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Occupied Wsj

This was just sent to me. It is from the DC Douglas Blog. Excellent explanation of what is wrong.

[h/t k.a.]

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I remember when the rift was started between American's when the Beatles came. Up until then everyone thought everyone believed what the television told us we all believed. Then the Beatles came and divided everyone as to whether you liked them or not. It got us all talking. We also started talking about other things and found out we weren't alone. We found a whole new America that believed the same as we did. The early division about the Beatles ended up bringing many, many people together. Not everyone was on board in the beginning but a movement grew. 


The corruption of our fiat money may be root reason for the, “Occupy er’s” and the “99% er’s”. Maybe this will help make the danger of fiat money clear. Imagine you and me are setting across from each other. We create enough money to represent all of the world's wealth. Each one of us has one SUPER Dollar in front of him. You own half of everything and so do I. I'm the government though. I get bribed into creating a Central Bank. You're not doing what I want you to be doing so I print up myself eight more SUPER Dollars to manipulate you with. All of a sudden your SUPER Dollar only represents one tenth of the wealth of the world! That isn't the only thing though. You need to get busy and get to work because YOU'VE BEEN STIFFED with the bill for the money I PRINTED UP to get YOU TO DO what I WANTED. 


That to me represents what has been happening to the economy, and us, and why so many of our occupations just can't keep up with the fake money presses.


P.S. No matter how much real money people can put together to build their countries the way they want, there are those that can print up what ever it takes to dictate their way.

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Here's a link to the Occupied Wall Street Journal where you can read the text.

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BTW folks, Banzai7 will now also be featured daily on the Village Voice site. I hope you will support me by clicking through and retweeting etc. I truly appreciate all of your support.





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I hope this thing reaches critical mass.  All those unemployed young people you know. 

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I am sorry but the communist/socilaist women running her mouth in the video is whats wrong with this country.

I wonder how many people she "shares" her wealth with????


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You are using emotionally loaded words like communist/socialist that invoke emotional negative reaction in people who were brainwashed and do not think what these words really mean. And it is psychopaths in power in socialist/communist countries who damaged the idea and psychopaths in capitalist countries who using this to divide people. What is bad about living as a community? Every normal person within his family lives this way, as a community, caring for each other, sharing, without taking advantage of each other, if one loses, everybody loses, if one wins, everybody wins. What is wrong if a bigger family (country) can live like that? 

Of course, most of the people already damaged by the current system and cannot see so simple a solution, cannot just look at their own families.

People become rich only because the rest allowed them to be such with or without their knowledge. Without other people one is nothing, because nobody would even acknowledge that he exists. Hell, you even need two people to make 3rd one and you need a lot of people so you at least can become what you are. Better that those people be not affected by psychopathy.

When people compete, someone will lose. When people share, everybody wins.

It is psychopaths who hammered this idea about competition into the heads of the rest of the people. Because “dogs eats dogs” is their world and they reign supreme in it now and this is why we have what we have. But parasites eventually kill the body and die with it or body kills them. We will see.

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Thanks for the news.   These are not failures of capitalism but a failure of the people to defend our rights against those who want control us. this not a question of party loyalty or left or right.  It is a question of right and wrong.  It is fundamental principle of freedom, justice and humanity, a tenet of truth, law and legal right which has been tampered with, and down-trod! 

OccupyWallStreet is missing a crucial part in our fight to restore our constitutional democracy. In their first public statement there is no mention of Ending the Fed.  see below


Rape of The Republic

Our nation was founded on the principle that government's one legitimate function is the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (private property). This principle is in peril. For those charged with protecting us have been captured by an evil monetary construct that drives their greed and lust for power.

RAPE OF THE REPUBLIC Click to view link


The Kids Art Alright. But Don't Get Fooled Again

OccupyWallStreet's Young People are the tip of the spear in America's awakening. They are demonstrating what is our birth right. We The People must take up our Patriotic Duty and demand the restoration of The Rule of Law, Our Constitutional Democracy, Free Market Capitalism and an Honest Monetary System. It is the only path to true and lasting change!... Wall Streets crimes and Washington's complicity make them legitimate targets... They are however, the minions for a larger more evil construct. That is a monetary system that demands constant growth of debt and war. And that criminal enterprise is controlled by the central banks THE FED and those behind them.

[Please see our critique of OccupyWallStreet's First Public Statement below.]

OccupyWallStreet: The Kids Are Alright! - Click to view link

Inflection Point




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I plan on occupying a bar stool in a couple of hours.

