Mr. Parasite Goes To Washington

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Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's "Mini Me", reminds me of the former appliance salesman, turned warlord, in the film, "The Postman". Let us not forget that as Secretary of Labor, he said:

"Those who work with their hands and make things have no future".

When he talks about sociopaths and psychopaths, he must know a few.

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Rothschilds love Darwinism.  It's one of the reasons why they have been secretly pissing in the gene pool via sperm banks.  The other reason is that their secret empire has become unwieldy enough that they need hordes of reliably dishonest minions to fill intermediate positions in business, law, media, education, etc.  They obviously don't inherit the Rothschilds' wealth or occult knowledge but they still prove useful.  They even trick otherwise good people into believing that sociopathy is moral.   And they condition American women to love money and status more than self-awareness, thus ensuring that they will reliably fall for sociopaths.  They won't be happy but they and the sociopaths will have more grandchildren.  Thus, in our society, Darwin entrenches sociopathy, parasitism and willful ignorance at all levels.  This is by design.  They have domesticated us and now they are selectively breeding us to be the perfect parasitic hosts. 

Sociopaths' supposed non-cooperativeness is an illusion.  They secretly cooperate with each other by giving each other routes to profit, power, and Darwinian advantage.  Even when sociopaths fight each other, it is often a staged fight in which the fallout conditions the sheeple to welcome tighter rule by sociopaths.

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"_______  either did this knowingly and is simply lying about it or he is criminally negligent. Take your pick."


Fill in the blank with any CEO of the top 20, or more, banks.  Maybe Corzine will be prosecuted, but probably not.  The track record for this is actually a national disgrace.



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Most sociopaths are violently narcissistic. Their primary fault tends to be that they think they are gods. No doubt humans have as many religions as they do for exactly this reason; there is always a violent sociopath wanting to be god.

They don't even care if you kill them. And they don't learn from watching each other be killed. They just don't know how to care.

That's why they do so very well in large corporations, and in government, both of which they created for their own purposes mostly to hide within and hunt from.

Money, powerful government, and big business attract them. So long as these vessels remain to carry them forward the sociopaths will rule the human world, and destroy the natural world.

Thankfully both these sociopath strongholds are shortly at an end. The wealth of resources governments and businesses require to stay alive are in profound retreat. It will be interesting (slightly) to see where the sociopaths hide next.

My guess is they will go back into organized religion from which government and business first arose, and sleep there until these vehicles return.

Good luck humanity. You are in the grasp of a great evil.

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The problem isn't lack of a "Corzine Law". Theft is theft. The problem is that Corzine and his kind own all the politicians. With a few individual exceptions, the entire US ruling class is sociopathic; i.e., destroying their own country. On purpose. The "Law" will never get rid of them. They are the "Law". Only revolution and civil war can get rid of these creatures.  

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Stole it, lost it, failed to properly supervise disposition of it ... In an case, conduct not commensurate with the duties and care required of a CEO and fiduciary in exchange for the big bucks .... If the BK trustee was serious about his role, he would easily pierce the corporate veil and take e erything this POS owns.

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Just for grins, let's ponder how many of the duly-elected CONgressmen are familiar with the term re-hypothecation. Are these good public servants (sarc off) now working feverishly on a bill that will right this great wrong that has been wrought on the poor American society? No? Then you know that there are even more guilty people.

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We need to amend our laws to extend the sanction of prison to those whose gross negligence creates property losses in excess of a billion dollars and affects in excess of 500 victims.

Shit, why didn't we think of that before!

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Burn him, he's a witch.    I'm serious, he's a witch,... ok, he's a warlock like Bill Clinton, but he's still a witch.

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Brilliant, Bill. But you forgot, if you order right now...

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WAIT, WAIT !  You get 2 bare-faced lies for the price of one....

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Jon Corzine - typical Douche Bag!

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"remember to plead the fridge"... lol, thx. 

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That frigging Buckaroo Banzai!!!!!

Now everyone in the coffee shop is staring at me for laughing so hard the latte gushed out of my nostrils. 

Major gross out.......

(And the young are once again discovering the "foundation" connection (please see first link below), and should research the Walsh Commission, circa 1913, 1914.