Just As I Predicted Last Quarter, The World's First FDIC Insured Hedge Fund Takes A Fat Trading Loss

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The graphic below pretty much sums up Goldman's most recent quarter...


unmitigated disaster, and worse than practically everybody on the
Street anticipated, save that brash-ass blogging dude brandishing those
old fashioned analytical weapons of choice... Two months or so ago
(Monday, 22 August 2011), I penned the public blog post that also
relased my most recent research on Goldman Sachs -
The Squid Is A Federally (Tax Payer) Insured Hedge Fund Paying Fat
Bonuses That Can't Trade In Volatile Markets? Who's Gonna Tell The
Shareholders and Tax Payer???
-  as excerpted:

The chart
below demonstrates how the volatility of the revenues from the trading
and principal investments trickles down into volatility of the total
revenues and profits of Goldman Sachs. I don’t call Goldman the world’s
most expensive federally insured hedge fund for nothing!

for those who haven't been following my Squid Hunting series, there's a
lot more to come from those boys at 200 West Street. If you want to
know what will happen next, just look at the first few pages of the
lastest Goldman subscription docs (click here to subscribe):

After all, eventually someone must query, So, When Does 3+5=4? When You Aggregate A Bunch Of Risky Banks & Then Pretend That You Didn't?


 I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction


I'm Hunting Big Game Today: The Squid On A Spear Tip

This is the first in a series of articles to be released this weekend
concerning Goldman Sachs, the Squid! In this introduction (for those who
do not regularly follow me) I demonstrate how the market, the sell
side, and most investors are missing one of the biggest bastions of risk
in the US investment banking industry. I will also...

 Hunting the Squid, Part2: Since When Is Enough Derivative Exposure To Blow Up The World Something To Be Ignored?  

Hunting the Squid, Part2: Since When Is Enough Derivative Exposure To Blow Up The World Something To Be Ignored?

to part two of my series on Hunting the Squid, the overvaluation and
under-appreciation of the risks that is Goldman Sachs. Since this highly
analytical, but poignant diatribe covers a lot of material, it's
imperative that those who have not done so review part 1 of this series,
I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part...

Reggie Middleton Serves Up Fried Calamari From Raw Squid: Goldman Sachs and Market Perception of Real Risks!

Hunting the Squid Part 3: Reggie Middleton Serves Up Fried Calamari From Raw Squid

those who don't subscribe to BoomBustblog, or haven't read I'm Hunting
Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction and
Hunting the Squid, Part2: Since When Is Enough Derivative Exposure To
Blow Up The World Something To Be Ignored?, not only have you missed out
on some unique artwork, you've potentially missed out on 300%...

 Hunting the Squid, part 4: So, What Else Can Go Wrong With The Squid? Plenty!!!  

Hunting the Squid, part 4: So, What Else Can Go Wrong With Goldman Sachs? Plenty!

this more of the hardest hitting investment banking research available
focusing on Goldman Sachs (the Squid), but before you go on, be sure you
have read parts 1.2. and 3:  I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On A
Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction Hunting the Squid, Part2: Since
When Is Enough Derivative Exposure To Blow Up The World Something To...

I actually show up in person!

Hunting the Squid, Part 5: Sometimes Your Local Superhero Doesn't Look Like What They Show You In The Movies

next post should also include research on the next bank that we have
found that has been (again) overlooked by the market, the media and the
sell side. Can we expect the same that we saw in BNP, Bear, Lehman,
etc.? Well, paying subscribers shall find out forthwith.

I can be reached via the following channels, or directly via email:

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will be releasing the date (probably this week), location and time of
the NYC meet and greet within the next 24 hours or so, so we can chat,
drink, debate, argue and fraternize with pretty woman together in a
trendy spot in the Meat Packing District or the Bowery (I apologize in
advance to all of my female readers/subscribers). Those who are
interested in attending should email customer support.
There has been strong interest in the London meeting, enough to warrant
the venue - I simply need to get the travel and venue organized due to a
change of plans.
For those that are new to the blog, these are pics of previous meet and greets...

The Motherland on the Atlantic Ocean, just outside NYC

The Motherland on the Hudson, NYC


79st Boat Basin, NYC


79st Boat Basin, NYC


BuddhaKahn, NYC

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The worst thing you can do after a bad day of day trading is to try to make back everything you lost in one big trade. Figure out why you suffered the loss, adjust your strategy accordingly and move forward without making any rash decisions. If you make a trade out of panic, you might increase your losses. Thanks a lot.

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Reggie, glad to see the Taxpayers can help out. I'll be gald to work an extra three hours per week for the next five years so I can bail out failed banks and hedge funds that took massive risks with no down side for them.

Policies like this always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Thanks for the reminder.....



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Spot on. It's ok to lose it all when you're

(glorious music)


(more glorious music reaching crescendo as camera pans up side of NWO Pyramid with all seeing eye at top looking down rather coldly like a large reptilian eyeball)



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Reggie, thanks for what you do.  I'm just a regular guy in the middle of flyover country, trying to raise a family and keep up with what is happening.  Your posts here on ZH have helped me open the eyes of some family members who haven't seen things coming.

Enjoy your success and keep it up!

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Financial institutions turn on the cold water tap, and hot water comes out of it. Another war breaks out or riots in the streets erupt. Blood comes out of the tap. Where does it come out? We're repeating the 1920s.


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considering that Goldman has NO Trading Losses for how many quarters in a row.. but now that Occupy Wall Street is camped out a few blocks away.. there are loses! LOL!! please dont be a sheep and fall for this bullshit!


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I like how you sprinkled in a few token white guys for the pictures Reggie! good job!!

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Sprinkle sprinkle...a little powdered sugar never hurt nobody! ROFLMAO!!!

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Are you really that buff?  Nice mixing business with pleasure, eh Reg?  How's the calamari?

hotkarlandtheclevelandsteamers's picture

Are you still holding your apple puts?

Bob's picture

Damn, Reg, are the chicks for free?  You got it all. 

Congrats on the Squid Call!

You are the Man.

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Swinging Dicks on the loose!

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BNP is now officially saying that it needs no government money really really and it'll have no problem to meet Basel III 9%. 

It also says that it has enough cash to help out other bankers in trouble. One guy posted here on ZH that the Euro banks have transferred 1T of their money accross the pond in USD, out of which 500 B in the last two months. Produced graphics from blogosphere to that effect. Any truth in that?

If they put their money in US banks its normal they have liquidity crunch in Europe.