomes, over $250,000 who are also devoid of productive assets and socio-political clout. Social class, the metric of membership into that club W.E.B. Dubois coined “the Talented Tenth”, and to a greater extent the metric from which Mill’s tome, “The Power Elite” is far too complex to be broken down into one or two variables such as education or income. The variables that we need to ascertain class are automatically calculated in the boombustblog.com_social_class_model, but one must have a firm understanding of the meaning of the inputs in order to get a valid assessment:

1.Wealth – the pre-eminent factor, for in a capitalistic society, capital reigns supreme. Remember, what is being preached is far from materialism, and those who confuse the pursuit of capital as materialism are erring on the side of ignorance. I consistently remind my children what money is for. When you ask many people lower on the socio-economic ladder what money is for, you frequently get in response “to buy things”. This mentality and belief leads to a circular situation wherein the lack of understanding of the nature of money leads to an inherent lack of it. Capital in its purest essence - or to put it more simply, money - is used as a proxy for labor. As a result, the more capital that you have, the less you have to toil in your own labor. Once you have reached the point of equilibrium where your capital is equivalent to your labor, you no longer have to work to retain your current standard of living. All capital above this point of equilibrium can then be used to purchase the labor (hence the livelihoods) of others. The more capital you have, the more control you have over your own destiny, and then over the destiny of others. Capital is defined as property, eg. Cash, income producing assets (bonds, businesses, rental properties, mortgage notes, royalty generating intellectual property, etc.), appreciating assets (eg. Stocks, real estate, businesses, readily tradable antiquities, etc.), and to a much lesser extent in terms of value, depreciating assets (cars, jewelry, clothing, etc.). Wealth is defined as total assets (capital) minus all liabilities (debts and obligations). With these explicit definitions, we can now see the pursuit of wealth not as a material pursuit, but as a means of gaining control over the economy (notice I stated “the” economy not “our” economy), the political system, the social structure of the country and the futures of ourselves, our children, and others.

2.Income – provides the liquidity needed for day-to-day operations as well as long term planning. Income is often quoted as the primary determinant of class and is often mistaken as a proxy for wealth. This is patently false, for one can have high income and very little wealth, and this situation very, very prevalent. High income equates to social prestige, but is not nearly as accurate a determinate of power, influence or socio-economic standing as wealth is.

3. Income source – where income is derived dictates the autonomy, independence and reliability of that income. For instance, income derived from a salaried job is less secure and desirable (you can always get fired from your job, or become incapacitated due to illness) than income derived from one’s own business which is less secure and desirable (you ca become incapacitated due to illness in smaller companies, where the markets can move against you in larger businesses) then income from a broadly diversified portfolio of investments (which could easily include your own business) since it is virtually impossible to get fired, suffer financial distress from incapacitation, or have an adverse move in markets significantly damage your financial standing.

4.Occupation – while less important from an economic perspective, this factor is significant in the social purview. What you do often transcends how much you make or even how much you have in many social circles. For instance, a untenured college professor can easily make less then a prison corrections officer that works overtime, yet the college professor is deemed to be of higher social standing, even if he rents subsidized housing from his school/employer (aka social welfare, popularly thought to be only the province of the lower classes) while the corrections officer can not only own his own residence in the same neighborhood, but also own the one next to it for investment income.

5.Education – Academic education has traditionally been seen as the key to success in many circles. I have come to the conclusion that it is far from the key to ultimate success, but it is an important, if not necessary, component. This issue boils down to cause and effect. It is obvious that many successful people are well educated, but is that because successful families get educations or educations lead to successful families. Regardless of the chronological linkage of the occurrences, highly educated individuals are viewed with more prestige then lower educated individuals, and this prestige leads to a higher social standing. There is also significant evidence that academic education does have a connection to improved economic standing as well, but it is much more complex than popular opinion would have many to believe.

6.Dwelling area – basically, you are where you live. Very few powerful or wealthy people live in the ghetto unless their power is solely or derived from the economic underground (eg. Drugs, prostitution, etc.) that is forced to fly under the radar of mainstream social circles, which by default forces them into the lower classes. Conversely, very few powerless poor people live in the Gold Coast areas unless they are there as live in domestic help. People of like means tend to cluster together, so dwelling area has a high correlation to class.

7.Housing – highly correlated to class due to the fact that home ownership is a class marker. So is the value and size of the home. Most of those on the very low end of the SES scale do not own their own homes, while most on the very high end tend to own several homes.

Class consciousness (affiliations) – The ability to actually know where you stand and influence others in the group that you stand is a class marker, as well as the ability to know where others stand in relation to your standing and influence. Your affiliations help label your class strata. For instance, being a leader of local PTA, and being aware of that positions influence puts you in a higher standing than no group membership or just belonging to the local bowling team. The same goes to membership to a Fortune 500 or multinational not-for-profit board as compared to PTA membership. The more you know about class and class affiliation, chances are the higher you will be in the class standing.

As excerpted from Super Brokers form to push Super Broken products to make those with High Net Worth Super Broke

Social Mobility: Unlike the Jefferson's, We're moving on down!

Social class is defined (on this blog) as the amount of control one has over one's socio-economic environment. It is much more than money, although money is a large component. For instance, Barack Obama is in a higher class than Robert DeNiro or Michael Jackson, although Robert DeNiro and Michael Jackson are most likely wealthier (although that is quite debatable after taking into consideration the value of Obama's campaign contribution list and membership database from his social networking site!). Obama's higher class stems from his ability to exert more control over his socio-economic environment. The factors that this author uses to determine class combine (with the associated weights) to create a "socioeconomic index":


Socioeconomic Index=

(Occupation X 12) + (Income source X12) + (Income X 7) + (Wealth X 14) +

(Education X 7) + (Dwelling area X 15) + (Class Consciousness X 7) +

(Housing X 12)


There is a handy dandy BoomBustBlog class model (based loosely upon the Index of Status Charcteristics) available for download for anyone interested in delving  into this further. See boombustblog.com_social_class_model v.7.3 156.00 Kb.

