Liberty & Freedom - Are We Missing Warning Signs?

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Government is only too much disposed to follow this diabolical advice, for it is composed of ministers and officials - of men, in short, who, like all other men, desire in their hearts, and always seize every opportunity with eagerness, to increase their wealth and influence. Government is not slow to perceive the advantages it may derive from the part which is entrusted to it by the public. It is glad to be the judge and the master of the destinies of all; it will take much, for then a large share will remain for itself; it will multiply the number of its agents; it will enlarge the circle of its privileges; it will end by appropriating a ruinous proportion. - Frederic Bastiat

The kids need to be dressed & dropped off at school, you have your big presentation today, you've been working your ass off  putting in long hours in hopes that someone will notice you and give you that promotion, and you told your wife you'd host family dinner this evening, knowing that your mother-in-law would be all over you for one reason or another. You don't have time for political nonsense - I get it.

Unfortunately, the elected officials we trust to keep our best interest in mind aren't always doing that. While we struggle just to get through the day, they put legislation together that starts to infringe on our personal liberties. While we hit the pillow exhausted after a long day, the President is giving speeches asking for more power, saying things like he's going against free market principles in order to save the free market, or flat out telling us that he'll act as an administrator if he has to in order to get things done that he knows are best for us. Are we missing our warning signs that our Constitutional Republic is in trouble? I believe so.

Here are a few clips I'd like to share with you - watch them & decide for yourself.


Sometimes You Need to Abandon Free Market Principles to Save the Free Market?

And Sometimes You Need to Pass the Bill Before We Can See What Is In It?

Just Bypass Congress - You Know, the Checks & Balances the Founders Put In Place

Maybe You Just Have too Much Information at Your Disposal - Need to Limit That

Sometimes You Just Need More Power to Act Administratively - He Won't Abuse It

And it's all Because That Pesky Constitution - It Only Says What Gov't CAN'T Do To You, not what Governmnt should do FOR you

Where Have Our Leaders Gone? Wouldn't This Be Refreshing to Hear Again?

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"Idiocy. Want zero government? Move to Somalia."
Silly comment and pathetic strawman. But I'm sure you're aware of that.


The rest of your comment, however, is spot on.

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"There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as Government expands, liberty contracts - Reagan "

Idiocy. Want zero government? Move to Somalia.

Much more to the point, Reagan was hardly a 'small-govt' practitioner.  He used those words to distract the gullible, while he & his buddies stole everything that wasn't nailed down.  "Look over there! Halley's Comet!"

1) Ran up bigger deficits than all his predecessors combined, going back to Washington.

2) Historic increase in the number of federal employees.

3) Huge increase in 'national security' personnel (i.e., police snooping on domestic political activity). 

Reagan, and his grinning chimp of a acolyte GW Bush, trampled on the Constitution.

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What do you mean 'We're missing warning signs'? Ive been yelling about this stuff coming for many years, and ignored as a 'kook'. MANY people have been warning about it all, and now that tyranny is here people say 'Wow, sure didnt see THIS one comin'!

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This is precisely how I have felt for a long time. Thanks!

Recently, I've been reading about "complexity theory" and a phenomenon called "stability bias". The longer a situation remains stable, at least on the surface, the more likely we humans are to ignore risks. This is true both in the world of finance, in which the Fed has created a backstop illusion of stability, and in the world of geopolitics and liberty. We have known peace, freedom, and prosperity for so long that we are no longer perceiving risk. My sense is that only when all of these are either in grave jeopardy, or -- heaven forbid -- lost, will many Americans recognize that we ignored those risks for far too long.

Barack Obama is the greatest threat to individual liberty of our lifetimes. Risk of losing it is extreme!

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When all is said and done, the unsettling question still remains:

Are Americans - to whom much was given - the Biggest Dupes, Dolts, Dopes & Suckers in recorded history?

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Yes, and the USA will take the fall for it all. Listen to James Camerons comments about the future of america in his comments about why hes packing up and moving to New Zealand. He certainly knows, he's ultra rich, and he's gettin while the gettins good.

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VOTE HIM OUT WHILE YOU CAN says a sticker available on ebay. But the picture you paint in this short article is a little alien to me; this is all happenening right under our nose. The real shocker is that so many people refuse to see or process it.

