The REAL Crisis is Finally Here... Are You Prepared For It?

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Well, it’s finally here, the REAL Crisis: the one where entire countries go bust, not just the banks. And this time around the Fed and central banks won’t be able to stop it.


Case in point, the Swiss central bank intervened in the markets on August 3 to suppress the Swiss Franc. The effect of its intervention lasted less than a few hours:




The same goes for any action the Fed might implement as well. I know that the bulls believe QE 3 can save the market. They’re right in the sense that the announcement of QE 3 would slow the pace of the unfolding Crisis.


However, QE3 wouldn’t stop the Crisis or cause the same kind of rally that QE 2 did for the mere fact that everyone now realizes that the Fed cannot solve the problems facing the Financial System. As I’ve pointed out many times, the Fed will be powerless this time around.


Indeed, as I write this the US Dollar AND stocks are tanking, indicating that the Fed’s ability to reflate the markets by devaluing the Dollar is ending. And what happens when the Fed’s primary monetary tool (devaluing the Dollar) becomes useless?




Just like in 2008 we’re going to see a full-scale market Crash. Only this time it will also involve countries defaulting on their debt, bank holidays, civil unrest, and more. In simple terms, it’s going to be 2008 on steroids.


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Good Investing!


Graham Summers


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Livingstrong's picture

YEEHAW! Bring it on, baby, I am ready!!

vast-dom's picture

Hey where's that $350/oz gold?


If it's too good to be true.........


Lucky Charms!

Stuck on Zero's picture

The real impact of all of this will come from overseas.  Most Americans are pretty much disgusted with Wall Street, petty corruption, and the rigged U.S. markets.  Overseas the U.S. is still the big, perfect, unassailable, undefeatable empire that can send warships anywhere.  When the foregin markets start panicking about the dollar and the status of the U.S. we're toast.

automato's picture

This is a horrible movie! You know the line from the "American President" when Robin McCall: I think the important thing is not to make it look like we're panicking. 

President Andrew Shepherd: See, and I think the important thing is actually not to BE panicking. Well every time some government bozo or economics clown or wildman from omaha opens their stupid mouth they ALL look like they are panicking. I just wish they would all SHUT THE FUCK UP!

President Palin's picture

Just like in 2008 we’re going to see a full-scale market Crash.


Is that why you had the people who subscribe to your "newsletter" exit their short positions on Friday?

So, how exactly are you different from the schills on Wall Street?

Sunshine n Lollipops's picture

I bought a tired old Fiat many years ago. Had to junk it when the driver's seat fell through the rusted-out floorboard.


I think not.

Slap That Taco's picture



I did it by Occident's picture


I knew something was different but yet familiar at the same time. 

Stormdancer's picture

It's doubt about that.  But I suspect we still have a few weeks of thrashing about before total panic takes over.

Still too many people out there that don't understand the fundamental nature of the changes we've been seeing the past few years.

Problem is it could happen tomorrow.  All the foundations are gone but predicting when the psychology will finally collapse the illusion is beyond me.  I'm trying to be alert to when China, Japan or Russia begin dumping Treasuries because I think that is a big key.  I believe that once any major holder of Treasuries begins to dump, all the others will have to follow suit if they hope to save any of the purchasing power of those portfolios and things will move quite rapidly from that point.

At that point the FED prints like mad, hyperinflationary death throes begin for the dollar, confidence is lost and the dollar is repudiated ... destroyed.  Or, they don't print, sovereign default, confidence is lost and the dollar is repudiated...destroyed.

Not sure it matters all that much which path is chosen, the destination is pretty much the same either way.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

I play "Don't Break the Ice" with my kids; feels a lot like that. You can knock out some blocks and nothing happens, but you get to the point where one block causes all the rest to fall, and it all happens at once. Only problem is we can't see which brick is going to bring the whole damn thing down.

Mad Mad Woman's picture

I agree. I feel we have about 45 days or so before it really crashes. And it will start in the EU and then it goes viral. We're getting closer by the day.

Honestly, I can't wait for it to happen. It should've happened a while back but Ben & Friends went into overdrive to postpone the day of reckoning. Now Ben is to the point where no matter what he does it will not work.  Ben and friends better start watching their backs because when it happens there will be an awful lot of people that will be looking for revenge.

