The Liberty Option

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The Liberty Option is the first documentary film by popular youtuber Fabian4Liberty, Fabian Calvo. The Liberty Option examines today's destruction of our Republic at the hands of crazed criminal bankers and politicians. The son of immigrant parents who fled the tyranny of communist Cuba, Fabian discusses growing up seeing his parents live the American Dream. Now a father of two small children, he refuses to accept the role of complacent bystander in a country descending into central planning and TSA checkpoints.

The Liberty Option brings together a diverse cast of interviews, including Florida representative Jim Frische, the Mogambo Guru Richard Daughty, and the head of the Tampa Bay CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations). This hard hitting 32 minute film emphasizes the economic and individual liberties that were once a fabric of the American Republic are being torn apart at the hands of a small group of elites, hell bent on the creation of a new 21st feudal system.

The Liberty Option examines the deregulation of Wall Street, Washington’s Lobby Culture, foreign wars, and the continued slip into an American police state. The film reminds us that our sacred Constitutional Republic is worth fighting for, and that “We the People” can defeat a small band of ego driven central planners.

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Adolescent drivel. I can't believe ZH allowed this video to be posted.

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BANKS synthesize credit from thin air via fractional reserve lending; the Fed makes futile attempts to fill the holes later.

Even if the Fed did not exist, banks would still have this same power.

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Signed into law by Clinton. but written by?

Republicans Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, and Tom Bliley.

No slant here. Nope. LOL

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A commercial real-estate peddling, bubble-riding, anchor baby who probably voted for Marc Rubio.




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i posted Fabian's video, THE LIBERTY OPTION, to my FACEBOOK page & emailed it to my family & friends.    I understand what's going on & have been trying to wake up my friends for the last two years to the whole story (9/11, gold, silver, patriot act, bush, obama, etc.)     True story, this happened to me last night :      My family member told me that she & the rest of the family want to do an "intervention" on me.   They think that I've gone off the deep end with all "this liberty & gold stuff".      When I hung up the phone I just felt like crying ..... why don't they see what is so obvious  !? 

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lynnybee --> The problem with your family is that they are sick. You should take that into account when dealing with them.

During the Nazi era, while poorer Jews flew the country, affluent Jews did not. When a group of people have a lot invested in a society (financial, emotional, family, etc), it is hard for them to understand any significant negative change. They rationalize whatever is happening in order to maintain a sense of normalcy. There is a psychological name for this, but I can remember what it is called.

I had friends in Argentina during the crisis, and I noticed the same behavior with them. Before the crisis, they were on denial and paralyses. I warned them to take money out of the banks and to buy essentials.

Some of the comments that I got:

- We have to have faith things will get better we just need to hang on <-- by far number one. Head buried on ground.

- It is not to the advantage of other countries to let us fail, so they will help us. <-- big sense of arrogance in Argentina

- It can't get that bad. The people will not allow it, and they know it. <-- AKA the revolution  blah blah talk. Never happens, so keep the gun inside. I hope you live in one of those states that let you shoot intruder in your home (no questions asked).


I hope that helps. They will not listen to You. You might as well stop trying because You are only going to alienate yourself.




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Relax. The masses are in a trance state. It is unfortunate that the sheeples are this way and do not see what is happening around them. I too lost lots of friends as they say, my conversations are very depressing. The reality is depressing and those who ignore or do not see are going to be shocked when this comes knocking on their door step.

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Very sorry lynnybee.

They can't allow themselves to see it. If they did, they'd face a serious choice: To heroically oppose evil (which is scary), or to play the coward. So, they avoid the choice by closing their eyes.

Sad and twisted, but so it is. Maybe some day they'll summon the guts to see what is in front of them. 

Rock on anyway.

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Lynny, I understand your despair.

My friends and family have thought the same about me for over five years.  Even as 2008 dawned and some of the things I warned about happened.

I've read quite a bit recently about the Weimer collapse.  The citizens, even as their stomachs growled, refused to believe (or could not understand because of the complexity) that their own government was at fault for their money becoming worthless. 

Humans have the innate ability to believe that things are NOT worse than "normal," and that things will ALWAYS right themselves.  Called the "normalcy bias."

So, though it sucks, I try and keep my mouth shut, only offering information if requested.  It is obvious that the majority will NEVER care, so why crush my own skull beating it against the wall?

Good luck to you.  Please don't let "their" lack of planning stops yours.

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I have a sister who is a flight attendant; I have a brother whose job requires constant travel. Not once have I  heard a single comment from them about TSA.

The middle class is completely comfortable with what is going on in the US-- in fact; like Germans in 1930s, it supports the system because it thinks it can profit from it.


The American middle class is the biggest obstacle  to changing the system and it fits the French term bourgeois to a tee.

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Be Patient, Time is on Your Side ..They will need you soon when the Poop hits the fan...

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The film cites the election of the teleprompter in chief as being evidence of the people's ability to change things. Huh? He's turned America into a police state, widened the wars, destroyed the bill of rights, and is negotiating a settlement with the banks that lets them off the hook in exchange for a little bit of money. The people who made this film are either clueless or part of the problem.

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Agree. the crap is so thick that only truly enlightened, critically thinking individuals can ever hope to see through all disinformation, manipulation, and lies. Everyone of these so-called activists have agenda behind them; every issue they put up must be questioned, otherwise they will lure you in and before you know it you're at a rally for the teleprompter in chief.

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I'd like to buy a whole bunch of Puts Liberty Option contracts. Sign me up where can I go?
The liberty Index is only going further down from current levels, unfortunately.
It would be nice to buy some protection on that.

That's what popped into my head when I read that headline on finviz.

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We could call them LDS's (Liberty Default Swaps), but people would think that is an anti-Romney, anti-Mormon slur.

How about LSD's (same words, different order)? Linguistically clumsier, but emblemmatic of the fact that the people who have appointed themselves to guard our liberty (who are also the same people fighting the war on drugs) are themselves clearly on drugs.

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Okay, I'll bite...  They don't like Clinton but Obama's election is historic and therefore beyond reproach?  Increase voter turnout 30%, and for whose benefit(er, benefits)?  They don't even do a good job at cloaking their inner statist desires.  What a waste of 32 minutes of time.   Ron Paul or bust