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What a sad state of affairs it is, when Obama makes Reagan look good.  I am so glad I escaped from that country.

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Sorry, Ronnie. You did as much to expand government as any other president in the modern era.

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imagine the human body, a living one, with no
regulatory systems in place. right, it doesn't
live. it is dead. there must be a deep and
profound regulatory regime in place but it must
be active at the internal cellular level as well
as the collective level and natural to the well
being and functioning of the living parts and environment.
just because you don't notice it doesn't mean it isn't
functioning. the problem is the regulatory regime has
been constructed to enable special interest looting
rather than enhance living. we have laws written by and
for crack monkeys from all over the globe.
not new.
"..The war drums beat on, for the God Of War is still being worshiped in America and is still blessed by the holy fire of false patriotism as well as the farce of the War on Terror. President Obama is the latest commander in chief to wear that shiny helmet of evil ~ and only Presidential candidate Ron Paul raises his voice in opposition. 11 minute Must Watch Video "
"O Lord our God, … help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, – Mark Twain ( The War Prayer )"
Obama 2012 – May The Farce Be With You
by Allen L Roland
Paul Pena - Jet Airliner

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The usa has "liberty",it says so right on the American gold and silver bullion

What a fucking insult.

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I'm sorry, I have to be the critic here.

The author repeats things we already know. 

OMG.  Why do you people bother flooding up cyberspace with elaboration of the problem instead of a feasable solution to the problem?  We already know what the problem is. 

Government = too big and corrupt, it abuses power.  And we have no private sector.  

Why don't you simply address the CAUSE of the problem (outstanding US Treasury holdings by foreign countries, trade deficit, lack of investments in our private sector); then elaborate on possible remedies for them.

Hint: the solution is in the problem.   

Another Hint: Ending the Federal Reserve will not be effective or enough. 

Hint #3: This happened after Clinton signed NAFTA with China in 1999, when China was admitted to the WTO in 2001 and later on.  This mess took a decade to grow the government disproportionately to the private sector.  It did NOT start in 2008 when Obama was elected.  He's open about his political left winged position; unlike the neocons and libertarians who are still liberals in the closet-so we KNEW that he would exploit this. 

Unlike Bush. 

But keep crying.  You look like babies.  Some poor soldier actually braved a war for employment when you were crying about the war- they either risked their lives/lost it or made serious sacrifices so you had the freedom to think and speak.  But you CHOOSE to be wrong.  You exploit the war to make the US and it's troops look bad- endangering them.  You don't politicize doctors in the middle of heart surgery. You shouldn't politicize troops in war.  Esp. if your @$$ is too scared to call a spade a spade. 

You're either pulling out red herrings or you really don't know much more about economics. And I'm sorely disappointed that I keep running into articles written by Captain Obvious sock puppet armies instead of gaining any insight on the situation we have at hand.  I'd love to see your doctor treat your heart attack in the same way, when YOUR welfare is at stake.  People really want things to get better, I personally am really sick of this unnecessary recession.

Get real.    Either seek solutions/answers or stop crying.  Man up.


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you had me until you got to the part about soldiers risking their lives or lost their lives so that I have the freedom to think or speak....that is bullshit and I don't say that lightly because I am an US Army veteran.  If you think the wars in Iraq/ Afghanistan had/have anything to do with our freedom you have a few screws loose en tu cabeza!

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Sock puppet armies you say!??!?

I believe that you are worth an entire battalion~....

Some poor soldier actually braved a war for employment when you were crying about the war- they either risked their lives/lost it or made serious sacrifices so you had the freedom to think and speak.  But you CHOOSE to be wrong.  You exploit the war to make the US and it's troops look bad- endangering them.  You don't politicize doctors in the middle of heart surgery. You shouldn't politicize troops in war.

That's very rich. You're bordering on M$B territory with that schtick. Only I fear you are serious. Don't speak'll endanger the troops, whilst they're over there engaging in their surgical kinetic pro-liberty exercises, on behalf of our mad Mengele heart surgeon/aztec priestly caste in the middle of their delicate operation of RIPPING THE HEART OUT OF THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT IN GOVERNMENT FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE! shshhhhhhhh...

fess up. You're serious, aren't you?!?!?

