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wb gives me those nice bright colors

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... and the greens of summer

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Some day my prints will come.

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Posted on September 30, 2011 by maxkeiser| 11 Comments
?This economic collapse is a ‘crisis of bigness’
Living through a collapse is a curious experience. Perhaps the most curious part is that nobody wants to admit it's a collapse. The results of half a century of debt-fuelled "growth" are becoming impossible to convincingly deny, but even as economies and certainties crumble, our appointed leaders bravely hold the line. No one wants to be the first to say the dam is cracked beyond repair.

To listen to a political leader at this moment in history is like sitting through a sermon by a priest who has lost his faith but is desperately trying not to admit it, even to himself.

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Leo : Hey man, you missed your shift at the Foto Hut. You better have a damn good excuse.
Hyde : I got busted.
Leo : Damn. That's a good excuse. What for?
Jackie: For loving me.
Leo: Why, 'cause she's like, fourteen?


Hyde : So did you bring everything?
Leo : Yeah, I got everything... except the camera... and the film... yeah, I didn't bring anything.
Hyde : Leo man, you work at a film center.
Leo : Yeah, go figure.


leo- "was it like a little blue photo booth in themiddle of a parking lot, man?
hyde- "ya that was exactly it"
leo- "i dont remember that at all, man"

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off topic but...
bad lip reading
"Trick The Bridesmaid" — a Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama

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Thank you, Mr Banzai.

It's not just nostalgia -- things were indeed better back then.

If only our younger ones knew -- really knew -- how much more beautiful the world can be without the critical mass of Corruption-and-the-Narcissist- Mind-that-Feeds-it.

Then they'd know there's indeed something they could look forward to, a new and great project they could work together on, towards the most worthy, common goal.

Thanks again.

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They are going to have an aha moment.

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LeggMason, Blackrock and Vanguard are going to take a Big Hickey:



I wonder how much these funds charge for their expert financial advice?

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1:45 into the video...nice...

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They don't make music like that anymore...thanks Banzai ;-)

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Another victim of the MBA disease.


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Once you let accountants run your company, the game is over.

They won't invest any money and won't employ talent (too unpredictable)

The story of just about every Fortune 500 company.

...and talking of 3M.....

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They all ready got my Ektachrome, only 3 boxes left in the refrig. So why not come for the Kodachrome. Looks like I;ll be back to buying Fujicolor for my dinosaur F-1.

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They did the worst thing a company could do : send contradictory messages. YES we believe in analog shooting YET we step out of the b&w paper market then we kill excellent exclusive films like Tech Pan (lovely) and the legendary Kodachrome (even more lovely, what a shame).

It was beyond catastrophic in terms of consumer confidence, like "hey if Kodak believes the future is digital why should we keep buying fim? Better buy a 5D or a D200 now"

Personnally I hope I'll be able to find some TRI-X cheap for a few more years. Ilford stuff is nice but but much more expensive than the yellow products.

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Don't forget Ilford was "dying" too around 2005. They went bankrupt, cleaned their own stables, and came back soon after. 

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Except Kodak sucks and is more worried about bean counting and diversity than innovation and technology

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I live next to Kodak, watching them raze and blow up their buildings has been entertaining, but sad to, another American icon going down the shitter.

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Hey G!

A little north and west of you, but I've seen the same buildings coming and going and thought the same thing.

Still tho, patents alone, sucker's gotta be worth 50-cents a share, no?


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Nice a fellow Rochester-ian! would love to know all the in's and out's of their business, patents, couple of years they won a big patent infringement case. Not sure what they do now, they seem pretty diversified in the digital imaging sector, they are quite big into the medical imaging market. Having worked in the health care field for some time I have had ample experience observing these systems.

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I belive that they destroyed all of those structures because of the taxes levied against them (even though all of those destroyed buildings were not being utilized), apparently it is cheaper to destory those buildings. Strange tax system lol

BTW I lived in the city for a few years, now we live in an outlying township.

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Yes, it's scary in some parts of town.

I'll be enjoying the crowds at the big festival this weekend in the orchards.

