Occupy Wall Street Launching First Nationwide General Strike In America Since 1946

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Rumors have been flying for a week that the Occupy protesters will be launching a nationwide general strike. We have been biting our tongue waiting for a formal decision.

Mother Jones tweets:

From our reporter at General Assembly just now MT @timmcdonnell: General strike passes with 1184 votes of approval

JackalAnon tweets:


(The last American general strike was also in Oakland).


The strike will occur on November 2nd.

One of the founders of the Tea Party – conservative Karl Denninger –  supports the strike (and see this).

Occupy Wall Street in New York has also been considering a proposal for a general strike. And there are also rumors of a global general strike next year.

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Hey, why don't you tabulate the number of strikers as a percent of the US population, and put that number on your monikers.  That way the "we are the 99%" can more precisely be the "we are the 4%."


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was it about 4% on the streets of Libya and Egypt that had 'Man of the People' President Obumma claiming as soon as the protests had started the "Govt has to go" ?

and why hasn't 'Woman of the People' Hillary Clinton sailed into Greece on a US aircraft carrier (yet!) to reclaim the Govt for the rebels who've been protesting for what seems like years now? Cat got her tongue? No oil company interested in the plot??

I'll accept the Presidents and Hillarys resignations in the morning if you like. He has been a fuking disaster afterall especially after all those broken campaign promises (we call them 'fuking lies' out here on Main Street)

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For all you Naysayers, I suggest you watch the video : "Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers" (4:19). It is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9zkQcLi4Yo&feature=colike



Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland(2:26): http://vimeo.com/31187119

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At what time-stamp is the footage of the peaceful protesters throwing bottles and rocks at the cops before the cops respond?

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While I like the action, it will fail in the united states (the protest). There are still a huge number of people who think they are just a bunch of hippies, etc.

What they need is a good economist, or someone with some economic background, nomi prins, janaet tabacolli (sp) who can translate there desires into economic policy

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3 things to focus on if we want to make a positive change to OUR government

Amendment=separation of commerce and state

Term limits

Abolish corporate personhood

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As a fully committed participant in the Occupation down in Austin, TX , I am going to disagree with you.  

1. Will it fail?  It depends on what metric one uses to gauge success.  As far as pissing of TPTB and creating a culture and venue for people to come together not only to discuss what kind of society they would like to build, but also to build networks of support for the coming crash, it has already succeeded.

2. People's perceptions from the outside don't matter.  People who think it's all hippies think that because they want to think that.  Others think it's spoiled college kids.  Others think its homeless degenerates.  The people who weren't going to like it no matter what, much less participate, do not need us try to coddle to their opinions.

3. Could an economist come speak at any Occupy site?  Sure.  Do we need them telling us what to think?  No. Trust me, most Occupy participants (at least as far as I can see here in Austin) are well aware of how the ponzi works.  Further, most of us are far past worship of money, and aren't really interested in attempting to keep the world scrunched into some 18th century mold.

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The Occupation has been going on in Austin uninterrupted for the past 25 years.   That's a shade longer than Eugene and Boulder, and a little less than Madison and Burlington.  :D

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A middle-class taxpayer strike is what we need.  We are the 49%1.

(1Disregards the 1% and the 50% free-ride government/entitlement crowd)

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Karl Denniger admits he voted for Obama and he is in no way shape or form the founder of any Tea Party.  Not a conservative.  GW is trying to convince people OWS isn't a leftist tool.

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it isn't, and GW has been against the whole two party divide and conquer ideology for as long as I have been reading him. so the post is consistant with his ideology. He may be something, but I see the tea party and ows as two sides of the same coin, and when people on the left attack the tea party saying they are all racists, etc. Its the same thing with the right saying they are all hippie drug addicts. you have so clearlt drunk the cool aid you have no clue how brain washed you are.

I will say you avatar is the most appropriate I have ever seen. It's rather clear you think like a caveman, so the picture fits!!!

