This is the REAL DEAL

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Let’s have a look at the REAL situation in the financial system.


1)   Greece is bankrupt. It has been for years. The market has finally stopped being moronic and figure out the obvious (so much for the “efficient” hypothesis).

2)   Greece WILL default. This WILL crush German and French banks.

3)   The EU in its current form (as well as the Euro) are DONE.

4)   The US banking system is similarly fragile and on the verge of collapse.

5)   The US economy is in a DE-pression and rolling over in a big way AGAIN. All the economic data is being massaged to look better than it is. Look around you, does the economy look OK to you?

6)   The US Government is broke. Obama’s jobs plans is absurd. Where’s the money going to come from?

7)   Bank of America (as well as the other TBTFs) is insolvent. The only reason they’re still in business is rampant fraud, lies, and theft. What’s happening in Greece is coming to them soon.

8)   The Federal Reserve has lost control of the markets. QE 3, IF it comes, will accomplish nothing. Bernanke will be stepping down within 18 months and possibly facing legal battles.


Those are ALL FACTS. That’s the deal. The claims that all is well and that the market will hold up are lies. The Fed gave TRILLIONS of Dollars from the public to those who perpetuated the biggest theft and fraud in history. And they FIXED NOTHING in the process.


So here we are, the Fed is out of bullets entirely (Operation Twist 2 won’t do anything, low rates haven’t helping the economy OR the mortgage markets… and QE 3 is not going to happen without systemic collapse) and losing control of the markets by the day.


Look at Bernanke’s track record. He’s been wrong about EVERYTHING for years. Do you think he has ANY ideas or solutions to what’s happening NOW? The guy doesn’t even believe inflation is an issue. He’s either stupid or a liar. Neither of those are indicative of someone who can fix things.


In plain terms, we’re heading into the END GAME for the markets. What’s coming will see debt defaults in Europe and the US, a stock market Crash that makes 2008 look like a picnic, civil unrest and more.


If you have yet to prepare yourself for what’s coming, my Surviving a Crisis Four Times Worse Than 2008 report can show you how to turn the unfolding disaster into a time of gains and profits for any investor.


Within its nine pages I explain precisely how the Second Round of the Crisis will unfold, where it will hit hardest, and the best means of profiting from it (the very investments my clients used to make triple digit returns in 2008).


Best of all, this report is 100% FREE. To pick up your copy today simply go to: and click on the OUR FREE REPORTS tab.


Good Investing!


Graham Summers


PS. We also feature four other reports ALL devoted to helping you protect yourself, your portfolio, and your loved ones from the Second Round of the Great Crisis. Whether it’s my proprietary Crash Indicator which has caught every crash in the last 25 years or the best most profitable strategy for individual investors looking to profit from the upcoming US Debt Default, my reports covers it.


And ALL of this is available for FREE under the OUR FREE REPORTS tab at:











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makes me wonder how real is real; can it be so surreal as to make it totally trivial, logically convoluted, perceptively virtual and factually irrelevent?

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My report is free too -- buy gold and agricultural land.  You don't even have to visit my website.

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 "Bank of America (as well as the other TBTFs) is insolvent. The only reason they’re still in business is rampant fraud, lies, and theft."


The history of 'democratic' Government in a nutshell

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**For his part, the president of the Americans proposed spending more money now… and paying for it later. Hey, that’s a novel approach! But it was neither here nor there. Spending more money is what the feds do anyway. And a few billion more or less isn’t going to make any difference. Except that, since every penny will be borrowed, it will leave the nation that much closer to bankruptcy. The poor lambs are going to get sheared.**

from The Daily Reckoning by Bill Bonner

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(A TALE OF TWO CITYS, or The Last Call?),


As you should be aware, but maybee not, if the careful manipulation of the global media has been properly implemented. A tiny global elite are at this very moment, actively suppressing the precious metals markets whilst simultaneously increasing their holdings of the same. 

They do this With a renewed and urgent vigour as they see as we all do, deep in our souls, a tipping point, nothing less than the faint and growing stirring of global unrest and awakening.

But know this, They have already planned to flee the masses, just as they have fleeced the masses (the sheep/sheeple), they plan a departure soon, to their private island sanctuary's, to await with anticipation the burning, the fun & the chaos, as their carefully constructed democracys and fiat (worthless paper) monitory system and society collapses, like the peverbial house of cards. They await a planned and socialist new world, their coveted and announced 'New World Order', they as the butchers, we as the productive and subservient, or soon to be culled cattle. 