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The city is rotting. When we lived in the city we watched our neighborhood decline very rapidly, from no abonded house to quite a few, then the crime started. It was time to bail, at one time it was a nice middle class area of the city, it is overrun now by the criminal denizens of society.


Our family has considered going as well. Great time of year here in NY.

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Look for the Boyscout selling Popcorn in front of the white house. ;)

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And all that nice pollution...there are a few serious messes in Rochester due to Kodak and Xerox,,,

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My lens is bigger than your lens..., gotta love it.

If only more people could see the world like WB7.

Thanks, William.

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massive capacity for manufacturing film, but demand just dropped off and they did not adjust.  Kodak was a pioneer in digital too, many people are not aware.  They were #2 worldwide in digital behind Sony as early as 10 years ago.  And now, bankruptcy?  No reason Kodak can't rise from the ashes - no reason. 

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Most folks don't know that Ethernet, the mouse, Windows.. the inspiration for Jobs and Woz as well as the graphics grab of Gates.. came from Xerox, but they did not capitalize on it and were left "Fumbling the Future".


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PARC, ALTO, and the list goes on.  Wirth had some interactions then back to ETH.

Metcalf and Charlie Draperz geniuses had something to do with E'net at 'tech on the Right Coast.

- Ned

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I was a Polaroid guy.

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pentax k1000>olympus om> minolta> now digital coolpix. Kodak and Fuji (along with ilford once in a while)> smartmedia card> itty bitty sd card. Gotta say, digital convenient and cheap, film was more my love, fun in the darkroom and way faster image capture.

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Poor Kodak, I remember my school bought one of the first Kodak digital cameras in 1993 or so. I think it had 8 bit color and was like 512x320 resolution. It looked like binoculars, had no flash or a screen to preview the picture. Kodak kept trying to make digtal cameras that looked nothing like traditional  cameras and that was the big mistake. Like an inkjet printing company they just kept trying to keep the business model of giving away the camera and charging for film. Thinking people would never want to give up holding developed photos.

I saw the writing on the wall the minute i loaded a digital photo into Photoshop 1.0. I sold computers and equipment in the mid 90's and when Canon jumped on the digital bandwagon it was over for film. Kodak cameras had lousy processing and would output photos with blotchy color. I think Kodak screwed up their digital cameras on purpose to make film cameras look better.  Sony wasn't really an early player, they got in a few years late. I think people forget that the first Sony cameras had floppy drives. That was what brought digital mainstream because getting photos off the camera became easy.

Well with Kodak gone, it is sad for anyone who held a camera for the last 100 years.

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Perfect business for Obama to throw another $500MIl into.

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LOLOLOLOL - Change the boxes to GREEN & promote all those PERMANENT jobs! Very Changey/Hopey...Meets the criteria - I am certain that the paperwork is in process....Ohhh and the name change...Kodak now becomes SOLDINTO...thoughts?

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That look like it could be the spcial shareholder drivethrough window.

I am sure all the long term shareholders, if there is still such a thing, can really relate to that drive through exit.

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Kodak died with apartheid.

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How 'bout a contest for your favorite "Kodak Moment".

Hint:  <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IvyMike2.jpg">"It's a boy!"</a>

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Wow that CTRL - button really works! Anyway, WHAT A CAR! ACHARGER W/ 3 section TailightS!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y-rfBGtAck FILTER Take A Picture, I can't be first no way.

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I think it's a 1969 Coronet R/T convertable.  There weren't any convertable Chargers to my knowlege.

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There is a certain simple design aesthetic that is uniquely American that the world appreciates provided is it not applied to a piece of junk. American muscle cars are an example. Somehow, we lost our way. The guitar company's just about lost their way and then, after ownership changes, reverted to their classic roots.

Quality is something that never gets tired.

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I'm not even certain you can use quality as much as Archetype. Those cars were cool because they represented cool shit. Cool people, like Steve McQueen drove cool cars. You too could drive a cool car and just for a little bit be Steve McQueen.

The US has ALWAYS been about image.

This quote from Kerouac sums up the mindset nicely

"I was beginning to get the bug like Dean. He was simply a youth tremendously excited with life, and though he was a con-man, he was only conning because he wanted so much to live and to get involved with people who would otherwise pay no attention to him."
- Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Ch. 1