As you can see, wealth is the largest contributor to the class standing, and coincidentally it is the factor
that is the most at risk in this current economic climate. I believe that there will be a significant entry into the upper middle class by those who were once firmly entrenched into the upper classes! While that may not seem like a big deal to many, it is damn big deal to those who are moving down the ladder. This also means, that there will be some space for others to move (relatively speaking) up the ladder. One man's (or woman's) misfortune is another's opportunity. I believe this blog can not only be used to insure and proof against downward mobility
for those in the upper strata, but can also be used by those in the lower, middle and lower upper strata to rise upward a notch or even two. Social Mobility is the name of the game in times of severe dislocation - times like we are experiencing now.

Lower Strata


Working Poor

Middle Strata

Lower Middle Class

Upper Middle Class

Upper Strata

Lower Upper Class

<-- 20% to 30% ofBoomBustBloggers are here, roughly 1,000 of you!

Higher Upper Class

Now, in term of wealth (not social class and influence, just wealth) we can split the upper strata into three different categories (there are only two above because of the other factors that come into play when social class or socioeconomic standing is taken into consideration).
There is the poor wealthy, those guys and girls that are just a hair's breath from being pulled into the upper middle class strata due to marginal wealth. This would be the $1m to $10m net worth crowd, who rely on business profits, salary and investment returns for income. The next would be the middle strata of the wealthy, hailing between $10 to $100 million in Net Worth, and then there is the upper strata wealthy at above $100 million. Each of these three strata of wealth represent, in my opinion, distinct behavior tranches in terms of discretionary expenditures, investment, and politics and (what passes as, this is a story for another post) philanthropic activities.



Source of wealth

Net Worth

Lower strata wealthy (High net worth)

Service professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs,

Salaries, stock options, restricted stock, small business
profits, investment returns

$1 m to $10 m

Middle strata wealthy (Very High Net Worth)

Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, inheritors

Business ownership, investment returns, salaries, restricted
stock, stock options

$10 m to $100 m

Upper strata (the truly

Entrepreneurs, inheritors, very few CEOs

Business ownership, investment returns

$100 m to several $billion

A trip to practically any decent sized yacht club or recreational vehicle port reveals the relatively stark differences in discretionary spending behavior. The first strata can be found in the 36 ft. to 68 ft. yacht docks (where a captain is optional, but not mandatory and you really don't need a crew). The second strata can be found 50 ft to 120 ft docks, where captains, crews and semi-custom fiberglass boats abound. The third strata are almost exclusively in the super yacht category, where the carrying cost alone for these (basically waste of money) fully custom built hulls and vehicles are about million a year to start with. You can also see the other social economic strata as well, upper middle class in the 20 to 35 ft boats, the middle and working class in the considerably smaller fishing boats - as opposed to the ultra fast Viking and Hatteras deep sea fishers, etc. It is an interesting and instructional study in social studies and anthropology just walking along your local docks! Once you are aware of how these things break down, you will see many settings in a different light.

The dark purples, deep greens and reds are most likely the general demographic to get hit hardest.
Fortunately, those who follow this BoomBustBlog closely, either personally or through their advisor, should have seen a net increase in net worth rather than a net decrease. This has hurt non-BoomBustBloggers in this demographic tranche significantly, and will hurt them even farther. At the same time, let's hope that the opinion and research that I bring to the blog helps, because many will need it. Download The new Socio-economic stratification model

The problem of training today’s student is materially complicated by the fact that the whole question of the efficiency and appropriateness of our present systems of formal and academic education, for any kind of child, is a matter of active debate, in which final settlement seems still far off. Consequently it often happens that persons arguing for or against certain systems of education have these controversies in mind and miss the real question at issue. The main question, so far as the American student is concerned, is: What, under the present circumstance, must a system of education do in order to raise the young man/woman as quickly as possible up the rungs of the socio-economic ladder in order for him/her to compete as rigorously as possible for that prize which is at the top? The answer to this question seems to me clear: It must strengthen the privileged’s character, increase their knowledge and teach them to acquire the assets of power, production and influence. It is paramount that the aforementioned struggle take place, for without it (which is the situation that we currently face), those who hold the mantle easily become complacent and eventually lose said mantle to other nations who are hungry enough and competitive enough to allow the diverse juices within their own populaces to be set free. This is the REAL reason to fear China, et. al.!

Now it goes without saying that it is hard to do all these things simultaneously or suddenly and that at the same time it will not do to give all the attention to one and neglect the others.

We could give our young boys and girls the ideals, knowledge, and mindset to motivate them to acquire economic assets through entrepreneurship and the established corporate environment, but will that alone provide the socio-political influence necessary to counteract the pervasive subset of classism that is currently trapping immense stores of human capital, talent and creativity under the mantle of a globally unproductive oligarchic labor mill? Said labor mill mentality is being taught as core curriculum in our school systems and appears by design to prevent out boys and girls from capturing the helm of capitalism which is the ownership of valuable property?

We might simply increase their knowledge of the world, but this would not necessarily make them wish to use this knowledge to the betterment of their selves and families in lieu of the betterment of their socio-economic class masters.

We might seek to strengthen character and purpose, but to what end if the people have nothing to eat or to wear or be without the means to aggregate and exploit?

A system of education is not one thing, nor does it have a single definite object, nor is it a mere matter of schools. Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops leaders – not followers. The indoctrination of followers is actually the antithesis of education. It is the brainwashing, the encoding of a semi-caste system of servitude that does not need to be forced upon children for said children’s parents/caregivers/advisors actively seek out this programming designed to make others socio-economically successful upon the backs of proletariat labor as having finally arrived!!!

If then we start out to train an ignorant and unskilled people with a reflexively reinforcing cycle of self-limiting or self-destructive habits, our system of training must set before itself two great aims — the one dealing with motivational and inspirational character, the other part seeking to give the child the technical knowledge necessary for him to acquire and manipulate financial and social capital under the present circumstances.

These objects are accomplished in part by the opening the minds of the common schools to the precepts of socio-economic status, its true meaning and how to manipulate it to one’s own benefit. We must create productive asset gatherers, not workers. This is true, especially for those who are trained to teach these schools — men and women of knowledge and culture and technical skill who understand modern civilization, but most importantly Men and Women of Accomplishment, for only accomplishment can assuredly attest to the training and aptitude to impart accomplishment to the children under them.

