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The SEC, which recently launched a whistle blower program that offers financial rewards for people who report securities violations, now has one of its own attorneys alleging that the agency destroyed thousands of documents involving banks and hedge funds, Matt Taibbi reported.
The allegations come from SEC attorney Darcy Flynn, who is a 13-year veteran with the agency. According to the report, Flynn claims the SEC has been destroying records relating to the investigations of financial criminals since 1993.
Some of the records that were allegedly destroyed involve Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, SAC Capital and Madoff.

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"It was reported yesterday that the Big Twelve, the Super Congress have received, cumulatively, SIXTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS over the last few years by the various Special Interest. With these observations of the continuation of Fiat money & Bank ownership of the world, it is not hard to predict in advance that these twelve will turn the screws on the people as directed by the banks and their Illuminati Masters. They are, after all, WHORES, getting paid from many places and directions all at once including their paychecks from the people. So we must wait for the demise of the Old before receiving the New. If they, led by the FED, have a completely free hand it could easily take a year or two as they fill each and every hole in the dyke with wads of thin air monopoly money not caring about the consequences to the economy, the country, the currency or the people. This possibility can not be easily discounted as it is exactly what they have done to date. What I see now are Banks on the verge of collapse in several countries any one of which could trigger the ultimate financial earthquake due to intertwined derivatives, CDS‘s, Insurance and uncollectible Sovereign Debt being carried as assets."

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That's the crux of the problem...the debt that the taxpayers will NEVER be able to repay...let alone service.  Debt is OK as long as it doesn't become too much to service.  It's the exponential increasing of debt that is killing us.  Along with a stagnant salary.  What happens when the masses realize we're ALL in way over our heads?  When they say fuck it...why bother?  The young people don't like being saddled by "our" debt.  They REALLY think it's unfair for them to pay SS and Medicare payments for "us".  They're delusional.  Someday they too will "retire"...or want to at least.  We've got social problems caused by a public policy of "forced diversity".  The world's a fucking mess.  And I think it's gonna blow...soon...because war has traditionally been the only way out.  In days past, a simply revolution or civil war would do.  But now that we're "all the same", WW is the name of the game.  I wouldn't want to be Chinese right now.  And they're losing MAY push us over the edge nuking the planet.  People's detrimental to all letting them breed to too high a level!