A MERSy Christmas | Twas The Night Before Fraudclosure

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the MERS rubicon is beginning to wain,

through new legal minds setting to work that is not in vain,

in 12 we find the solicitors who will provide fresh letters of closure, 

telling us all that finding fraud in foreclosure

is long from over.

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I hope avalanches of robo siging pop up next year.

Let's see if they can't break the record for not allowing asset prices to settle.

In the meantime, thankfukkinggod they alllowed anyone to borrow as much as they wanted at lint like rates. All I kept hearing the previous 50yrs was how only the wealthy had access to capital. I am sure there was a verse in there abt wall papering one's house in plasmas and filling the driveway with escalades insted of furthering education or other useful things- I just must have missed it.


It is fairly amazing, until the generation entlited arrived, mostpaid at least twice as much principle as interest on at least one house, paid at least 10% for one car, probably paid north of 20% on plastic-paid at least a point a month and 1/3rd of the net for venture capital,

and that was all long before the evil banksters decided to hand out money like candy and charge air on it. 

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Very well done.


Merry Christmas.

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That was excellent and sad and true and tragic - pretty much sums up 2011.

I've saving horrific, deadly, and laugh until I cry for 12/2012 - if the internets are still working and I am still vertical.

Thanks 4closureFraud and Happy Holidaze!

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Thank you that was Amazing....

Mersy xmas everyone!!!

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Death to the malfeasant destroyers of the rule of law and liberty.

Oh, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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I guess here in the 21st century it must suck (not really) to not have any mortgages on your real property. Geese, that whole "underwater" thing does not mean very much...huh?

Real Estate investment...Not as flashy as derivitives trading. I am tired of taking it on the chin because some shiny suits were fukking people.

Rant over. ;-)

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The secret electronic mortgage society must DIE.

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too bad Mers didn't get runover by a reindeer

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BOA, please stay solvent long enough for my transfer to clear and close my account. I don't want my money clawed back after you roll over like a pig.