There must be teachers, and teachers of teachers; but to attempt to establish any sort of a system of common and industrial school training, without first (and I say first advisedly) providing for the higher training of the very best teachers, is simply throwing your efforts to the winds. School houses do not teach themselves - piles of brick and mortar and machinery do not send out leaders. It is the trained, living human soul, cultivated and strengthened by long study and thought, that breathes the real breath of life into boys and girls and makes them human, whether they be Black or white, Greek, Russian, African or American, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. 

My Personal Experience With the NYC School System 

Public and even private schools teach to the test. They teach students to pass and excel at written tests versus excelling at life and business skills. The results are obvious. You have students that can rock the SATs but can't think their way out of a wet paper bag. These children have no strategic creativity, and are the antithesis of individualism. These children have grown up to assume very strategic positions in the power centers of this country, many believing that they have risen to that level through their own volition - please reference the aforementioned C. Wright Mills excerpts from above, to wit: 

... members of the power elite had strikingly similar social origins. They fruitfully used vast resources and insular social ties to move across the three institutional hierarchies in both formal and informal capacities (references to the alumni of the Great Vampire Squid are nigh impossible to avoid). The result was (and in my oh so humble opinion, still is) a robust web of entitlement.... The circle remained exclusive because real influence, for Mills, was located not in individuals (where it should be for that would release true creative and productive energies from said individual into greater society), but in their access to the “command of major institutions…the necessary bases of power, of wealth, and of prestige.”

Simply put, the powerful can and do make use of their resources to set favorable terms by which to safeguard their position at the top. C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite (New York: Oxford University Press, 1956), 9.

Hence, out of one of the most heterogeneous pools of human capital in the world, a small homogeneous sliver of living Groupthink perpetuates the status quo, not only failing to benefit from, but actually squelching the vibrant, diverse, adaptive and evolutionary energy that springs forth from heterogeneity. This is done not for the betterment of society, but to protect the extant oligarchy. This my friends, is the antithesis of the raw tenets of capitalism, which is in my uneducated opinion an economic extension of Charles Darwins "survival of the fittest" theory. When the same children who are taught the same things from the same schools ran by the same professors graduate to the same jobs from which they use the same techniques gleaned from the same life experiences often gathered from the same families to face the same problems.... Then GroupThink rules the day. The problem is.... What happens when the new problems are not the same. Fast forward to 2008 - 2012, the US credit and housing crisis as well as the Pan-European sovereign debt crisis. Now you know how we got into this mess, and now you know why it will be so difficult for us to get out of it. No, it was not a failure of capitalism, but a failure to allow capitalism in its truest forms!!!

I have three children - ages 5, 11, and 19 (make that one child and two young men), hence I have been through all facets of the school system in NYC, both public and private. My kids have went from the most diverse school in the country (72 languages spoken) where the average family is poor enough to enable the entire school to receive free lunch, to the best school in the entire country (as indicated by the Wall Street Journal- reference "The Price of Admission", and clickhere to learn more about this school). After paying 3 times what I paid for college for my eldest to attend high school (all in after tax dollars) decided to take matters into my own hands at the aforementioned public school with the extreme diversity and low average family income. I obtained permission to teach my own "enrichment class" as an adjunct to what the school taught (which as how to pass city and state academic tests - may I add that I have never heard of anyone getting paid to pass these tests!), and hired my own staff to assist in doing so. My son was in first grade when this started (I actually skipped over kindergarten to increase the challenge), and I purposely avoided hiring "professional teachers". At first, I personally taught science and finance to the class - which encompassed earth science, biology, zoology, animal husbandry, math , entrepreneurial studies, dramatic reading/speech and social studies (socio-economic stratification - the subject of this article). I then managed to hire a thespian for English/language arts, an Australian mathematician to tutor in math, and a PhD in neuroscience to head up biology. These hires took the pressure off of me and allowed me to focus on my core competencies/interest - dramatic presentation, finance and entrepreneurial studies.

Due to my willingness to dip into a very diverse pool of potential and lift up whatever it was that was both willing and capable to come with me, I led a bunch of 1st grades to learn (and I mean enthusiastically learn) high school curriculum! That's right! You heard correctly, these were 1st graders in a NYC public school that had free lunch. The class size was limited to 5 members, who were picked by the teacher as being able to benefit most from the enrichment (code word for not getting anything out of the NYC school's curriculum - which described(s) all of my children). The same teacher also had about 5 students removed for ESL (English as a 2nd language) and a few removed for behavioral issues, and by and of the day she had a very manageable class size of about 15 or so kids - and more importantly, these kids had a homogeneous skill set, meaning that they could all be taught a single lesson in unison.

The result of this intellectual experiment was interesting. The kids WANTED to attend class and some would actually cry when they couldn't make it. The first grades dissected sheep brains, cow eyes, built a REAL human skeleton (and memorized every single bone by its scientific name - a feat I dare any adult reading this to try) and read and wrote at a level that was literally multiples of the city standard. 

The kids started their own for profit business selling fresh, organic berry juice (an actually made money) - delegating sales staff, bookeepers and preparers - all according to the kids natural abilities. I then made them swap roles ot get an appreciation for developing other talents and overcoming their inner fears. You would be surprised at how many kids have a fear of speaking to strangers, asking for what they want, or being responsible for counting and keeping money.

The dramatic reading created a true love for reading, writing and public speaking! We read comic books (Marvel, Image and DC) and Dr. Suess (ex. Green and Ham) and the students and I literally brought the house down -  You know, the On Broadway-style William Shatner used when he channeled James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series???!!! 

The science class dissections actually caused parents to take off from work, and teacher and admin to come in on their lunch breaks to take notes, observe and learn during our large mammal dissections. That's right, teachers, parents and admin actually took time off to come back to the first grade they never had.

I'm sure this would sound like a marvel to many reading this, but the "create a slave" mentality of this countries' oligarchical influence got in the way. Other teachers bitched and complained that I did not create similar progras for their classes (despite the fact that my son was not in their class). Parents bitched and complained because I did not include their kids in the program, although I was the only one dedicating my own time and money to the initiative, on top of the fact that it was the teacher that chose the kids and not me. Even a few of the parents whose kids were in the program bitched and complained for they thought the program was elitist, and didn't want their children participating in such. Yeah...