We're in for some very interesting times ahead.

End game is near. Finally.

Stormdancer's picture

For what it's worth (not a damn thing :), I'm thinking about the same.  It's all pretty academic to me...I have nothing riding on timing, just fun guessing :)  45 days is a good guess from where I'm standing.

Diogenes's picture

It doesnt happen all at once. This is just one more step in a process that has been going on since Bush took office and wont come to an end in your lifetime.

notadouche's picture

Dude, Nasdaq was in the middle of an 80% correction the day the Clinton Admistration ended, lest we forget.  This shit started LONG before Bush or Clinton took office.  Though Bsh certainly didn't help mattters but this has been coming for decades.  Don't be naive and believe this is just one administrations fault, one parties fault and when they get in office the realize the pile of shit they step into so they all try to manipulate and kick it down the road so as it not to technically come to an end under their watch.  But if we the people can't see through the BS to realize ALL that happened and it is near impossible to differentiate the parties from one another unless you look through myopic lenses.  Doing so is the real threat to our future survival.

I did it by Occident's picture

been happening since, oh, about 1913, methinks.  :)

StychoKiller's picture

The "Creature" (from Jekyll Island!) STILL walks among us! :>(

RockyRacoon's picture

Bailed out Chrysler, the S&Ls, and then there was LTCM.   It's all of a piece, and the pieces are about to come together.

pgarner's picture

Relax. It's all explained in the 17 page FREE report.

IQ 145's picture

Well, I'm almost prepared for it; although I have to admit I haven't yet started a newsletter; which judging by the author's activities must be part of the preparation.

problemfixr's picture

I hope no one, anywhere on the planet, ever has to pay one penny for this newsletter.  I want that 3 minutes of my life back.

pgarner's picture

+10. Why does Phoenix get any exposure here?

blindman's picture

because he is brief, consistent and correct?
we will see

CompassionateFascist's picture

Just to be on the safe side, I ran my check-writing and internet accounts; now nothing but cash and silver. Still, it feels "too early". 8/8/11 will be memorable, but not yet System Collapse. I hope....

IQ 145's picture

You want a Guru; you want somebody to listen to? Listen to Marc Faber; he;'s recently on record as indicating the stock market will rally and fall back and rally and fall back. This silly shit is going to go on for years. This particular blog gives you a very weird perspective on the world; they're going to keep playing musical chairs and kick the can for years.

Stormdancer's picture

I'll take that bet. We've got weeks, months at best. The end game devolves much more rapidly than the mid-game.

YC2's picture

like the Nikkei since that bust.  thats been my thesis except with liftoff at the end due to different makeup in bondholders, etc.


I call it "Gold and cash, buy the crash".  I am almost certain the rhyming adds to the profitability.

Stormdancer's picture

Sorry, this fiat can has reached its mathematical limits.  They *might* somehow magic up a new can...gotta leave room for the possibility, they'ver surprised me before... but the US dollar as we currently know it is toast.  A mathematical certainty and it's inevitable.  No turning back now.  Kick now and the can explodes.  Sooner or later :)

CompassionateFascist's picture

Silver up c. $2 in last 3 any rate, the canary is singing. I'm going out for a bicycle ride; if it's up another $ by the time I get back, this is IT: economic explosion and cave-in. By the way, if we can't junk (punch) this is not Fight Club.

YC2's picture

I hate to be "that guy", but rewatch fight club.  Its not about punching, and this site's relation to the movie is much deeper.  Here is a hint for what to look for from wikipedia:


"Fincher intended Fight Club's violence to serve as a metaphor for the conflict between a generation of young people and the value system of advertising"


I mean, the last scene is CC buildings blowing up with minimal casualties to "reset the debt record".  Lots of more meaningful ties than being a tough guy with the junk button.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Ah, no...I'm talking about a real-world FC, not milk-and-water WIKI stuff: where punches knock out teeth, and where buildings collapse on top of flesh and blood; cf. 9/11...CW II...TEOTWAWKI. No update at KITCO while I was out, so 24 hr. silver still looks like an upward asymptote. If it hits $50 by midnite (PST), it's Hendry "I would recommend you panic" time. Surely, that won't happen. (?) Also, I gave you 15 imaginary junks.