The rothchilds and the rockerfellas and the other 13 so called sacred bloodlines of the global elite , the illuminated ones, we the profane will play little part in their new world order. Other than as the herd 'the Sheeple'. They believe with conviction that they are and will be the shepards, but they are the tyrany of evil men, and we can overcome. (or can we?,will we?). Soon cometh the hour.

They have planned this for many generations, the rediciculous 911 plot was a catalyst and prequal to their plan for a 'one world government' and a new world order so announced by Bush Senior, and re announced by The idiot Bush Junior (Both Bonesmen (The skull and bones society) a Secret Yale brotherhood allied to many secret societies, prevelant througout the elite universities of the world, a blood oath that binds them to a sick and evil long planned destiny for mankind) . 

The power held by a very few goldlike, powerful families, their institutions, charitable trusts and secret societies, they created, fed and watered and managed from one inbread eugenically masterminded generation to the next, their fully controlled puppet governments and politicions hold on to the seemingly continuous power by the thinnest of threads, if we only knew it, 

The real power of the downtrodden masses can and should prevail, but only through courage, sacrifice and knowledge. 

We declare. As citizens of this one world and its many nations. We shall reclaim what is ours, our god given birth right to self determination, financial and spiritual freedom, to have and to hold for the remainder of our lives, even if our lives be cut short by participation in this endevour. For this would indeed be a worthy sacrifice for our fellow man.

We have a duty to the generations to follow us, a duty to put an end forever to the debt enslavement of our brothers and sisters, the deliberate and corrupt suppression of vital new technology both medical and clean energy that illuminate the path the human race is destined to follow, not the corrupt few but as a whole, to ascend this impoverished and humble existence and combine our spiritual potential together to usher in the age of enlightement and peace.

This is the destiny the global elite/illuminate, strive to deny us, this is the light they covet for just themselves.

To quote an old but undeniable truth. The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. They are exposed, it is prolific and unstoppable, investigate 911, search for illuminate on youtube and the internet and the matrix will soon dissolve.

Our gateway to freedom and universal awareness and spiritual union is opening, yet they would have it closed forever. The book of knowledege and awakening that is, the internet. Already marked for destruction (this is planned then the book will close forever, and soon. Our final hope?). the leglislation, already written). 

God willing, somehow we will overcome. The plan was not the enslavement of the human race. We, all of the same flesh, the same blood, regardless of creed, color or religion, but equally oppressed and downtrodden, hopeless and accepting of our enslavement. Together through a unified spirit and soul will rise, breaking our mental chains and our subtle but total enslavement, submitting to the will of god whatsoever our religion, to be not wicked, but to show empathy for all those who suffer alongside us, in ignorance and oppression. The message is a clarion call to Educate, to become self aware, to emulsify and gain strength from, and give strength to one another, not only thru numbers but thru conviction. This is the struggle, the only path to freedom, a unique taste that will taste good, soon addictive, a taste forbidden to us, thus far. A delicacy enjoyed now by only the farmers and architects/controllers of the human race. 

A tiny group of wicked families,  who without the burdon of conscience, impose global suffering, poverty, debt, famine, starvation and war, They watch without abandon , their excitement building as we stumble without direction toward the destination they have laid before us, onwards toward the turmoil, social and economic collapse they have manipulated for generations. They call themselves the illuminate, but know them for what they are, as they truly walk in darkness, outside of gods light and love. They worship only money, power, tyranny, death, war, famine, pestilence and the suffering and torment of mankind. This is their bread and their wine, their unholy communion. 

They will yet unleash all this and more to create the conditions necessary to plunge mankind into the darkness forever, for that is their wish, their desire, their sacrement and only purpose. They are decieved yet they decieve. They have infiltrated all levels of society/religion and government to move forward their evil doctorine. 

(Just ask yourself. Why do catholic priests molest the innocents, the children?, yet they gain protection from their masters in the upper eschelons of the church?, the puppet media reports it, yet they continue their evil purpose. Our police forces and elected politicions seemingly blind, bowing and scraping, beholdent only to the almighty dollar/(paper currency of your choice) and the corrupt wisdom of the cardinals, bishops and those that hide in the shadows, pulling the strings in a co-ordinated dance of destruction and moral destitution, 

the answer is simple, 

the sacrifice of innocence is their goal. Their work is obvious and indeed published. Yet they maintain their power regardless, how stupid we must appear to them. They mock us for our weakness and gullability, our inability to see their plan, when they have published and made obvious (see the released documents from the council for foreign relations and the UN, world health orginisation, worldwide depopulation etc), We have eyes but we do not see, we are made blind to the satanic doctorine that relentlesely strives to encompass all.

