Photos: Oil At BP's Deepwater Horizon Gulf Spill Site

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By Washington’s Blog

BP Gulf Oil Spill: Leaking Again?

I noted on Thursday that billion dollar verdict winner trial attorney Stuart Smith alleges that his contacts say BP's Deepwater Horizon oil well is leaking again.

Smith notes today:

Hours after we posted our initial report on Wednesday, the Associated Press in London ran a story that BP admitted to “investigating a new sheen in the Gulf of Mexico,” but that it was not near “any existing BP operations.”


Only hours after the AP story hit, the Times-Picayune out of New Orleans (my home town) ran an article stating BP’s outright denial. From Mark Schleifstein’s article (posted Aug. 18 at 1:47 p.m.):


No oil is leaking from the capped Macondo well that blew out last year, destroying the Deepwater Horizon floating platform and killing 11 workers, a BP spokesman said Thursday.


BP also has not hired any vessels to clean up any oil in that area of the Gulf of Mexico, said spokesman Daren Beaudo.


A report in a blog written by trial lawyer Stuart Smith of New Orleans on Wednesday claimed that the well was leaking and that BP had hired 40 boats to clean the mess.


A flurry of allegations and denials ensued. “None of this is true,” BP said in a statement. “We inspected our operations and our assets and didn’t find anything,” said BP spokesman Daren Beaudo.


We knew better than to expect any sort of candid response from BP or the Coast Guard who after all denied oil was leaking for a full week after the DH rig sank last year, so we were very pleased when Bonny Schumaker from the California-based nonprofit On Wings of Care (see link to website below) agreed to do a flyover. She took a four-hour flight out to the Deepwater Horizon site yesterday (Aug. 19) with Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) photographers Jonathan Henderson and Tarik Zawia.



They spotted oil – lots of it. So we now have damning photos of oil in the water at the “exact location” of the Deepwater Horizon. Clearly, BP has some explaining to do.







Photos from Jonathan Henderson of the Gulf Restoration Network. The caption for the three photos reads: Oily substance on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi Canyon Block 252. While there were no boats or other structures in the vicinity today, rainbow and brown tinted formations could be seen covering the area where BP’s Macondo well is located and the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded and sank in April of 2010. The coordinates are N28 44.20, 88 23.23W.


We will be sampling oil from the scene as soon as possible to establish a chemical fingerprint, which will determine the oil’s origin.

Gulf Restoration Network reports:

First, we spotted oil on the surface above the exact location where the Deepwater Horizon and Macondo well are located, in Mississippi Canyon Block 252. Take a look at the captions in the photos for coordinates. Obviously, from the air I cannot confirm that the oil is BP’s and from there Macondo well. I can only report that I spotted oil above that location. I reported this to the National Response Center and had a lengthy conversation with a Coast Guard official. Notice that the oil seems to be clustered in round formations. I have no idea why or how this could happen and neither could the USGC official. The formations are clearly rainbow in color and in some cases have also a brownish tint. Take a look:

Here's the slideshow.

And see these videos and photos from Wings of Care.

Giant Oil Production Ship Back In Area

Also suspicious, a giant oil production ship is back at the scene of the oil spill.

Smith reports:


The Helix Producer I, a massive oil production vessel, is back in the area where the Deepwater Horizon rig sank to the sea floor – roughly 170 miles northeast of where BP officially lists its location. Perhaps you recall that the Helix, with the capacity to process 45,000 barrels of oil a day, helped capture oil spewing from the runaway Macondo Well last summer.




So why is there an enormous oil production vessel currently parked atop the Macondo field? What’s it doing if there’s no leak and no oil?


On Wings of Care pilot Bonny Schumaker and two photographers, Jonathan Henderson and Tarik Zawia, from the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) caught the Helix on film Friday (Aug. 19). From Schumaker’s Aug. 19 post-flight report (see link to full report below):


Heading toward the DH site (9111), we came across an interesting vessel known as “Helix”, and noted that their submerged equipment must have been about as deep as they could put it, for their cable was run out to the max. If you look at our gps map, the waypoint position for the “Helix” was number 9114 in the screen shot of our gps map below. (The gps file will tell you that the photo was taken from about 600? above the water at lat/longs 28° 42.160?N, -088° 35.994?W.)



