The Political Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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[The Occupy Wall Street movement may not know it yet, but Ron Paul is their candidate. You would never guess this is so from the mainstream media's aloof, retrograde reportage of the campaign season. In the essay below, my wife, Marilyn, explains why the TV networks and the New York Times are missing a grassroots groundswell that will be seen as a Political Revolution by the time the 2012 rolls around. If this proves to be so, look for a shot across the bow when disaffected young people switch their affiliation to Republican so that they can get Rep. Paul nominated. RA]


No one questions that “something” is brewing, or rather simmering beneath the surface in America. The discontent, having finally reached the heretofore silently and sublimely disaffected youth who are occupying Wall Street and any other street in any other town you might mention, is a phenomenon that has every journalist and blogger on the planet analyzing their heads off.  Is the OWS movement the left’s Tea Party? Will progressive politicians regret throwing in with the legions of urban campers? Do these people have a platform? Who is supporting  them? (Well, we actually know that Soros and the unions are doing that, because  they’ve pretty much told us)


These are the questions everyone is pondering, and yet the most obvious issue – one that hasn’t been much written about —  is how, and, much more importantly, where will this whole revolution-in-the-making play out? Don’t bother reading the New York Times or tuning in to the nightly news, or even punching up talk radio on your way to work. By the time any of them  is onto the latest “breaking story,” the social networkers have already tossed it into the rerun heap, having dissected it to death in the preceding three days. This revolution is happening online, and the average American doesn’t see it. Yeah, we know Obama was elected by “the connected.” But, that was an “early adopter” phenomenon, like the kids on American Bandstand who “voted” for this week’s best dance tune because it had a good beat and catchy lyrics. Obama’s “youth” revolution was merely a well-timed call-to-arms – a call to people who were just then learning how to answer. They liked the hope-y, change-y message because it had a good beat and catchy lyrics.


What is happening now? Well, for one,  we have had two grassroots developments in the last two years, wherein people came together to fight “the man.”  Sure, in the instance of the


Party it was a very well-defined MAN, and what was being attributed to said man was a level of spend-thriftiness that a portion of the American populace was no longer willing to tolerate. What can be said of the latest incarnation of American fed-up-ness, the Occupy Whatever brigade? Well, they are mad, too. However, they are slightly less informed and mostly less organized than their Tea-bagging brethren.  They just want rich people to turn over their riches to them – pay their student loans, pay their mortgages, pay to rebuild their roads and bridges, bring their teachers back to the classroom and their  firefighters back to…the fire?


Evening News Is Stale


I know this because I was fighting a bad case of the flu for about ten days earlier this month. Bedridden,  I kept abreast of the news of OWS,  Greece and the gathering Eurostorm, and other topics of the hour. In every case, the news that I imbibed didn’t even make it to TV for about three days. Seriously. All the YouTube diatribes by hopped up anti-Semites in NY, all the police brutality accusations, all the protests moving to the homes of B of A’s top brass — all of it made it to the evening news…three days after-the- fact. Doesn’t the mainstream media have “online” specialists – people who are supposed to be right on “the pulse” of the young, the hip, the at-the-ramparts people who are…making the news? Apparently not. The TV networks just trudged along, well after the fact, to weigh in on something that had lost most of its relevance in the intervening days.


What does this mean? At a basic level it means just what it illustrates: that mainstream media people are completely  out of touch with the electorate. By the time ABC News reports that there might be evidence of anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street, the YouTube video of a clearly hopped-up young “protestor” yelling “Jew!” over and over and over again at an elderly man in a yarmulke – a man who evidently erred in thinking he could have a conversation or debate with his young co-protestor — had already made the rounds of every social networking site and was already a tiresome “rerun” put out by people who check their wall once a week and share everything with their 100 friends, who share with their 100 friends. You get the picture.


