KABOOOOM | Plaintiff’s Petition – American Home Mortgage Servicing vs Lender Processing Services (LPS)

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Looks like AHSMI may have just opened Pandora’s box.

From the petition...

Before initiating a foreclosure action for a particular property, AHMSI's local foreclosure counsel would review a title report to determine whether an assignment of mortgage needed to be recorded in the local land records at some point during a foreclosure proceeding in order to memorialize the transfer of ownership from the originating lender to the securitized trust. If so, foreclosure counsel would request an assignment on LPS's computerized foreclosure tracking system known as "LPS Desktop."

Little late on that transfer. Usually the trust had 90 days to get this done, which we all know hardly ever happened...

This is going to get interesting.

Full petition below...


American Home Mortgage Servicing v Lender Processing Services

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The great mortgage "forgive and forget" will play a large part in the coming Obama's speech for turning around the economy... and create jobs.


Obama (stern voice, looking into the camera): "... my fellow americans, the economy will continue to drag... unless we do sumthin' about the housing industry; therefore, I'll ask the Congress to speed action on my plan to transfer all mortgages in the United States onto the the care of a newly created federal agency - "F.U.C.K" - (Federally Uninsured Community Kaka) which will help all americans... not only millionaires and billionaires... or jet fighter owners... to restructure their debts... and create plenty of jobs; I urge you to call your senators and congressmen... or congressgirls... and voice strongly your support..." etc.  

Lester's picture

The failure to properly record and assure propertyowners' title integrity was deliberate.  Any county clerk or records dept knows this and knew shit was going on. 

Just as derivatives were conceived to be a Weapon Of Mass Financial Destruction, enabling Insurance Fraud and all other types of fraud and actions taken under durress, the Mortgage Backed Securities Weapon robbed American propertyowners of wealth, mobility, and drove many into complete ruin all accomplished as part of the Final One-Two Punch to the USA.

Derivatives were used to plunder and loot AIG and bond insurers, then the US Treasury.  JP Morgan had net worth (counting real estate & goodwill) of about $2.5 Trillion, yet was able to be counterparty on $70 Trillion of derivatives.  Understand that like all other derivative parties, they pledged no assets, did no work, paid no money, delivered no service beyond paying their share of cost to create & record the derivative, plus a fee to attorney & broker to make the "contract" appear legitimate.   What was created was a Weapon of Financial Destruction w/o any expense or risk. 

Middle-class and other propertyowners looted of all equity in asset class comprising largest portion of wealth (for most)."
Nation looted of Trillions since 2008 and worlds largest insurer broken by manipulation to facilitate the fraud and heighten the durress.


The Mess was created deliberately, and enough assets destroyed to assure inability to recover the Nation.

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Lets all forget that these special purpose vehicle for mortgage "backed" securitys - inbued signifigant tax benifit to all concerned....NO WONDER goldman Squid are scurrying for legal help..NO WONDER the executive branch is urging the "State's" AG pass on the obious objections to any deal with all these TBTF and to stubid to stop Facist criminals...QE 3.1 will be a gubmint check for like 20k to every "JOE" and a big payoff to the states with more gubmint money...Stinks to high heaven...worst part is European news actually covers the corruption of wall street....Not here..Gold and Silver and lead O Boy..


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Just more dog eat dog mentality in this country. Just give them plenty of rope, then elect Ron Paul. Think Dr. Paul might shake things up a little bit when he puts Austrian economists at treasury, the fed & justice dept? Lets face it, Keynesianism has had it.

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Elect Ron Paul?  Why not just get all the children in the world to clap their hands at the same time.

sasebo's picture

Sorry, duplicate. 

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I guess it is time to refresh people's memory.  As I stated a few years ago, all this excitement over foreclosure fraud will end badly.  Nothing is going to happen except for the following:

1.  Banks will make money

2. Lawyers will make a lot of money

3.  People will stay on site until removed (years after their last payment) and will then head to section 8 housing, paid for by your local friendly taxpayer.

There may be a sacrificial lamb but no one of importance.  No criminal charges and the civil charges will never be noticed on anyone's bottom line.

But keep writing and salivating at the idea of any kind of justice.  Ain't gonna happen.  No way; No how.

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Lender Processing Services Stock Hits New 52-Week Low (LPS)


You can watch the stock tank here…


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<----------- Law Enforcement is a Fucking JOKE! in this Country!!

<----------- Law Enforcement is NOT! controled by Government Lobby Whores and is doing a GREAT! Job!!