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I'm sorry to say this but I have to:

I believe that the opportunity for this nation to be repaired in a peaceful, democratic and civil manner has long passed us by.

We now have a system which criminalizes protest. Ridicules dissent. Spies on every one of us. Monitors what we say. Has assumed the power to imprison indefinitely without charge or trial. And has labeled each and every one of us a potential terrorist.

Many speak of restoring America, but as far as I can see, this is no longer America, therefore, how can it be restored? The America many speak of simply has not existed in quite some time. The rights that have been willingly surrendered in the name of "safety" will NOT be given back. they must be taken back and that would take a degree of unity that I do not believe is possible any longer in this country.

The question I often find myself asking is "Is what is left of this place worth fighting for?". The answer usually comes up "no".

The fight is finished. The war is over. The good guys lost. And if anybody asks when this happened, just tell them it happened while they were dressing the kids, preparing that big presentation, kissing the bosses ass, getting that dinner for the in-laws ready. All the things that made them "too busy" to want to know what was going on.

Sorry folks. It's over. It's been over.

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Good. You've cleared the fog away from the windshield. Now, before you turn the ignition, take a careful look at what's in front of you.  There, to the right, a bunch of guys with bandoliers n Rambo head-gear wavin the flag and gesturing to you to c'mon a patriot. But if you look real close, in front of them is a huge yawning hole, a veritable tank trap, that you're gonna drive right into if you let your emotions sway you in that direction. The bad guys actually want you over there-once you and your buddies do that last redoubt of liberty thing, all that heavy weaponry that the Sherriffs' Departments have been getting for free is going to be given a baptism: of blood.

Then there's the road block in front of you, the dressed up goons of the DHS\TSA police state waiting to check your papers and shred your tires. Don't worry - without your vehicle you won't be stuck for a ride...buses are waiting to carry you on to your next destination. Your seat's already booked!

Over to the left, the Paulists, gesticulating to you to throw out the weapons you've got hidden under the seat, for those just in case moments. We can still pull this out, they are shouting at you. Just give it one more chance...and and 8 more months. Unfortunately that reassuring vista of an unchanged skyline of peaceful houses and productive factories behind them is a mirage - a Potemkin village set up by the same operatives you saw lurkin out the corner of your eye in the other direction. Once they're secured your guns, they will be happy to liberate your gold too.

Not too promising a picture is it?

Do not be overwrought. Time to get yur Ben Shockley/Philo Beddoe on. Now that you know that everybody wants you dead, you've got one chance...find your inner American action hero self,[trust me he's\she's in there somewhere] and dump the fear of actually making a decision. Get out now. Take your family with you. Whatever your doubts about an uncertain future, once you're out of the Euro-merikan prison zone, you gonna be able to think steady and see straight. And live to fight another day, in another way, than just drivin into an ambush.

Americ[k] it AND leave it! This is the one piece of advice they don't want you to have under consideration, and this is one of the very few places you can read it.

Zero Hedge. Voice of the authentic resistance.

pazmaker's picture



I'm almost there, I'm almost there.........  I want to leave I guess I must admit I don't have enough courage to do so yet.

Have you left?

JOYFUL's picture

Paz, 2 years 4 months and 27 days since I hopped the pot...or, if you like, 879 days outsida the prison zone. I'd never have had the balls to write what I said unless I walked the talk. Thing I remember most about my last summer in norte america was saying to someone - hey, you see that blue sky up there today? How many blue sky days we had like that this summer...2, maybe 3?

Do you remember what it was like before chemtrails hazed up the sky? Before every hard-won truth was twisted into a lie to serve the perpe-traitors of the giant ponzi scheme that is daily life now in Amerika? Before the daily dose of chemical toxins and doublespeak made it impossible to just keep things in perspective and the synapses firing in good order? Before BP/Bama destroyed the Gulf and rained toxic filth down onto y'all on a daily basis? 

And that was before Fukushima! It's madness back there now have to be out to look back in and see the truth of it. A huge package of genocidal madness blowin our civilization up in painful, daily increments. You get out, you get your thoughts back together, you see what no longer can be see from inside the prison zone. And blue skies!!!!!!!!!!

