No One Is Buying Iranian Terror Allegations

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  There is far more evidence to support the conclusion that Obummer had a lobotomy in Connecticut in 1979. 1) Connecticut S.S. card from 1979, even though Obummer was in Honolulu working at Basskin-Robbins @) CIA sealed records 3) Obummer exhibits many symptoms of a compensated lobotomy patient. 4) Obummer has 2 S.S. cards. 5) Obummer flip-flops, submits, and  breaks promise and kills all without hesitating or explaining.


  Please help if you can add researched info. I think our president was worked on when Barry Soetoro.

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We have seen a lot of stupid shit from the US Govt (intellegence, as it were), but I believe this is the moment when people reference the US jumping the shark. Ehhhhhhh....

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oh jew, thou doesn't move my arm to war.

when all we want is peace

the children of japeth gave you safe passage

and shelter in our tents,

as it was written so long ago.

yet we shall not sacrifice at your alters now

at the expense of liberty and freedom.

hear ye, oh hear ye well........

a pact by ezra pound

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Who is now buying the conspiracy theory that 19 unqualified pilots caused 9/11?

Wake the fuck up.


Put down the tin foil hat and step away from the TV. No one has to gte hurt here

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I stepped away from the TV and MSM years ago.

What about you?

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Watch and LEARN.

Watch and LEARN history repeating.

Watch and learn why Washington/London/Paris/NATO have shot their bolt in Libya, where I have lived.

Spare two hours to watch  the actual docu-movie of why the current invasion of Libya will fail:

If the PNAC and AIPAC had by-passed Libya and had 'just' attacked Syria and possibly even 'just' Iran, then maybe the NWO would have succeeded, but I know Libya and - like Afghanistan - it is the death of empires for millenia.

Stupid O'Bomber, little Sarky and the Cameroon are going to bankrupt the "West" in Libya.

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Can you really think anything else. see Kurt Haskell attorney from Michigan who was an eyewitness to the false flag which occurred at the NWA,  Frankfort to Detroit Christmas flight where the forgotten underwear bomber was somehow put on the flight without a passport. Mr. Underwear bomber changed his plea to guilty the other day just minutes before the trial was to begin. What Kurt Haskell was going to testify too, is now only apart of his own history on the event. These battles with the dark side are a rigged game, you cannot win, you can only lose. In the end the only way to win the war, is to prepare your heart and soul for the promise of salvation thru Jesus Christ, the Lord of All creation.

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You might be right, but your belief has had 2000 years to come true.

Maybe it has, because Jesus is reputed to have said,  "Think not that I have come to bring peace. I have come to bring division in families and a sword."

He is also reputed to have said,  "Do not care about the poor, they will always be amongst you."  And that could easily be the mantra for Wall Street.

I am not making this shit up.  I was forced to read the fucking Bible as a child and it is shot full of contradictions, especially the New Testament.

At least the Old Testament is largely consistent in such matters as genocide, xenophobia, revenge, hatred and war-mongering; whereas the New Testament (put together by the Roman Empire, circa 300AD under Constantine) is arguably insane ... an expression of a split personality.

And so we end up with "Christians fighting as to war" to bring peace to Libya (which had peace and prosperity) by killing Libyans to protect them and by destroying their entire way of life.

Question for you Lazane?

As a follower of Jesus, what do you think his take would be on all current wars and the global banking obscenity?

Would you advocate the Sermon on the Mount, or his utterly contrary statements about bringing conflict and having no interest in the poor?


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Your post is so simplistic, out of context, and even inaccurate in quotation that it is totally discretided.

Jesus NEVER said, "Do not care about the poor."  In fact, all throughout the New Testament Jesus commands to care for the poor!  

John 12:8 ACTUALLY says, "For the poor will always be with you, but you do not always have me."  The other Gospels give slight variations to this wording, but NOT ONE says "do not care for the poor"!!!

The context is CRUCIAL!  He was saying this in response to an argument by his followers about the pouring out of the costly perfume before His trial and crucifixion.  

Matthew 10:34 says, "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

If you do not understand that Jesus often spoke in highly symbolic and metaphorical terms, then you don't understand the Bible!  This statement is multi-faceted, but Jesus was trying to illustrate that following Him (a very controversial act at that time) would cause great division in society and even families.  The sword is often a symbol for division and even the Holy Spirit.  His main purpose was NOT to set up an earthly reign, but a much more eternal solution, as our time on earth is temporal.  

