The Real Reasons Behind Hollywood's Anti-Piracy SOPA

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I found this discussion between Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert regarding the real reasons behind Hollywood's Anti-Piracy SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) fascinating and very much worth watching, complete with Max's unique brand of humor and interesting use of a stuffed kitty to prove his point. Max and Stacy break down Hollywood's Enron-like accounting methods to reveal their obscenely exaggerated statements regarding the harmful effects of online piracy on their bottom line and discuss how SOPA, if passed, will infringe upon internet speech and freedom and perhaps destroy the fundamental infrastructure of the internet that allows a free exchange of knowledge and ideas. For the reasons discussed in this video, I moved my investment blog from a US-based server to one based in Asia a couple of years ago to prevent the US gov't from shutting down my blog in response to one of my articles about how the fraudulent global banking and monetary system truly operates. Doing this still may not be enough to protect my blog, however, as governments worldwide seek to pass their own "SOPA" legislation and follow suit. I've posted the video below for your enjoyment. A must watch for anyone working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and anyone that cares about internet freedom of speech.





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It is funny that the US supported the WTO, which had a clause that mentioned that the US, under the trade agreements, could not shut down foreign websites for violating US law.

Antigua challenged the US, who CREATED the treaty, and won in international court, protecting their growing business in online poker and sportsbooks (mostly sportsbooks, specially since Ultimate Bet went under).

The US ignored it.  SOPA is a classic case of the US ignoring the law in favor of their corporate masters,

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All this happening now is similar to what happened to online poker.

Under the guise of "protecting kids" and "money moving off of US Shores" and "predatory gambling", Casino corporations like Caesar's (at the time ,Harrah's) poured money into political campaigns to craft the UEIGA - an act that was piggybacked on a Port Securities bill by Sen. Bill Frist (TN), who touted the legislation towards his mostly evangelical Christian base....while taking $25K from those same casino corporations (on top of free rooms/dinners at Riverboat casinos). 

They attacked the online poker rooms (who, in turn, also lobbyed Congress to tune of $2m+, and engaged in fraud to continue business...hence what happened in April 15th, 2010).

Now? Caesar's and MGM are in line to craft a new bill to "legalize" (more like monopolize) poker.  States like Nevada, California, and New Jersey are also trying to craft their own legislation, but are facing pushpack from Big Brother (in the form of the Wire Act) and of course, religious groups.

Sheldon Anderson, Newt backer, owner of the Ventian and casino mogul, is against the legislation because "he's afraid of underage kids gambling" and is "morally against it".  More like, "I'm angry Caesars, who already cuts into my profit, is expanding their brand even more."

Now, thousands of poker players are boycotting the M Resort and Venetian.

Image if you times this by 1000000x's with #SOPA.  It would KILL the Hollywood industry as we know it, and it would basically be driven by subsidies by the US Gov't.  That would equal, in a real TRUE form, state-run media. 

The only "jobs" this would create, would be for lawyers and internet stasi hunting for "piracy".  The points made by Amir (even though I think BitCoin is a bit of a infant idea....although I support the ideals of it) were fantastic and really hit home the solid foundations of liberty, competition, community, and entrepreneurship. 

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I've been thinking for sometime that the internet has to be a huge pain in the ass for the elite. 

I don't know why people think it will be hard to pass SOPA when there wasn't even a debate on indefinite detention?  Hell that's already old news now.

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Chris Dodd.

Is there no end to the evil he will do to this country?

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Apparently the douche can always find another audience for his ignorant mischief.  

I heard he was actually Ted Kennedy's wife.

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why shut down your blog when...."they"....can..."mind martian your people" instead? (and i'm not joking when i say this...though it does make me laugh when i write it...

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The movie industry should pay us to watch most of the crap they churn out.

Seriously, how many good films come out each year? 

How many films do you actually enjoy watching and recommend to your friends and family? 


Shizzmoney's picture

Srsly!  How about some self-accountability to get better collectively as a industry during one of their most PROFITABLE TIMES IN THE SHOW BUSINESS INDUSTRY.

Look at the RIAA; they will always be the first to cry poor.  Say that people arn't buying albums (even though sales up 4% this year).  But you know why?  Have you HEARD whats being peddled to us on the radio?  Why would anyone buy that crap?  Why does this industry feel INTITLED to a profit?  Oh wait, because every other industry, who forgot about htis thing called "hard work", just think that sitting on your ass is good enough.