I could write more, a lot more. But there's no need to...I see you served. Therefore, I know you don't lack courage, only en-couragement. Dentro de su corazon, todas las repuestas que necesitara usted quedan como tierra listo sembrar. And information. That which I did not have before leaving behind everything familiar for a place foreign to everything I knew before, to live amongst strangers whom my former prison warders told me were my worst enemies.

879 days - for which I give thanks to my Maker and my forbears, for the wisdom to know when to go. And the opportunity to live long enough to fight back against those who would deprive us of our birthright. For that struggle, we will need you, and everyone else who learned to always preserve one's core assets in order to fight another day, on the ground of one's choosing.

(btw)...just after sending the comment to which you responded, I got a 403 forbidden ...first time I seen that with ZH...I was shut out for the balance of the day, which is why the delay in answering...kind of confirms what I was thinking...about what they don't want folks to take under consideration....

could be jus co-inky-dent-al, of course!

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One of the things that limits the American imagination when it comes to thinking about possibly getting the fuck out of Dodge is that many only speak English. This does pose limitations on where you can go and really live.

I do not have that limitation. My options are fairly vast. I have already planted seeds in other places. I'll leave here before the exits are blocked...of that I'm certain.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Speaking English will get you in several places, plus across the world you will find people speaking it in almost every hellhole, not as fluently, but that's definitely an advantage.

Having said that, speaking Spanish/Portuguese or French may open up a lot of options.

Imminent Crucible's picture

There's one place very close where you only need eleven words to survive. Memorize this until you can say it in your sleep:

"Quiero los tacos de pescado, por favor. Y una Negra Modelo."

With that and a few Libertads, you can probably live forever in Lower Cali.

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Think of Stalin, Mao, Pol did they all start?  Class warfare, and I'm sorry, we're not even close to being in the condition when those other countries blew up...what is Obama trying to do? Is he intent on destroying us from within?  I am reading Ron Suskind's book 'Confidence Men'.  I am having difficulty understanding Obama and his decision making process.  He tells his staff what he wants and when they deliver he drops the ball.  Cases in point..after getting the recommendations from his deficit committee he blew them off.  Prior to going through the reconciliation process to pass a flawed healthcare bill, he had bipartisan support and the healthcare industry in agreement on a program that he totally fucked up on his own.  Lastly, he had the opportunity to do real financial reform and had the Republicans on board.  He meets with the 13 Bankers, the CEO's of the biggest US banks and investment banks.  They are shitting in their pants.  Obama tells them that the only thing between them and the pitchforks is him (he has a high opinion o himself).  Then he surprises them and basically tells them that he is going to help they can continue their corrupt and dangerous behavior.  Obama is an amazing liar and a dangerous man.  While he claims to be a man in support the the little guy on Main Street, or as he calls them the 99%ers, inactuallity he is in the bag for big business and big banks.  He's gotta go, I just hope that other people figure it out. If you voted to prove Obama could hope and change in 2008, who are you going to vou vote for to prove your not an idiot in 2012.

alien-IQ's picture

You seem to be under the impression that there is some difference between republicans or democrats and that your vote matters.

I have long since relinquished such delusions.

Vote if it makes you feel better. That's really what it's all about, creating the illusion that people have a say in the system. But if you expect to see any difference between one party or the other, I'm afraid you are in for a very rude awakening. Both parties serve the same interests...and those interests are not "the people". All evidence bares this out.

Hey Assholes's picture

I finally have realized that voting = consent to be ruled by murderers, thieves, and thugs.

I withdraw my consent and will not add to the vote count that lends legitimacy to the ruling class. 

RockyRacoon's picture

Soooo.  Romney will fix all this?  Or am I reading too much into your comment?

Looks like our choices are quite limited.

combatsnoopy's picture

okay scaremonger.  We must be afraid and petrified at ALL times.  For ever and ever and ever.  Only because some parasitic PR firm, their lobbyists and some tool politician tells you to be. 

