NYPD and Seattle Police Beat Up Protesters

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By Washington's Blog

New York Police Beat Up Protesters AGAIN Today

NYPD beat up protesters again today:

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

As Alexander Higgins reports:

This video shows Luke Rudkowski and other Occupy Wall street protestors being beat with Batons by White Shirts as the NYPD pepper sprays other members of the crowd. [Rudkowski is the lead reporter for We Are Change.]


This photo shows the crowd being pepper spayed.

Seattle Police Rough Up Protesters

Also Seattle Police roughed up protesters today:

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I was suspicious of this video because it obviously edited out what happened before the police started swinging batons. The earlier footage has now leaked and shows the OWS guys counting down and then rushing the police before the baton swinging.


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An article my gf sent me regarding the rise in protests globally including in communities where you don't normally hear of it, local community self-governance, diminishment of corporate rights, for the betterment of humaity and the environment.  I can support this, but we still need to revisit our economic political social system to see where we need to make adjustments.  When 14+ Million people are unemployed and growing, and when 50+ Million people are on food stamps, there is a structural problem in the system, it is not a temporary downturn. 

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Political Protests belong in Washington DC

Will occupy wall st morph in to occupy Washington DC ?

and if it does will it occur while congress is in session ?

if not its a tremendous waste of time, day time soaps anyone ?

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2 things.


1.  Protesting financial corruption in Washington DC is a joke, partly because that's not where commerce occurs and partly because of the political corruption in DC.

2.  Nonetheless, as I understand it, since I'm not an organizer or founding member, just a participant, there is a protest also planned for DC, to address the political corruption.

Your post indicates you believe government corruption led to this financial problem... something a lot of others on ZH appear to believe. I am of the opposite view... financial corruption led to governmental corruption.  So stopping the money will stop the gov.  But your statement implies you have an aim to keep the money while rooting out corruption, so you have a specific approach that does not involve modifying the financial system.


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There are a lot of reasons why this movement won't mean anything more than any other social disruption. The leaders will sell out for a debt bone and wonder if they accomplished anything, 20 years later. The biggest failure in this spectacle happened before it began. Being angry and ignorant gave this episode the legal standing of a fart in a wind tunnel.


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I agree with you that being angry and ignorant is not a good way to make a system better, but having said that, the Tunisian and Egyptian rallies started that very same way.


I think it's our job to educate the people who are there about why these problems exist, and possible solutions like small localized economies, free markets and a gold standard.  





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I am not sure how much any of these people actually know about economics and the corrupt manipulated system we call the market, but I do support their call for money out of politics, because our politicians are blatantly bought off.

More Americans need to do some reading and see how fraudulent and debt based our monetary system is, then they would understand that being allowed to create money out of thin air is one of the root problems of our country.  Wish them well, may even go down tomorrow to join them.


Gold Standard + No Fed = Freedom



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These NeoComs don't even know what MONEY is.

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In March of 1934 in Madison Square Garden over 20,000 people gathered for a mock trial in which Hilter was found guilty of "high crimes against civilization". 

The people who organized the rally deployed the tactic of a real trial with legal formalities.  People like Al Smith and Fiorello LaGuardia provided support for this tactic.  It got alot of publicity and made the history books.

Perhaps the time is ripe for another mock trial for High Crimes against Civilzation?  

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Found this at Drudge.  I’m pretty sure a few folks here will appreciate knowing about this.

Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list'

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In general, police are the ones too cowardly or too stupid to join the military. It's one of those professions which naturally attracts the unsavory.

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Going to have to disagree with you there... a lot of my peers sought employment with the Police upon leaving the military.  The structure and macho male mentality carries over well from battlefield to the streets.  It is the same type of profession as the military.  Just different uniforms...

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Not to mention, police actively recruit from the military.

AldousHuxley's picture

because laid off vets with military training can easily over power police.


Pissed off vets come armed with metal bars and homemade flame throwers.



Decorated vets speaking out against draining US budget on war in ME for benefit of the few



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"Anyone is free to prostest but we will beat the sh*t out of you if you do."


Why not just let them camp out a few nights? It may be better then beating up a bunch of unarmed kids. They will tire out and go home.

