Remembering Steve Jobs: 15 Fascinating Facts You Don't Know About

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Sadly, Mr. Steve Jobs, Apple founder and CEO till a few months ago, passed away on Wed. Oct 5, 2011 at age 56 after losing a long battle to cancer. Mr. Jobs was a true technology titan who forever changed our personal and business computing world with an array of innovative and cool digital consumer and entertainment products.


New York Times noted,

"Mr. Jobs was neither a hardware engineer nor a software programmer, nor did he think of himself as a manager. He considered himself a technology leader, choosing the best people possible, encouraging and prodding them, and making the final call on product design."

It is that "final call on product design" has set Apple apart from the pack and propelled the company to briefly top Exxon as the world's largest company in market cap.  And indeed, the first new product launch in Mr. Job's absence--iPhone 4S--underwhelmed investors and Apple stocks suffered a heavy 4% sell-off immediately after the release.


However, we think most likely Apple could have encountered some kind of a problem pushing out iPhone 5 on time, and made iPhone 4S a quick fix rather than missing the launch deadline.  On the other hand, we don't believe iPhone 4S (in its current state) would have even seen the light of the day if Mr. Jobs were still at the helm, and he would have managed public expectation a lot better as well.


Mr. Jobs has been the face, image, heart and soul of Apple for decades, and Apple executives no doubt will face this question--WWSJD (What Would Steve Jobs Do)-- in the foreseeable future.  The infographic below documents some of the interesting yet less known facts about Mr. Jobs.  Our thoughts go out to Mr. Jobs' family.


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virgilcaine's picture

Early Apple , Next Computer and Pixar have to be his most important work.  I was looking at 1992 Video of Next computer that was Years ahead and was used as the first www server. He saw the net before it happened calling it "Interpersonal computing". The Pixar purchase was brilliant.  The Ipod, Ipad and phone are  also but NEXT Step laid the foundation for everything else.   

I watched the 2005 Stanford commencement address also, he shook up the establishment lets say.. and led the way and refused to follow which I admire most.

NextStep was an advanced Unix based OS , the next generation of of APPL software which he  had created after being fired from aapl.. Apple eventually bought next after failing for 10 years wout Steve.  Incredible .  I,m sure he didnt care for the Boxy CRt display though.. he even  tried to make it elegant with a nice stand.. Rest easy Sir.

Earl of Chiswick's picture

Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal - YouTube

Was the iPod Accessory Port Inspired By a 40-Year-Old Camera?

Did Steve Jobs Steal The iPad? Genius Inventor Alan Kay Reveals All,10209.html

Creation Myth - Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation.

tim73's picture

Maybe behind worship of Steve is the dirty little secret that so few American bosses are actually competent ones. If you really wanna bury your company at record speed, hire an American as CEO and just relax.  Their "ready, fire, aim"-tactics are so descructive nothing else can compete. Especially if your company is located in another country. Even Apple was going down in the mid-90's until Steve came back.

These ignorant American jackasses just can't help themselves, especially the ones with no international experience and with that "Wow, this is not Kansas anymore!"-attitude. They just think we all wanna immigrate to USA as fast as possible because we are all dirt poor idiots outside US of A.

ping's picture

I'd go with that if I hadn't seen Apple from the inside. Not that long ago under Jobs, the international management set-up wasn't 'ideal', to be charitable.

We'd get orders from Cupertino to start promotional campaigns for a product months before the stock was available outside the USA. Just made potential customers pissed.

Then they'd limit stock in our territory to ensure the USA had more units - sold at a much lower profit margin, mind you. Prevented demand outside the USA from taking off for years.

Then instruct us to run a USA-designed ad campaign (complete with cutural orientation our audiences wouldn't get) for the 'extra' stock they'd just appropriated from us that was now 'available'. No argument that it was burning money, just: 'Do it'.

When we finally got stock because the production lines could deliver it, and our wannabe customers lined up to buy Apple products, Cupertino would tell us to run their new ad campaign to sell it at a discount, because it was now in the 'declning' stage of its life cycle and 'no-one wanted it'. We actually get the stock, there's demand for it, but we immediately cut the price.

So many Kafkaesque things like that happened, I got pissed and left. Nearly 30% management turnover in 12 months where I was, at Apple. We felt: Why bother? Cupertino hasn't got a clue what things are like here, it won't let us do our jobs. No pun intended.

reader2010's picture

He was so revolutionary in every aspect but just conveninently let Apple go all the way proprietary. I would say he was a part of status quo. Fuck it.

prophet's picture

$48 million per year taxed at zero percent, nice work if you can get it.

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Agreed, and completely ignored in the eulogies for his passing.  If Jobs, for all his supposed genius, had figured out how to build his fancy but non-essential adult toys in America, and bring back manufacturing to our shores, I'd have much more respect for him. He helped make "made in China" an institution.  

Big fat pass on the Jobs worship cult here. 

