Obama Is Implementing Plans For War Throughout the Middle East Created 10 Years Ago by the Neocons

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Doesn't anyone think before reacting. This is nonsense, not that I believe that politicians are at all sensible but these type of wars are not likely to happen for at least 2 reasons I can think of.

1. Restrained oil supplies. What do you think will happen if we knock out Iran out the 2 or 3rd largest supplier in the world? How would China and the rest of Asia respond? Perhaps an unintended war. At the least oil would sky rocket to 2-3 hundred dollars a barrel.

2. We don't have the military hardware. Sure we can use what we have and try to manufacture more but who is going to give us credit? China? Russia, India? Japan. Be real.

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We are hopeless on alternate energy.   So we either protect our way of life for another 100 years, or find a new dependency. 

If it takes taking over the middle east I'm all for it.  I can't  imagine the protests and violence in this country should our rehabilitation be forced upon us due to the dictates of some sand monkeys who just happen to live on top of some of most important energy source........

...what?.....it's not about just about oil??.....It's about Israel and the total control some powerful Zionists have over our government?  And you say that means theBamster will win next year, too. because they would rather have a puppet they can tell what to do than see any republican in the Oral office again, even if they can tell him what to do, for the next thousand years, and have all the money in the world to buy the election?

I see...


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hey everybody, let's argue about all this stupid shit endlessly and continue to do nothing about it!

it keep our minds off of domestic issues and our own emotional dysfunctions . . . 

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The only thing we can 'do' about it is argue.

Because the only tactic that would be understood cannot, or will not be undertaken: Assassinations of the very top of the pyramid.

I don't have the guts, training, or resources to do it.  Those who do are taking out the wrong people, aiming their weapons at the people, not the 535 members of CONgress, the Investment Bankers, and the Cartels that run the corporations.

Emotional Dysfunction is actually the sole characteristic that would make Assassinations probable.  No sane person is going to sacrifice his or her life to bring off a major coup de gras.

Domestic issues are in play (an oil shortage would make the riots of Compton look like a rowdy soccer match).

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actually there IS one sane choice, has always been, zero participation.

emancipation from the monetary system or 'economy'.

its already happening, it surprises me how unaware people are of it.


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Exposing the world rogue; nuclear power-Double Standards-08-06-2011


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JW approved!

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The premise of the article is telling.

I think it boils down to the following

1. The US must decide if it is going to stick to Israel  through thick and thin. Once this is decided (and it pretty much already has) then the path becomes easy to map.

2. Assuming issue #1 is decided, Its a no brainer to conclude that countries do not make massive regional infrastructure investments only to leave. Therefore the US is staying for the long term (say 50-100 years). The US leadership class can simply point to the terrorism boogeyman or make up some other lie as an excuse to stay.

US policy makers will bond with that of a greater freedom of practice for zionism and secured liquid hegemony for the next generation or two. I can understand the attraction.

Welcome to the balkanization of Central Asia.

Leading to a greater conflict with the East Asian superpower for access to markets.

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Finally, Someone else who understands our foreign policy or ----more accurately making Israel our 51st state----and first among all of them----. 

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Check out Pastor Lindsey Williams - "Middle East  - The rest of the story".  He explains why Middle East turmoil is happening.  To me, nothing else makes sense.  You should be able to find it here: http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com/  along with many of his videos.

On another video, he said about two and a half years ago that the Elite are planning a World War on the scale of WW11. It is to start in the Middle East. He said again last October that  turmoil was being planned in the Middle East by the Elite.  It was to start in 4 - 5 months.  It did. He said a lot of things that happened almost exactly the way he said.

How did he know all this?  A couple of his Elite friends revealed these plans to him.  Now he is telling the world.  Problem is, hardly no one knows who he is and what he is saying.

If you check out all of his past youtube videos, you will see how accurate he was on just about everything including the 2008 financial collapse, and one reason why it was done.

He reveals other economic plans by the Elite also, a continuation of the 2008 collapse.

