MF Global Customer Funds Were Not "Vaporized" - Stanley Haar Takes WSJ to Task

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by Stanley Haar


As a individual trader and CTA whose accounts are owed several million dollars by MFGI, I would like to express my shock and disappointment with [yesterday's] front page article; I expected better from the WSJ. Your article gives the appearance of having been ghost written by Andrew Levander and/or the JP Morgan legal department. Among the key errors/omissions:

Client money in segregated bank accounts was not "vaporized"; it was stolen via illegal transfers to support MF's proprietary trading positions and to repay creditors such as JP Morgan. Those transfers are and always were illegal…….even "under rules at the time". Your use of that irrelevant and misleading phrase twice only serves to deflect attention from the criminal acts committed by Corzine, Abelow, Steenkamp and Ferber. Your own article goes on to state that "rules require customer funds to be set aside and kept safe". Even Gary Gensler and Jill Sommers have testified that customer funds needed to be segregated at all times. The failure to do so is a clear violation of the Commodity Exchange Act; "intent" is not an element of this criminal act.

Although you correctly cite the difficulty in recovering the stolen funds, you fail to explain the main reason for this difficulty: the highly suspicious and irregular way in which the bankruptcies of MFGI and MFGH were implemented. Under a properly executed FCM bankruptcy process, customer segregated funds always have absolute priority over all other creditors. Instead, MFGI was placed under a SIPA liquidation, even though 98% of the accounts were commodity accounts not covered by SIPC protection. Compounding this bizarre step (apparently orchestrated by key general creditors such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs without resistance from the CFTC), the assets under the control of MFGH were not frozen and that entity was allowed to continue operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy rules. This allowed unknown billions in assets to be dumped into the hands of George Soros, JP Morgan and various hedge funds at bargain prices (as reported by your newspaper), thereby locking in realized losses on those positions and moving assets out of the reach of the MFGI trustee.

The bottom line is that customer funds were stolen twice: first by the illegal looting of segregated accounts by MF management, followed by the fraudulent way in which the bankruptcy was structured so as to circumvent the priority status of customers in the distribution of MF assets. This is the real story and scandal of MF Global, and perhaps one day your paper will decide to cover it.


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BlackSunshine's picture

I'm shocked Corzine still walks the streets, and no one had done a perp walk. I thought all federal investigators took an oath of office to support and defend the constitution, above all else, to apply justice, and the rule of law.

Shocked I tell you....just shocked....

Flabbergasted. God help us and this country, it's over. The nation is decaying at the head.

Pac-West States of America, Midwest States of America, Confederate States of America, Empire States of America. Hope we can travel freely across borders.

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When it comes to MFG always remember:

MFG = Refco redux

Refco was a den of thieves and its folly to think MFG was anything else but Refco under a new name.

By this point Phil Bennett the CEO of Refco was already under arrest and yet Corzine et al walk around free.

Know your customer .... more like "Know your broker"

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This is stunning! What the author is saying is that the rule of law -- and thus, our Constitution -- are now DEAD in America!

orangedrinkandchips's picture



1.) King of the will do anything to stay on top no matter what it is...kill, lie, name it...all is fair

2.) Muisical chairs......YES...JPM had to get their money before the whole shit house went up in flames! THEY KNEW IT WAS GOING TO STOP and therefore HAD to get filled. a case like this what is worth more money? 1.2B of worthless paper we call currency...or....



Common trust in the system!!! Once that is's all over blue!



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The books of brokers,commodities or otherwise always balance out. Money does NOT vaporize. What douche bag reporting. Someone ripped off all the poor shills at MF.

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Pretty simple really. There were two separate trading situation going on with the same money. The clients accounts were essentially stolen by MFGlobal(Jon Corzine) and put into losing trades. The client unknowingly thinks his money is only being used for his positions.

There is only one conclusion that can be made at this point and that is that our Justice Department is either inept or complicit in the theft.

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WSJ has no credibility.  A few days ago, Tom Orlik wrote an article advising readers not to be concerned over the explosion in the level of China's debt, stating that China's GDP is growing and so it will seamlessly "grow into" higher levels of debt.