What astounds me is you just spout the useless garbage. how about the editorial staff of the ft, which isn't some liberal rag, who have great economic editorial writers who have commented on the nature of the movement. And how the conomics are justified.


I would also tell you to read kristoff of the times yesterday, even as a "righty" tell me a thing you disagree with. He's not calling for higher taxes, gettting rid of capitialism at all. he is talking about ending the crony capitialist intersection of elected officials, regulatory agencies, and big business. Do you think it's any mystery why the sec doesn't prosecute or do any criminal cases on these people. they may come hat in hand asking for a high paying job, and get one because they didn't prosecute the person. Is there something that you feel is a left cause here with what I have said, anything the tea party would disagree with?

Words don't allow me to really express just how misguided your views are, and how you are just a tool of the looters if you believe it's lefty stuff.

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I was just at the Declaration workgroup online site for OWS, and people are calling for ending the Fed, and starting state banks there.  I added my 2 cents worth on that.  I tell you if you don't like how OWS is, you just have to get involved to change it into more like you'd like it to be.  It is run by participatory democracy, so everyone's opinion counts.

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That is the link to the delagation if you want to get involved.

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Tough call, this.

I do believe much of the end-game is going to be serfdom with massive forced labor.

A national strike could be taken as a provocative statement, or could be the basis for a new step in the process.

The problem is that I don't think a national strike will be met with universal support in "the 99%"...

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If you hold your wealth in physical silver then you have already beat the banking cartel. This is more effective than a strike or protest, and makes you wealthy and the bankers broke. To the extent you still hold paper currency then the bank cartel owns you.

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Agtreed. Physical silver, physical gold, debt free property and above all no credit cards through which they suck both card holders and merchants bone dry. Any cash should be with one of the small banks.

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The most effective action would be for Texas to secede from the union....those good ol boyz down there should get their act together.....they only conditionally joined it in the first place.

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I'd have thought Texas would be first to secede, but these days I am thinking California could over marijuana.  The notion of marijuana being legal is very popular here, and I suspect during the next election, it could be made legal.  At the same time, the Feds are coming here and raiding medical marijuana clinics.  If the people here vote to legalize marijuana, and the feds are strong-handed with us, I could see California seceding.

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With all due respect to you dolly, but the world is on the verge of going up in smoke and YOU are fixated on the right to smoke dope? Let's get real or has the whole nation been inhaling given its current predicament?

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With all due respect to you dolly, but the world is on the verge of going up in smoke and YOU are fixated on the right to smoke dope? Let's get real or has the whole nation been inhaling given its current predicament?

Freedom is freedom, and a state should be able to decide this issue.

I also am far from focused on that one issue.  My pet issues are monetary in nature or have to do with participatory democracy.

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Peter Pan

Gee Punkin I guessed you missed this, read it and weep. ( You want to explain how people who have never seen a day in court can lose a constitutional right by actully participating in something legal?)


Have a license for medical pot? You can't have a gun, U.S. says

Three major state appeals court decisions have gone against them in the last month. Now, federal authorities have issued an order that licensed medical-marijuana users nationwide can't possess a gun.

That means no hunting, no target shooting, no gun collecting and no guns for personal protection -- even by patients who legally cultivate marijuana crops -- according to a Sept. 21 directive to prosecutors nationwide from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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"I'd have thought Texas would be first to secede, but these days I am thinking California could over marijuana."

Yeah,  but then who's going to pay to bail out California and how will all those pot-heads satisfy their munchies without federally funded food stamps?


Or is debt repudiation and issuance of a gold-backed California currency part of the secession plan? Oh yeah, and what about all the military/naval bases there. You think the Federal government is going to walk away quietly from that arsenal?