Eventually, the principal bitched and complained because she felt the program was becoming too successful and the kids were learning too much outside of the city's core curriculum - in other words they were learning how to be successful instead of learning toa) slave for someone else or b) perpetuate the groupthink of the status quo oligarchs until said groupthink can no longer support the current oligarchical regime and the whole thing comes tumbling down(this was 2007,fastforward to 2012 and this is where we are now).

I have interviewed all of the top public and private schools in the city and many on Long Island. I think I can say I know my way around the block here.

Are Colleges and Universities Any Better?

Exactly how many of those bankers, traders and analysts from the Wall Street "creme de la creme" actually set themselves apart from the crowd? Is such a feat actually doable? After all, despite the undeserved (look here andherefor plenty of proof), whiz bang aura that surrounds Goldman Sachs, their bankers traders and analysts went to the same schools, studied under the same professors teaching the same curriculum as everybody else on the street. So, when groupthink loads (leverages) everybody up on one side of a trade... say real estate or MBS derivative products in 2007 or European sovereign debt in 2009... Boom! 'Know what I'm sayin'? That's just my 66 cents (it was just my two cents, but I've been hanging around a lot of European bankers lately, so I levered up 33x!!!)

Next up, I will demonstrate how the Groupthink mentality that the American school system uses to indoctrinate its students has (and currently is) preventing what many believe to be the brightest minds from seeing the obvious despite the fact that is it sitting right in front of them. You heard correctly! I will take this hypothesis and prove it with both historical (that have been proven highly contrarian and immensely profitable) and real time investment ideas. Again, unable to see the coniferous expanse due to excessive tree bark blindness.  

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kall's picture

Despite all the facts that prove the contrary I still believe in a natural balance in education. Sure, there are so many laws to be changed and so many things to improve in our current education system, hundreds of thousands of students probably feel the injustice they're getting but I don't see things changing anytime soon. So what do we do? We find solutions. I for instance decided to get my master in nursing online, this gave me so much flexibility and I was able to do it, I went through the system and now I have my degree and a jab I was trained to do.

hifadhi's picture

Dear Reggie 

I'm sorry that I am late to the party but I was so moved by these essays that I had to respond, even after the fact.

What struck me as important is that you came to your conclusions without a background in the arcane craft of a professional educator. I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of the problems with American education and the consequences of public school policies and practices. The public schools not only condition the populace to accept the duplicitous economic system but as a powerful side bet it also perpetuates racism and was designed from its inception to do exactly that. What we have is an institution that was designed to condition the society to accept industrial values. Industrial values and practices that were an outgrowth of managing slaves.

That you have taken such a powerful stand in the raising of your own children is both brilliant and insightful, unfortunately it is a coustomized solution to a specific set of conditions but not a model that can be applied to the educational system because it deals with the symptoms of educational dysfunctionality without addressing the primary cause. The unraveling of the educational system and the undoing of the harm that you so accurately describe would require a simple shift of power in the classroom from the current instrucitonal methodology to one guided by critical thinking; a critical pedagogy. As you so accurately noted, we need to promote the students ability to learn rather than simply overwhelming them with more and more information posing as knowedge. Students need to understand how to learn rather than what to learn. The schools focus on the authoritarian notion that knowlwdge is dispenced by the teacher through the curriculum. The student must be allowed - rather encouraged to make meaning out their own experiences because there is no knowledge without the knower. The student must be enabled to engage inquiry, to ask first of all, what is this? and ultimately to ask "  who am I?" Both questions are inherently inseperable from one another. Industrial education demands that the student abandon their own sense of identity and reality (who am I? and What is this?) and accept the intellectual authority of the teacher. If you impose that early enough in a student's life they become conditioned to industrial ideals and values. What say you "Hive Raid"? 

As to some of the posts that would defend either individual or group behavior in the denial of the racist intent and purpose of the public schools they should realize that the industrial age in America is an extension of slavery and as such it apropriated the strategies that proved successful to slavery as an American institution. Now since owning a humn being is accepted as in bad taste and undoable in a modern society the same oligarchs now use debt and a illusionary economic sytgem to enslave workers. None of thsi could have been successful if there wasn't an instituional instrument to conditon workers to accept as natural there own enslavement, that instrument is the public schools. It's the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. The schools have made the entire working class segment of society slaves to an industrial oligarchy driven and supported by capitalism. You have to be carefully taught to abandon human values and embrace the values the false and empty values of indutrial capitalism. Yes the indoctrination that once worked with slaves now has a profound influence on the entire society not just black people or the endentured Irish and Scots that proceeded them. This is economic slavery, the same game that was being played at the birth of the nation. 

I won't argue the attitudes of those posts because its not worth it, nor are they constructed at a level that is worht responding to. they seem to embrace the chickens voting for The Colonel attitude that entitles them to work against there own best interests in denying the ruthlessness of the oligarchs that run this kleptocracy. They are simply pawns in the games (Bob Dylan) not even smart enough to see that they are as abused as any slave of a bygone era. Welcome aboard Hive Raid this couldn't happen without you.


Harbanger's picture

Government intervention from the likes of Barney Frank with Fannie/Freddie, created the housing bubble in the US by forcing Banks to give SUBPRIME MORTGAGES to people than wouldn't otherwise qualify out of "fairness"(votes).

hifadhi's picture

After all the disclosure in the main stream press idnetifying the fraud that the banks engaged in could anyone even suggest that it was caused by the victims? This post by Harbanger is just silly. Politcally motivated and dishonest and not worth considering.

hifadhi's picture

After all the disclosure in the main stream press idnetifying the fraud that the banks engaged in could anyone even suggest that it was caused by the victims? This post by Harbanger is just silly. Politcally motivated and dishonest and not worth considering.

AnAnonymous's picture

There is no equilibrium in US citizenism.

Anytime you hear, read a US citizen claiming about equilibrium, it is just another instance of cheap US propaganda.

US citizens strive for imbalance. They want imbalance.

All they can hope for is pseudo equilibrium.

As a result, and in the major course of events, they gifted the world with an unsustainable way of life on a short term compared to humanity scale.

Many traits in the US citizen eternal nature explains the quest for imbalance.

