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yo tambien!

trader, you do yeoman's work, and it does not go unnoticed by janus.

hip-hip for TRADER! 

you deserve far more plaudits, as you are vital to janus's morning calculus.

so, here you go, my unappreciated one, the prodigal son:

Well father said, "Eldest son, kill the fatted calf,
Call the family round
Kill that calf and call the family round
My son was lost but now he is found
'Cause that's the way for us to get along"

kill dat calf!/

dats de way fer us to get along,


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"US intelligence has received information about “specific and credible” threats of a terrorist act planned for 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, White House officials confirmed on Thursday evening."

This is a Tremendous development! We have already received more advance information about the whispers of a potential 2011 9/11 attack that we have received from Government sources on the entire 2001 9/11 attack.

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Outstanding summary. Thanks.

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Really enjoy this summary every morning!