Look at Adele.  She's probably going to sweep the know why?  BECAUSE SHE MADE A GOOD ALBUM.  People, who may have illegally downloaded her music, still ALSO BOUGHT HER ALBUM because they want to SUPPORT ARTISTS who PRODUCE EXCELLENCE, and not crap like Nickleback and the Black Eyed Peas.

Accountability is the problem in America.  Pure and simple.

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The Mechanic is good, illegally downloaded it last week.  So if you lot go out to pay to watch it now I can justify illegally downoading Mission Impossible 4, which is a load of rubbish, same as 1,2 and 3 and not worth watching.

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Did you know people were served 100K fines, and even arrested, for illegally downloading "The Expendables".

People should of been ARRESTED for watching that shitty, god-awful movie.

FairyTale's picture

That's in America, where the people are stupid enough to put up with a dictatorship.  And who has just won 2 primaries?  Herr Romney, so more of the same whoever wins in November.   You deserve the Government you get and their Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA,

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The Mechanic sucked ass, unless you mean the original Bronson movie.

Watch the Korean movie The Man From Nowhere, or I saw the Devil  or the Tropa de Elite movies, far better.

Right now Foriegn and  Indie movies top the shit coming from the US.

Irish, Nordic ( Swedihs/Norwegian/Danish), French and Brit films all are on the checkout list because they have a better "quality". By quality I mean plot/script not being replaced by special effects.

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Who gives a shit about the "movie" industry except phony liberal arts douchebags.  Theatrical movie viewing has become a supremely depressing and obsolete experience.  Big picture content is about as interesting as an ass boil.

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Where is Charles Bronson when we really need him?

Oh crap, he's dead isn't he.

Who is going to take care of all these banksters and politicians that are harboring a death wish?


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well good on you for finding things, but max keiser is an idiot, so... it's probably not worth watching.

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Freedom is definately under assault from nearly everyone.

Widowmaker's picture

Actually its being monetized, along with everything else the banks worldwide caN print and buy, including you.

Money = fraud. Assault has little to do with oppression and power.

Hitler would be proud - hed work for goldman quacks. Father of off balance sheet extermination and other pinstripe polished turds.

jon's picture

money is not fraud. money is established by the market. something established in another manner is not a money good. force and fraud can buoy a currency, but all this teaches us is that currencies and monies are not actually the same thing, whereas other points in history it might appear they are the same thing.

fraudulently replacing the 100% gold dollar with an unbacked dollar is a good example of this. continuing to "advertise" that a citizen will be punished for not using the dollar where told to is an example of why the dollar is not a money: while a money does not have intrinsic value -- the concept of money does -- all monies are liquid because they have these three properties:

- instant sale without commission

- instant sale without advertising costs

- instant sale without offering a discount

well i'm sorry, but declaring that "we" must accept the dollar as legal tender is a form of advertisement, which carries a cost. declaring that "we" must pay taxes in the dollar, and therefore must lose precious, irreplaceable time, to earn against inflationary forces, is a form of advertisement, which carries a cost.

every time you offer money to a vendor you have already had extracted from you a commission to the state -- some of your time -- in order to have saved those dollars in the interim.

that is the fraud you are concerned with. and its source is political direction of economy, to the exclusion of the market's establishment of money and prices. if you don't want to see it anymore, simply stop voting, and save in gold rather than digits.

Widowmaker's picture

Nice try ass face.

Markets = fraud, inc.

Gold ha! Good luck with that shiny abortion of practicality. Money, physical and otherwise is dead or dying in the halls of zero confidence.

Go back to your cubicle of ill repute.

jon's picture$1_1862_Legal_Tender.jpg

"will pay the bearer."

"will pay to the bearer on demand, one dollar." gosh.. you mean.. this piece of paper is not, itself, one dollar? and, further, it is not a form of payment? whatever might it mean?,_obverse.jpg

cancel that! nevermind, comrade. "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private."

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No paper is actually required.

In fact, the banks would prefer you use virtual money.

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FireFox SOPA app bitchz

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Pretty good insight on the Bill here:

Like the other sites mentioned in the piece, ZH would probably also fall into the shutdown category.

Have to keep the masses dumbed down.

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US citizenism spreading everywhere... No place to hide.

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Perhaps after a stint as obnoxious internet troll, the party will let you graduate to harvesting the organs of political prisoners.

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"We don't need no stinkin' Internet, senor."