Those “in the know” online have more influence on how this movement is developing than do the countless liberal sycophants like Michael Moore, or over-the-hill actresses like Susan Sarandon – or even OWS financier George Soros or perpetual foot-in-mouth VP Joe Biden. If you don’t believe me, look at how the protestors’  signs are mutating from “Pay my Loans” and “We are the 99%” to a more reasonable “End the Fed” and “Obama is bought by Wall Street too.” How did this happen? Easy, people who watch the videos online and see how desperately ill-educated the “protestors” are, go down there and try to knock some sense into these people. One person who is particularly adept at it is Adam Kokesh, the former Marine and Libertarian bellwether for countless Young-ish, recently converted Austrian economics students, who,  in countless self-produced interviews with protestors, is able, usually in 8-10 minutes, to completely annihilate the faulty reasoning of his “Capitalism is evil!”-spouting victims. About a third of the time he gets them “thinking.” The other two-thirds simply get too frustrated at being made the dupe over and over again and simply storm off, with or without a snarky comment about Kokesh himself.



Backed by Soros


Kokesh has appeared on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show on Fox News. He has a huge following on the internet. But he’s just one of many people who have ventured to Occupy Wherevers around the country to try to get people to see that the problem isn’t capitalism, the GOP, the banks (in isolation) or greedy rich people. The problem is The Government — just as the Tea Party said it was two years ago, before they came up with a plan to get the bums out and replace them with nominally-more-tolerable bums. The OWS-ers, and their comrades in cities around the country (I don’t much care about Occupy Belgrade or Occupy Melbourne, to be honest), started this whole exercise with nothing more than time on their hands and a desire to live through something resembling the exciting sit-ins, stand-ins, sleep-ins and various other sex- and drug-fueled “ins” that their parents were so lucky to attend. They got their free food, their free signs, Wi-Fi access and, in some instances $600/week from the Soros-backed or union-backed goons trying to run the show and dictate the terms of the “debate” – as it is.


The people who are getting through to the hordes, people who at least say that they have gotten others to listen to reason, seem to have similar experiences with the protestors’ modus operandi: “These people just seem to like force.” “They just, I don’t know, they just think that the answer to everything is more government control; just more government in general.” “ Maybe it’s because they learned in school that only the government ‘protects’ us – maybe that is why they believe that government is the only solution.”


Winter Is Coming


How much they get through, and to how many, remains to be seen. With winter coming, the movement may well have to move indoors. Rumor has it that they (Soros and the unions) have secured the first floor of…gasp! – a bank building to house their electronics station when inclemency sets in. But, the longer they stay, the more likely someone will confront them with a solid and reasonable message – maybe just that they ought to be occupying the White House and Congress, for starters. Even now, the signs indicate that is already happening.  Do they sense any irony in the fact that Obama’s cabinet is packed with people who, prior to coming on board with him, occupied offices in the very buildings standing above their encampments?  One thing they do know:  The interview they are doing right now will go viral by sundown. It will be picked and shredded like a Boston Butt days before Bill O’Reilly or Rush or Anderson or Rachel even get a whiff of it.


How will this play out in November of 2012? The election could prove to be the most interesting fallout from the seismic shift in American political discussion, from mainstream media to social media: namely, that what we are seeing on debates, in the recaps and in the seemingly endless parade of panel discussions about Perry’s N-word rock, Romney’s cult membership, Cain’s pizza-price tax plan or Gingrich’s grinching, is all but irrelevant when we ponder the question of  what is actually about to happen. The presidential election will be decided by this social media crowd, and those who get their news from television and the New York Times will be the last to realize this.


Crossing Over to Nominate Paul


With the primaries coming, how will we know that this tectonic change is indeed happening  if we don’t read about it in the Times? The first indicator will be the number of people who  in just the past few months have changed their party affiliation from “X” to Republican just so they can make a difference in who the GOP runs against Obama. Who are they going to vote for:  Ron Paul. Yes, the old man with the charming drawl and the dorky shoes has gained a level of online popularity that I haven’t seen since Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” sensation on YouTube a few years ago.


Ron Paul has touched a nerve in the collective psyche of the young for very simple reasons:  He’s been right about practically everything AND he doesn’t take money from PACs – not a penny. Add to that a 30-year track record of principled ideology; a pro-life stand that is grounded unassailably in his experience as a physician; support from active military personnel that is unrivaled; and the ability to raise $2 million in just two days from college kids at $25 per, and you start to see the idea. The young are hungry… no, desperate for a leader who isn’t like the moral-relativist teachers they’ve had for 16 years. They know what integrity looks like, even though it’s been politically-corrected out of their lives. They like simple honesty. They’ll pay for it; they’ll vote for it.  All while the news media blather on about Romney’s cult and Perry’s rock.