UP Forester's picture

Is an apple with a bite (byte) out of it supposed to be symbolic or something?  Like the Columbia clothing symbol kinda-sorta looks like a swastika, or all the big corporations with an "Eye of Osiris" as/in their logo?

hannah's picture

jobs may have been employee #0 but he outsourced employees#2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 et al.

Bananamerican's picture

Outsourcing to iron-fisted dictatorships or hiring illegal immigrant labour, with the expressed intent of circumventing first-world labour protections and minimum wage laws, are some of the hallmarks of the new Amerikan Dreem™. Capitalism used to dictate that companies had to make themselves attractive to workers; thus,  benefits and decent wages....

What we have presently is a race to the bottom, where we pay top dollar--Apple products have never been price sensitive--for cheaply made products, whereas the only people who reap the windfall are a concentration of Apple executives and stockholders. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to be one or the other, and certainly an environment that puts a constant downward pressure on wages ensures that it will become increasingly out of reach. 

To be fair, Apple is hardly the first or only corporation that puts profit above ethics; it's pervasive in today's global economy. Nonetheless, it doesn't make it right. 

Now, imagine a world that has finally reached global wage parity...then go stick your head in an oven.

NoClueSneaker's picture

       ... and #282


halvord's picture

Steve Jobs touched me once, and cured me. How ironic that he could not cure himself...

Moe Howard's picture

Did you have HIV and bad taste in clothing as well?

mitchrothschild's picture

hohum - exactly to the point.  so - a wonderful toy manufacturer, to keep us all blissfully jerked-off our whole lives.  no practical application - except that maybe it helps weed the idiots out as i'm x-boarding down the street and don't hear the car horn before i get squashed.  the light bulb doesn't seem like much, but in retrospect, it seems a lot more practical and positive for humanity as a whole.


mitchrothschild's picture

hohum - exactly to the point.  so - a wonderful toy manufacturer, to keep us all blissfully jerked-off our whole lives.  no practical application - except that maybe it helps weed the idiots out as i'm x-boarding down the street and don't hear the car horn before i get squashed.  the light bulb doesn't seem like much, but in retrospect, it seems a lot more practical and positive for humanity as a whole.


Hohum's picture

A wonderful toy manufacturer!

John_Coltrane's picture

I use my "toy" Apple G4 via its firewire and usb ports to control the security, video, lights, heating and watering systems in my house, optimizing the energy and water useage and saving immense amounts of personal time in the meantime.   In my lab I use my apple "toy computers" to collect data, analyze and write code  and graph it, publish it and research information in my field and other access data archives. 

So, I guess you need someone to sell you some imagination and creativity.  Even Steve Jobs couldn't do that.  You can't help it if you can't think different.  Envy and jeolosy will have to be your cup of tea.  (Remember, envy is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason)

Moe Howard's picture

Toy radio control parts can be used to construct IEDs. Does that make them not toys?

Like the man said, you could have done it cheaper on a clone PC with a flavor of unix.

tim73's picture

Except you can do all that with even cheaper PC hardware.

mitchrothschild's picture

initially, apple computers supported artists and appeared to be the outsider in competition with msft and ibm. by the time we get to the ipod - we are into the glofication of stupidity.  does one really need to have earplugs 25/8 - with a selection of how many, it doesn't matter 10k, 20k, 50, 1-00000000k tunes available?  yes, when you are empty in yourself, i guess it does make sense to glorify the man that made it ok to live life with earplugs and boogie down wonderland rattling your little pea-brain inside the soft skull through the entire day.

lunaticfringe's picture

Wow. And so the haters, those people who having been born into this mongrel capitalistic system, have come out. The only people worthy of success are themselves. If only they had any kind of inventive intelligence or the will to make things happen. Maybe they could have done something worthy but absent that... we will bash the dead guy. Let's see. I've seen the arab-jew rant. The stolen options rant. The dropped acid rant. The foreign labor rant. The no divident rant. The Joan Baez (we wouldn't have hit that 30 years ago) and even the stolen liver rant see here:

Can't we just identify one marxist maniac to hate or has everyone become a target now?

LetThemEatRand's picture

So only those who themselves are captains of industry may be critical of captains of industry?    It's always the same circular argument with you guys.  "Oh, you're just jealous.  Why don't you go develop a gadget everyone wants and assemble it with fair labor practices and then you can criticize Jobs for offshoring and using sweatshop labor.  Otherwise, you're just a loser hater...."  I assume you agree that we can all be critical of Hitler even though most of us never rose to power and ruled 1/4 of the world.  Most of us never even killed anyone, yet we feel quite comfortable criticizing those who killed millions in order to profit for themselves.  Jobs was no Hitler and I am not comparing them, but the standard you seek to apply would prohibit criiticism of Hitler by any of us who have not successfully ruled 1/4 of the world with an iron fist, if taken to its logical extreme.  The non-stop Jobs worship bullshit is really fucking annoying.  The "haters" are merely asserting the counterpoint as much as you believe that they should quietly read articles like the above and voice no opinion unless they are Bill Gates or Henry Ford's ghost. 