Alpha Monkey's picture

They will tire out and go home.

If they saw this as a possibility, maybe, but there are a lot of displaced workers in seattle.  If a tent city was erected with the protests it would explode pretty fast.  I need to get my ass down there and do some protesting!

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Some of these cops just look overwhelmed and confused, while others are cocky brutal sons of bitches.  I wonder what is going through the minds of those cops who look scared and unsure if they are doing the right thing?  I see shame in some of their faces.  Maybe they are the ones who are aware of the oath they took to serve and protect.

AldousHuxley's picture

the fine print: serve the oligarchy and protect bankster's assets.




JPMorgan Chase donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the NYPD

"These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe," Jamie Dimon...'us' meaning wall st execs.

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huffnpuffers is claiming gov reohmer(sp) is the first republican candidate to endorse ows. ron paul is the inspiration for the protest with his consistent "end the fed" chant. this is hardly a party issue, though. this is a peoples' issue.

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Human Rights violations? Are we in china?


Alpha Monkey's picture

American organizations commiting human rights violations?? Since when???  Oh, wait, maybe since nuking a few cities, torturing some people, imprisoning people indefinitely without cause, selling weapons to every shady corner of the world, supporting brutal regimes, executing citizens without trial, slave prison corporations... Are you in china?

Executioner's picture

While people do not realize that to take a daily beat after chanting is not enough to free a country, it will be China.

steelhead23's picture

The term "priveleged class" is typically used to refer to those who are doing better than us financially.  However, law enforcement personel are also a priveleged class.  They are allowed, sometimes encouraged, to do things the rest of us may not - crack head.  As with most priveleges, the privelege to act violently has been abused by LEOs.  And, from my perspective, it appears that TPTB have increasingly tolerated, if not incited, this abuse.

But let's talk about what this behavior truly is - punishment - with the goal of said punishment being the dissuasion of peaceful protest.  They want us, you and I, to watch this and fear them so that we too do not protest.  That is, police abuse is a political act.  They are acting in defense of the status quo, of the kleptocrats and plutocrats.  In short, LEOs are the men with prods at the slaughterhouse and we are stepping out of line.  WE ARE NOT SHEEP.  WE WILL NOT STAY HOME, SAFE AND SOUND.  Beware my LEO friends.  You have crossed the line.


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This is not just going away. Keep it up folks!

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Starting to like this. 

What the protesters think they are doing isn't that interesting, but the thug's reaction to it - PRICELESS

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NYPD Officer on Wall Street bragging "My little nightstick's going to get a workout tonight"



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I have just seen the 1st vid and from a European point of view who has seen LOTS of demonstrations these coppers are worthless rookies. They have ZERO experience in riotous crowd management and it shows. The way they walk on/in the crowd looks SO amateurish, it's hilarious. Looks like a drunken lumberjack walking into a pine forest.


They woudn't stand a change against well-organized experienced rioters like the ones you find in Athens or in German cities. Plus they're fat and slow but hey blame this on the donuts...

New_Meat's picture

The first team has real jobs, like security for the Yankeez (talk about rioting when they lose tonight!). - Ned

maddogs's picture

It occours to me, what with so much negative interpretation of the protestors, and I admit they have little in the way of specifics, and I wonder if some of the percieved negativity, of them, is because of that lack of"message.

Then I think of how little the FBI, SEC, CFTC and Congress has accomplished in the investigations of the Fruad on Wall Street,, bubbling up housing. So, I wonder how the protestors could have specifics, enabling a more positive response from observers. If the President cannot get change(signifigant) and Congress just takes "nothing we did was illegal", and the too big to fail..keep getting bigger, and the Investment Banks still direct the SEC and CFTC.. how can the protesters be specific? seem purposeful?

Essentially, is the best to be expected from any protest movement, doomed to seemingly pointless denegration or attacks on the system at large?

Is it understood by the most, that getting anything done, has the least chance? It seems capitulation by the most, rules the perception of what is possible to be changed or even addressed concerning the foibles and certainly, next methods of failure of Wall Street. 