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thanks... make that 761 bases

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One of the great things about the free internet is that candidates can actually be vetted by reasoned evidence, instead of marketed by Madison Avenue monopoly media for a high price only multinationals can afford

Fact: most of Perry's "half of US jobs created" were unproductive government jobs

The $145+ B NAU Mexican Canadian Spanish Company toll road project sending money abroad was rejected by the Federal Highway Administration

Like 0, Perry maintained a $435 M slush fund for pet business projects

Perry signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes, raised property taxes and doubled TX debt

Half of Perry's funding came from big bad dirty boys looking for special favors like exemptions on polluting an aquifer with radioactive waste:

Perry has a history of keeping campaign contributions from companies like Enron et al charged with fraud and an illegal foreign Koch subsidiary

Perry charged the taxpayers of TX for a Key West Tranny Bar experience while opposing same sex marriage:

Perry executed a man for the death of his three daughters under three, a man whom State Arson investigators and his wife said was innocent:

Perry funded education for illegals after claiming he was going to build a wall

Perry's Chief of Staff worked for Merck and after receiving $5000 from Merck as part of a National School vaccination rollout, Perry jammed Guardasil deaths and disabilities on young girls until the TX legislature overruled him

A 20% flat tax will further kill the consumer economy and middle class

Perry was the Bilderberger candidate until Herman Cain came along

Two Bushes from TX was perhaps too many

Finally, on general principle I will not vote for any politiician who says they will not run for higher office while running for office, then does so 

Chris Christie might make a good candidate in 2016 after Doctor Ron Paul does the heavy lifting fixing the District of Criminals, although he too came dangerously close to breaking his word

Ron Paul appears the only candidate the American people can trust 3:07

pupton's picture

The OWS people are in the process of waking up...but they are still only half-awake...They need a little more information and direction about the true source of the problem they are protesting, and they need to know more about the potential solution(s). 

Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who would address their issues.  I think that's the point of the article.  I hope he's right, but something tells me these people are not really ready to see the light of Ron Paul's wisdom, as BARNABY33 said above.

steve from virginia's picture

Ron Paul has the same level of support as Michelle Bachmann. He can't keep place with a pizza salesman. Paul is the 21st George Wallace, pied piper to the uncertain. Maybe he should campaign as an independent, an insane Ross Perot.

Paul and the rest of the libertarians are part of the Great Automobile Party, the party of asphalt, crude oil, refineries, insurance companies, finance and real estate development, concrete construction, toxic waste and climate change, of parking spaces and canned 'freedom' found on a dealership lot near you.

Banks and #OWS are identical: both groups have nothing to sell but their willingness to behave themselves for a fee.

Both groups bet on prosperity but are prosperity's consequence, both are too dense to recognize this as reality, they cannot escape themselves. Neither can Paul.

Where we are as a people: lost in space.

StychoKiller's picture

Confuscious say:  "Man with shitty outlook on life, have head up his @ss!"

I'm quite cynical myself, but you've gone round the twist!

You'd better hope that Ron Paul (or someone like him!) gets elected this time and turns the Titanic, or it's 4 MORE YEARS of the SAME GARBAGE!

ATG's picture

I did not know George Wallace

Doctor Ron Paul is no George Wallace (cracker), who apparently believed in equal opportunity for his own race, special friends and paying clients

GW renounced his pro-segregationist platform from the wheelchair after he was shot

Doctor Ron Paul is no Michele Bachmann, an IRS Tax Attorney. The only poll he lost to her was by a few votes in Ames, Iowa after she spent a million dollars on free lunch and a Randy Travis concert in a private tent after people voted for her

Herman Cain is a motivational speaker and talk show host trained in Mathematics at Morehouse, Navy Ballistics Analyst and Purdue Computer Scientist whose first job out of the Navy was with Coke, where his father was chauffeur for the Coke President. Herman Cain was a company man. HC did well with his Pillsbury Philadelphia Burger King region, taking 400 stores from last to first in the company. Then he resigned from Godfather's after he did not grow Godfather's by closing stores and firing people. HC had Stage IV colon and liver cancer in 2006, usually ultimately lethal like Steve Job's "operable treatable" pancreatic cancer after 8 years. The biggest black mark against HC is he was Chairman of the KC Federal Reserve, and thinks they are a fine outfit that needs no extra audit or scrutiny: "Just go down there and ask any questions you want." The last time Alex Jones reporters took a picture of the Fed from a distance, they were threatened with arrest by armed Feds at the Fed

