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Is this for real?


Again Awesome.

Latin Kings = Goldman = Illuminati, ha.

P.E.H. is 6-circle deep. Wow.

Thanks for sharing.

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D00d, Banzai

David Dees has been on fire lately. Both you and him should team up, his creativevity + ur intellect, keen insight and humor... quite the package that would no doubt +1up the U.S.'s WWII propaganda network effort. 

williambanzai7's picture

I like his stuff, but he has a tendency to depict the problem as a giant Zionist conspiracy which I don't agree with. There is more to it than Jewish bankers and I am not just saying that because I appall antisemitism.

Arkadaba's picture

Again Keifer's Grandad - what can I say

Works for me.

Labour Day

janus's picture

The Consequences of Walking in The Woods in Alabama are boundless inspiration and an overactive imagination; so beware if you venture out!

The Brazen Serpent:

if you were thinkin to yourself, 'if i know janus, he's liable to run into a hum-dinger of a metaphor out and about in God's Menagerie', then, brutha, i can say with all conviction that you will not be disappointed.

janus had gone and had himself a VISION:

twas a nice enough afternoon, as far as sweltering september alabama afternoons go.  there i was, strollin where i'm always prone to find myself, way off the beaten path, out in the middle of no where, about fifteen minutes past the last place i saw something familiar.  it is in such places that you're liable to run across a snake; and so i did.

kingsnakes are not pleasant company.  they're possessed of a quiet intensity that can be off-putting if you're unfamiliar with their nature.  and, really, it comes down to this: don't fuck with kinsnakes, and they won't fuck with you.  moreover, it's fair to say that they respect you as much as you respect them (and, yes, it's always provident to respect a serpent). and so i did.

janus: "howdy, mr. kingsnake.  how goes it?"

kingsnake: nuthin (not even a hiss).

janus: i say there, old boy; what's the good word?

kingsnake: again, he sez nuthin

janus (third time, a bit peeved at this point): hot weather we're havin; what say you my slithery friend?

kingsnake: mute as a motherfucker.

so i do what any good citizen concerned with social propriety would do in such situations, i take my walkin stick and tap the snobbish serpent on his triangular temple, 'you on drugs, son?  what's a matta you? eh? (thinkin maybe he was an ethnic serpent)'

apparently i'd with this provoked him; lightening-like, he braces back and stunts into a striking pose.

janus: 'whoa now, son. i just wanted to check and see if you were okay.  i bear you no malice.  just another of God's creatures, out here to likewise soak it all in.'

kingsnake: 'beware the ides of september'

janus: wha-what?  what cha....

but before i could complete the question, he'd slitered off to stalk a nice, juicy bernake or fuld or cheney or some such vile lesser-serpent that needs exterminatin.

i digested all this Spooky Truth on the way back home.  i had a full belly, after all. 

you see, the way janus reckons, kingsnakes have gotten a bad rap.  they do a tremendous service -- hunter and silent killer of subordinate serpents; nothing will do when a kingsnake is called for.  but what does all this mean? 

just what is Zero Hedge?

brothers, tptb are scared of TD (and all the rest of us), and, well, they should be: Zero Hedge is THE BRAZEN SERPENT (the King Snake) -- and we are all the scales, sinew and spine thereof.  allow janus to explain:

when wondering through the wilderness, the nation Israel, just as they were approaching edom (just a hair east of palestine), found themselves bitten to bits by 'firey serpents', and many of them died from these self-same poisonous strikes.  it was no mean issue; everybody, hebrews of all stripes and stations, were frettin something awful over these firey serpents (and who could blame them; i mean, poisonous, firey serpents have a way of unnerving those of the broadest shoulders and bravest hearts).  But Jehovah was poised at the ready -- with humor and irony and vengence a plenty.