US citizens are extorters of the weak and farmers of the poor.

Transfer of wealth is eased and better when the weak is really weak and the poor really poor.

This will push them to look for the best imbalanced situation possible, no equilibrium here as the strive for weak to grow weaker and the poor to grow poorer excludes the possibility of any equilibrium possible.


Education is not to blame. US citizens made a fantasy out of education to justify their US citizenism ways.

The US Ponzi is out, this time on a world scale.

It is only a repeat of the Great depression situation when the US Ponzi came for the first time out as US of A built its prosperity on the prospect there would always be more indian lands to rob.

1898: end of the indianland transfer

1898 to 1930s: maturation of the consequences of the end of the US Ponzi.

Gave the world two world wars and the ascent of the US of A as the primary leader of the world to the brink of a worldwide Ponzi.

US citizens nature forces them to ask for more, of course.

The US is not the solution, the US is the issue.

AnAnonymous's picture

US citizens stating that money is to buy things are right. What those things are is up to them to determine.

Money in US citizenism is not an access to labour. It is an access to property.

Work requires resources to be enabled. Nobody can work without resources. Resources are property so...

In the ancient traditions, that is prior to the rise of US citizens, it was acknowledged that work does not make people rich, ownership does.

Draught animals does not sport golden backsaddle, the old saying has.

Labour in US citizenism (thus hard work) is just the myth used to incitate the consumption game and consume all the excess inputs brought in by theft, conquer and the rest US citizens have made up their daily hobby.

In a US citizen society, you do not grow rich thanks to labour, you grow rich thanks to theft.

Transfer of wealth (theft) is central to US citizenism.

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Article typical of Us citizenism, that is built to laudate US citizenism.

There have been no destruction of the US educational system.

What is drying out is the conditions to support the US ponzi, this on a global scale.

US citizens are expansionists and as such, meet the same issues as other expansionists.

Roman empire and one of the roman empire ponzi:

-You join the legion

-The legions conquer land

-You get a piece of land conquered from the 'enemy' (who actually was the best friend to roman ponzinomics since they enabled the whole stuff)

The Ponzi dried up as Roman met their capability to expand.

So in the military papers, you can follow the tightening of the requirements to get your piece of land as the Ponzi dried up.

At first, taking your service was enough, then you had to end with a higher rank, get special recommendation etc...

Same stuff here, US Ponzi is drying out on a world scale. Educated, skilled people with no property at start will find less and less opportunities to trade their expertise against property.

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"My kids have went from the most diverse school..."

Keep on with all your little cottage projects folks, keep on up with that Meercan education.

If you could all stop quacking on about how bad government is per se, you might start to think about where you all fit in to the social contract. That is a concept that nations who are eating your lunch in every industry, dealt with at their founding centuries ago and accept to their gain. Meanwhile the moronic states of america are biting on gold coins and sneering over gun barrels at "varmits what wants to take what's ma own!!"

Your insane worship of unfettered capitalism has you on a trajectory to Somalia. Your craven, selfish consumption of oil and your utter delight at your constitutional right to shoot your own children provides the civilised world with a real-live, 24-hour, broadcast-by-the-networks, "Mad Max Apocalypse".

All them guns and you are still scared shitless by coyotes, snakes and couples screwin' in airplane toilets. Priceless, just priceless.

Keep it comin, we are all cheering for ya!

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There is no diversity in US citizenism.

US citizens strive for conformity and uniformity.

US citizens have been extremelly successful at reducing diversity. What is left of diversity is actually diversity they can not reduce.

So, in the end, once again, as self indiction is such a bad movement in US citizenism, US citizens keep claiming that the grand fiasco the world is experiencing is the result of diversity when actually it is the result of the push made by US citizens for conformity and uniformity.

US citizenism is the fastest spreading doctrine in the world.

As the majority of people adopts US citizenism as their philosophy, it appears once again that the US is not the solution, the US is the problem.

And trust US citizens of A to deny that actually they are facing less and less non US citizens but more and more US citizens because for US citizens, the solution to everything is even more US citizenism.

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Powerful story. Thanks. We've become a country of herd animals and the programming they call school is at the root of our condition.

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Fucking briliant!


One problem: We won't have enough people suitable to teach the masses.

Solution: Allow childen to decide if they go to school. The ones who have the right genes will go on their own accord. The others will be relegated to basic 3 R's education, so that they may function in a modern society to some extent.

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George Jefferson: You're right. Nothing's worse than a honky except being married to one!


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson
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I paid attention to my high school Class regarding Checking, Accounting etc. Yes I was a bit of a book worm and a nerd at the time.


There were 49 other students in that room for an hour. ALL of them except one or two others completely disregarded the poor teacher and anything he had to say and write all year.


The Universa reaction when these people got thier first paycheck and saw just how much money went into Taxes  there was silence......


and then.....





Welcome to the USA working boy, you are now supporting the United States of America for better or worse.


Unfortunately I was one of those sheep who bought the bullshit about 401's etc instead of buying metals and what not.


All of my family told me, no... harrassed me every waking hour... go to college.



Why not?


Too expensive on minimum wage.


That's ok, once you get a degree you would be able to... (Blah blah)


Folks are dead and gone and we do have some degrees now. Useless.


Oh the money?


Each month towards total freedom from our own enslavement by the malls, retail and banking as much as possible. Yes we pay some taxes and so on....

What's left goes into making our family self reliant because the Government wont help. I point to Katrina as a great lesson. You are either going to be the Government or in need of it.


What the People seem to forget when looking over the oh so shiny crap in walmart is that they are the Government for the people, of the people tc etc etc.

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Reggie...your kids were lucky and I hope grateful for what you were able to offer them. I know I gave my kids geology and a love and understanding of the physical world. As a sub teacher I started every class with the "Rock of the Day". After that I had the kids just wanting to talk about geology and behavior problems....

Keep up the good work....  "Pay for Performance...."