Moe Howard's picture

I saw a video of him wearing lame ass stone washed disco jeans don't leave that shit out. No free pass for that crap.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Steve Jobs was a NAZI.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...was he really an Antichrist, a Great Wal Mart of China ''buddhist''? ...not really a Nazi, just a Neo World Order sellout that loved his work and hated Flash? Oh well, into the black hole, Mercy never knew him. Bummer.

Moe Howard's picture

Don't leave out the BO problem and the HIV thingie.

Uncle Remus's picture

I for one am getting teary-eyed at being reminded that yes, one day, Larry Ellison too will die.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Oh god, I just love Larry Ellison.  He was just so smart, and innovative.  He deserves admiration, and we should all worship him.

Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison are gods amongst us!  They do no wrong!  Their fascist system is just so awesome!  Long live fascism!

Moe Howard's picture

Yes, he toook it up the bum from MicroSloth and got the bug.

Fred Hayek's picture

They left out:

Drove around in a car with no license plates on it because . . well, he was a paranoid snob who didn't think such things applied to him.

ThaiKev's picture

"Both he and his wife are strict vegans, eating no animal products whatsoever."

The creator of this piece needs to do some research.  SJ and wife ate fish.  Their favorite restaurant is Sawa Sushi.

BigJim's picture

Get a life, dude. Fish are a kind of motile, sea-going vegetable.

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Apple: never had one, don't want one. Proprietary hardware/closed software. Cult following...

move along.

Go ahead and trash me, but have you tried to run accounting software on an Apple?

Confused's picture

Your first problem, is you are an accountant.........




The funny this is, different things work for for different people. I'd rather my 60+ mother use a mac. I dont' have to constantly get calls from her to help fix shit. And for her, the controlled end user environment, is a good thing. 

Hardware is no longer proprietary. They run intel chips. You can build one from scratch and boot up the OS. Sure they have a strong brand, and their marketing creates lemmings, but please.....the hive mind is beneath you. Different products exist for a reason. 

Convervative Connection's picture

I assume you are not using QuickBooks or Quicken or anything like that for your accounting needs given that they are "closed software".

dumpster's picture

16...  was like all of us.    toilet was used twice a day

      A.  pulled his  pants on a leg at a time ,

17.  and the final  .. more or less every one . some sooner some later,

     approx 250 thousand every day.. meet the end .

     A.  some with a drone attack,, other with heart attacks , 

18.  apple paid no interest no dividends ,  neither does gold   just saying

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

He shat on thousands of slave labor workers in China, by not paying them what they deserved, and shat on Americans by not hiring us. 

He is not like the rest of us.  We may use the products, but he chose to manufacture them using sweatshops. 

Steve Jobs could have manfuctured his products in America.  They would have been more expensive, but the living standard would have increased. 

Corporations used NATFA and other trade agreements to destroy America from the inside out.  Jobs was a major part of that.

mitchrothschild's picture

tell the truth.  in the end, just useless products for mindless people.



mitchrothschild's picture

tell the truth.  in the end, just useless products for mindless people.



LasVegasDave's picture

Yes by all means, lets all overpay for goods and services so some privileged workers can earn more than they are worth.

typical ignorant bullshit from labor union flunkies

jd1123's picture

Right on. The only protections the government should provide are for corporate profits. And any organization that debases corporate profits is the enemy. The only question really is, why give a shit about anything else, brah?

Confused's picture



How is this "typical ignorant bullshit from labor union flunkies?"


You haven't really thought this through have you? 

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Instead lets not have any industry and when the dollar loses its value to inflation we will not afford any goods.  You sir, are brilliant. 

I said nothing about unions, only industry. 

But since you brought it up, lets discuss unions.....

Unions are organic.  What do you think America is?  It's a union.  We are the Union of the Republic....the United...States of America.  People that do not like unions are probably the stupidest people on earth.

We are creatures of union.  We live in socities.  We live in families.  We live in tribes.  We all live in unions.

Sex is a union.  You must have something against sex too then.

No more sex!  It's a union.  Unions bad.  Sex bad.  Der der der.....

John_Coltrane's picture

All collectives, including unions, are chimeras.  Only the individual is organic and natural.  Thus, I don't give a shit if you live or die and hopefully you feel the same about me.

Now, fuck off and die shithead !!! (I've got that on a tee-shirt, so I thought I use it in this comment)

JOYFUL's picture


We did the 'trash Steve' thing here on Thursday. Why don't you just buy a Steve Jobs doll and stick pins in it, in the privacy of your own home?

Your compassion for Chinese labor is getting tiresome.  Consider relocating there and doing a start up which pays above market wages...then we can all stand in awe of your clearly underappreciated genius.