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zerohedge gots better propaganda again

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Do not be decieved. Wall St is just the populist target, but it is NOT the real target. Revoluttion and the toppling of the US Government is. If Wall St was the real target, why didn't they do this three YEARS ago?

Follow the money and the connections. The people who are really behind this planned the whole thing several months ago, and they said so. They are fomenting "revolution" not just in the U.S. and on Wall St, but around the world. They have a global agenda, which they themselves have declared. They're just using these people as pawns and their useful idiots! This is about creating a crisis that will enable them to grab MORE power. It is NOT to empower people. Revolution and chaos are the means to that end. That's the agenda of the elites who have planned and funded this. This is just the dog and pony show to garnerr populist sentiment to push ahead their superficial, but phony, agenda.

This is NOT going to have a happy ending. It is going to end in tears for all of civilization. And that's exactly what the organizers planned! Chaos that leads to MORE power -- for THEM!

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More community organizer shills.  The caused a lot of the housing mess with ACORN lawsuits to lend money to people who could not pay it back. Illegals, welfare recipients.  This is all wealth distribution and leftist BS>  They all love Obama too.

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So who exactly are "The people" and the "They" you are referring to here? You write as if you have some inside information and knowledge.

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Bullshit.  Govt is by big bu$ine$$, for big bu$ine$$. 

To wit - why is JPM all of a sudden funding the NYPD?



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OMG!  She's a 'Burner' from "American Apocalypse" by Nova!

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Yeah, I know you guys hate the site, but you can reach a very large audience on it. I've used it extensively to push the news uncovered by ZH since their inception. Anyway, I noticed the proliferation of trolls on the Huffington Post  just in the last two days pushing the right's agenda about the protest, then I read this.


Defintely listen to the guy in the last clip. He sounds pretty articulate, and not at all confused.

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In the interview with Kalle Lasn, the "originator" of the protest, she claims very clearly that they are the "political left", and are connected to others of like mind around the world. So it appears that they like Barrack and Hillary, but hate Wall Street. Right.

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I don't think anything can top this CNN coverage of OWS:

They imply that OWS'ers are basically retarded, and "Americans made money on TARP."

I'm going to run home and check my mailbox for my dividend check from TARP!

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I was driving last night and heard this on satellite radio.  I was highly pissed.

First, I did not know this corporate minion now has a segment on this show.  I thought she was attached to CNBC.

Second, her propaganda is so obvious to anyone with knowldege of the situation.  She acted like we should be bailing out everyone 'cause it's been so proffitable, don'tcha know.  It really is a disgusting segment.

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CNN is a worse propagandist than Fox News.  Their coverage of Libya was sickening.

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One interesting feature of the "Arab Spring" protests was that it was never clear as to who was actually leading the protesters. With a little study it became clear that the US State Dept. was the prime player. So, who is the prime player behind these protests?



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Only morons watch TV or have cable.  You are enabling and enpowering your overlords with TV - keep it up serf douche bag.  ALL TV is crap and CNN is among the worst.

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Looking forward to "Occupied Bay Sreet" in Toronto Oct 15... about time we take a stand!

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Carthago delenda est.

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Git 'er done, PEOPLE


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Christ, the first protest I joined way back when, we used an old hand cranked mimeograph machine to churn out flyers. My oh my, how times have changed.

Thanks Banzai7 for spreading the (printed) word.

Copies please

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WB7 thanks for this! This Gruff Rhys song has been going through my head when I saw the picture of the Banksters imbibing the Champers while over looking the OWS crowd

Patterns Of Power

Inner circles and the patterns of power,
The dead epicenter,
And ruined extremes.
Spinning cycles and a crisis of conscience,
Of circular cycles,
Amoral disease.
The aim to please pulsates the complex of pleasure,
We buried the treasure,
And serpents arose.
And hear the salary men tapping at keyboards,
Innumerable midnights devoted to death.

Kids are dying and I'm drinking champagne.
The patterns of power,
A patchwork of pain.
I'm on fire and you're drinking champagne,
The patters of power,
Again and again.

And all our eyes will roll in unison swiftly,
As packaging opens,
And void is revealed.
But still we dream,
And so we should with our whisper,
Prepare all our bellows for new year balloons.
Kids are dying and I'm drinking champagne.
The patterns of power,
A patchwork of pain.
I'm on fire and you're drinking champagne,
The patterns of power,
Again and again.
Inner circles and the patterns of power,
The dead epicenter,
And ruined extremes.