Just because we have a smokimg one-half Black Kenyan British and Indonesian citizen in the oral teleprompter office does not mean we need another

Most of us resent PC quotas. We want the best qualified President, neither 0 nor HC, who knows very little Foreign Policy, wants to raise the miiddle class tax bracket to 27% to choke the consumer economy, and apparently forghets how the 99% lives today, even though HC comes from poverty and a mother who did laundry. (Hey, mine did too.) HC's claim "The reason people are out of work is their own fault" is magic thinking in an economy ruined by Fed and corporate multinational debt derivative theft, forced taxpayer bailouts and a government expanding faster than the economy and the population for generations

Clue: Ron Paul won the CA and OH straw polls, both heavy Blue States looking for handouts

Doctor Ron Paul is the only Republican that can beat 0 with crossover votes as Marilyn Ackerman wrote here correctly

After being excluded from many debates and smeared by corporate monopoly media push polls over the years, (the first Doctor President) Paul finally made the big time with Meet The Press, who could no longer deny Jon Stewart's claim Ron Paul was being embargoed 4:30

You can see David Gregory the Host threw gotcha inaccurate loaded questions at Ron Paul, who at 76 is quicker on the draw than Ronald Reagan was. (He held the State record for the 220 sprint.)

Experience matters. Ron Paul knows more about foreign policy and finance than Joe Biden and Barney Frank combined, not a pretty picture: 15:01

Here is a complete record of Ron Paul polls, showing voters prefer Judge Andrew Napolitano or Governor Jesse Ventura to Michele Bachmann as his running mate:


eatthebanksters's picture

Where can I buy what you're smokin?

Whalley World's picture

How much does the CIA pay you to post this crap dude?

Bringin It's picture

Steve from Virginia.  That's funny.  Northern Virginia maybe?  Reston?

Cult of Criminality's picture

It is not just the young rebelling against oppression Geez

Is that all that Lamestream gets out of this

Ron Paul is the least evil Right ? like the U.S.A. is the least financial ugly

The whole system is fucked moron you do not even get it  Rick!


Not capitalism...........

Financial terrorism and no laws applied

Relentless killing in all countries ,oppression by most all governments the new world orders agenda

Agenda 21

The military fucking industrial complex

The secret governments with your stolen money I could go on all day it is not one issue  it is ALL of them and countless others

You Rick have learned not a fucking thing you are blinded by your own media.

I respect Ron Paul Have voted for him more than once for president(fiqure that out)

Ron Paul is a great leader who will not be allowed to lead unless by design.

Again the system is fucked and cops are shooting Marines that fought for their and their families asses.

 Got it now asshat !!

ATG's picture

"The whole system is fucked moron you do not even get it  Rick!"

Try Marilyn Ackerman, the author, not Rick Ackerman

If we assume the worst, we often get it

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Television is a filter, it allows the proper authorities to dissemenate only the information they allow and only through the proper lens of distortion and ommission.

If you want news, learn how to use the internet and understand how to multiple source information for clarity and validation of data.

I unplugged my tv years ago, the only thing i miss is the weather forecast when thunderstorms are moving through, but I've found the online radar sources, so as long as the lights are on, I'm good to go.

Ron Paul will only win, if the machine decides it has no other choice. They will then proceed to control him through proxies or assasinate him should he actually be able to change things. Look at JFK, everything undone with a single bullet.

