The Ironic, Prophetic Nature of the MF Global Bankruptcy Filing and It's Potential Ramifications of Lehman 2.0!!!

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we have Zamanksy on CNBC saying MF Global "crossed the line" and "broke the Law" dipping into customer accounts Reggie shockingly revealed last week the Big WS Banks have just transfered (dumped) their hi-finance gambling liability risks to their customer deposits... where are the Feds on that???

...oh they all rubber stamped it, from Bernanke to Tiny Tim at Treasury to Auditors, non-Executive boards, risk and compliance managers ...ok so cuff and jail them all 

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Is it just me or would a regular paragraph with out all the broken lines be too much. I cant read this guy because its all jumbled and long. Every post is like that. The sad thing is I know there is important info in there but going through that spaghetti gives me a headache.

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Working is so hard. If only someone would spoon feed me.


You voted for Obama, right?

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Wonderful indeed that you recognize talent, content and integrity.

 While many shining lights do not follow conventional ways of action and modes of dress, punctuation/grammer or even spelling, just recall [if you have forgotten] that all productive writers/authors have editors to make their work easier to digest and available to a far larger audience.

Recall also that editors often misunderstand the content and even deliberately warp, spin and omit vital data for their personal benefit.

Reg M. seems to offer unadulterated data...the straight skinny on important m,atters.

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There you are Reggie, was wondering where'd you got to during all this carnage. You don't have to come up with a big hitting piece of research for ZH (i hope) just commenting on what's happening, much of what you've predicted very accurately, is enough for your ZH fans here 

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If this is all true that leverage is bad, shouldn't Goldman be laying in the gutter with Bac and C, sounds like a nice short setup there Reggie.

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Thank goodness for you, Reggie. It turns out that the three things that our financial masters fear most are high interest rates, government prying, and horrors that the citizens be allowed to vote on where their money goes (hence, the markets' extreme fright over the possibility that Greeks might have a say in their economic future). Just imagine the shock to Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank if Germans were given a chance to vote on using their money to pay the bankers for keeping the eurozone intact.

Because, as you say: Europe is housing Lehman Brothers x 4!

I note also that you were the only one who “proclaimed that Fed ZIRP policy was truly poison laced in Myrrh”...  that “ZIRP is killing the banks while regulatory capture is hiding the metastasizing tumors” ...  that the Fed's ZIRP policy is literally starving the banks it was designed to save.”...

As to the banks reducing provisions for loan losses that can result in a wipe off of a shareholder’s equity capital, it comes down to, Ah, no worries, caused by the TBTFs' total economic dependency on the federal patron. This cannot last, of course, because in the end the federal patron is dependent upon the approval of the payer of last resort – the people.

Reggie, you are an original, proven right over and over, even when your views contrast sharply with the so-called popular consensus.

Investors who ignore Reggie Middleton do so at their wallets’ and country’s peril. Like Daniel Boone, he has an uncanny instinct based on knowledge, for forging through uncharted economic territory toward an informed economic decision. He knows the sign posts to follow and those to bypass. A rare talent, particularly when all economic territory is under ambush by the Fed insiders.

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You know, I really don't think I could have said it better myself (and I have a knack for such things).

Thank you, honestly and truly! You'll probably love the most recent post on my site and the upcoming Squid update.

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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Not constructive I know, but...

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Reggie is nailing that tie these days. +100 sartorial elegance & style!

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"will come back and bite ass."

There well needs to be a lot of assbiting.

Go long on bandages for ass bites, bitchees

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Off topic: whoever recruits these girls at RT does a FANTASTIC job in finding talent.  And I ain't talking readin' off a teleprompter.

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John Corzine - welcome to the Top 8 U.S. Bankruptcies in U.S. History you damn overachiever...Lee Iacocca said it best, "Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way' - Funny enough, you failed there as well!

Top 8  Bankruptcies in U.S. History


1.      Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 2008 – At least $639 billion in pre-filing assets

2.      Washington Mutual Inc. 2008 – 327.9 billion in assets

3.      WorldCom Inc. 2002 – $104 billion in pre-filing assets

4.      GM 2009 – $89 billion in pre-filing assets

5.      Enron Corp.2001 – $66 billion in pre-filing assets

6.      Conseco Inc. 2002 – $61 billion in pre-filing assets

7.      M F GLOBAL

8.      Chrysler 2009 – $39.3 billion in assets


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"I have been warning ... since late 2009!"


simply unbelieveble  ...

Are you shure it is not the 10th aniversary since the "warning"?

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"Winning by fucking up!!!"

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TBTF US banks have access to free 0% money.  No matter how bad they look, they can't die.  Only the Fed can kill them.  The Fed has probably loaned out 5-10 trillion to them in the last month alone.  I would limit speculation on banker death to smaller operations that JPM would like to see die anyway.  Not that I like JPM or think they are successful in any way.  But they are first in line at the socialist bread line and appear to have some say in who goes hungry.

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One of their bigger competitors is NewEdge, jointly held byu Credit Agricole and Soc Gen.


Hmmmm...sounds like they could be in a bit of a bind themselves..  From what I am hearing, they are up for sale BY OWNERS.

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I'm laughing straight to the bank with this.. ha ha ha ha.   Hear anything on Jefferies ..JEF?  watch that one.

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So his secretary wrote it...

He's too busy scrambling for updates.

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Please economize, Reggie.  Good stuff in there, but gets unweildy after a while.

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This was Fake Reggie. There were not an infinite number of mind-numbing charts.