True understanding of the Bible requires knowledge of literary devices, historical/cultural context, and the willingness to delve deeply into the Hebrew/Greek language which cannot be exactly or literally interpreted by English or other languages.  

I'm sorry if you have been hurt and developed bitterness as a result of experiences with "Christians" who can more often than not be a motley crew who does NOT represent the perfection and brilliance of Jesus.  Remember, "religion" is NOT synonymous with a personal relationship with our Creator.

Please don't misquote the Bible.  It's intellectually dishonest and exposes alterior motives.


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I think his point is that the bible is very much open to interpretation, and can cater to all tastes and requirements.

Vengeful warmonger? How about some "eye for an eye"? There ya go, The Lord says it's OK! Go kill that commie/nigger/sand nigger/Jew/honky/infidel/atheist bastard.

But maybe you're more a pacifist... in that case, how about some "turn the other cheek"?

That'll be $100. There are souls that need saving, and the Cadillac that I need so they kin get them some Jesus don't run cheap.

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So give up all.

It is useless to pursue the truth ?

You, sir, are advocating we become brain dead zombies.

I will not join you.

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Are you addressing me DOT?

I am FAR from "brain dead" ... that is why I continue to seek after what you call "the truth", but I would rather call facts.

As a matter of fact I am a student of Plato/Socrates; thus dedicated to trying to gain as much knowledge as possible at whatever cost.

"Know Thyself."

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

At 68 I have not given up.

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Even if this garbage were true, why the Hell would we try to go to war over it?

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Because the traitors need to create a distraction for the next round of mega looting and the attendant financial collapse…

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The NYT,CNN, Salon and NYU - No agendas there.

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since when is peace an agenda? we'll skip for now of course.

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What I don't get is that if this really were a false flag op, then errr ... wouldn't it be a bit more believable? Why is it these guys always seem to have the same elements pop up in their backstory: drinking, prostitutes, strip clubs ...

If you were going to set up a false flag, wouldn't you choose a character a bit more fitting: someone a bit unabomber-y?




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You have to look at who's running the false flag operation. It's not surprising that they flubbed it, these are the same geniuses who came up with fast and furious.

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Exactly.  These are the same idiots who manufactured Obummer's birth certificate.  LMAO.

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Does the name Marinus van der Lubbe mean anything to you?

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Well, so much for America's grand experiment with affirmative action.

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So much for the abortion of credibility with uncle Sam. End the DOJ, DEA, DOE, CIA, and Fed, and most government sponsored crises will be gone.

This Is 100% bullshit from the same den of liars that failed to produce any proof of Osama, not one shred.

Fuck Eric, fuck Hillary, fuck Ben - you are all catastrophic jokes.

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I wish every man, woman and child in this country could read this article by zerohedge.  We all have to wake up to all these lies the government tells us on a daily basis so they can achieve a goal.  We all have to stop believing these lies.  The same lies that were spread by the media led to the Vietnam war (Gulf on Tonkin incident), the same lies that were spread by the media about all the bad things Sadaam had such as nukes, chemical and biological weapons, 300,000 people buried in mass graves, led to the Iraq war, now these lies are being spread about Iran so a war with Iran will be justified also. But I am not blaming the media, they are just repeating what they are being told.  I do think the media should stop listening to the government since they lost all credibility. I should say the puppet government whose strings are being pulled by the Elite who want to control the world. Thanks zerohedge, I didn't believe it either from the get-go.

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"But I am not blaming the media, they are just repeating what they are being told. "

I suggest a little closer reading of history is in order.  Recent history would be that of Judith Miller.  "Media" has ALWAYS been under the control of the elites.  Many wars have been sponsored by the "Media."

Look at how well people were programmed to support all the BS.  This wouldn't have happened without the illusion of a Fourth Estate: in the U.S.S.R people weren't stupid enough to believe the crap from That govt, unlike in the US.

Media, big business, govt, it's ALL the same.  They ARE the elites (with very few exceptions), they work FOR each other to maintain their positions of power over the rest of us peons.  They're doing "God's work" (thanks God!).

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I was just trying to be nice to the media but I read that much/most of the media is owned by the Elite.  But not all the media, and this is who I am referring to, the Non-Elitest media.

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"We all have to wake up to all these lies"

And what what you do with all these awakened people? Rhetoric only goes so far you know.

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Well at least we know that the fastest way to reach the DEA, DOJ and the NSA is to call up a drug cartel. That should surprise no one.