He had moses go and craft a Brazen Serpent, then He told Pharoh's former first to lift the sucker up high, so that all who looked upon this Brazen Serpent would be healed.  Christ refers to this very scene later on in the Book of Matthew (i think it's matthew -- that, or the Gospel of John), and Calvin explains that it is an alegory specific to the crucifixtion itself...nevertheless, you get the point, it's a really big deal.

but what was this Brazen Serpent; and what did it, at the time, reperesent?

do you recall when moses first told pharoah to fuck-off?  he's all like, 'you can take your fucking empire, your goddam fine wines, your sluts and hos, your fiat and falsehoods, your tinsel and artifice, you can take it all and shove it up your gaping asshole, pharoah!  you're a goddam tyrant!  you've despoiled the poor and downtrodden too long!  this farce has gone too far!!!'  and then pharoah's all like, 'you make me sad'

so he has moses exiled out into the wilderness.  whereupon he runs into, you guessed it, Good OLD Jehovah (burnin bush, etc.).  so Jehovah's all like, 'moses, i need you to go back and give pharoah what-for.  he's been beggin for divine retribution; and I aim to oblige.'  and then moses shoots back, 'who be YOU?'  Lord of Hosts responds, 'I AM'. 

i think that resonated with ole moses.  so he did as told.

and since he don't feel keen on his public speakin ability, he persuades The Almighty to let his little brother tag along, Aaron.  so there the two of them go, two humble jews, to inform pharoah that some God calling himself I AM proposes to bring the whole thing (egypt) to naught.  pharoah thinks they're bluffin; and so calls forth his magicians (economists) who throw down their staffs, which duly turn into serpents (dollars, euros, yen, etc.).  Aaron's got somethin for em, though.

so, Aaron, not knowing what's to happen, likewise drops his staff; wouldn't you know it, the thing turns into a KINGSNAKE (gold) and it immediately sets to devouring the poser-counterfit snakes.  that's the way things go sometimes, i guess.


'...and, behold, the serpent must be lifted up...and all who looked upon him were healed'

the moral of the story is: TPTB, it's too fucking late -- we're onto your scent, and we will CONSUME you!


The Brazen Serpent


Blankman's picture

Once again Janus you certainly have an interesting style.  But you are right it is starting to grow on me.  Anyway, as to the part of "we will consume you".  We don't have to do anything - they will consume themselves under the weight of their own hubris and power will consolidate even more at the top.  

It is a great consolidation whenever they money makers start the process of credit manipulation.  The meek will never inherit the earth, they will be the ones whose backs the uber-rich step on in order to avoid stepping in a puddle.   There will always be the players at the top and then the rest of us.  To think differently is almost a failure to grasp the whole scenario.  For instance lets say Janus was all of a sudden thrust into a great deal of money, power and influence.  You would at first try to help some of the little people you once knew and eventually that would backfire as you realize you can not save all of them (or any of them).  Greed and envy is also in their hearts.  So day by day your feelings for the little people begin to fade away and yes it may knaw at you but even that eventually goes away.  So instead of truly trying to help them with understanding and compassion you just begin to throw money at charities and good wills and this partly satisfies your heart.  So you think how can I help them, and politics begins to come into focus as a way to help the little people.  You run for office win and come to realize that politics has nothing to do with helping people only helping your contributing constituents but you still want to try to help so you come up with laws that are meant to help the poor and middle class only to realize that the law that you put into the system is now only hurting the people it was meant to help.


Instead of going on with this rambling incoherence let me just say it succinctly - We can only truly ever help ourselves.        

janus's picture


i'll tell you a few secrets since you are well on your way to figurin ole janus out:

1) janus does not write for the masses; he writes to influence the influenceres (though janus's Love is indeed directed at the masses)....always has, always will.

2) janus knows the travails of the meek, and, yes, i say give it ALL to them...just give and consider not the consquences.  consider well the mortal hazards associated with the status quo.

3) you are thinking in a contemporary matrix; everything, EVERYTHING, is on the verge of MASSIVE upheaval (that which was low will be lifted UP -- see The Brazen Serpent), we need to learn to look through the prism of potential.

4) janus is at heart the most evil person you will ever run across; and then Christ took dominion over that realm.

i have a big problem with your closing sentence -- i was unable to find any rambling incoherence.  and, whether you know it  or not, BIG help is charging fast on a white steed carrying a banner that reads "HONOR AND GLORY" janus is only here to announce the arrival.

the sun's not yellow, it's chicken


Blankman's picture

"the sun's not yellow, it's chicken"


That made me laugh, I love people who can out weird me! 

janus's picture

that line (the sun's not yellow...) was stolen from the weirdest fucker currently drawing breath -- the one and only, bob dylan.

sometimes i fail to give him due attribution; but with dylan it's almost like quoting the Bible.