We have more F.B.I. / S.E.C. / add other three letter group of idiots who are bought and Paid for Lobby Whore Lacky's!!!

than there are members of the same groups investigating Wall Street!

we need a better Lobby for ZeroHedge!

ok.. Tyler lets pass the hat so that we can BRIBE.. Oops, I mean Lobby the S.E.C. to look the other way in any and everything we do here!

HEY! F.B.I.!! YOU! ARE!! A!!! FUCKING!!!! JOKE!!!!!

Vote with a Bullets!! Help take America back from the Lobby Whores who OWN Law Enforcement!!

James Workman 

@JWnFL Palm Beach, FL / Spanish Cay



Corporations Own the Lobby!


The Lobby Owns the Government!


Law Enforcement works for the Duly Elected Lobby Whores!

We the People = Screwed!


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I think the standard of judgment must be symmetrical: what would any court be expected to rule had any of us failed to properly file a deed or lien within the legal timeframe?  Unless there was exteme circumstances and we acted the instant we could when those circumstances permitted it, a court would rule that we had waived our rights by failing to act.  We cannot allow a court to rule otherwise just because a lot more money is at stake.  We cannot allow justice to be different for us than it is for the Bank OF America. 

Sadly, one of the issues in today's business and investment environment is exactly that we cannot predict how a court would rule.  We only have to see what happened to Chrysler dealers and bondholders for a recent example.  When we cannot know if a court will uphold the law, no matter how inconvenient that may be for the Ruling Class, then of course we become much more circumspect about what we invest in or where we put our wealth.


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  I'm only scared of two things in this world.  The first thing is that we are no longer a nation ruled by laws and not men.  The other is those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

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Of course, this is a bullish development. Buy more BAC.

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It will take three times longer to clean up the mess then it took to create it.


MrBoompi's picture

The mess is not being cleaned up.  That's the problem.  It can't be cleaned up without proper fines and jail time.  I'm tired seeing people thrown in jail for possessing a joint while many people roam the streets after looting trillions of dollars and are still engaged in fraud today.

Along with extreme wealth disparity, we now have prosecution disparity, where the upper class can buy their way out of any legal jam short of murdering children on a street corner.

Our government used to be the last line of defense against organized monetary fraud and confidence schemes.  What do we do when we discover the government is now a partner?





FlyPaper's picture

Well said.  

Not prosecuting companies and individuals who broke the law leads to more and more skepticism about the validity of government.  A corrupt government is one that is not "by the people and for the people."  In this country people are supposed to count as more than pions.   Yet we tolerate laws that flatly contradict our founding documents; we have courts that refuse to follow the law and/or Supreme Court rulings; and our bureaucrats have the power to police without accountability (including unlawful seizure of property and fines without due process; and more recently incarcerating individuals for extended periods of time on "contempt" charges without explaining why).   And of late, we have seen the full weight of the government used against S&P to "penalize" them for their opinions via the SEC and Justice investigations.

We now call political rallies and peaceful protests "terrorism."  This is traitorous, dangerous bullshit and we, as Americans, MUST find our voice.  Our government works for us; not the other way around.



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If the murder weapon is a Mercedes S-Class, there is a way out of the child murder too.

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What I see in that nifty cloud is not Bozo but Obama ( granted the similarity) and, peeking over his left shoulder (right hand side of the cloud) is none other than Timmy Geithner, and over his right shoulder, if I'm not mistaken, is Barney Frank. I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow ... la la la

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They'll just pass a law to retroactively make everything fine. You think the law exists to protect YOUR interests? Grow up.

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nice job on following the fraudclosures; time to throw out all the business ethics classes as lying, cheating and committing fraud appears to be the norm and the accepted way of doing business when you're a big corporation with access to unethical lawyers.

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There are THOUSANDS of mortgage files sitting in law firms around the country representing transactions never properly recorded. These transactions therefore do not exist in the eyes of the law. The title plant is so badly corrupted that it cannot be reconstructed in any period less than 5 years Thanks MERS!

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The offer of temptation, that is what the globalist plan is based upon. If you accept it you are marked as the beast. The Fed and the corruption of the political system holds the people to account, as it were ''you are your brothers keeper''. So, now for the few that warned of Fannie and Freddy and the NWO U.N.Sustainable Development Fiat Cage, onto the flaming alter of Moloch? Nope, not how it's going to happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Hmzyxf7bQ  Tea Party? What bullshit. There is no such thing and you know that. That is just another 2 Party ploy which adds to seperation. The idiot Black Caucus and Union of the Snake constricting labor like mad clowns and the NAFTA GATT WTO free traders sold out and broke (trust) the Glass Stegal (short term gain) etc... seal on the door of the black hole. What is risen from the bottomless pit shall be judgment. It's time to pay for drinking the wine of wrath in Chairsatan's BTFD Cup of Fornication ...Bitchez. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCCCzi8z0zM



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TPTB are almost certainly monitoring the degree to which the general public is both aware of the extent of mortgage fraud and the CO$T the public has had to absorb as a result of the bank bailouts. Any additional bank bailout, in any form, let alone forgiveness of mortgage fraud, is likely to be incendiary, figuratively speaking, of course.

