How to Prepare For Round Two of the Great Crisis

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This guy serious? 

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People should have put any cash they have into a credit union a long time ago.......if they are still in one of the TBTF banks, they deserve to lose their money.  I moved mine out of BofA as soon as I saw how idiotic that bank was...

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Family of Four for one year.


300 lbs of rice

250 lbs of flour

350 gallons of drinking water with water sterilier on hand

barter items on hand, whiskey. toilet paper etc

some preious metals

freeze dried foodstuffs

yeast for brewing.baking

wood for heat

guns and ammo...lots


dried fruit  and so on......

If your not ready your a fool..

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Thanks for the supplies the intercity gangs will enjoy them while they play with your wife and kids.

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Exacto righto. Derivatives, Brixley Summers etc.. It won't be long before protests in Germany will recuire their banks to take a hit off the "bank austerity" bong pipe, along with the other over-leveraged world big banks. The shatner really hits fin at that point

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Stock piling food ?!!

Maybe Mr Summers can state one instance in history where food was at a shortage due to economic contraction?'ve 2 million years of modern ape-man to pick a single lone example to support your food scare

when economic Merry Hell arrives it will be all that is Govt and its hanger-on parasite businesses that fails, trips over its size 19 clown boots and crashes face first into the cow crap

the free market is flexible, resilient and frankly unstoppable (including the food chain) isn't that right Mr Hysteria?

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Well I'm certainly not one to carry water for Mr Summers, however he is not alone in his assumption that there will be food shortages.  The reason for shortages vary widely, however there is a large contigent of fairly bright people, Jim Rogers being one, who agree with coming shortages.  I would suggest searching Youtube for "Food Shortages" to gain some insight.   


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Americans do not understand our FOOD DELIVERY systems.

We are on the 3 Day supply routine, stores routinely carry a 3 day supply, for normal traffic.

The Distribution Whses, have a three week supply.

Where the rub will come, is the 3 day supply will be gone in less than 24hrs in a crisis(or percieved one), and the three week supply will be snatched up as soon as it can get to stores, assuming it's not jacked first.

This in turn causes a shortage, since we are  an Urban peoples now, we must truck/rail our food back into the Dist centers.

This takes time.....................time folks w/ no food do not have.

Also, look for the flash mobs to hit most stores and steal what they can carry, before the military can mobilize and martial law instituted.(local LE will not be able to handle it)


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People who don't understand the BASICS about food are asking to starve.  Famines have occured throughout history over a lot less than economic collapse.

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You're absolutely correct that you can't lose by doing basic prep.  I've found that, by far, the most difficult form of prep, is getting mentally and emotionally ready for collapse.

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Blah blah bah then blah blah blah blah and also blablablablah BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, BUY MY NEWSLETTER SERVICE.


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If banks close... ya think it'll be worth something to have cash on hand when the sheeple run amok and start looting grocery stores?

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Cash on hand, sitting barricaded in your apartment with cash in hand while the sheeple go crazy and start looting. When they start going feral and looking for stockpiles of food and the big bang at your door, throwing cash at them won't protect you. Item number four is missing in the stockpile list, a mini 14 and lots of .223 FMJ boat tails.

Just saying.


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You are right on,  bullets may go farther than bullion.  Wild West anyone?

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Check, check, and check.

Ready and willing to participate in The Great Debacle.