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Worth a watch:

valedictorian speaks out against schooling.

or the text of the speech:

School is not all that it can be. Right now, it is a place for most people to determine that their goal is to get out as soon as possible.
        I am now accomplishing that goal. I am graduating. I should look at this as a positive experience, especially being at the top of my class. However, in retrospect, I cannot say that I am any more intelligent than my peers. I can attest that I am only the best at doing what I am told and working the system. Yet, here I stand, and I am supposed to be proud that I have completed this period of indoctrination. I will leave in the fall to go on to the next phase expected of me, in order to receive a paper document that certifies that I am capable of work. But I contest that I am a human being, a thinker, an adventurer – not a worker. A worker is someone who is trapped within repetition – a slave of the system set up before him.

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!00% with you. I'm European and view the Yanks as the "dumbest" people on the planet. You have an educational elite with top universities like Yale/Harvard plus a 6-7 more. But the rest? You've to shake your head in disbelief. Most of them seem to be Yaheezus colleges...


One wonder can them Yanks have one rational thought leaving out Jesus?

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And the depth of knowledge and ability in your country extends how far below that top strata?

An area where the "Yank yobs" are clearly NOT exceptional is the degree to which the brightest bulbs are heavily concentrated near the top, and the remainder are no threat to the throne. Or am I underestimating all those European football hooligans?

I do not deny that Sascha Baron Cohen probably did not have to do much editing for his movie, but he could pulled the same stunt in any country on the face of the Earth and come up with something equally funny/embarrassing. That would include your home country, whatever it might be.

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The Wright Brothers dropped out of High School to make bicycles and moved on to airplanes

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I still have my Evelen Woodhead Sped Reading material for sale on ebay.

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"...hence how can one teach another how to succeed at something that one hasn't succeeded at themselves?"


well, bill belichick never played pro football...., nor did he get a d1 scholarship.....

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" It is obvious that many successful people are well educated, but is that because successful families get educations or educations lead to successful families."


written questions in the english language usually end with a question mark, not a period

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"depreciating assets (cars, jewelry,..."


Gold jewelry is a depreciating asset?  really?  so a 20" 14K gold  Mr. T necklace bought in 1998 is now worth less? than its cost?

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Most jewelry is not gold, much is not even gold plated. Just as some cars are worth far more than their oem price, so some jewelry is worth more than its purchase price.

Most isn't/aren't.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Understand the whole, don't parse the atoms one by one and expect to see the whole picture.

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Public schools are primarily a jobs program for adults with a curriculum that caters to the lowest common denominator and busy body interest groups pushing trendy agendas of dubious educational value.

You don't necessarily have to be that smart to be an effective teacher - you just have to be one step ahead of the students with a rigorous curriculum in hand and an awareness of the reality that everyone is not created equal.  Plenty of well educated and accomplished people spent most of their formative years in front of unremarkable and mediocre teachers.

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OK, Reggie, let's see if you can out-do Roubini and ACTUALLY FACE this question:

Q: How can you have perpetual growth (always couched as "sustainable economic growth") on a finite planet?

Up until my posting here there was ZERO mention of "GROWTH" in this thread?  Really?  You blame the educational system?  OK, I agree that it's FUCKED and STUPID, but, one should be careful about calling the kettle black.

I argue that the PRIMARY premise for all (as noted in my question) is COMPLETELY ignored, and it is this FAILURE in "education" that stands out above any/all others.  If you are to bash the educational system then you better not be standing in quicksand when you do.

NOTE: ANY reply to this FUNDAMENTAL question/premise would be better than anything that Roubini came up with (which is/was ZERO).

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The question posed utilizes circular logic. Can there be a perpetual anything? If the answer is yes then you would have to have observed (read lived) in perpetuity to verify it, no?

Yeah, it's really that simple...

BTW, I have spent time debating Roubini, and trust me.. He is no dummy.

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The question posed utilizes circular logic. Can there be a perpetual anything? If the answer is yes then you would have to have observed (read lived) in perpetuity to verify it, no?


Made me laugh. Another good stream of US citizenism, like the article by the way.

Observation does not determine the object of observation.

If it is perpetual, it is perpetual whether it is observed or not observed.

When it comes to US citizens perception, and what US citizens overuse so much, if it is perpetual during your lifetime, then it is perpetual.

Any US citizen who died with the thought and the experience of infinite, perpetual growth died in a world of infinite, perpetual growth.

In US citizenism, perception commands reality.

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First, kudos to you for tossing up something, even though it fails miserably to actually challenge/answer the premise/question.

"The question posed utilizes circular logic."

I don't think so.  Until you provide some actual logic (whatever that sentence was that you provided appears to be for something completely different) I'll have to state that my questions stands as solid (and not self-referential).

If you disagree then you'd have to state how it is that you think that the earth's sun WON'T collapse/burn out.

Yeah, chuckle it off, but this goes FAR above the petty virtual world of economics.

We ARE NOT getting off this planet, despite the desires of the religious and techno nuts: OK, "We" as in collective humanity; perhaps some of our genes could "escape" to seed elsewhere, but that's still more than a long-shot.  So, given this FAR more likely probability, we're stuck on a finite planet that's energized by a finite energy-producing/radiating sun.  For our MORTAL functions our environment IS finite, it IS limited, it is NOT perpetual.

Again, how, in a FINITE environment, can you perpetuate something that requires continually MORE physical inputs, more inputs than is available?

Anyone who chastises others for not understanding something and he/she him/herself cannot fathom SIMPLE math, well... AND when their position of "authority" is predicated on math?  Are you kidding me?

I'm tired of everyone blaming everyone else for failures that manifest in something that no one WILL or IS capable of talking about.

Roubini isn't a dummy?  At what, exactly?

Roubini Says Rogers’s $2,000 Gold ‘Utter Nonsense’

There is no inflation or “near-depression” to drive gold prices that high, Roubini said today at the Inside Commodities Conference in New York. If a severe depression came to pass, with investors buying canned goods and hiding out in log cabins, “maybe you want some gold in that scenario,” Roubini said.

“Maybe it will reach $1,100 or so but $1,500 or $2,000 is nonsense,” Roubini said.


Gold at $1,633 today.

Yup, Roubini does know something about "utter nonsense."


"the greatest failing of the human race is its failure to understand the exponential function." -- Dr. Albert Bartlett

And economists' foundations rest on math?  Again, you've got to be kidding me!

Seer's picture

As it looks like Reggie will have moved on from this (perhaps he actually IS smart enough to spot this trap?) I'll go ahead and play this out...