Photo credit to On Wings of Care and Jonathan Henderson at the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN).


According to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the Helix Producer I “is a ship-shaped monohull floating production and offloading vessel. …It has no storage capability.” At 530 feet long and 95 feet wide, it’s hard to hide – even in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.


As of Aug. 17 (the most recent location date), has the Helix stationary at Lat/Lon: 27.730009/-91.108063; Speed/Course: 0 kn/276°. Those coordinates put it roughly 170 miles southwest of where Bonny Schumaker and her team spotted it Aug. 19 – atop the Macondo field very close to where one of the relief wells was drilled by the vessel Development Driller III.


In the absence of any clue from BP or the Coast Guard, here are a few possible tasks the Helix could be performing:


1. Collecting oil from the sea floor and pumping it into barges at the surface;


2. Working to remotely seal a leak on the sea floor; or


3. Looking for the source of a leak with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).


Our sources tell us, the Helix is most likely searching for the source of a leak with ROVs. That would explain why the submergence cable was run out nearly to the bare spool (as you can see in the photos). It seems plausible that the vessel is looking for the source of the oil that’s surfacing nearby.


Schumaker makes other curious observations in her report that further suggest something’s amiss:


We also saw some very strange expanses of greenish linear plumes, each maybe 300 feet wide and separated from the next one by about that same distance, running south to north (roughly). …We also came across an unusual ‘string’ of buoys, apparently anchored; some sort of sounding measurements? As we reached the DH site, we began to see numerous collections and lines of those strange-looking globules in what was otherwise smooth blue water (waypoints 9114-9117).

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dmurph83's picture

The vessel pictured is NOT the Helix Producer One, but it is the Helix Express.  She carries several ROV's that are likely looking for the leak.  My father is very familiar with both vessels and spotted this for me.

PulauHantu29's picture

"But it's only a tiny leak," they said. Barry said he would put his Boot on the BP throat until they cleaned it up....


....didn't Barry's people say,"it's all clean now?"

Stuck on Zero's picture

The vessel in the picture is not the Helix Producer.  It is a pipelaying vessel.

Lmo Mutton's picture

Looks like an oil spill to me. Never saw them turn to globules like that though. maybe they have sprayed those oil eater things on them to break it up.

tony bonn's picture

somehow cspan-2 eluded censors long enough last night to run an excerpt of atonia juhasz' presentation on the oil spill. she documents lie after goddamned lie from bp and the american government who prevented anyone from photographing the oil spill or entering the damaged beaches....40,000 usd fine and jail time if caught....

the american government is as corrupt and deceitful as saddam hussein's or muamar qadaffi's....

bubba1231's picture



The 9/11 denying, anti semitic traitorous pig is back to his lying once again.  Amazing you can even bring up the oil spill again after all your lies were exposed the last time.  You lie and lie and lie with no facts to back up ANYTHING you say.  You have already $hit upon 9/11 familes, $hit upon the Jews, S4hit upon your country.  You are a pathetic farce.


BlackholeDivestment's picture <<<explain this ...will yuh please? lol

Hey man. the mirror image of your offer is; You are  ''denying 911 is an inside job'', as an ''Antichrist treasonous person''.

That puts you equal with the murdering bastards known as the FBI , Israel etc... and the usual BCCI Iran Contra Skull  and Bone Head NWO occult crowd of GATT NAFTA FIAT Currency Printing evil bastards..


                              You are just a trypical moron?

In case you have not noticed, the market reality at hand is the image of the beast. If you accept the corruption that has exposed the entire globe to ''debt as currency'' etc... are you not a suicidal moron tool? 



laomei's picture

fuck the jews, fuck 9/11, fuck america and fuck you

bubba1231's picture



The 9/11 denying, anti semitic traitorous pig is back to his lying once again.  Amazing you can even bring up the oil spill again after all your lies were exposed the last time.  You lie and lie and lie with no facts to back up ANYTHING you say.  You have already $hit upon 9/11 familes, $hit upon the Jews, S4hit upon your country.  You are a pathetic farce.