Look, China bought all of these US Treasuries, as did a bunch of other countries.  And guess who invested in our private sector?!!! Nobody!!!  .  China is #3 and the Chinese (less their government owned institutions) are really banned from investing in US financial markets.  So now our 70% of our market's volume is from high frequency trading platforms financed by the US Taxpayers for *FREE*

The US is ranked 142 out of 148 for private sector investments.

Then you have morons like Dubya boy and your elected members of Congress pulling idiot moves like blocking the sale of Unical to the CNOOC as a "national security concern" only because Chevron (their lobbyist) didn't want to increase the bid for Unical to compete with the CNOOC.

Add THAT to the US Trade imbalance, caused by China and OPEC.  And of course the 0% interest rates that increase oil speculation-causing our trade deficit to get even wider.

So what happens?  The American government grows disproportionately to the very very weak private sector and you have a bunch of low class politicians exploiting it.
This started in or before 2001 when China was added to the WTO.  Not in 2008 when Obama was elected.  This shift of power took over a decade to happen.

What's the conspiracy behind this?  China and Japan are self serving, yes.  But they're both HORRIBLE at economics and making big mistakes by copying anything the US does.  IF anyone called them out, they lose face.  IT's actually preferable to make a scare tactic than to call Asians out on their lack of wisdom. 

I'm going to call China and Japan out on their lack of wisdom.  They didn't learn the fundamentals.  Many didn't even learn Engrish when they became professors and assistants at my alma matter.  And not one of them taught economics, or finance.  Don't get me wrong, I do like a lot of asians.  However they're not always what they're cracked up to be.   To ASSUME is to make an @$$ out of U and ME.

This is a very solvable problem.  But stay scared.  Your stupid PR retards are making Americans look like complete pu$$ies.   Look!  There's the Lochness Monster under your bed!!! Sleep with the lights on.   

JOYFUL's picture


Our beloved i-dog (the vatican conspiracist brother) has been kidnapped and replaced by this Uber-troll! 

Be on the lookout for this snooping snoopster snoop-dawg imitation. 

alien-IQ's picture


Seriously man, I have no idea what you are talking about, who you are responding to or what point (if any) you are trying to make.

Your communication skills leave a great deal to be desired.

pazmaker's picture

alien,  great post up there above about it being over.


On this one  I agree  this combat snopopy is all over the spectrum...saying somethings that make sense then completely contradicting them.   I'm like  huh????  what did he say???

Westcoastliberal's picture

I totally agree Alien, and further this article is waaaay to soft; hell we started "losing it" when Nixon took us off the gold standard and said "Well, if the President does it, then it's not illegal".  These shit for brains politicos think they're royalty, then act like it, then we do nothing about it to throw their asses out.

Gotta agree, Alien, not much we can do with the "system" as it exists right now. We sure as hell will never "elect" anyone who will change it back to what it once was. Those days are long gone for America.

combatsnoopy's picture

And you conveniently left out the part where Reagan reinstalled the gold standard in his early presidency to fight double digit inflation created during the Carter administration.

Where did  you learn your history?  I was alive during those years. 

GovtMediaLiars's picture

Wow. Fail man. 

No such thing was done nor even seriously considered. He put together a "gold commission" to study the possibility of a return to a gold standard but stacked the commission with a bunch of keynesian pro-fiat 
apologists. It never stood a chance which was exactly the result expected, and assured by his appointments.

Paul Volker, Fed Chairman, clamped down the money supply, skyrocketed interest rates and eventually whipped inflation, for awhile.

How can you possibly be spouting such nonsense while dissing someone for their history knowledge, or lack thereof?


trevorparsons's picture

If Reagan "reinstalled" the gold standard, where the fuck is it now?

GoldmanSux's picture

I don't think Reagan ever re-instated the gold standard.

Imminent Crucible's picture

"Do something. It's not over--no, it's never too late."

~Timothy B. Schmit

"I have not yet begun to [kick ass]"

~John Paul Jones

"I have not yet begun to procrastinate"

~His Imminence, Le Crucible

Vincent Vega's picture

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor...Hell no. Nothing is over til we say it is.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

hahahaha Reagan as the guardian of freedom? You can't be serious

He was operating a shadow gov't. Go get an education, please.

North was drawing up martial law plans way back in 82.