"he takes all his words from the books that you don't read, anyway..."

that's from jeff twiddy (wilco), a rising star in the section of the sky janus studies.

williambanzai7's picture

I once ran into a Cobra on a golf course in Indonesia. He told be to use my 7 iron ;-)

janus's picture

i'm bettin that you, like janus, play with real blades.  i'm betting you, like janus, have a killah short game.  i'm betting that you, like janus, take golf more seriously than you'd like to.  i'm betting you, like janus, are highly competetive on the links.  i'm betting you, like janus, heeded the advice of the serpent.

nevertheless, i'm betting that janus can take you!


can i contact you through your website?  i'd like to ask you a question apart from the public eye.  or, i can pick one of your old Artworks and post something there; that way, when you track yourself and see a comment from an old thread, you'll know it's janus.  which would you prefer?

williambanzai7's picture

Drop me a comment on my blog. I won't publish it.

janus's picture


This is some awesomness you've got for ole janus today.  and i've got somethings to say about it.

but, WildBill, i just did something, and i think it's special.  i'd say it's the best thing i've done on ZH so far (even better than my bear story if you can believe it...better even than The Sassafrass Kid!).

inspired isn't the word.  you ever heard jimmy page tell the story of how he wrote "stairway to heaven"?  well, it was like that...just came spillin out -- not a single edit, every sentence is just as it came off the ole fingers. 

i say all this because i dedicate it to you.  it is the spirit that YOU bring to ZH that makes this place something really different -- something worth checking into everyday.  and, normally, my little story would have been posted at your place, but i was following TD's orders, and so i put it on his "lazy labor day call to analysis" or whatever it was titled.

what the hell, i'll post it over here too.  and i'll come back to make comments on your art in a bit...that Brazen Serpent really took it out of janus.

PS i need your help on Labor Day (MDA telethon stuff)  let's do some charity, ZH -- and let's make it count!

holla back,


williambanzai7's picture

Tnx Janus, I always respected Page, even at the heat of my very brief jazz snobbery phase. The man is a six string virtuoso. I saw LZeptwo times when I was a kid, once in the Garden, 5th row and once somewhere up in the upper deck of Osaka Stadium. Both times they were killers.

I can play all the songs on L Zep I and II in the order they appear on the albums;-)

caerus's picture

led for your head bitchez...

williambanzai7's picture

There's no such thing as a good guitarist who didn't put in time as a guitar geek. For that matter, there is no such thing as excellence without putting in "geek time" which is also called hitting the books.

geekgrrl's picture

Thanks for acknowledging the efforts of geeks, WB7!

janus's picture

amen amen amen!

work work work; and then redouble your efforts. 

ps i envy musicians; try not to rub it in.

the geeks shall inherit the earth,


williambanzai7's picture

I was not really a true geek. i just played instead of doing homework, which accounts for my algebraic deficit.

janus's picture

algebraic deficiency or no, you have no problem solving for the unknown -- it's sort of your mileu.

 i tried to cultivate friendships with all the cerebrals; they usually forced me back to the cool-kids table -- tried to be nerdy, but never really fit in.


janus's picture

okay, i lied, i just did one small edit -- i accidentially put tbtf instead of i had to change that.  now it's perfect (but what would jimmy page say? probably, 'hang your head in shame, janus -- i didn't have to change a jot or titter in stairway'.  maybe next time -- you gotta know i'll be back to try again).

fiddy pence haff pound's picture

you rock! yes!





the Hamptons Coast gangs should be institutionalized


The Hamptons  Coast gangs from Greg Palast (today). 

Free houses in the gubmint projects.

tongue.stan's picture

Dat bartiromo be da shizzle ho.

Dem bengangsta gold bling arright.


onlooker's picture



I notice the hands are all black. They are equal opportunities organizations are they not. If not, we need to protest to Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters to make some laws so my boys can join and not be discriminated against.  


But in all reality, with the destruction of the USA economy and with young blacks being unemployed to the tune of 20% to 50% (and in reality maybe more) there becomes one job in town, crime. That is only one color group; the media has not been as loud about the rest of the kids. This is not going to end well.