BlackholeDivestment's picture

...911 is an inside job all the way my friend. Israel plays a major role. Get over it. You are the one ''shitting on 911 families'' and the jews and America. You are a pathetic farce.

Azannoth's picture

This could be the oil they tried to hide at the bottom of the Ocean that is now re-surfacing

Temporalist's picture
Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits

"Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday."

Jim in MN's picture

Funny they only mention areas that are already in the exclusion zone.  The real action was always Fukushima City, population 150,000+ and straddling the only north-south highway on the Pacific side.  That would be a body blow if found to be contaminated. was...but by the private and university types prior to the 'consolidation' of radiation surveys by the central government.  Keep an eye out for any solid info on contamination there, that and the Kanto/Tokyo water supply are the weak links from a social sustainability standpoint.

DarthVaderMentor's picture

Irene or one of her friends will be there shortly to make things interesting!

dumbpainter's picture

Macondo killed Simmons...I do wonder what he would HAVE said...

Rick64's picture



Please look at the Dr. Burzyinki documentary "Cancer is a Serious Business"

pods's picture

Thanks for that tip rick.  I have looked into the cancer business for some time.  Being in pharma, and seeing how the FDA works, and modern medicine in general is sickening.

Many have come forward with novel ways of ridding the body of cancer.  More have determined how never to contract it to begin with.  Where is all the news about it?  There is none, simply due to people having to change their habits to be able to protect themselves.  Can't have that.

Also, nothing gets pushed forward because there simply is too much money to be made in treatment.  Treatment only means that persons can slowly be sucked dry before dying.  


Rick64's picture

This guy has had some incredible results with some of the most deadly cancers in its last stages. This documentary really shows how the gov. agencies, big pharma, and medical associations work against viable treatments which don't promote the big pharma remedies.

FlyPaper's picture

Probably true: "No oil is leaking from the Macondo well..." but it certainly could be leaking from the sea-floor due to pressure; and/or the sunken plume is disturbed bringing the oil to the surface?   Total conjecture on my part, but I've learned that you have to read the exact wording of what they say on an announcement like this.

monopoly's picture

Leo gone. Kinda enjoyed his posts even though most of the time could not agree with most of what he said.

and I guess Robot is on vacation. Have not heard any pearls of wisdom from him lately.

Freddie's picture

Tar balls have been washing up on the east coast of Florida in the middle part of the state for at least 50 years and there is no offshore drilling there.  Tar balls don't mean sh*t.

BP/Rothschild is very involved in over throwing Khadaffi.

Toolshed's picture

I have lived in Florida for the past 50 years and think you need to substantiate your implication of tar balls washing up on the east coast, in an ongoing manner. I think you are quite incorrect sir. Please prove me wrong.....if you can. A few occasional tar balls maybe. And those would have been brought from the Gulf of Mexico by the currents, which flow from the Gulf, around the sothern tip and then up the east coast of Florida. But not a regular occurance by any means.

digalert's picture

Commence covert operation core-exit for peace.

wang's picture
wang (not verified) Aug 21, 2011 8:40 PM

from bloomberg news

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Secret Loans


Bring the Gold's picture

Aw, no troll shills? Gasmiinder and you other two shills/useful idiots/useless idiots where you at?

Good work GW as always, love your tenacity. I pray to god you are wrong about Fukushima, I'm on the west coast...

IQ 145's picture

Dont' worry about it; he's as wrong as a human being can be and still be breathing. There are and will be no public health consequences to Fukashima in North America. George is a wing-nut.

DaveyJones's picture

Please, oh wise one, show us the line of safety in the pacific ocean so I can turn my yacht around. I'm sure weather is not a factor.

