Investor Sentiment: The Best Gains are Behind Us

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I asked Santa for a 1400 for Christmas. He has elves. It can't be that hard.

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 He had elves. They tried to form a union and Santa threw them out on their ass.

 Ol' Saint Nick now outsources to China.

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So, when does everyone overcome their gambling addiction? There is nothing that fits the proper, legal definition of the term, "investment". That would require real money, which we don't have, anymore. "Investors" can be as sentimental as they want.  Their feelings won't get them out of a losing end game. Learn the lessons of history.

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Weak charts,  weak analysis, good headline. Could've posted only the headline cause these "gains behind us" are mostly from rigged accounting and zero tax liability. Sooner or later the real "chicken comes home to roost" gains will show up.

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I hear it all the time...but look at the track record and you will see what I am talking about

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Why is zerohedge still posting technical analysis when we all know these markets are rigged and corrupt to the core?

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i think this analysis has merit.  i would prefer a longer term chart of some of these indicators.  here's one for the rydex