On MF Global, Hyper-Hypothecation That Creates $6b Out $2B And A Central Bank That Couldn't See A Bankruptcy Staring It In The F

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What are the customers going to do about their money?

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I'm sure this is all Irans fault. Lets just blame them. That's what the hard-core Jewish-Republicans want. Their always right. Right?

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Kyle Bass thinks Monday 19th Dec is a big date for Europe with Greece alot of big debts to rollover... and there's no chance anyone is fruitcake/insane enough to buy this Greek garbage... except central bankers

..do you think Monday could be The start of the EZ collapse or some other trigger point (i'm fishing for a date to watch out for)???


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who would want to be the grinch that stole xmas, we are safe until the new year



famous lastt words

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London is toast

New York is toast

Would anybody like some marmalade with that?

...how about suicide spending Statist socialists Gordon Brown and David Cameron, also puppets for financial fraudsters, the bankers

Govts single purpose is on display, a protection racket for societies real gangsters

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Sorry, but Max Keiser becomes ever-more frenetic ... even quite weird.

He wanted to beat J P Morgan by getting everyone to buy silver, but it at least appears that J P Morgan defeated Max and anyone thinking that they could defeat TPTB.

It appears that, via MFG, T P Morgan has won with silver and with gold - Gerald Celente just got shafted too.

I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of financialism, but it appears that the "too big to fail" have walked all over any number of bit-players.

Logic tells me that such as Max and Gerald are right - in the long run - and that financialism is a Ponzi scheme that must eventually collapse, but meanwhile ... ?

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the financial gangsters have over decades rigged the game and Govt... you can take this mistake as far back as the 1930's and 40's when the financial rape by the likes of JP Morgan, Rockerfeller and Goldmans went unprosecuted. So you can take the cause of this financial cancer back 70 years

they are indeed 'winning' but it's an ever decreasing circle. Monopolists destroy what they seek to control because they are unproductive (parasites). As their game crumbles they have to grab and rob more and more of societies wealth to bailout their greed and incompetence

the game stops when they have exhausted all wealth (see USSR, Commie China, twice banker-politico ruined Argentina, Austria and Germany) and bankrupted the country or when there's a tax revolt amoung the people

So there's the rub. We sit back on our arses and moan pointlessly expecting paid-for Govt to do something as we go down the toilet... or we stop the rot now and tell the taxman to go fuk himself

Zero Tax = Zero Govt = Zero Banking Cartels

Govt is the problem

A free society and the free market is the solution

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Reggie, shut up

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Reggie is a little late on the reset call. Some of the people I know said a total reset was 100% guaranteed a few years ago.

I was one of them saying that.

Some people need to get with the program. 

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Reggie is well ahead of the curve, and unlike you both he does the maths.. you both need glasses and to take the cloth out of your ears 

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So in the US they can only re-hypothecate 140% of your collateral. It's still all gone! Can they also send you a bill for the extra 40%? 

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No, that bill only applies to "current" taxpayers. Past taxpayers get a pass. (i.e. deceased, unemployed, GE, Buffet etc, etc.)

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Just keep passing the losses onto the Sheeples...

I read J&J is expanding production of its KY lube as they expect soarinf sales for the next decade.

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Friday, Dec. 16th, 2011 - As we head into the end of the week, no news isn't any better than the bad news, last week. One question has gone unanswered for weeks. Speculation and suspicion are constants in the financial news. The question is, who do the ratings agencies work for, and what is to be gained by targeting nations, one by one, for downgrades. Since they eventually get around to everyone, it would appear that they work for the World Bank, IMF, ECB or all of the above. In the middle of all this, the UK, France and Germany are consistent with European history. Staunch allies before breakfast become bitter enemies, before sunset. It seems that the ratings agencies are pitting the political polarities against each other and taking sides in the battle. In the course of a week, they obviously change sides. It would appear that the only common thread in the process is that it is an effort to eradicate national identities. This will prove true if the dominate factors in Europe become empty shells of what they once were. That thought appears to me to be the primary demise of the Euro. Without the common currency, it becomes a mad scramble to maintain position. We see a demonstration of favoritism that alternates on all sides of the balance of power. In Corporatism, some are more privileged than others. The interesting thing is that the same factions don't stay privileged, all the time. It would appear that there is great and growing incentive for the demise of the Euro. Curiosity demands an answer as to who will pick up the pieces.


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im really surprised that no one has picked up on what the brits were demanding, they wanted to retain the lions share of the trade in euro denominated assets but be tottaly detached from ECB regulation. that would mean that the ECB would be powerless to control the quanity of money. they could put in place any amount of banking regulations and reserve requirements but the brits could print euros at will and euro banks would flock to london to evade the sound money regulation. none of what theese summits have talked about has been about solving the immediate crisis, it all seems to be about how they are going to do things afterwards, call me dumb but i think the europeans are going to trry and tough it out and create a hard currency. i cant see how they get from here to there without killing their banks and thats not likley so i must be as daft as them

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cameron thought the GS cabal had Merkozy trembling in their shoes, and that Merkel was caught as she didn't want ECB to print, nor did she want to build EFSF firewall; he gambled on that basis as spokesman for the anglosaxon ponzi and lost. The gangster tactics he tried as you have highlighted says it all...

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+1 ...would like to see more transparency and critique also. Interview between Folker Hellmeyer, chief analyst at Bremer Landesbank, and James Turk of the GoldMoney Foundation includes that question...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaeC8CEi1DU

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the ratings agencies work for the investors with the work paid for by the borrower. now there has always been talk that the investors should pay for the ratings and that there is a conflict where borrowers pay to get themselves rated so they are attractive to investors..but there you go..or went if you the rating agencies don't do an arms length job.

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It seems to me that the Italy "Reform" news just released hasn't gotten around to everyone.  After all the noise with the Scone stepping down his successor Mr. Monti is just proposing a tax increase. No reform. NOTHING MORE! That is it.  I would think that this news isn't very market friendly at all. Futures are pretty green right now.


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hahaha - from the article "It was hoped that Italian lawmakers would rally around Mr. Monti’s government of technocrats and make the tough decisions they have avoided in the past"

rally? around Monti? no clue about italian politics, eh? no, it's mostly BS

fact is, the MSM has it the other way round, Monti's reforms are going well on the expenditure side (particularly on the waste) while he will have even stronger headwinds on the revenue side

all in all, this "President's Government" (i.e. technical gov) is doing much better then expected

the MSM outside Italy is also not realizing that the biggest support for Monti comes from the right (Berlusconi) and the left (the ex-communists - mainly as support for their President)

let's see how many times he will have to push through decrees and votes of confidence (Berlusconi's record were 51)

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Insider manipulation is a fact of life. Some people just don't leave a paper trail. The problem is that people just have to push the edge, stretch the envelope. What happens here and now will multiply the effect, whether toward restraint or financial mayhem.


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Get the ball and chains, forget about it get the tar and feathers and a long rail.......... NOW!