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shazbotz's picture reports that the SPX.X S&P 500 1200 December 2011 Put regular expiration has our record volume level for daily and weekly volume. 

Today 34,009 have traded hands today, roughly $186,166,550 for this strike alone. As we were typing this article another 3k contracts printed, 2k at the high of the day of $59.

To give you an idea of the average daily volume, SMF took a look at the average weekly volume since the inception of this contract and that average is 8,871 contracts weekly. Today's put buying on this S&P 500 contract brings the weekly total to 98,324. This represents a 1,108% increase when compared weekly average of 8,871.

Who's Buying All Those S&P 500 Put Options? Institutional traders and hedge fund managers expecting a drop and looking to profit off a market decline by options expiraiton on November 18, 2011 and December 16, 2011. There were also massive amounts bought at the December strike price, the 3 contracts below represents $371,277,550 traded on the put side for today only.


Month    Strike       Volume   Dollars    Dec         1200          34,159     $186,166,550.00  Dec         1205          8,646       $48,417,600.00  Nov         1200          33,835     $136,693,400.00    Total                                       $371,277,550.00