How to Trade This Headline Driven Stock Market

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1/3 long--1/3 short--1/3 cash--mental stops only and always a core position in physical gold and major miners which are never traded and always added to on severe pullbacks-

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bullish percent is at extreme, trade at your own perril. Any gains from here will be wiped out in a few hours. Good article.

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The only way to trade this market is with inside information, or frontrunning your clients.

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Sad but true. Us "little" guys need to think of tradingand investing in something other than these broken and corrupted markets.

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"One headline out of Greece or Italy could dramatically alter economic history"

thereby making T.A. one step below astrology in predictive power.

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TA is about probabilities not predictive power. It gets a bad rap because of the morons that tout its predictive power. Probabilities and risk management via position sizing are the name of the game IMO.

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Head and shoulders ...long shampoo

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From Wikipedia on characteristics of the Head and Shoulders chart:

  • Most of the time Head and Shoulders are not perfectly shaped. This formation is slightly tilted upward or downward.
  • One shoulder may appear to droop.
  • On many chart patterns, any one of the two shoulders may appear broader than the other which is caused by the time involved in the formation of the valleys.
  • The neckline may not be perfectly horizontal; it may be ascending or descending.
  • If the neckline is ascending then the only qualification of the formation lies in the fact that the lowest point of the right shoulder must be noticeably lower than the peak of the left shoulder.

Is this a joke? Who takes this technical analysis voodoo seriously? Who invests their money by looking at a chart and determining if there's a "droop" or a "noticeably lower" feature? 


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Nothing matters until it does.

Stable principal and patience are not sexy.  But if you aren't ready to pounce than nothing matters.

So everyone hates technical analysis. No one believes fundamentals. And the default beyond that is "Gold bitchez."  Sounds like everyone is saying the same thing. Again.  Why the constant hostility towards the contributors?  It's not like he is trying to sell you Chinese solar penny stocks.

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95 percent of traders loose. zero sum game over a select time frame .

the boyzz front run.. why aways the painted charts .. is if it means squat.

and if the traders were so dang good why would they want to post their game plans on a web site ...

make no sense except to yadda yadda ..

and to secure a place in hubris and twaddle



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 All known patterns have been deconstructed, gamed, frontrun, and rendered useless for profit.


 Other than that, its an easy game.



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...meaningless article. Paradigms have shifted. Trade off old fashioned technicals at your peril. Buy dips and sell rally (or vice versa but at a lesser frequency by about 1/3). Almost every day the market moves around 1%. At leverage of 100:1 you double your money every day. Ten business days later you will turn $1,000 into a million. For my FREE newsletter on how to trade this market and to secure your finances for the turmoil ahead, ph blah blah blah.

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After pissing away 1,000's of hours on charts, balance sheets, cash flows, trend lines, fibrioni retracements, news letters, mathmatical momentum models, dow theory, moving averages, micro/macro fundamentals, etc, etc,etc,.  I suggest either throwing darts or buying some PM's

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Make sure to hire monkeys, Wharton MBAs suck at dart throwing.

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Hey I'm good at throwing darts, even better playing 8 balls, everything else I forgot.

Doesn't matter in these rigged financial markets.

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In the context of all the "unprecedented" levels and events of the past three years I doubt that technicals such as support levels hold much water.

When the SHTF technicals won't mean anything.

Agree with you that this is a highly risky market.

A majority of household balance sheets are in the red; and sooner or later these will trump the mark to fantasy books of banks and governments and kill the bottom line of the "cash rich" corporations.

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Anyone who tells you that he/she knows how to trade this market is either a crooked insider or is lying to your face ... third possibility is that they're making an attempt at humor.

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HEAD shoulders knees an toes, KNEES AND TOES!!!

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Based on monthly charts, it is looking like Dow 14000 through though next couple of quarters.  I hate it too and think it is fundamentally BS, but that's what I see.  It's pure monetary inflation.  The good news is that PMs will act accordingly.