I am not making this up.

The WSJ has no clue that China calculates GDP based upon the amount of money ( debt...) allocated to projects.


kaiserhoff's picture

The WSJ has squandered its birth right, or sold it for a mess of pottage.  A few recent examples:

Their contempt for Ron Paul, against most of their readers' interests.

Their coronation of Mittens... 8 votes in Iowa was a massive victory, until he lost, then it didn't matter.

Their NONCOVERAGE OF MOFO GLOBAL - The biggest financial scandal in history.

A couple of days ago, Google got caught laundering money for what they thought was a drug cartel.  The WSJ writer (whore) spun it that Google had been victimized by an ex-con, who was a government informant.

Why not just change the Letter Head to BANK WHORES R US?

AldousHuxley's picture

Now they have advertisements for resume writing service.



BlackholeDivestment's picture

... after reading this article you wrote Stan, I started listening to >>> No mention of the financial counter intelligence threat by any Intelligence Director. The ''Clapper'' responded to a few questions about cyber security and (1 question) related financial crime defining foriegn threats, That's about as close as any of these dipshits can get to the source of the biggest threat, represented by the very Legislators. (empowered by thier Corporate Supreme Court Certified Banker's Trust&PAC)

Senator Kent CONrad said the Press should stop publication of anonymous claims. Lol Well Stan, maybe this Senator should stop reading articles at his favorite mens room, where papers are posted above the urinals, while playing pissing games. Lol 

I can see it now; a game called Zero Hedge Hockey 2012. The object is to direct the Goalie's (for the Boston Bruins) ''hockey stick'' (LoL), to prevent vampire squids shaped pucks (faces of Chairsatan and Loyd move faster, Trillion Dollar Bonus if you block them or loss if they make a goal) from scoring in 13 seconds. You start at Zero Interest with a $16 Trillion Debt and you get bonus points for time in goal and blocked shots after that. Lol, it pays to drink more beer but it's all self defeating if you worked to pay for the beer. You get free beer ( from bar if there are no players) if you go above your predicted block account number. If you are under your call when you go back to the bar you must buy a round for the winners at the bar and pay for your drinks.

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Here was my posting to the WSJ comments section:

Money doesn’t “vaporize” in balance sheets and income statements. If the Wall Street Journal endorses as a fact that money can “vaporize” without a proper forensic accounting trail, then one of the foremost business publications in America has just disclosed for all that America’s accounting systems cannot be trusted.

Thank you for exposing the fact to all in the world that the FASB is a sham, American accounting systems can’t be trusted, and that individuals should pull their hard earned investment out of the American equities and future markets, since according to the WSJ they can’t be trusted, forensically analyzed or even have regulators who make bad leadership accountable for criminal actions.

Americans, your money and investments, according to the WSJ, are safer under your mattress or at your favorite banana republic than in Wall Street.

Raging Debate's picture

I made my choice. Please let Stanely Haar and other victims know I stand with them and offer my services at no charge. 603-953-3388 or

Those Mother Fuckers! I am sick of a lawless land of no justice and no liberty and the hypocrisy smells worse then pig shit.

thunderchief's picture

Shame on the WSJ.

You could not have put that better.

TruthInSunshine's picture



Looks like High Crimes at MF Global, bitchez.

The following paragraphs would be funny if they weren't so pathetic:

After Delay, MF Global’s Missing Money Is Traced

The New York Times

January 31, 2012, 9:42 pm


Investigators have determined what happened to nearly all of the customer money that disappeared from MF Global around the time of its bankruptcy last Oct. 31, but have not publicly disclosed their progress, fearing that doing so might cripple efforts to recover the cash and pursue potential wrongdoing, people briefed on the investigation said.


While authorities have traced hundreds of millions of dollars to banks, MF Global’s trading partners and even the firm’s securities customers, investigators remain uncertain about whether they can retrieve the money.