Yeah, trick question.  But, it's NOT circular.  That is, it COULD be answered.  But, that answer could ONLY be that it's NOT possible.  And agreeing to this FACT would necessitate that unless the base premise isn't addressed that all other "solutions" or critiques are but secondary, any "solutions" offered will fail because they miss the root of the problem.

Again, I'm tired of economic hucksters (like Roubini) mouthing off that "SUSTAINED economic growth" should be a target, that it's somehow achievable.  I'll stick by pure math/logic that their basis lacks meaningful measure, that it pushes the premise by without anyone being able to question said premise.  The stuff of propaganda campaigns...

In order to avoid such a trap it would be necessary to place a time element to such a statement.  Such as: "we need to sustain economic growth over a period of 2 years" etc..  The problem here, however, is that this would, it seem, promote a bubble environment, and it seems that almost everyone is condemning bubbles.

I suspect that human nature is at play with most of these economic forecasts, that it's all about trying to dictate the bubble so that the forecaster can take advantage.  Nothing wrong with this, that is, so long as one isn't being a hypocrite.

I got the Bull by The Horns - HELP's picture

I agree.


The sun is my God. I thank him everyday I wake and enjoy the warmth. I am grateful.


One day he is going to get flustered and fry our asses!

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"Racism is a manifestation of personal insecurity."    Ayn Rand

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"Racism is a manifestation of personal insecurity." Ayn Rand


Racism has been extremelly successful for white US citizens.

Now it must be added that if you are white and a US citizen and therefore a racist and still expect racism to yield its fruits, boom, tough luck, the daylight is out.

White people now control or own 82~84 pc of the world resources.

Which means it is a bit late for the great racist raid.

Racist is optimized, theft through racism is optimized.

Not much room left to expand this way.

The tragedy of the thief: as the thief steals his way to glory, he also condemns the means he is doing it.

Very soon, as he is the one owning all, he grows as the only target to be stolen from.

While theft was glorious, it has now to be banned.

So what?

If you are a white US citizen who did not get his fair share of racist theft, then well, bad news, the racism train has left the station and you are stranded on the platform.

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Hmmm.  Guess she maintained some of her typical Frankfurt School jewry. 


Can't fight genetics. 

Seer's picture

I'm not a follower of Rand, but that's a pretty good definition!

Such insecurity is also promoted at larger collective levels.

Having said this, there ARE valid reasons to try and maintain cultural traits, especially as they pertain to food.  Some "foreign" traits will introduce big failures, and, yeah, some could be beneficial.  I suppose that the true definition of "conservatism" would be to be cautious of adopting things that aren't well proven, that could be deadly (when not managed properly).

When one cannot handle one's own demons it's easier to cast demon shadows on others.

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Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, camouflaged as Ayn Rand, was a Jew. Darwin was a gentile. But maybe the Jew Bolsheviks and their puppets are right, maybe genetic groups don't compete for resources.

Hive Raid's picture

An esoteric rehash of the tired liberal trope, "whitey be keepin da black man down."

"I take a perverse pleasure in purposely making the Bourgeois [Whitey] squirm"

ZH's black mascot, the amazing negro who can talk markets, selling the great black hope. Unfortunately, white taxpayers have dumped billions into black schools for decades, analyzed, tinkered, re-tooled, and prayed, to no avail. (And busing ruined many white schools, and resulted in countless white child victims of black violence.) Why the failure?

Africans in Africa have an average IQ of 70. Africans-in-America are at 85, due to mixing with other gene pools. Reggie, being an outlier on the shabbiest bell curve of all hominid groups not yet extinct, cannot face the genetic basis of this persistent population-level difference. To face that level of reality would undoubtedly be true horror.

Liberals won't face it either, so we lower the bar and subsidize and pretend. And even with the bar resting in the dirt, universities and businesses can't find enough capable Africans to meet quotas.

If you can't compete, cheat! :

Perhaps the largest cheating scandal in world history was inevitable, a last gasp of the egalitarian fantasy.

Reggie and his favored tribe have been squirming for centuries, occasionally culminating in a hopeful, wishful, hateful, diatribe like this article; soon to be forgotten, another sagging float in the long parade of black failure.

A more humble tone might have spared such a brutal lashing with the truth. But then it wouldn't have had "soul", would it you jive ass turkey?

New World Chaos's picture

One who thinks like one of us IS one of us, regardless of externalities such as race.  Reggie is one of us.  Denying that he can be one of us due to the gangsta antics of his distant relatives makes you a collectivist.  Plus, threadjacking into racist smears smells like a deliberate attempt at distraction, divide and conquer, and scaring off potential newbies.

Eat shit and die, psyops troll.

AnAnonymous's picture

Africans in Africa have an average IQ of 70. Africans-in-America are at 85, due to mixing with other gene pools.


Made me laugh. When looking at a sequence of Harvall roll, it was funny to observe that most negroes who qualified from Harvard are not US citizens negroes but negroes from some other places, including Africa.

Reads like the mixing of genes did not up the negro elites in the US...

Seer's picture

"Africans in Africa have an average IQ of 70. Africans-in-America are at 85, due to mixing with other gene pools."

And IQ is measured how?

Further, just WHAT is it really supposed to measure?  In my mind survivability trumps ALL other qualifications.

When we return to the Stone Age, and we WILL, what will your superior IQ do for you?

Intelligence w/o wisdom is like an airplane without fuel (gliders exempted).

Nothing says "stupid" like those who believe they are smart and aren't.

Reggie Middleton's picture

Okay, let's dance. Your comment is a sterling example of the failure of the education system here. You approach from false sense of intellectual security. Let's parse this...

"I take a perverse pleasure in purposely making the Bourgeois [Whitey] squirm"

"Bourgeoisie" is a term that denotes class standing from a historical perspective. While class is a social construct, it is both identifiable and definable.

In the Western world, between the late 18th century and the present, the bourgeoisie are a social class “characterized by their ownership of capital, and their related culture”.[1] Therefore, a member of the bourgeoisie is a bourgeois and a capitalist; in Marxist philosophy, and in contemporary academic and sociological theory, the term bourgeoisie also denotes “the ruling class” of a capitalist society.

