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and her little Brat-wurst...


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Can you imagine her giving birth to him? That face popping out of her vag? And him trying to get back in because he does not want to face the future?

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Angela is looking rather fetching lately.

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WB you have to capture the emaciated rings-around-the-eyes, I-am-finally-losing-weight -because-of-this-crisis look of ANGIE that endears her to all of the sexually-frustrated Frankfurter Boerse Brain Trust nerds.  She is looking absolutely frazzled this wekend on the German TV reports, probably as a result of that midget idiot son of hers Sarkozy, and she is still keeping it cool.  BUt, hehe, Banzai, you are 500% on track as usual  

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Being one of the 99%, and way below the "out of money" 1% line, I've decided to do my best to profit from the ensuing end of the world just like the TBTF crowd.  Here's my offer to the betterment of man kind:

I'm selling squares at $5 a pop for those who want to place their bets when exactly the world ends!  Precise date and time required.  I'll split the pot with the winner; well, I understand that's tough to do once the world actually ENDS, but those are just more picky little details.  PM's will allow a 10% discount on square price!  Get 'em quick while they're available!!!!  Contact "" to place bets!

If this goes over well, I'll be expanding this little endeavor to include other key events such as:

  • Next date OBL is killed
  • Bernak is fired
  • Obummer's impeached
  • OWS shuts down the FED
  • WW III begins
  • Others as appropriate

DISCLAIMER:  winnings may or may not be "shared" depending on circumstances beyond / caused by Newbee's control.

OK, this is a post from an earlier one and I don't give a crap!

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Like cow pie bingo?

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Hey WB, bet you could make one kick ass post on this theme!  Hope you do, we need a laugh or two.

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Investopedia explains Hysteresis
In economics, hysteresis arises when a single disturbance affects the course of the economy. An example of hysteresis in economics is the delayed effects of unemployment. As unemployment increases, more people adjust to a lower standard of living. As they become accustomed to the lower standard of living, people may not be as determined to achieve the previously desired higher living standard. In addition, as more people become unemployed, it becomes more socially acceptable to be or remain unemployed. After the labor market returns to normal, some unemployed people may be disinterested in returning to the work force.

Read more:
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Our Future is assured.

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I don't typically care for HP, but this wasn't too bad. My two favorites ... Mitt Romney as evil Mitt Romney and Obama as Gus Fring. Too funny.

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please not HuffPo so late in the day (actually anytime) but give credit to the lovely Arianna for cashing out  with big bucks on her piece of $hit online rag.

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If only our government knew what Bill Gates and the entirety of Apple Computer already do. And to think folks like you blinded by ideology hand over your fundamental rights for others to profit from. Three cheers for The 9 and their defense of TiVo.

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Oh, I know, I dislike huffpo too, but they posted a Ron Paul article in which I felt compelled to respond too. 

williambanzai7's picture


All I will say is if you look at my blog you will see I am light years ahead of Huff Po. ;-)

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I do look at your blog, and yes, you are light years ahead of huffpo, that is why I posted that link,  to show you they are copying you.  You are 'da man' in my house, always making us chortle.  Thought you might like Newt being the marshmallow man.  :)


For Christmas I am getiing this for my beloved:

I am also getting these for family members:

Have you done anything with the 'Thunderdome'? 

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I like the Too Big to Nail one best. I wonder if they do them in Royal Albert bone china?:)

williambanzai7's picture

Enjoy that calendar, I sure will ;-)

I did Beyond the Subprime Thunderdome last October. 

I think I'll dust it off, add some images and repost it.

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thank you very much for your art.  re: photos, obama as gus fring seems almost appropriate, except that fring offers the common man a quality product at an affordable price (well, at least at first) whereas obama offers the rulers an evil product that the world cannot afford. 

williambanzai7's picture

As much as I enjoy doing this, the real joy is making people laugh or feel slightly more empowered against the daunting machine.

I am pretty sure this is starting to rub some fuckers the wrong way ;-)

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I can't believe she left that last french fry?  Some kind of new diet?  Eat all you want but leave the greasiest one on the plate, then take it out and show how much self control you have.   

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The ostest with the mostest smiles and says; Plus de fromage mon cher Nicolas?

Meanwhile ...  Les Echoes is about to publish an audio capture of Angie's post Nickie tweet up convo where she wonders why those Venetian wives even bother juicing the juice with ear worm huzz's masquerading as bankers.

Rumor has it Angie confesses to understanding a bit more how it is a bunbga bunga tries to feel like a bigger male, besides gazing at ceiling mounted mirrors while sizing up in relation to kids in an effort to feel more mature.  Leading her ostest's to lament she needs to simply follow the advice of her favorite bar  owner, Joey Ackerman, and get back to serving the drinks.