After Delay, MF Global’s Missing Money Is Traced

Grey-Ghost's picture

This is getting better and better - The Financial Crime Cartel and its propaganda masters do not give a flying fuck about hiding anymore. And why would they? The Sheeplords have, once again, managed to have the brainwashed nation hooked on Romney vs. Obama (Repulsive vs. Despicable party candidate) "election" so voila!, eat cookies, morons.

It must be fantastic to rule this nation of brainwashed cowards.

Everybodys All American's picture

By BEN PROTESS and AZAM AHMED regular Woodward and Bernstein. Let me simplify it for you. Jon Corzine comitted the ultimate theft and transferred all of the clients money to JPM to cover there commodity (Gold and Silver) trades that were under water.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...ewe Sunshine. that article could have done without the picture of the Mossad Agent, opps, I mean oops, I mean Louie in the margin. Now I can't stop seeing flashes of John O'Neil and the USS Cole, as I recall being at the Pentagon on 911. Where is Piccard? That little bastard. Poor John, guess he was not part of ''Team U.N. Lucky WTC 7 Airline Put Option and Chairsatan's KSC American Insurance Group ZIRP Hedge Fund'', AKA ''Emergency Group 666''

...and that reminds me of a hypothecared investigation by an anonymous source that discovered a Passport, with a memo, on a dead (suicide) FBI double agent, code named ''CompartMENTALized Vapor' AKA Maxwell 99%

To: Dimon Jim (DJ) and The $$ Larrys Summer & Silverstein

2001 NYC Fed office (AKA) Lodge passwords; '' Remote Control Home Run Shorts''

2001 Confirmig words, said while shaking hands; '' SEC shredder'' or ''Secular Gefilte Fish'' 

2012  new code words; ''nothing has changed''

2012 Confiriming words; ''Iran Peace Keeping Mission'' or ''WMD'' 

New World Order Pass Phrase; Remote control home run shorts, nothing has changed.

New World Order Confirmation; WMD


Raging Debate's picture

Shhhhhhhh. Take a Xanax. Some storylines are so much better bifurcated into chunks or you can ruin the movie. Then I will be bored and nothing is worse than boredom! Except maybe the pig-shit hypocrisy. Maybe pig-shit can be utilized in the plot somewhere. Pig shit or not is the question?

TruthInSunshine's picture

The most interesting (and dubious) section of the part of the NYT article I quoted is that they have traced the money to several "banks" but are unsure as to whether they can successfully retrieve the money.

Read into that whatever you and I will, but it's my opinion that someone is desperately trying to protect one Jon S. Corzine (and whatever political friends in high places he has).

But then again, I'm a cynic.

Dingleberry's picture

Let me break this enigmatic situation down for you:


If they find out where the cash is and go after it...the cash goes to Israel. That's why they must tip toe around the location. But they ain't gettin' it back. And they know it.

MrBoompi's picture

These markets are exactly like musical chairs, only you have 50 people circling around one chair, and the music will only stop when a TBTF is in front of the chair.

Dermasolarapaterraphatrima's picture

Mozillo and Corzine are Yatze partners I that true?

RexZeedog's picture

Excellent blog post - very eloquent

nostromo17's picture

$700 -  $ 1.2 Billion $$$$$$ --Who Was the Cleaner?

The chart showing time lined cash flows and balances at JPM, as MFGLOBAL's lender and also JPM's role as clearer deserve a centerfold spread in the W.S. Journal. -The dollar flow chart. New York to London and not back.

And any bond or bond collateral deals JPM might have been involved in during that same period, leading to and through the MFGLOBAL bankruptcy,which might be related - whatever it was...deserves a gander. And any Senators whose investigative actions could be compromise by financial transactions occuring in the same period. 

If in anyway it was done by the 'book.' that should be exposed too. because then the book is broken. If the SEC can't draw, certain bureaus should be able to chart things instead to establish the facts and not to sweep them under the rug as you suggest.

The facts exist, there is a trail; pretending otherwise would seem to make one complicit -a reminder to the so far not investigating investigators.

