MiNi MeRKeL...

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The clone of Frau Merkel is here

 The actual process was queer

She ate some stale fries

Then quoted some lies

Sarkozy popped out of her rear


The Limerick King

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geekgrrl's picture

I keep daydreaming about this art being plastered all around Chicago at the upcoming G8 meeting in May.

Cheyenne's picture

Merkel needs to invest in fucking clothes. JESUS! Look at the wrinkle on her left side. Did she fall asleep on the blue line at O'Hare?

Additionally, the way her wrinkle lines up with Mini's pants wrinkle ends up forming a spline.

Cheyenne's picture

I meant a clothes steamer. One of these will multiply the lives of pants and sweaters by 6+. You're insane not to use one.

Uchtdorf's picture

WB7, yo' mama must be proud of you.

williambanzai7's picture

She reads every post and every comment. She also reads the rest of Zero Hedge regularly. How many Seniors do you think do that ;-)

rufusbird's picture

No wonder it all stinks...

Rover's picture

Instant Classic!

swissaustrian's picture

The Greek tragedy won't stop until the fat lady finally sings...

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Sir William,

Are you and the "Limerick King" having a secret weekend nuptual. Or is this collaberative work?

Is she hotter than those babes in WB7 Kamakazi?

Is he hotter than Zombie Man?

No answer required. You are an "ubermensche" (Nietchze). You have achieved the Randian level of "Galt".

Do as you wish! (Zoltan)


Don Birnam's picture

WB7, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Evil and Mini Me found their Virtual Combat doppelgängers in the persons of everyone's favorite brace of EuroCrats.

The Virtual Combat Palme d'Or for this one, WB.

YouThePeople's picture

Little Sark looking Blankfeinized.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Why bail out Greece 60 Billion? when we can bail them out 60 Miilion!

falak pema's picture

bimbos cry and land of drought becomes rain forest; thats poetry in motion; delayed action hero.

falak pema's picture

"What I promise I deliver; in this difficult moment only I can save France along with frau Merkel as ally." The crowd claps the president and now new presidential candidate.

Yawol, now next town...and don't forget my special shoes, with the hi-heels. Carla proud, heels n all. 

Wakanda's picture

Merk and Sark kick the can

Postponing the inevitable

They print so much in a race to the bottom

We'll hope that fiat is edible!

slaughterer's picture

Banzai, like alot of your imagery, I just burn the image into my unconscious libidinal library, to summon up later when I need to delay an orgasm with some seductive partner, along with Ernst Krieg's hideous photos of WW2 wounded.   That is a compliment, I hope you know.  "Postponing the inevitable" indeed.  

dannyboy's picture

Liking the WB7 Limerick king combo going!

The Watchman's picture

Holy shit. This is the best one in a while WB.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

PRICELESS!  Banzai and Limerick King get all the gold today!