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Stealing is accepted and even an applauded practice.  Human life continues to be marginalized at a faster rate.   A large faction is behaving similar to Sausage the riot dog.  The opposite side takes their cue from Soros the hyena scat.  Expect war, that's what everyone seems to want.  I'd never sanction it but it may be the mechanism by which the unfit are eliminated from the pool. 

Set the Free Shit Army against the Fuck Everything That Moves Pigmen, sit back and watch.  When the dust settles and both sides have no more taste for war, free people should then step in and enforce the law. 



simply vote for Ron Paul and let a 135 lb 75 year old man hoist the world's educational standard on his back.

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This picture is obviously doctored.  I'm sure that she has more hair on her legs than you are showing.

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thanks WB I was so down when I woke up this morning. couldn't stop laughing at this one!

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Whatever shit gets thrown down, they can't take away our smiles!

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thats all we need, a religious distraction on top of the 'class warfare' distraction.   Shows how nervous politicians really are, they are uncomfortable with such a bright light on the cummulative effect of their economic decisions.   Real economics involve consequences.  You can only change the rules at this point, otherwise its game over.    

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I'd hit it. Maybe even the gal on the left, too. That's desperation.

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How much for a crack at the midget?

Gimme a deal - I'm with the SEC.

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"Those wacky Jews did it again."

Like, I know right?!

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Hard to beleive that a Mensch like you can be controlled by such a blatantly obvious conspiracy.

Remind me:  are the Jews .00001 of the world's population?  Or am I off a decimal point?


redcorona's picture

This is going to be a great first post.  We can count the junks to determine exactly how many jewish supremacists visit ZH. 

Jews make up 2% of the US population.  We are the 98%.

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Putsch-a-palooza, Hündinnen.

Heinrich, get my Tuba!!

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Yikes again ... (from the NYT link posted by mccoyspace)

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that New York’s drinking zeitgeist has passed, in succession, from the Belle Epoque-ish wine bar to the pre-crash Jazz Age cocktail lounge, to the Weimar-flavored biergarten, with its whiffs of hyperinflation and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Of course, it is also true that people like beer and will tend to drink it in large amounts, while sitting outside at long, communal tables in the sun.

“It’s a recession-friendly outing,” said Hope Tarr, who runs Beer Gardens NYC with her partner, Raj Moorjani. “If you take a date out in Park Slope or Manhattan, even to a modest restaurant, it’s a not inconsequential amount of money. But at a beer garden, you can get good beer for two to three dollars and, once the season starts, most have a grill menu, too. There’s probably still room for the market to grow. I don’t think we’ve reached the saturation point.”

williambanzai7's picture

That is a growth industry, cheap places for dates.

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Did you pull that shot out of the Hillary file?

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Wait until the Übermutti appears: von der Leyen. I don't like Hillary, don't like Merkel, but this is the scariest of all. Mother of seven children, former family minister, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, paying up to 15 different PR agencies, not afraid to use any manipulation trick to boost her career. She fudged every data, lied, deceived in a way that is unbelievable. She did everything to boost her career and lied so often, smiling when someone criticized her.

I hope she never will become Chancellor.

williambanzai7's picture

Isn't it just amazing how the world is supposed to be put to ease by the special rapport between those two EURO clowns?

I have one simple  rhetorical question: What does the average man on the German street think about having to bail out French banks? That is what we are talking about.

We know no one gives a rats ass about Greeks.

And what humility do you think is shown by a French politician telling his German counterpart that she absolutely must do so for her own good. One can only imagine.

What a cultural tinder box.

General Debility's picture

Rows of hangings in tall trees in WW2 was payback for that little tendency.The french tell EVERYONE what they must do for their own good. I married one.  

But we kiwis beat them at the rugby last night. Yeehaaa

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Though I love piling on President Sarkozy to simplify this highest of high stakes "games" by devolving it down to bank bailouts fails to...see the fire past the insurance claim. This 411 is as simple as asking (yet again) is Paris burning? Such a simple question I imagine...and formthe ignorant it must mean there's a simple answer.

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I have a good friend who is in a long distance romance with a well known German artist and he spends 5-6 months a year in Germany. He returned last week and said he was really glad to get back to the US this time. The level of unrest is growing to the point that it won't be glossed over by the media much longer. The anger is mostly directed at France but they are not very happy with the US either. He said current public sentiment against the US is much worse that the anger over the Pershing MIssile flap in the 80s. He resorted to telling people he was Canadian to avoid scrutiny, much as I was advised to do by the State Dept when I was travelling there on business in the mid 80's.

Piranhanoia's picture

Hey Ralph;  I'ms still waiting for that brown shoed square in the dead of night.

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just got stuck at an airport with a bunch of german hunters. i can't repeat what they had to say about the pigs but it wasn't nice.