I just want the chart.  Where's the chart?  Is in under their or up their?

blindman's picture
Jesse's Café Américain
"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." Dietrich Bonhoeffer
30 January 2012
MF Global: A Despicable State of Affairs
Much of the financial press picked up this story from the Wall Street Journal, Money From MF Global Feared Gone. Much of the mainstream media in the US and the UK these days is just a conduit for sound bites from the monied interests.

"Nearly three months after MF Global Holdings Ltd. collapsed, officials hunting for an estimated $1.2 billion in missing customer money increasingly believe that much of it might never be recovered, according to people familiar with the investigation.

As the sprawling probe that includes regulators, criminal and congressional investigators, and court-appointed trustees grinds on, the findings so far suggest that a "significant amount" of the money could have "vaporized" as a result of chaotic trading at MF Global during the week before the company's Oct. 31 bankruptcy filing, said a person close to the investigation."

And as we have heard, quite a bit of that money was also diverted in the last few days into the pockets of MF Global's bank, JP Morgan, which still reportedly holds much of it. Now whether they are legally entitled to keep that money is another matter. But this entire charade has been cloaked with a public relations campaign using terms like 'missing,' 'vaporized,' and 'mystery' to describe the customer assets as if no one really knows where the funds had gone, which the CFTC has explicity stated months ago is not the case. And that the handling of the bankruptcy and the method of ordering customers with creditors is in violation of the CFTC's rule 190, as is evident from the precedents and intentions which established it.

What the press apparently has not yet heard or is not reporting is that vulture funds are now contacting the MF Global customers, however they may have obtained their names, and are offering them 85 cents on the dollar for their claims. Most of the claim holders are reported to expect or to have been payed 72 cents on the dollar as things now stand. The Wall Street Journal certainly casts gloom on their prospects for a full recovery and hopes of justice, based on the report from an unnamed source.

This is creating a difficult position for these much abused customers because of the need to settle their income tax obligations for 2011. Until they can prove the funds are not 'recoverable' they bear the responsibility for their tax obligations on the full amount. But if they settle with the vulture funds they can take the loss and move on, capitulating to the despair and the anxiety of having been cheated and abused by the partnership between government and Wall Street.

Obviously customers can ask for extensions on filing their taxes and hope for a settlement at some point. But the issue is the odd manipulation of the bankruptcy in the courts, and the uncertainty and fear fostered in the customers caused by the management of this situation through rumour and innuendo and the canard of the 'missing money' from almost day one.

Remember that the customers were not speculators who lost money on their bets, as the bailed out banks had been, but in many cases were depositors who had cash and valid title to precious metals and treasuries held on account in a firm that was one of the Fed's primary dealers and a major player at the CME. And the money was taken twice. First by MF Global, and then by the financial institutions that seized the money and then manipulated the courts and the press to hide it and to keep it.

The theft of customer funds was bad enough, but the manner in which the exchange, the regulators, the court, the Congress and the Obama Administration have dealt with the aftermath of this is truly despicable. Throughout the financial crisis the character of the public's dealings with the financial sector has been dominated by of opacity, obfuscation, misuse of influence, abuse of power, and fear.

If I have ever seen the opportunity for those in the government to take a heroic stand in defense of the people against the predations of powerful financial interests this was it. And they have failed miserably. So whatever these politicians now say seems at best a shallow mockery, with the ring of untruth, and the hollowness of hypocrisy.

And perhaps this is why the American people are turning away from their corporate-branded presidential candidates and Congressional representatives, whose approval ratings have fallen to 9%, in righteous indignation and revulsion, in disgust at their craven betrayal of their sacred oaths and trust.

They must have no sense of justice, or of proportion, or history, and apparently they have no shame."

slovester's picture

"What the press apparently has not yet heard or is not reporting is that vulture funds are now contacting the MF Global customers, however they may have obtained their names, and are offering them 85 cents on the dollar for their claims. Most of the claim holders are reported to expect or to have been payed 72 cents on the dollar as things now stand."