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Lots of chatter from all the legal/law enforcement that a couple of the departments (NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS) are going to get hit with Massive cuts if not "merged" (worst case scenario) because of the duplicatin of effort.  So every civil servant on the director level is scrambling to justify their seat and budgets.  Government year end is fast approaching and the departmental budgets have to be done in a month I believe.

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In my opinion, they will cut nothing since the Federal Reserve is making it easy for them not to cut nothing by buying US Treasuries with printed money (in secret of course). The Fed took away this sense of urgency. 

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no way do you merge intelligence Agencies. When they all start telling you the same story you know something is wrong.

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Good cut off their motherfucking heads and serve it with some cold justice.

Your rights have been cremated by these corrupt and incompetent organizations of political ill repute.

As a us citizen that is all you need to know. Get rid of them and throw the self seeking bums out that conjured up such fallacies on behalf of terror.

WERE ALL TERRORISTS NOW! Time for some fag-terrorist rights parades.

Perhaps the Zetas will trade the fucking guns we gave them for some balloons and choke balls.

Expect drones over us soil in 2012. No citizen not a terrorist, dissent is the new terrorist plot.

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No shit, we're better off taking our chances with the terrorists than depending on these morons.

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No, they're in no way "morons."  This has all been pretty systematic.  Besides, if They are "morons" then that means that the average citizen is, well, we're fucked!

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I remember sitting with an Iranian expat in a UAE Hilton bar as he gazed longingly over the gulf (of Arabia). He was misty. I could tell that he desired nothing more than to be across the shores and stand on his homeland, but of course he knew it would mean certain death.

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Wow. Apparently a lot of Iranian RevG reading ZH. Who'd a thunk it?

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Well, cuda, sorry to piss on your snide parade, but when you are on the Iranian (Shia) side it's the "Persian Gulf." And when you are on the Arab (Sunni) side it's the "Arabian Gulf." But if you'd ever been there, you'd know that. Peace. Out.

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iNull, I happen to be Iranian and won't go into details of our multi-thousand year history and comparing it to the UAE for instance, where the first light bulb was switched on in 1961.

Don't take my word for which is the correct name, please check the CIA factbook or the UN directive (

Both based in US, so you might consider them more trustworthy than my remarks. 



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God, you Iranians and your outrageous sense of pride and insecurity. Hey bro, before you go off hating on me. Half my family is Iranian. So factor that in. But you guys. Man. It's like a thousand shattered mirrors. You desparately want to know who you are, and at the same time are desparately afraid that you will never know you you are. Aryan. The word itself betokens the white race. I don't think you have fully come to terms with that. Now, what follows, is a response to your post.

You "happen to be Iranian?" What a curious turn of phrase. I was travelling with a centemillionaire business man from the U.S. who, in my years of companionship, never once referred to himself as someone who "happened to be an Iranian." He schooled me in the subtlties of mideast protocol, and his advice was born out in numerous dinner parties in Kuwait and KSA over several weeks. So thank you for your insight, but I will trust my friend and my own experience over someone who "happens to be Iranian."

You point me to the CIA factbook? That is some lame ass shit bro. Some serious lame ass shit. Whenever someone doesn't know how to make a fucking argument they inevitably point you to a link that you are supposed to spend several hours reading. Field experience bitch. Ever hear of that? Boots on the ground beat a fucking web page link every time. Funny how many armchair commandos there are out there. No wonder this country is in such shit.

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Hours reading ? You Americans and your issues with maps...LOL

On my link, there'a map of the Gulf region. It shows that your CIA calls the Gulf the Persian Gulf. And the UN too. Either one of those entities must be able harness your respect, mustn't it ? On both sides of the legal spectrum when "determining" international issues the Gulf bears its original name. 

Anyhow, let's leave it at this since I had numerous discussions with Iranians in/from the US (I assume that you are based in the US as well, myself living between "old Europe" and Iran, fyi) who after years got assimilated to an extend they even stopped teaching their children Persian (sic!). 

And with all due respect to your friend's experience, a swallow doesn't make summer. After 37 years of working, investing and living (buidling a family) in this region I can only say that nobody in my vast local network, not even, for the lack of a better word, "jarheads" or "rednecks", refer to the Persian Gulf as Arabian when looked upon on it from the East. That is except for Arabs, naturally.

And with respect to your initial remark, "Shia vs Sunni" side, this shows a profound lack of knowledge in the region on your friend's side as the Eastern parts of the Gulf are predominantly shia ranging from Southern Iraq over Kuwait, Bahrain down to Saudi Arabia. (see also "Arabian Spring" in Bahrain and East KSA).