Toolshed's picture

Any thinking human unoncerned about what is happening at Fukushima is a complete dolt. Ignorance is bliss as they say. Anyone who has looked at the facts of Fukushima knows it is probably already the worst man made disaster in history and has the potential to alter life on this planet, as we know it, in a major long-term kind of way. Sorry if the facts intrude on your fantasy.

cranky-old-geezer's picture

Dont' worry about it; he's as wrong as a human being can be and still be breathing.

Whether GW is right or wrong isn't the issue.  He might be right in this case.  Macondo may be leaking again.

So what?  What is anyone here going to do about it?  What is anyone anywhere going to do about it?

GW is a sensationalist.   He reports things that make people angry.  He goes for maximum emotional response.  That's his style. 

And it works so well on his bubba redneck pseudo-patriot trailer-trash audience.

GW is a domestic terrorist.  His motivation is to whip up anger against the government.

He never tells people how to prepare for what's coming in a calm mature way.   His goal is to make people angry at what the government is doing.

That's domestic terrorism.  In every sense.

And he peddles his domestc terrorism on this site.   And TD allows it.

Nuff said.

DaveyJones's picture

unfortunately eveything going on these days is pretty "sensational." Most crime is. I's not like this site reports things that fit that definition on a daily basis. And if you didn't agree, why do you visit this place? 

AngelsMom's picture

This guy's avatar is a whore's well-used ass. You guys may want to think about that before you bother taking him seriously.

rwe2late's picture


Clearly, “redneck pseudo-patriots” would never share your beliefs about the limits of free speech.

Outrageous you say, reporting things that make people angry !

You called it “domestic terrorism”.

Doubtless, you have already reported this threat to Homeland Security.

The reassurance that comes knowing you and others like you are keeping a watchful eye is immeasurable.

You so simply make the case that we would be better off not knowing about environmental catastrophes, unnecessary wars, and financial swindles since .. .after all, as you put it “So what?”

America, or rather, the USA, could thus be kept safe and secure.

My praise for your stance is damnably all too faint.

Rhodin's picture

Ahh.....shows how far we have fallen. 

Speech that might make some angry with the government and/or the Corporate Club is now terrorism. the thought police!

Time was....Terrorism was targeting civilians with death and injury (or the credible threat thereof) to induce panic in the general population. 

An actual domestic terrorist might be working on a fatal virus triggered by lying!  


jse111's picture

An idiot button is an absolute must in a non-moderated forum.  Res ipsa loquitur 145!

working class dog's picture

Oh my god!! Drilling going on in the gulf for how many years, and you found a fishing boat pumping bilges again. Oh my god!

Jena's picture

It's amazing how coverage of everything related to the spill disappeared from the MSM.  

wang's picture
wang (not verified) Jena Aug 21, 2011 8:14 PM

no. it is not amazing at all

it is afterall. the MSM, which is why we are all here at ZH the anti-matter MSM

Jena's picture

Of course, you're right, I chose the wrong descriptive word.  It's nothing but crap.

Cistercian's picture

My first reaction to her statement was"no it isn't".

  You only see what they want you to see.For reality you need other sources.ZH being one of a number online.

 Ever been to an event covered by the MSM and been appalled at how much the event was distorted?I have.I haven't trusted them in decades.Pure propaganda and artificial narrative maintenance, as well as circus.


Are you kidding's picture

Agree...  I was at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia when they bombed the base.  It was NOTHING like the "news" reported.  They hung the whole thing on the current base commander even though during our "newcomers briefing" the whole security issue was explained...also how the Saudi's didn't want any changes.  A month later a truck bomb exploded...just like Oklahoma City.

Government - media...they all work together.  Trust nobody!

bankruptcylawyer's picture

yea we need more lawsuits, especially class action ones, because that's what's going to solve the environmental disaster, lawyers to the rescue. 


we can't actually control our corporations and ourselves, so let's just allow an adversarial based legal system solve all our problems by dragged out, beauracratic verbal catfighting where the the incentive to drum up fees of all kinds. yes, forty years of embracing this system has really proven itself to be fully effective........ at preventing real meaningful  change for the better. 

New American Revolution's picture

They should get some of Costners boats out there processing oil.