If Govt. cannot fix it, why do youthful protestors think they can help.

monoloco's picture

The DOJ won't have much time to spend on Wall Street fraud, they anounced today that they will be going after the real threat to society, marijuana dispensaries.

whstlblwr's picture

I know, it's such negative press, mean they must be worthless, off message, muddled. LOL! You guys are hoot!!!!!!!!

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Release the camels..............

pupton's picture

I have spent 5 hours on this single ZH string...time to take a break.  Hell of a lot of passion in these discussions.  More than I've seen ever.  Good game everybody.

JOYFUL's picture

Clearly George has some strong supporters amongst the registered commentators, and there has been plenty of good reason to like his exposes on some of the more overtly criminal operations that have been pulled off in the last few months. That said,  if folks could just put down the Hopium Hookhah for one minute and digest some solid facts it would be a wonderful thing.

Most(if not all) of the great fortunes of the Boston/Rhode Is/NewYork nexus(aka the original 13 states) were made from either slaving or opium Almost all of that money has stayed intact in the form of family dynasties which have considerably diversified as the times warranted...railways to farm machinery to booze to petrochemicals to agro-pharmaceutical-seed&fertilizer corporations...they've run EVERYTHING in America in a practical sense since the first of what became a string of presidential assassinations.

To think that they do not own and run this particular piece of street theatre, as well as the current PUPPET IN POWER is a degree of naivete which would invite contempt were it not for the humbling fact that none of us of the previous generations of rabid idealists called out the shell game for what it was.

SO instead of contempt for this new effort in self delusion, I offer my sincerest sympathies....for what you sow ye shall reap, and what you reap, my dearly deluded bit part players, shall make you weep...more than you can ever imagine.

clinger9's picture

the thing all the protesters should do is start to bear arms to keep the police at bay. and have a real political stand-off.. just like in Ohio stat. Use volice since that is the only thing our government understands and openly embraces.. GO OWS!!! take the protest to where the 1% live up in central park around the met....

SaveTheBales's picture

Sieze the moral high ground, in other words.

whstlblwr's picture

You trolls outing self today, now will have to start over with new id. And this one already 43 weeks, what waste.

Our friendly FBI, and Homeland Security at work, you who don't monitor social media because believe in keeping trust of American people.


High Plains Drifter's picture

carry guns in new york city? are you joking?  

lasvegaspersona's picture

As soon as the folks from the Police Unions pass the word down that OWS is just early politicin' for Obama, then police and protesters will join hands and sing Wobbly songs together.

whstlblwr's picture

It's right, Occupy Wall Street, I mean OWS, it's really just a bunch Obama supporters. Don't start protest in your city because if you do you support Obama, don't march against wall street because it co-opt by a bunch of socialists, and what ever you do, DON'T VOTE. LOL!!

lasvegaspersona's picture

I assume there is some sarcasm in your comment but it captures the sentiment of many ZHers...many ZH are anti 'Wall Street antics' but now feel betrayed by OWS when we learn it has very different outcomes planned than what most here would prefer. I doubt many OWS are discussing proper punishment for lack of oversight by the SEC for example. As I read ZH the initial enthusiasm for OWS has cooled quite a bit as we learn the pre ordained solutions of OWS leadership.

whstlblwr's picture

You're so right. And what ever you do, don't vote!

AldousHuxley's picture
NYPD Officer on Wall Street bragging "My little nightstick's going to get a workout tonight"



Silenus's picture

His nightstick should get a workout. A protestor should grab it from his hand, shove it up his ass, and fuck him vigorously with it.

fonestar's picture

These cops need to be put in prison.  Hopefully veterans and others will come to support the people whom they were sworn to defend.

aerial view's picture

Question(s) of the day:

Where the hell is Obama and the rest of our illustrious leaders?            I have heard nothing from them about these protests.                       Is there not ONE person, one representative in our govt who agrees with the protesters??? 

Bob's picture

Bernie Sanders has strongly endorsed them.  Kucinich as well.  Actually, the entire Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed them. 

Sounds like a commie plot . . .

Wait a minute, here's Kucinich with Ron Paul and Ralph Nader:


Joe Davola's picture

In addition to the president, every member of the house and a large portion of the senate are up for re-election next year.  One could either pander to the masses or slob-knob the 20k/plate fundraiser crowd.