It is a vey disfunctional government unless you are in the cia/bankers loop and then it seems to work very very well.

resaci's picture

I say, let us not have such a machine any longer!


buyingsterling's picture

They can't let RP win, because they can't control him. I'm 10X as corrupted as Paul, and they've got nothing on me that would make me behave like a good little doggy. And they can't kill him if he wins, everyone will point the finger at them, regardless how it goes down. The only way he wins is if they're sure they can crash the system and try to blame it on him. But even that probably won't work - if he wins, it will be because enough people finally understand the system. They won't understand the details, but enough to know it's a scheme, and any moves to push the system over the edge will probably be transparent, and when Paul exposes them, he will be believed. Their best bet is to continue to ignore him and try to marginalize him. Barring that, they get one of their stand-by 'lone gunman' psychos to kill him on the campaign trail. If they're as sick and power-mad as it seems, literally nothing is beyond them. Maybe they'll just give him fast-acting cancer. No matter what happens, their attempts to resist him will probably create a movement they can't control.

(Disclosure: I hope he wins - I've given him about 1% of my income this year so far.)

GCT's picture

Darn tootin prankster.  I still watch the weather and actually I watch the news to see what they omitted.  IT is a propaganda machine nothing more.  They tell you to buy the latest and greatest toy, the newest pill you need to take to look young or viral, tell you, you are worthless and unhealthy so you need this new diet and not much more.  My one vice is I like to watch Bones.  Other then that I research stories, cross reference them and do my best to pick thru the crap people are being fed and do my best to avoid it. I do it on the internet.

If the real SHTF you can bet we will not have access to the internet!



Problem Is's picture

+1... Exactly Prankster

Correct analysis...

Whalley World's picture

Don't forget Lincoln, he took one in the head for messing with the 2nd central bank. 

As far as TV as a filter, Frank Zappa said it best

"Your mind is totally controlled, it has been stuffed into my mold and you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold.  I'm the best you can get, have you guessed me yet, I'm the slime oozin out of your TV set"

ATG's picture

People forget about FDR, Garfield, McKinley, Reagan and Wilson, who maybe suffered poisoning, strokes or both

Andrew Jackson who successfully opposed the many-headed money monster, the only President to retire the US debt, beat off a would be assassin with two pistols using his Old Hickory walking stick as a bludgeon. Like Hinckley, a family friend of the Bushes, he got off on an insanity plea

Eight Presidents who opposed banksters and their cronies died in office, but public school history ain't what it used to be since the Federal government got involved

Some say the War of 1812, the Civil War and both World Wars were British Banker attempts to repo the USA




TheMerryPrankster's picture

Is it irony that Andrew Jackson appears on the federal reserve notes, or is it gloating by the Rothschilds?

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

The discontent, if any, is spiritual, they just don't know it because they're blind. Many of these OWS'rs are on the dole and want MORE handouts. They dont have an understanding of the essential issues, nor have they escaped any the horse blindered matrix in any significant way. Has anyone listened to the majority of these buffoons explain what they're doing? Hardly a one understand the root of the usurious system and its correlation of the Fed, which is a necessary starting point.

It's true that that there are some small groups like ZH'rs that are genuinely disatisfied will the illusion, but America is still behind their TV, alpha waves a humming. 

Metal Minded's picture

I see the spiritual problem also. Here is something I wrote recently:

The overarching issue being raised by the Occupy movement, and which so many are having trouble articulating, is not one of freedom, liberty, peace, or political or economic justice(what others have I missed?). It is simply the issue of Equality.

The 99%(of the world population) are telling the 1%(of the world population) that the time has come for them to join the rest of us, and that we must now all become the 100%. It is fantastic that the issue has been framed this way.

The phrase "that all men are created equal", from the US Declaration of Independence, has never been the subject of polite American conversation. Most everyone on the planet will get hot under the collar at the mere suggestion of human equality in everyday life. We have too much invested in the current paradigm to allow that!

In his book The New Earth(2005), the spiritual teacher Eckart Tole states that we haven't got a chance of ending human suffering until we embrace the 2500 year old eastern(and Christ's 2000 year old middle-eastern) non-dualism philosophy, namely, that we are all one in the one, indivisible divine spirit(or divine intelligence, or whatever else you choose to call it).

The only question now is can we have equality as humans(temporal), or must we realize equality by seeing that we are not only human, but that we are human(separate, temporal, physical) + being(one,eternal spirit).

Shall we take the easy way to ending our suffering, or continue on doing it the hard way?


TheMerryPrankster's picture

Even a man with a fever is sick, though he does not understand germ theory.