The concern has to be whether another bailout in the form of forgiveness of fraud, while allowing foreclosures to proceed, would result in uncontrollable backlash. This is a close call. A lot of measures have been implemented to keep people docile.

The Tea Party can be counted on to claim "it's all the fault of homeowners who agreed to mortgages they couldn't afford" to quell any sort of concerted rejection of yet another bank bailout. It is just so ironic that the Tea Party is adept at staunchly defending the interests of banksters.

It is unclear whether that "it's your own damn fault" sentiment holds sway or whether the general public recognizes banker mortgage fraud is the root cause of their home now being worth roughly 40% of what they paid for it if they bought in or around 2005. It is not a matter of sloppy paperwork. That is merely the means by which the fraud was carried out. People need to grasp this.

I think the concerted effort to dumb down and numb up the public will fail to prevent unrest if the AG negotiations results in a bank whitewash, while allowing foreclosures to resume.

People will defend their homes, I think.

Estrella's picture


I am a member of the Tea Party here in my local community and I can assure you that we are as furious at the crooks who run our banks as the crooks who run the government. I am not sure what you have seen or read that makes you think the Tea Party, which really only started in 2008, has much to do with this issue, which started back in the Clinton/Bush years. (Please note I lumped them together and yes, I blame them both.)

Dude... this is criminal not political. Your bringing only one political group into your comments says a lot about your view of the world.

FlyPaper's picture

I have seen no indication whatsoever to link the loosely defined tea party's concepts to Banksters.  In fact, I think you'd find a lot of them would be more than willing to tell the bankers to go screw themselves and not bail them out with public money.   Small business gets nothing but grief from the bankers; why would they be "for" the corruption that hurts their middle-class "Bourgeois"interests? 

Pay Day Today's picture

Once the Tea Party gets even a single Republican congressman connected to them to vote against the Banksters, I'll accept that the Tea Party recognises that side of the problem.

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The real question is, what will all of the sheriffs do?

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Love the laughing clown head in the mushroom cloud. That is a classic.

heyligen's picture

With a little fantasy, it looks like Micky Mouse clapping his hands, standing in a garden lawn.

Like a bankster applauding the destruction he caused.


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“surrogate signing” and “signing the names of the Special Officers who were explicitly authorized”

Don’t have to read the other 18 pages to know this is completely f**ked up.

I think if anyone of us did this, our asses would be in jail so fast it would make our heads spin.

Hedge Hunter's picture

Transitory mortgage mess. Should only last for another 10 years or so.

PulauHantu29's picture

Titles are messed up for years. How would you like to pay $350,000 for a house you don't have actual title to?.....

...or that you cannot sell five years from now b/c some company messed up the closing and title?...and guess what? that Title company is NO Longer in Business!

It happened to me and cost a whopping $150,000 ij legal fees to clear up the mess.


I'll never buy a house again for years until this title mess is cleared up.

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About 30% of all mortgages are held by local institutions, whose title transfer chain IS recorded in County records and is NOT broken. Those properties are not in doubt. Also about 30% of all privately owned properties no longer have any mortgage leins against them (though some may have had clouded title chains in the past, but probably not many IMO).

So, about 40-50% of all privately owned properties actually are not in doubt. You jusy have to figure out which ones are which.

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I don't know if I should say "WINNING" or just chant  "USA, USA, USA, USA". As a Canadian I really feel sorry for citizens like you getting screwed in the Banana Republic known as the USA. USA used to be a great country when it catered to hard working decent men but really digressed into a big clusterf*ck of a place since the corporations bought your government.

LaughingMan's picture

I don't know if I should say "WINNING" or just chant  "USA, USA, USA, USA". As a Canadian I really feel sorry for citizens like you getting screwed in the Banana Republic known as the USA. USA used to be a great country when it catered to hard working decent men but really digressed into a big clusterf*ck of a place since the corporations bought your government.

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The rug that they planned on sweeping all the fraud under, is now shrinking at an alarming rate.

NotApplicable's picture

But since the states are mostly all bankrupt and owe Uncle Sugar billions for borrowed unemployment funds, it isn't going to matter. And if the herd starts to hear about it, Palin (or some other clown) will rise up to attract attention to the election circus.