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How about a national jubilee?:

Original meaning from the Bible, bold italics mine:

jubilee(j`b?l?), in the Bible, a year when alienated property and land were restored, slaves were manumitted, debts were forgiven, and a general sabbatical year was observed in agriculture. It occurred once every 50 years, at the end of a series of seven sabbatical years as prescribed by the Book of Leviticus. In the Roman Catholic Church, the name is applied to a holy year when special privileges are given for the pilgrimage to Rome. The first holy year was celebrated in 1300. The pope proclaimed (1343) that holy years would recur at 50-year intervals; in 1470, the interval was reduced to 25 years. Extraordinary jubilees celebrated the 50th anniversary of Pope Pius XI's ordination (1929) and the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council (1966).

No, we couldn't do that. It would free the debt-wage slaves. And it would impoverish the 1%. Most of their wealth is our debt.

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California doesn't really need a bailout, just a default and restructuring of government ... it's pretty close to self sufficient (trade balance wise). Much closer than most US states without oil.

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digitalhermit: "but then who's going to pay to bail out California and how will all those pot-heads satisfy their munchies without federally funded food stamps?"

No problem, California will have a profitable export crop.

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+5 GW...

Keep up the good work and reporting George...

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Who will Soros hire to cater the meals at this "strike?"  The eats at the NYC OWS have been very good.  Sadly the OWS people are turning away homeless people who are hungry.  They are disgusting elites like the banksters.

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I'm still waiting for my check from Soros.  I've been putting my own money in the Occupation in Austin, bringing food when I can, and we are definitely, without a doubt, feeding the homeless.  I've become friends with many homeless --some who are voluntarily so-- and the experience has been incredible.  

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You are a lair and a Cock Brothers plant! I know you are a lair, been there and seen it!

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Good move. Time to strike and strike back. The system has too much power but all of its powers are lies.

Time to disengage. How many have accounts with big banks? Credit cards and mortgages? Get out from under. Pay them off, bankruptcy, whatever it takes.

Time to opt out. Throw away the TV. It tells you over and over what a piece of shiite you are, because you aren't buying something. We're in a depression but GDP is up b/c broke people go out shopping. Good grief!

Get rid of the toys. Is a jet ski necessary? A vacation 'home'? Cutting consumer spending in half would destroy the big banks. So would cutting up the charge cards. Not going to get a new country while clinging to the old one.

Strike 2011 isn't just not showing up for work. It's turning away from all the crap that takes place in your lives when not at work.

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steve from virginia

What is it with tha throw away the tv crowd? Fuck dude there is actually quality programming and educational programming.

Don't blame the tv for what your family chooses to watch. Get up and change the channel to what you consider worthwhile.

Better yet start your own public access show.

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Time to disengage. How many have accounts with big banks? Credit cards and mortgages? Get out from under. Pay them off, bankruptcy, whatever it takes.

Or just quit paying.  Often just quitting paying is better than bankruptcy.  Then if they sue you, go to all court appearances, or they will win by default.  My husband gave a speech in court when Discover sued him about how Discover turned into a bank when the government gave bailouts to banks in order to get a bailout, and then Discover dropped the case and never came back.  It is past the statute of limitations now, so we won.

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For all of this emotional upheaval, it may place people at a disadvantage. The world is about to be thrown a financial curve that it's not ready for.



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I am wondering where the 53% meme is coming from. First heard of it last night when talking to a friend. I love the guy but his analytical skills leave a little bit to be desired. And then today received an email about this. Again like the guy but ...

I have some ideas about where and why it has originated, but would love if someone explored it a bit more.

And a one day national strike could make a huge difference if it really was a national action.

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First I saw of it.

 http://money.cnn.com/2011/10/26/news/economy/occupy_wall_street_backlash/  I think that 'fake' demand list from some OWS blogger touched a nerve. As I'm self-employed or owned S-corps and have never not paid taxes or taken gov't assistance, I think there is some merit to this. Frankly though, I'd like the gov't to quit picking favorites and just let the average citizen pick their own winners and losers. The system today is so corrupt no matter where you turn, you really can't blame this class or this party or this 'whatever'. Shrink gov't, end the Fed, fuck NATO/United Nations/IMF, and get back to basics. 1913 needs a do-over badly; scrub the income tax and Fed. And burn FRN's or use them for toilet paper and let's get back to a form of currency the States can accept and let's make it something we can trade in foreign markets; don't care if it's gold, silver, or KrispyKreme doughnuts. It has to have real value for the work derived in producing it and be tangible...