They label us profane, the stupid, the un-enlightened, we suffer in darkness and in the most part silence. It is our irrational love and empathy for our families and loved ones and our fellow man that they foolishly see as our undoing, yet that is our strength. That is our core that can defeat them, this is our battle cry and our destiny, our call for freedom. 

For they pride themselves that they do not suffer from our frailty and weakness. But know this. We can stop them!. We must stop them!, or we face a fate worse than death, a spiritual death of global stagnation, darkness and loss, we will de-evolve into this pit, already dug and prepaired to receive us, and pity us should this come to pass, for our truth and destiny if for a brilliant and truly enlightened era to come, finally seeing the errors of our past, to embark on a spectacular journey into the light of peace and wisdom, a future of light not darkness. This is fortold but not a certain. 

The age of awakening is soon to be upon us, all the signs pronounce their evil. Our destiny and will is to exposed them (See 911 and so may others), yet still they hope to succeed, thru sewing and implementing dark confusion & false propaganda, further false flag terrorist attacks. 

It is called Thesis - anti Thesis - Symbiosis. Their doctorin exposed, 

but published and announced by them (unbelievable but true), Yet they do have one weakness, they do underestimate us, they are known to us now. They are the bilderberg group, they are the 13 families of the illuminate, the royal society, the council for foreign relations the european and false dictitorial royalty of the middle east, the banking elite and their incestious, and much coveted and protected so called blue bloodlines. They seek to be gods on earth. They rule us as cattle, as a lord manages his estate, culling the herd for their own good. We, pre ordained to be their cannon fodder in the planned 3rd world war, destined to be culled and controlled, our enslavement forever marked into our DNA and genitic core, implanted with a bar code/rf id chip for life and death (Already developed) and awaiting law. They seek to control and manipulate all life both plant and animal. They seek imortality thru foul means.

The light and the hope of light snatched from us, so near yet so far. 

I say no, I ask you to join me. This trancends religion, this is our only and last hope. Knowledge is power, power is knowledge. The Illuminate learned this many centuries ago and this is their hidden knowledge that they covet and hold so dear. This is their light, but it is not their property. The light is for all humanity.

So Sayeth We all! As Above So Below, this is the law. We shall take the light denied us and we shall run with it.

I am not a religious man, I do not practice, I do not seek to push any into religion, But I do cry out to the people, if we do have a soul, it will soon be damned.

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More Phoenix capital crap.  Keep spamming the BS.  Your credibility is trailing Bernanke by a hair.

Logans_Run's picture

"Obama’s jobs plans is absurd."

Let's get this straight! It is a Job Plan (singular) and the only job he is attempting to create or save is his own.

Dingleberry's picture

You better fucking believe this is the REAL FUCKING DEAL!  FInally, the shit can't be hidden anymore by those COCKSUCKERS ON CNBC, FOX AND BLOOMBERG.  When the fuck will the mainstream financial media ever allow someone that is FUCKING HONEST on their shows????  Whatever happened to the media being the "4th estate", and those idealistic little fucks call reporters trying to "out" the rich and powerful? Now all they want to do is SUCK THEM OFF.  There is no hope. This fraud has done irreparable damage to our once great nation, and has gone entirely unpunished. All over a few easy bucks for banksters that didn't even need them.  God I hope there is a Dante's inferno for bankers in the next life.

moondog's picture

The lack of independent media is the answer.

The oligarchs own the media. What you are force fed is controlled.

In the United States, data on ownership and market share of media companies is not held in the public domain. Academics, for example at MIT Media Lab and NYU, have struggled to find data that show reliably the concentration of media ownership.

zerozulu's picture

I just wasted my time.

cognus's picture

Is ZeroHedge a spam & scam site?

This mindless screed sure makes it look so.

If you want a counterpoint to this babbling conman, check the Jim Rogers interview on CNBC today

anony's picture

Do you know how stupid, idiotic, and uninformed you sound?

TheBernank has been right about everything he was told to do by his men behind the curtain.

Who do you write for?  Some twit in retail who buys and sells based on tea leaf readings?

At least give him credit where it's due: he was hired to take money from the middle classes by hook or by crook and give it it to his employers, the big banks, and financial institutions worldwide, trillions of dollars and WE still don't know what he's doing right now to enrich them even more. 

He has been spectacularly successful at doing that and he still doesn't have a half inch thru and thru aperture in his forehead.

Please go away.


Smiddywesson's picture

At least for this weekend, cash replaced the little black dress as THE timeless classic.  This can go either way, and the Bernank has a lot of ammo.  I doubt he will fail to use it.