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Used to listen to the Linsey Williams - but found the follwing intolerable:

1) Takes about 1/2 hour to say what could be said in 3 minutes.

2) Endlessly repeating himself. If I ever hear that story again about how he used to minister to the ALaska pieline workers, I'll gladly jump out the freekin window.

3) Never tires of telling you that he's a preacher - guess that 'sposed to make him beyond reproach.. yeah right!

3) Always hawking his CDs - which means either a) he doesnt believe his own end-of-the-world b.s.  or b) he's even more craven - trying to make a quick buck of people's worst nightmares.

As far as his "predictions" and "inside info" are concerned - nothing that you couldnt have figured out for yourself with  an elementary understanding of "the way the world works".

IMO He's a phoney blowhard.

Have a nice day.

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Although Lindsey's predictions seem to have an extraordinary accuracy, I tend to agree with just about everything you said.  Something just isn't right with him.  When I found out the CD he is peddling is 40 bucks, I stopped listening to him for all the reasons you mentioned but I had overlooked until then.

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By the way, you can find "Middle East - the rest of the story" on March 19, 2011 on this blogspot. 

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Operation Global Gobble in full swing. Trillions to wars, trillions to banksters, trillions to foreign countries............I now we have a group of our finest 12 assholes who will undoubtedly put the blame on grandma, the disabled and the unemployed.

I wouldn't exactly say I have a love affair with the middle east being a US citizen however I can't really blame Iran for calling us "big satan" either.

My question is how bad will things get trying to carry out our global conquest before someone like russia or china had finally had enough and decide they better get their fair share also in some way or another and of course the US just won't stand for that.

We really have a bunch of fucking morons controlling this country. Without a doubt.

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Conclusion: Onslaught of the American citizen continues so they can continue to do whatever the fuck they are trying to do.

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Well at least you guys will be out of Iraq by years end. Right?...Right??... Crickets!! 

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Obama is carrying on these plans because they aren't Neocon plans, they're Bankster plans, and Obama, as we all know, is a puppet of the Banksters (as was Bush, Clinton, Bush...)


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Picking labels to categorize is lazy mind work and creates a false enemy.

You're right, it isn't neocons, repubs, dems, etc, it's a few well-placed, mostly jewish folk, who are in the Ultra Elite calling these shots.

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September 11, 2011 WMD

...IMHO, and you know what that will lead to, a false peace and a global market ''change'' you will not accept or you will.

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yes the indonesian president was hand picked by the rockefeller-rothschild axis of evil to carry out their designs on the middle east and its oil... obama is a deceitful piece of shit. he has lied about his citizenship, his birth certificate, his socialism, and his war mongering...

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@ tony:  you got it MOSTLY 'right' (as in, "correct") -  but to accuse a ROCKEFELLER-ROTCHILD "Manchurian Candidate"  FRONT-MAN of being a (genuine)  "SOCIALIST"  is PRETTY IDIOTIC, isn't it ??!

   LOOT AT TONY BLAIR -  the former "LABOR PARTY"  MP who became Britain's Prime Minister, and "Bush's poodle" in the LIES-TO-WAR 2003 invasion, attack, & 'permanent' occupation of Iraq.

   Blair is now working for... JP MORGAN !!    There is NOT a "liberal"  (much less "socialist") bone in ANYONE who works (at top levels)  for this PARASITE, VAMPIRE,  blood-sucking,  economy killing "bank" - whether TONY BLAIR,  or  FUTURE JPM  "executive ambassador"  Barack Obama

  (assuming, that is,  Obama survives being the scapegoat for his Neo-Con' puppet-masters'   INTENTIONAL "2nd GREAT DEPRESSION  FOISTED ON AMERICA BY THE FED"   SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION  of the US and world economies.) 

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Silence, slaves.

Obey your Jewish masters.