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OWS goes all the way back to 1946?

I did not know that.

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Not sure who started it but it's the 53% who pay income tax and who would like to make sure a commensurate tax is imposed on others instead of fighting to repeal the unconstitutional income tax.

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1) I support the strike.

2) I think most Americans are pussies and won't

3) I hope im wrong about #2

4) They should take down BOA FIRST by protesting in front of the banks (on the sidewalks) with signs that tell them to go to the neighborhood credit union.  People might be stupid, but $5.00 a month plus fees plus at least 10 other shitty things BAC does coupled with credit unions offering $25.00 to open an account and @25.00 to refer a friend, plus better rates and service, plus OWS standing outside BAC with signs, they can get enough people to change accounts that it will HURT BOA to the point they will have to close branches which will cause a run which will close more banks, etc etc.  

5) IF they could pull off taking down BAC.... they can pull off almost ANYTHING, including a GENERAL STRIKE.

6) IF they shut down BAC, I think even the Tylers might even be convinced to shut down ZH for a day on General Strike day..????? (I Would)

7) IF ZH and other 'bloggers' agree to shut down for a day.... maybe ANON can shut down some not so agreeable websites.....


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Protests and violence may get the attention of the press, for a while, but they soon are infiltrated by agents provacateurs and serve the interests of the very parties they were protesting. --- It is the practical, lawful, creative approaches that get the job done, for either side.

For example, during the anti-war protests of the '60s, Carmel CA found that turning on the sprinklers was a very effective way to clear the park.

In contrast, Berkeley would send their riot squad to put an end to the free concerts at Jack London Square. That is an artificial island built on  a fill in San Francisco Bay. There is only one causeway to come and go. They would lock their shields together and come down it, a wall of pigs, swinging their batons. They'd club the teenagers and drag them off to jail.  After that happened several times, the kids complained to their parents, some of whom were members of the Monterey City Council. Their parents dressed as hippies, went to the concert, and got clubbed and jailed by the riot squad. ---  That is why the Riot Squad ended so abrubtly. 

What OWS needs, now, is more thought and less noise.

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If it's going to be in one city only, then one day is not enough.

I agree - too soon to organize something HUGe, but Oakland/Bay Area should defintiely strike the 2nd...All Souls Day.  I support it.

Lets turn Black Friday into Red Friday!

I agree, this would be a more effective AND symbolic model, since rampant consumerism ("growth") is how we got here in the first place.

In a real bind to take the 2nd off.  Do you think employers will get a hint and penalize workers?

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In the movie "Network" Peter Finch was as mad as hell and was not going to take it anymore.  He was going to kill himself.

Then; 1976 and yes it was just a movie, people became interested and stopped what they were doing to see if this guy would off himself.  It is kind of sick and I am not sure if today people would see that as a big enough issue.

On the 9/11 date people stopped what they were doing.  The 1983 blackout stopped people. 

Just 2 cents, a little stick to the fire.

Bringin It's picture

Do I think employers will ... penalize workers?  I think workers get penalized by the Ponzi they help perpetuate, every day.

JohnG's picture

Heh.  I generally strike every day.  There's some things to be done here, feed the animals and such, garden pretty much done for the year, trees are fine -- VERY low maintenance.

Is it ok to watch my accounts?

Unless I stroke out, then striking won't matter (yes I'm old...62...)


But anywho, hourly workers will be working, those that don't want to get fired will be under thier supervisors' hand.....


I don't see the point in "striking." 