Duffminster's picture

The only thing isn't accurate is that QE 3 isn't coming.  Its already here.  When Bernanke announced he would keep rates very low for the next two years M2 spiked.   How else do you think he keeps rates low other than buying up any excess supply in the treasury market.   The Fed, in my opinion, is and or soon will be buying bonds.   QE 3 is in effect despite all the denials IMO.


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Pleeeeze Zero Hedge. Get rid of this spammer! He has been saying this is the REAL DEAL for years everyday or every week and then BUY MY NEWSLETTER.  I'm not saying he will EVENTUALLY be correct...but geez...1,000 times repeating the END of the WORLD is NOW buy my newletter!...gets tiring. His self-promoting BULLSHIT gives Zero Hedge a bad name. 

Ruffcut's picture

Agreed. Their advice is worse than kramers. Fucking bullshit artists.

phoenix, the bird that burns up like all the capital that people spend with those asshats.

tony bonn's picture

i would love to see bernankula in an orange jump suit...

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Yeah, sans parachute, somewhere over the Indian Ocean, no chopper in sight.

pupton's picture

This deuche keeps posting this crap as filler so his advertising looks less like...advertising.  Crap, crap, crap!  "REAL DEAL folks, buy my newsletter, Pleeeeeeeeezzzeeee?"

La Belle Vie's picture

Bernanke has only one bullet left … printing press . He can’t see the inflation , logical conclusion is to inflate then . This will not cause the collapse , just a “small” wealth transfer operation

meatball's picture

But, but, but America will somehow pull through in the end. Everything will be fine! USA! USA! USA!

Freddie Krugerrand's picture

Well... OK...  But, apart from those eight points, the economy is still in pretty good shape.  Right??

whaletail's picture

Surviving a Crisis Four Times Worse Than 2008:  

Cliff notes: guns (w/lead), gold and grub 

rosiescenario's picture

"... guns (w/lead)..."


Note to self: will California Fish&Game be enforcing the no lead bullet rule within the California condor zone during the revolution, or should I stock up on Barnes all copper varmint grenades and keep within the law?


...perhaps to be pc, copper would be the best choice...some of my neighbors are quite sensitive to environmental issues.

UGrev's picture

and go Long people you can trust with your life. Going solo will be suicide.. or you will be "sucided" with a bolt action rifle twice to the melon..

pupton's picture

I wonder how this genius has calculated the baseline "badness" of the 2008 crisis, so that he may then pontificate about a scenario "four times worse".  What if I want to be prepared for a scenario 2.5 times worse, but can't afford the other 1.5x?  What if I buy the shitty newsletter so I may survive a 4x 2008 crisis, only to find out that the actual crisis was 10x 2008?  Will he throw in the additional 6x free of charge?  Is the solution to buy EVEN MORE guns, ammo, PMs, food, etc?

Piss off with your newsletter guys are a dime a dozen!

Harbourcity's picture

Old news is old.


JohnG's picture

Let’s as da chek hat da real deal in da financial system. 1) newgoslavia iz bankrupt. hit has bin fe years. da market has finally stopped bein moronic an' figure hout da obvious (so much fe da “efficient” hypothesis). 2) newgoslavia iz gonna default. dis iz gonna crush german an' french banks. 3) da eu in its current form (as well as da euro) iz done. 4) da us bankin system iz similarly fragile an' on da verge hof collapse. 5) da us economy iz in da de-pression an' rollin ova in da massiv way again. all da economic data iz bein massaged to chek betta dan hit iz. chek around yous, does da economy chek wicked to yous? 6) da us government iz broke. obama’s jobs plans iz absurd. where’s da moolar gonna spitz from? 7) bank hof america (as well as da uva tbtfs) iz insolvent. da only reason they’re still in bizzle iz rampant fraud, lies, an' theft. what’s happenin in newgoslavia iz comin to dem soon. 8) da federal reserve has lost control hof da markets. qe 3, if hit comes, iz gonna accomplish naffink. bernanke iz gonna be steppin down wivvin 18 momphs an' possibly facin legal battles. those iz all facts. that’s da deal. da claims dat all iz well an' dat da market iz gonna hold up iz lies. da fed gave trillions hof squid from da public to those who perpetuated da biggest theft an' fraud in history. an' dey fixed naffink in da process. so in da house we iz, da fed iz hout hof bullets entirely (operashun twist 2 won’t do anythin, low rates haven’t helpin da economy or da mortgage markets… an' qe 3 iz not gonna happun wivvout systemic collapse) an' losin control hof da markets by da day. look hat bernanke’s trak record. he’s bin whak about everythin fe years. do yous fink e has any ideas or solutions to what’s happenin now? da geeza doesn’t evun reckon inflashun iz an issue. he’s eitha stupid or da liar. neitha hof those iz indicative hof someone who can fix tings. in plain terms, we’re headin into da end game fe da markets. what’s comin iz gonna chek debt defaults in europe an' da us, da stok market crash dat makes 2008 chek dig da picnic, civil unrest an' more. if yous as yet to prepare yourself fe what’s comin, me survivin da crisis four times worse dan 2008 report can show yous how to turn da unfoldin disasta into da bells hof gains an' profits fe any investor. within its nine pages I explain precisely how da second round hof da crisis iz gonna unfold, where hit iz gonna spark hardest, an' da fittest means hof profitin from hit (the well investments me clients used to make triple digit returns in 2008). best hof all, dis report iz 100% freesome. to pik up ya copy today simply go to: an' let hit rip on da our freesome reports tab. good investin! graham summers ps. we also feature four uva reports all devoted to helpin yous protect yourself, ya portfolio, an' ya loved ones from da second round hof da yorkie crisis. whetha it’s me proprietary crash indicator which has busted every crash in da last 25 years or da fittest most profitable strategy fe individual investors lookin to profit from da upcomin us debt default, me reports covers hit. and all hof dis iz available fe freesome unda da our freesome reports tab at:

Smiddywesson's picture

LOL, that's hilarious.  Man this is a tough crowd.

No Graham, Greece is going to be ignored, gold is going to be attacked and on Monday, the sun will shine on yet another day of kicking the can and buying up all the cheap gold the central banks can find without running the price up on themselves.

I'm surprised anyone is even discussing fixing things anymore.  It has been apparent for several years there is no intent to fix anything.  The only long term thing the banks and governments are doing, besides lowering the Western standard of living, is buying time with worthless fiat and stacking gold.

Apply Force's picture

Time is short Smiddy - agrred nothing will be fixed.  And time always creates changes.

Preparation is key to durability and adaptability... good luck to all in the coming times.

Fate's picture

You, sir, are an Artist.

RSloane's picture

I hate it but I agree with the report.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"Look at Bernanke’s track record. He’s been wrong about EVERYTHING for years."

A little sympathy for the Bernank.  Greenspan used up all the monetary bullets.  The President and Congress have done nothing to help the guy.

When they hustle Ben out of his office his quote will be:

"I'm just a patsy!!!"

rosiescenario's picture

Agree with you on that...Greenie is equally or even more to blame for getting us to our present circumstances....though it is sort of like asking who was worse, Hitler or Stalin???

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Sympathy For the Devil, eh? Fuck him and the fly-blown nag he was dragged in by.

Smiddywesson's picture

"Look at Bernanke’s track record. He’s been wrong about EVERYTHING for years."

Does anyone really believe Bernanke actually believes the things he has said?  That would be pretty naive.

Actually, the Bernank has been remarkably successful in representing his employers, the big banks.  He only looks inept if you assume he is working for you.

cfosnock's picture

Please is this the same Bernank who among other things claimed that sub-prime was contained. The man is either incompetent or a fraud, as he was a professor at Princeton I'm inclined to believe he is a outright lier and a fraud. Asking me to sympathize with him, is like sympathizing with Nero, after all he may have been fiddling  but he did not actual start the fire that burned Rome to the ground.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Yes, he lied.  Lies were all Greenspan left him.  And I just said a little sympathy.  Instead of a trial and hanging, a little privacy and a pistol.  That sort of thing.

cfosnock's picture

I see your point but we need a public trial and a hanging. I have no qualms that the bastard would try to fake his own death

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

You are hard, Bicycle, but I appreciate your wee sympathy for Ben.

No one will give him credit for catching the falling knife of the Dow, ergo stock markets around the globe. And those who do give him credit for that have a 'so what?' look around their jaundiced eyes.

And then wasn't it Chairman Apparent Bernanke who decreed that the Fed would not publish M3 while he was at the tiller? That saved us from hearing a lot more lies.

I know how you feel about Peak Oil but we'll discuss that later.

unionbroker's picture

The only cure is pain and time ...

SilverDOG's picture

A Gains-Pains-Capital advertisement.


Gene Parmesan's picture

I think the problem with these is that the segue to the newsletter or whatever is a little too slick. It's like some girl chatting you up in Vegas, then rattling off the rates for her various services before you know what's happening. I think he'd do well to close a post normally and include a link to his stuff separately.

economessed's picture

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln......

There is No Spoon's picture

9) globally orchestrated short squeeze