Thus the your "negro" president is a member of said capitalist class and quite possibly the "Bourgeoisie" while you evidently are not. Doesn't this negate your attempt at correlation, namely the Bourgeois [Whitey]. There are many examples, ex. your ex-Joint Chief of Staff, or even me. Why do I think I am a higher class standing than you as gleaned from your short yet highly ignorant comment? Well, to begin with, you have a problem distinguishing between racism and classim, which denotes a distinct dearth of class consciousness,  one of the major tenets of the model referenced in my article which I'm sure you failed to download due to lack of interestin things truly educational, as opposed to largely academic and in line with Groupthink doctrine.

While on the topic of Groupthink doctrine, we should know that race, as a social construct, is inherently undefinable from both a scientific and empirical perspective. Exactly what makes someone black? I'm of negroid African and American Indian (caucasoid) descent. Am I a black man or a red man? You repetitvely confuse and interchange race, class and nationality in your statement, quite possibly because two of the three concepts are not broached in US schools, hence my article.

Your comment references Africans, but until the abolishment of apartheid, and even afterwards, much of the power structure in Africa consisted of very pale skin Africans whom you would probably consider white, as in devoid of substantial melanen relative to moi? So, are they black?

Dumping billions into schools does not denote a truly honest effort to equalize opporutunity. I spent a lot less than billions and had a rainbow coalition of 1st grade children (of many skin colors and nationalities, half of which English was thier 2nd language) who would probably easily have whipped you (apparently a full grown man raised here) in a variety of cognitive and knowlege tasks - and they were in 1st grade! Trust me, I am not joking.

Racism was used by your masters direct your energies against others of similar class ranking to prevent you from even thinking about climbing the class ladder. They (successfully, apparently) taught you and your forebearers to attack the (apparent) black man (or at least who we convinced you the black man was) instead of concerning yourself with uplifting you and yours to the next level of socio-economic achievement. Did it work? Well, you reread your comment and tell me...

I'm not going to broach the assinine reference to IQ, since I think even you know that probably is not an indicator of cognitive ability... Or do you???

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

I'm of negroid african and american indian (caucasoid) descent.  Am I a black man or red man? 

Native Americans are "caucasoid"?  All this time i thought they were considered mongoloid.  

You don't even have the basics down, Reggie.  Oh, and let me guess..."cherokee"?  lol.

PS. You're black and a terrible writer, in that you're the defintion of "trying too hard".   

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

Reggie with his experiments on 1st graders is completely ignorant of educational regression.  Which is scientifically proven. 


Try your magicalness with higher grades and let us know how it goes.....

Hive Raid's picture

Class conflict is a legitimate phenomenon, but non-whites couple class war with racial agendas, as they perceive that whites are the oppressor. My posts are in response to that element. Your rebuttal is an attempt to convince us that your class struggle is colorblind, but the racial undertones of the article betray your more fundamental reptilian-brain motives.

Non-whites use "bourgeois" and "middle-class" and "the rich" as a proxy for white America. It provides a straw-man to openly attack without being honest in your tribalism and breaking the societal racial taboo.

You provide a few examples of black elites, to argue that your hostility against the "bourgeois" is not tribal. The exception that proves the rule. Plainly disingenuous, given your condemnation of the homogeneity of the upper class. In other words, you know you're lying, if only in that haze of cognitive dissonance that tells you so.

My perspective is heresy to the reigning cult of political correctness; your political correctness is groupthink, when it's not conscious camouflaged warfare. I stand on science.

Race is a social construct? No, society is a racial construct. Observe Africa today, Haiti, Detroit, and so forth. Cohesive genetic groups with distinct external and internal characteristics express themselves in distinct cultures. African cultures (regardless of location) are what they are due to the aptitudes of the individuals which manifest them.

You're right that what little civilization exists in Africa was built by European settlers, but obviously I mean blacks when I say Africans. Genetic proximity rather than geographical.

Taxpayers have done far more than dump obscene amounts of money into black holes. The achievement gap has been studied and attacked for years by well intentioned people who refuse to face the most simple explanation:

I'm not surprised that you refuse to face IQ. To buy your ideas, one has to believe that IQ is meaningless, and disregard a primary factor in human reality. Calling it assinine is no shield. 'Intelligence is not a factor in human achievement'... tell that to a chimpanzee--whose intelligence is less than ours due to genetics. As I said, you are an outlier, which is an awkward position to be in.

You wrote an article which references black thinkers and black nationalist ideas, you proclaim your hostility towards the "bourgeois", you invest yourself and your money in black population centers, and you seek the destruction of a "power structure" which supposedly keeps your people down, yet we are to believe that you're colorblind? That probably flies in polite company... or at least there you won't get honest feedback to the contrary.

I'm a fan of the truth, and I've laid down the truth. Nobody's looking at your article anyways, so with the cards on the table, there's not much more worth saying.

Edit:  Except maybe this -

AnAnonymous's picture

No, society is a racial construct. Observe Africa today, Haiti, Detroit, and so forth. Cohesive genetic groups with distinct external and internal characteristics express themselves in distinct cultures.


Africa, Haiti, Detroit observation leads to cohesive genetic groups with distinct external and internal characteristics?

Wooooo, that is a remarkable achievement. One performed thanks to US citizenism.

Racism is a key component in US citizenism. US citizens can not part of racism. This would be crippling.

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

Reggie, meet your maker.  Oofah, hope that smell of napalm doesn't keep you up at night!  lol.


that link blows reggie's thesis out of the water.

Random_Robert's picture


Reggie: 1

Hive Raid: zero



Hive Raid's picture


Hive Raid's Ass:  Intact

Reggie's Ass:  A smoking crater

That was fun. It's not every day you get to personally rip the shit out of a D-list TV head.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

There are none so blind as those who proudly wear the goggles of racism. It makes the world so simple to be able to write people off because of the color of their skin or their religion or race.

The traffic signal was invented by a black american gentleman, the diesel by a german fellow. We stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us, we should not question the validity of their gifts based on our fears of racial impurity.

This world is better because of all the people that make it better, it matters little there race or creed. The world is constantly making us smarter if we let it.

Its a pity to live in a closed mind, though it does make "thinking" a matter of simple reflex.

get a clue.