Now, don't spend one red cent for a month (medicine and gas if you have to), that's a kick to the groin.

dolly madison's picture

Now, don't spend one red cent for a month (medicine and gas if you have to), that's a kick to the groin.

I'm already on strike full time then.  I mostly only buy second hand and not much of that.  People don't actually need that much stuff.

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I apologize for the seemingly unconnected link,but they are.The old NWO is losing.



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I think movements like OWS and Tea Party made their voice heard.

Unfortunately for the Tea Party their message was hijacked and so now their agenda reflects that of a thoughtless billionaire.

Hope that is not the fate that OWS movement suffers.

What is does point to though is the discontent that is brewing in the middle class. Hopefully these movements see some common ground.

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OWS started out hijacked from day one by Soros(Adbusters funding thru Tides), and according to HuffPo blogger and corroborated Soros paid a visit to NYPD chief and got their stay extended. As an example of how captured the OWS is in NYC the day they marched to the rich folks houses they went to Koch and Murdoch, neither of which(no matter what you think of them) had much directly to due with the financial meltdown/TBTF's etc, they went quietly by Jeff Immelt's pad (Obama econ/jobs advisor, CEO GE that paid 0.0 taxes last year) and Soros' pad (who probably profited as much as anybody has on the finanacial meltdown).

As to the Tea Party being hijacked, the Koch bros support a couple of Pacs(Freedom Works etc) that claim to be "Tea Party" but there are literally thousands of groups across the US, doesn't pay to come out anymore, Soros' MSM media wagon rounds up and attacks (unfounded racism, nazis etc) but that's where middle class is, not OWS. The Repub elites have however managed to neutralize the Tea Party freshman in Congress for the most part.

 Strike will have zero support in the middle class.

lindaamick's picture

Funny how so many seek to label and classify the folks at Occupy.  I wonder does that make people feel less threatened by the potential winds of change that seem to be wafting through the air?

Many of these folks KNOW the score.   The 99% has nothing to lose.  We have come to a point where the 1% can take it all.  At what point do you take a stand?

I find it hilarious that the repubs who always spout "constitution" and "less government" are the one leading the pack of demonizing the occupiers.  Wonder why that is?

I tell you, right under the surface, a LARGE percentage of americans KNOW the scoop.  All it will take is one cop killing a peaceful protester and the numbers will swell and swell.

THIS IS the democratic process at work.  How many people on this blog have ANY representation?  How many people on this blog can REALLY protect the assets they worked so hard to earn?   I will answer....NONE of you. 


Lednbrass's picture

That may be funny, but less amusing then the same crowd of urban oxygen theives who demonized the Tea Party protests over excessive government and bailouts as Nazis now crying for the government to..err.... well... do something (but they have no flipping clue what and cant articulate anything beyond a nebulous "we're against greed". How fucking profound). Every interview I have seen with OWS shows the same thing- a bunch of pseudo intellectual wannabe hipsters trying to further empower the same monster that got us here.  The answers given by protestors pretty much all revolve around the same thing- save me Uncle Sam! They want to use centralized power to fix their problems, and at that point they have already gone down the wrong road and demonstrated colossal ignorance.

Big government is NOT an antidote to corporatism- that is a big part of why you get nothing but contempt and deserve nothing else. Nobody is threatened by you. Nobody fears you, and even the left wing political structure is openly mocks the left/progressive segment of society seen at these protests. Cry about the Tea Party all you like, but both parties fear them.

Your answer would be wrong- you should get out of the cities sometime. There arent many, but there are a few politicians who vote the wishes of their constituency despite what either party establishment says are are promptly villified by people like yourself as terrorists, Nazis, and whatever other brainless nonsense you can come up with- the debt ceiling vote was a prime example.

Good To Great's picture

Nobody's asking for "Big Government" to fight corporatism -- big, sloppy, corrupt government policy is what got us here in the first place.  It doesn't take big government; it could take very little government make some very little adjustments to, let's say, the legal rights of corporations.