Most protestors don't understand the entire economic machine, but they do understand it  is broken. Think of the protestors as a fever, a symptom of sickness. When the fever appears the body is trying to rid itself of an infection, if the the fever is suppressed, the infection will continue.

For years people said, people must be happy, they are not rioting in the streets. That has begun to change, if the system changes the demonstrators will disappear, if the system fails to change the demonstration will increase in size and intensity and distribution. This is history, it has happened before, the next usual step is supression by the establishment which radicalizes the populace and ratchets up tensions causing violence against the establishment as the body politic attempts to assert itself and survive.

You won't see much about this on television, until cities are in flames.

barnaby33's picture

Not so much poorly written as wandering and without any evidence presented as to why a Texas Republican will become the darling of the OWS crowd.

ATG's picture


Check out RT for real news instead of the usual ten second sound byte corporate monopoly propaganda

Ron Paul won states that went for 0 in 2008 and wised up

The good Doctor won most of the polls, including the GOP candidate that can beat 0

Perry saw he would lose and cancelled the TX poll

PulauHantu29's picture

California Proposes to Curtail Workers' Benefits

ATG's picture

There goes the 0 and JB Moonbeam second term vote

Wait until workers figure out they were robbed by Union Bosses

Union leader Animal Farm pigs sold out Boxer the horse who worked himself to the glue factory

0 sold GM bond and shareholders down river to the unions and Canadian governments

PJPony's picture

Now we just need to convince the indoctrinated elders. The neocons and dems have convinced them they'll die if Ron Paul gets elected.

I've convinced my husband to change his vote to RP and he's working on his friends.

It would be nice to have some integrity back in the office of President. Kids have no pride in our country, because who can have pride in what we have become?

Restoration is key.

durablefaith's picture

The Occupy movement has a very appealing message, after all:

 Who likes corruption?

Who doesn’t want to be heard? 

But there are shadowy figures lurking under the surface of the Occupy movement and the very roots of it are lawless, counter-productive, and revolutionary.

Willzyx's picture

What of the shadowy figures lurking under the surface of the political and financial systems??

ATG's picture

Move On dot orgasm, Warren Buffett, John Doerr, Bill Gates, Jeff Immelt, Steve Jobs, Koch Bra, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg immediately come to mind

prains's picture

but what we really need is a solution to the plan for a solution which will solve all the plans of said solution

wherein plan solved. there fixed it.

Metal Minded's picture



For all you Naysayers, I suggest you watch the video : "Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers" (4:19). Itis available at:


Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland(2:26):


SRV - ES339's picture

Many thanks for the links... one can only hope the officers involved will pay for this criminal act. Even though it didn't seem to injure anyone, throwing the canister into the group trying to help Scott Olsen is hard to watch... to serve and protect... who?

duo's picture

isn't that obvious?  When do police stations start having ATMs and taking deposits?

ATG's picture

They already do, confiscating cash without warrants or Constitutional due process and towing cars to impound for $514 without legal process under force of authority

All about personal and government revenue enhancement

Never mind our Bill of Rights

duo's picture

That LA law is supposed to curb metal theft, but that's not the way to do it.  When your A/C compressor disappears, you will want something done.

I consider it looting...shoot on sight.

Dick Fitz's picture

That first clip by illdoc- love the name- is 100% spot on. His "3 card Monte" analogy is brilliant.

Bastiat's picture

The clip on Olsen is terrific and confirms my suspicions--it was not accident at that range and it was utterly unprovoked.  That cop needs to be prosecuted.  And the piece of shit who threw the flashbang as folks came to help needs to be identified and investigated as well.  12 police agencies were there according to the Oakland police -- were any of them Federal?  Who was in charge?  If DHS was coordinating, Obama owns it.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

That wasn't a flashbang. A real flashbang would have blinded the video camera, and those people would have been staggering around insensate, not simply running away.

Bullionaire's picture

Gosh this is poorly written.


But yeah, GO RON PAUL!


covert's picture

it's rigged, so they are all about the same kool aid. so, what deadly flavor do you like?


doggings's picture

they let you have another Wordpress blog ? 

how many deletions of your gibberish will it take for you to give up ?

ATG's picture

Could you be more specific?

Earl of Chiswick's picture

I thought it was rather well written.