Imminent Crucible's picture

Not only that, but Interior Sec Jim Watt had a secret plan to incarcerate the Beach Boys in Escalante-Grand Staircase, but he was forced to resign in the nick of time.

Don't bogart that joint, my friend...pass it over to me.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

piss off, hippie

this is from wiki, not my ideal choice, but Im not going to do transcriptions from actual books-

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a secretive "scenario and drill" developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be "national security threats", in the event that the President declares a "State of Domestic National Emergency". The plan states that events that might cause such a declaration would be widespread U.S. opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad, such as if the United States were to directly invade Central America.[1][2][3][4][5][6] To combat what the government perceived as "subversive activities", the plan also authorized the military to direct ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels.[7]

Rex 84 was written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was both National Security Council White House Aide, and NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of "national preparedness" programs for FEMA.


Incidentally, I shouldn't have said Reagan -ran- the shadow gov't. He was more an approving front-man, as his dribbling senility later envinced


eatthebanksters's picture

How old were you whe Reagan was President? Obviously not old enough to have experienced the greatest president in the last 65 years.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

Which part did you like, eat?

The funding of death squads and the teaching of torture?

Trickle down economics?

The Garn–St Germain Depository Institutions Act ?

The deficit?

Or was it the CIA pumping crack cocaine into urban areas?

Your chronological age hasn't innured you to the effects of infantile mythologization of a fucking b actor

Imminent Crucible's picture

"Piss off, hippie"

Hmmph. Respect for the elderly is not what it used to be. Shut yer crack, ya little Red Guard.

Actually, while I liked Reagan personally, his terms of office were not what we hippies were hoping for. The bureaucracy grew, debt grew, and Langley remained in bed with creeps like Noriega across Latin America.

As Mickey Rune-y notes, Reagan was a bit too detached from the cancerous intelligence bureaucracies, plus he didn't notice that Tip O'Neill, Tom Foley and Newtist Gingrich were stealing the country blind through the House Bank and the Post Office.

Despite Eisenhower's shortcomings, he did warn us about the "military-industrial complex" which grew into today's corporate fascist oligarchy.

Uncle Remus's picture

FZ - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.

...Work the wall
Work the floor
Work the pipe
In serious pain...


You say yer life's a bum deal
'N yer up against the wall
Well, people, you ain't even got no kinda
Deal at all
Cause what they do
In Washington

They just takes care
Of Number One
An' Number One ain't you
You ain't even Number Two

eatthebanksters's picture

I am amazed at how much Obama thinks he needs additional powers to get things done when for the first two years he's in office he and his fellow Democrats controlled the the White House and Congress...what else does he need? He's a fucking idiot!

stant's picture

how many chinaman jumped off the building who made my wifes last 3 iphones and my kids whatever box. that could have been made here for a few bucks more. when those late night side jobs came in and sombody paid me in cash i saved and bought some silver coins ets. and now a m1a . made by a americans. yeah i sent some to rand and now ron too. can i say ive done what i can to save this republic? no i can not.and its shamefull. we will all take the responsibility for this by its consequence. and the ones to come will curse us if they learn of our failure. most likely they will end up like someone in a north korean slave work camp. no idea that there was and can still be a better life. by thier own hands and clear mind. fuck this

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We have achieved a Leviathan State when it gives itself permission to print most of the money it spends to keep its supporters in "benefits".  It has become self-sustaining, in a Keynesian kind of way.  Unless we throw out a lot of office-holders in the next election, it may be too late to put Leviathan back in its cage.


combatsnoopy's picture

No.  The Levitian State wasn't financed by China, Japan, Israel, Russia and every other country trying to keep their currency undervalued.  They didn't do that with a $13 trillion federal deficit, $1 trillion trade deficit and no private sector cash flows or investments. 



DeadFred's picture

It's already too late. These things are bigger and slower with more inertia than most people think. The point of no return was back some time ago. Play it out as a mind game, HOW are we going to throw out a lot of incumbents? It won't happen. HOW can we keep the new bosses from becoming just like the old bosses? We can't. This system is like a heavy train rumbling on toward the cliff. It's not really going all that fast but brakes don't exist that are big enough to stop this entrenched system in time. Plan accordingly.