Let The Dust Settle Before Getting Into Apple

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'Let The Dust Settle Before Getting Into Apple"

you mean the dust from the impending implosion of global finance?

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re: "Let the dust settle...."

Considering the circumstances, a rather unfortunate choice of words in the title to this piece  - don't you think?

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It is written that Steve had produced NEW products to carry Apple forward for at least four years, after his death.

Adding to the mystique of the man that was a KEY figure in the world of electronics for the last 20yrs.

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The next Apple are systems integrators who can handle legacy data conversion projects at the b-2-b level so that people can keep using their old hardware on new software

disclosure: I'm in that field

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that will be as successful as apple's entry into the SAN market with their XRAID.  what a joke, apple has never been a player in the b2b market.

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i'd like to know, what do laws and regulations stipulate as far as paying out dividends is concerned?

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There are no laws or regulations requiring that corporations pay their stated dividends. Dividends are sourced from company earnings. If the company doesn't have any earnings, then they generally can't pay a dividend, unless they borrow money to the pay the dividend. Look at citigroup and gm, they once paid great dividends, but not any more. Dividend paying stocks are not as safe as people think they are....

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Huh?  If the stock pays a dividend, it pays a dividend.  If not, it doesn't.  What's your question?

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what i mean is, appl don't pay dividends and they don't pay tax. how much cash and cash equivalents do they have in their cash flow?

for years, appl shifts intellectual properties created in our country, into their subsidiaries in oversea tax havens. every iphone, ipod and macbook they sell, they record 90% of that profit to their tax haven subsidiaries, before kicking back the remaining 10% to us in the states, who created its values in the first place. then the government can levy a corporate tax on that measly 10% of their real profit.

lately appl is hiring ex-lawmakers to head their lobbying effort to rid of repatriation tax. as if they havn't avoided enough taxes to bankrupt America, now they want to get rid of tax altogether. these corporations are a different breed, underhanded criminals really, who want to monopolize everything and pay nothing in tax.