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The war in the middle east will actually be quite easy to win.  Here is how it is currently being done.  The ground is quite literally being sucked out from under the middle east in the form of oil.  Anyone remember the giant sink holes that opened up in Texas/Oklahoma in the seventies and early eighties?  They said it was from the oil being removed from the ground.  Well the middle east has had an incredible amount of oil removed from it.  The whole area must look like some great big balloon about to pop.  Make a big enough disturbance with a bomb going off and the whole place disappears under 100 feet of sea water.

Please tell me someone besides myself has to have seen this coming a long time ago, right?

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The oil is constantly replaced with seawater in order to maintain pressure on the field.  This creates a whole lot of other problems, especially since sulfate reducing bacteria can oxidize oil and reduce sulfate (in the seawater) to hydrogen sulfide - a corrosive and explosive gas.  Instead of blogging about shit you know nothing about, how about going out and educating yourself and then try to actually come up with a solution.

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Jeez, don't be a dick.

it may be your field of expertise but I wouldn't hire you.

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Lawsofphysics - meet *humour*. Humour, meet *Lawsofphysics*.

You both have SO much to talk about.

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If you were a believer in abiotic oil you could also argue, its totally replenished the hole, with brand new oil. So why bomb it...its represents a fortune.

But then one crazy notion is not the reply in a rational world, except as riposte to another as crazy as Armageddon and Auschwitz.

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So what's a war with Iran going to do to the brand new debt ceiling?

No, I reckon if it happens its gonna be a false flag that Obama doesn't even know about but which forces his hand to act.

It would be a total disaster for human civilisation though.

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The only terrorism coming out of the Middle East that the United States and rest of the world have to be afraid of is called Peak Oil.

But no one wants to face up to that fact.

Peak oil hit the US in 1970 and 40 years later we are still producing it. We're just not producing as much. So we started drilling in unlikely places and started importing crude from unlikely countries.

And we had 40 years of prosperity. But when the world experiences Peak Oil, there wont be any unlikely places left to drill or any unlikely countries left to import from.

What we are witnessing now in our military excursions and our economic embarrassments is only that.


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God when is TD going to get rid of this mindless moron GW, the biggest zit on ZH's face?

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I salute your densely-reasoned rebuttals! GW's rebarbative nonsense is left quivering, pierced with the keenly feathered shafts of your irrefutable logic! Well done, silver-tongued bringer of reason and light!

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 Are you 10 years old? Your reliance on ad hominems belies your moniker.

Do you actually have any reasoned argument to dispute the article?

Shall we all just infer that you believe the decades of invasions, occupations, and backing of drug lords and sheikhdoms is done to keep you safe from "terrorists"?

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GW -

The King of Cut and Paste

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and what do you have to offer?

name recognition with your avatar..

and not saying anything.. but attacking personally..

who do you work for?

the Koch Brothers?

the Jews / Juuuuuzza?

the Republicans?

the Tea Baggers?

if you were smart you would work for ALL of them and post! becuase they all have the same agenda.. 4 paychecks for one post!

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You're not obliged to read it.


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If you cannot take the truth, you should be the one leaving !

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GDF Suez sign finance agreement with China's ICBC

"This cooperation will strongly support strategically and financially GDF Suez group's development throughout Asia Pacific and China."


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Another touch of propaganda by this commentator.

How is it surprising that Obama is staying course?

Obama is your typical US citizen president. US citizens have been trying hard to sell him a Kenyan, a Marxist, a Muslim or whatever to explain his decisions, none of which fitting the bill of course.

Once this shallow propaganda passed through, and taking into account what Obama is, that is your typical US citizen president, then his decisions are not at all surprising, they perfectly fit what a your typical US citizen president does.

It is no news.

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Obama is as much a Marxist as Rupert Murdoch is concerned about quality news.

But they are all KLEPTOCRATS!

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Marc Faber was right.... When things get rough here .. we go to war...

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I thought he was supposed to be "hope and change" president?  not just a "stay on the course Bush started" president.

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Name one US president who did not dissemble his way to power?

Dissembling your way to power is US citizenish. Another token displayed by Obama, your typical US citizen president.