Mandella, King, Gandhi



williambanzai7's picture

The reports indicate the unemployment numbers amongst Americans of color are well into the double digits.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Yeah...unemployment...that's what happens when Groids, 'scuse me, "people of color",  allow their families, values (cf: work ethic), and communities to be destroyed by the Jew-socialist welfare/illfare state. It's all about control.

janus's picture


even a fascist knows that muscular dystrophy is a cruel and miserable injustice; how much compassion can these facts curry from CP come monday?

meausre it in dollars (no need to advertise the amount; just reckon what you owe and pay up),


williambanzai7's picture

But they will vote for you know who.

Pitchman's picture


Read the Tyler Durden piece: "TARPed, RETARPed, And Then DETARPed" rinse and repeat

Volaille de Bresse's picture

Errrrr... please explain to me what Israel gained from 9/11?


It was an inside job designed by the U.S. kleptocracy with the aid of British German (and possibly Isreali) renengades. 

rampancy777's picture

to answer a question with a question, what did usa gain from 9/11? most of us lost then and have been losing ever since.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Mossad is the best trained in the world, we just contracted them.

 Sabre rattling with Iran should start about next week, there next.

The Bad Guy.

TheAkashicRecord's picture

I always like your more esoterically themed ones the best 



Do you know of Larry Carlson?  He's 's a mixed-media psychedelic ninja.

williambanzai7's picture

That is beautiful stuff. I just retweeted it.

I have limited myself for the time being to works directed at our enemies. If I go too far out the message gets lost. But as you can see I occasionally like to go for a spin ;-)

nah's picture

you know if we want to go to war with aliens


we can spend alot of money trying to find them too

Moon Pie's picture

Go long liberty.

Short tyranny.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Madcow, having just done taxes the end of june, I agree- the tax code is a way for them to force us to act in the way they wish. The nonsense of just figuring credits (such as energy and child) is designed to discourage us from even bothering. They get to brag about helping the middle class even as they know many won't bother jumping thru the hoops...

anony's picture

Traitor.  Yer not supposed to bother.  The money that tax attorneys, tax accountants, HR Block and others with  their entire interests at stake, contribute to get the tax code made evermore Byzantine, are supposed to be hired to do your taxes.

Madcow's picture

it seems like the US Gov is now desperate to maintain order and control. but people and businesses and foreign governments no longer respect the authority of the US or its leaders. and so, in an effort to maintain power, the US Gov is trying to make people think that it is cRaAAaaAzZzZyyYY -

like the little guy in a street gang who can't win a fair fight.  no one respects that guy - unless they think he's cRaAAaaAzZzZyyYY - unless that guy develops a reputation for being volatile and unpredictable and unstable.  that's how THAT guy earns respect.  you just never know what he's going to do - so its best to leave him alone.

that's the only explanation i can think of to explain the recent raids on Gibson Guitar Company. and it goes a long way to explaining why the tax code is so f*d up -  "subtract the difference of line I from line J and multiply times .27 times the amount i box L9 on page 22 ..."  maybe the IRS thinks that if people are scared that they are totally unstable they will be more willing to comply and jump through all these hoops and hurdles. no one wants to mess with anyone whos is cRaAAaaAzZzZyyYY!!

is that the plan? to incite fear and pandemonium?  if so, look forward to sudden and arbitrary fines and taxes on people with "more than one vowel in their middle name who have an odd-numbered address."  or maybe random windfall bonus payments - for hundreds of millions of dollars - to scorpio-gemeni married couples who own at least one blue car.

is this how it ends?  not in deflation or hyperinfaltion - but in a descent into mental illness?



geekgrrl's picture

A descent into mental illness? Oh, no. We are already there. The idea that indefinite growth is either possible or desirable is a major part of the current illness. Until we face this fact, we will never achieve anything remotely approaching sustainability.

Re: Gibson guitar, I heard they had inventory of prohibited wood. I don't see how this applies to tax code issues, and would be interested in an explanation connecting the two.

Pitchman's picture


Read the Tyler Durden piece: "TARPed, RETARPed, And Then DETARPed" rinse and repeat

tom a taxpayer's picture

Countdown to cRaAAaaAzZzZyyYY on Thursday Sept 8 President's speech to Congress. The President will announce his Crazy Eddie "Christmas in September" door-buster giveaways.