I saw that also.  In my opinion, this is the tell as these "vulture funds" are nothing more than fronts for the entities actually holding the alleged vaporized funds and they are attempting to retain up to $180 million for doing nothing more than returning some of the money to its rightful owner.  Hell of payout for a damned criminal action.

nostromo17's picture

Amoral morons? -Thieves!

mrdenis's picture

Jon Corzine just poped up on Obama's donor list again Corzine raised 500,000.00 for O'Golfer ...

blindman's picture

when slavery became intolerable to the
contemporary consciousness the exploitable
benefit was retained by removing the slavery
from the individual/s and onto the aspects of
the economy itself. i think it is called
financialization in a debt based fiat money
system where money is debt / credit and lent into
existence out of very thin air or no air even,
no doc, no down, no job, no problem .....
to be paid back at principal and interest
where the lender is the receiver of interest and
holds assets as collateral and has the opportunity
to securitize fee generating fraud and call it investment
grade paper of kinds to then be sold back to the
retirement accounts of the base debtors who have
deceived themselves into believing that slavery was
abolished, not transcribed, and their liberation
is in sinc with the
markets for 'money' and 'securities'.
securities, that is a good one, orwellian .
the country is a big financial crime scene.
the elite have succumbed to bunker mentality
due to their psychopathic repressed guilt, terminal fear has set in.
michael hudson and max on fraud. and then some
Economic collapse in the Western nations-On the Edge with Max Keiser-01-27-2012

end the fed !
( systemic control fraud )

Peter Pan's picture

We can now safely draw some lessons about the fate of any paper assets when the elite hit the chaos button.

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

The watch street journal?    the watch street journal, pg 2-5 watches, 


watch me not buy or read it.  

for SUCKERS  like watching that boob show with the boob and the  boobies. (Fuglies all.) 

Eric L. Prentis's picture

Client money in MF Global segregated bank accounts is, so far,  stolen. If the government lets this stand, our politicians are all criminals.


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~" fail to explain the main reason for this difficulty: the highly suspicious and irregular way in which the bankruptcies of MFGI and MFGH were implemented."~

Hmmm. Sounds a lot like what happened at GM. I get that I'm not the sparpest tool in the shed, but could someone explain to me why Jon Corzine isn't sitting in jail? In fact, why aren't the top 20 people from MF Global ALL sitting in the hoosegow? Oh, that's right, Eric Holder is AG. So let me rephrase, can someone explain to me why Jon Corzine AND Eric Holder aren't sitting in jail?

rayduh4life's picture

Was there ever a time the politicians Weren't criminals?

hustler etiquette's picture

As a broker several years ago I was taught to how "Turn my eperience and your money into my money and your experience."  I see this applies to institutions deemed more sophisticated than bucket shops.

Peter Pan's picture

You have told us a great and sad truth in words that make it the funniest thing i have heard for a long time.

Clowns on Acid's picture

Lets see now ....first the money disappears....but then they go before Congress and say they know where it went....then they say they know where Corzine is and he appears before Congress....then he disappears....

Then they say that the money has "vaporized", and the Media 's coverage of Corzine has vaporized....

Where is Jon Corzine ?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Oh, he's a former CEO of The Goldman Sachs? 


ejhickey's picture

Corzine has a brother who runs a bike shop in the Chicago area.  Maybe Jon is working there , repairing bikes.

Vendetta's picture

Jon may be hanging on the same island as Ken Lay sipping umbrella drinks.

Buck Johnson's picture

Hey explained it perfectly, he truly did.  They are trying to protect Corzine and a few of his creditors from what was done.  And that was the stealing of customer money from their accounts into MF Global accounts.  The media is doing everything they can to ignore this and it's horrible.  And here is something that must be answered how many MF Globals are out there waiting to bust.

alibi's picture

justice will be served upon jon corzine. one way... or the other.

monoloco's picture

Yeah right, Corzine's probably sitting on a yacht somewhere in the Carribean spending this chump's money on hookers and cocaine.

mopickens's picture

hookers & coke is hell - would be a good place for him !