Anyways, to a certain limit we oh-so-villaneous Iranians should try take the high road and let Arabs enjoy their few decades in the sun. Just Iranians who lost touch with their roots and join the US-Arabian propaganda to change maps that stand for centuries, gets under our skin, also naturally.

But again, you are right that we should opt for the high road since it is natural for US dominated thinking to believe that whoever's got the power (US has the weapons, the Arab's the funding) is calling the shots and urges to re-write history and keep repeating lies in the hope they become truth. 

It surely works in a country with rather below-par educational standards, where the adult voting mass has troubles locating Europe or Iraq on a map or ignores that the language they speak on a daily basis is commonly known as English (as in England, your former ruler) and not American. Source: own field experience and your own prime time tv shows. 

And I just realize, after re-reading your post, that writing these lines has been a complete waste of my time. Just to not let them go to waste I'll post them anyways. I shall bite my tongue for the rest of the day for responding to someone whose choice of words is marred with garbage talk, similar to talk observable on US prime time tv shows.

But maybe it reaches neutral readers who might appreciate an independent, non-CNN point of view and demonstrate ability to compute the information in this forum. Scratch the CNN remark, apparently they happen to use "Persian" Gulf...jeez ;)



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 long on B.S. Flags


Trade initiated ten years ago. A quadtrillion bagger !

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Pepe Escobar ... one of the very best Geopolitical Journalists.

Judge Napolitano  ... a great American.

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The Nobel Peace Prize winner's false flag is as juvenile and fake as his birth certificate.

God are they arrogant.

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More propaganda by this author.

What do we know about the nature of US citizens (which is eternal) and war?

That US citizens consider that war does not have to be justified but useful.

Many US citizens want wars to live off the opportunities provided by conflicts.

The question is then not about Iran being responsible of what they accuse of but whether or not the war is feasible and will produce the utility expected by US citizens.

It appears that the college of the US opinion think that this war will not benefit the US currently and analyze more the attempt of triggering a war as an abuse of personal power by President Obama whose negro condition deny him such options.

But it might also be that the US group opinion would prefer a white person to trigger a war that will benefit most to them, prefering not to owe anything to a negro.

Whatever, the surmises are irrelevant because the main point when assessing a potential aggression by the US is based on assessing the reality of the profit US citizens will drain from the war, not on the reality of the causes that could justify the war.

It is how it works in US citizenism and the author by orienting the spot light on the issue of knowing whether Iran is plotting something is once again working his US citizen propagandist side.

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I though you were smart as hell Anon, that's about the dumbest thing I have read in a while. Sorry, it's not a black or white trigger man thing, it's the preservation of Americans and it is definatly not our American way as you describe.

The step in the right direction to restore American exeptionalism is believing in your small government, not distrusting your large govenment. This scortched earth policy of this administration does not exemplify American  exceptionalism, it gaurentees mutual destruction and wreckless abandonment of the Constitution... again..

I don't know where you get your info from but if you sign a blank check over to the Government and knowing damn well that payment blank may get filled in  to the sum of your life, you would think differently.

Go serve your country and understand that America is all we have and there should be no countries worst off or way better, why? because we are Americans, we are not entitled, You have been given tools, Life, Liberty and the persuit of happyness, none of those just automaticly come to you, your just entitled to presue it.

Our Forefathers and Patriots alike spilled blood on the very soil your standing on now to garentee you and your childern exceptionalism.

I have been to those countries mentioned above and they are terrible, but they are entitled, but entitled to what their Government gives them, see the disconnect? I learned how to appritiate America more by leaving it, but that was years ago when I was an Idealist, now I am an Angry young Vet that dosen't understand why I lost so many good battle buddies / enlisted friends to come home to this shit? as if their were no parental control in the White House while we, our detatchment unit was gone?

If you would like to serve your Country, Call your senators, congressmen and the White House and let them know what's on your mind. 

God Bless the USA.

Every Oath in America ends with  "So help me God" so right now I am asking him for help.



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"You have been given tools, Life, Liberty and the persuit of happyness, none of those just automaticly come to you,"

I thought that these words were uttered because they were god-given.  Hm... I should have looked in the govt store to see that they were issued from the shelves...

One vet to another: If you don't know why you "lost" several young buddies then I suggest you read War Is A Racket.

P.S. Spell check will help you look a bit better.

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what do you call a mexican hired by an iranian to kill a saudi?