For Republicans Newt Gingrich is the Only Choice

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A number of people have been asking me about the 2012 election and who I will support.  I am a member of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party where Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan happily reside.  No surprise then that I support Newt Gingrich for the Republican presidential nomination. 


After graduating from Villanova University in 1981, I worked for the Heritage Foundation and later for Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY) as a writer for the Republican Conference Committee.  My first real awareness of Gingrich as a political leader came in 1984, when he took the attack to the Democrats onto the floor of the House.  He did so in such a way as to provoke a personal reprimand from Speaker Tim O’Neill, who took the floor to attack Gingrich. 


But his post-luncheon bluster got the better of Tip O’Neill, who was censured for his remarks in one of the great parliamentary maneuvers in modern American politics.  The drama was captured by David Osborne in Mother Jones:


“Immediately, Minority Whip Trent Lott rose and asked that the Speaker's words be ruled out of order and stricken from the record. In the House, normally a bastion of civility, members are forbidden from making personal attacks on one another. After five minutes of nervous consultation, the chair ruled in Lott's favor. That night, the confrontation between Gingrich and O'Neill made all three network news programs. The third-term Republican from Georgia had arrived.”


For a young Republican, that public takedown of Tip O’Neill more than a quarter century ago presaged the end of an era politically, the end of Democratic fiat and the real beginning of Republican insurgency.  I watched on CSPAN as Republicans led by the three term congressman from Georgia retook control of the House of Representatives for the first time in the post-WWII era. 


For Republicans interested in winning the 2012 election and changing the direction of the country, the decision comes down to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney vs. former House Speaker Gingrich from Georgia.  As expected the Big Media ignored the great Texas libertarian, Rep. Ron Paul.  None of the other Republican candidates beside Gingrich and Romney, in my view, has the ability to win a national election for the Grand Old Party and, more important, to govern and lead the nation effectively.


Say what you want about Romney’s competence, which I respect as a fellow bankster, but he is still a northeastern liberal who as president would likely pander to the largest banks and corporations.  Terms such as “status quo” come to mind with Romney.  Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, just might start channeling Teddy Roosevelt and break up the big bank cartel in the US housing market. 


Romney did dismantle a lot of private corporations during his years running Bain Capital, boosting shareholder value.  He also destroyed a lot of jobs along the way, but I cannot see leveraged buyout king Mitt Romney really challenging the corporate status quo in Washington. 


Romney is on the record as a bailout denier and overt apologist for the large bank subsidies and rescues put in place by Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner.  The comparison between Romney and Gingrich’s critical view of the Wall Street bailouts is pretty striking.    Gingrich has called for swift action to punish the key players behind the financial crisis, something that should garner support from many points of the political compass. 


"If they want to really change things, the first person to fire is (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben) Bernanke, who is a disastrous chairman of the Federal Reserve, the second person to fire is (Treasury Secretary Timothy) Geithner," Gingrich said in the Republican debate sponsored by Bloomberg and the Washington Post.


The first issue for me with Gingrich is experience, both in terms of domestic economic and political policy. As noted, Gingrich and my friend Grover Norquist led the first successful GOP House campaign in 40 years and the first re-election of a Republican majority in the House since 1928. 


Gingrich worked with members of both parties as Speaker to cut taxes and spending, and understands how to make the government sausage factory work.  He collaborated with conservative leaders like Kemp, Jude Wanniski and Art Laffer, to make supply-side economics a viable response to the Great Society welfare state in Washington. 


Gingrich, Kemp and many other conservatives I first got to know through my parents in the 1980s and 1990s worked with Ronald Reagan on defeating the Soviet empire and renewing the US economy.  Gingrich has been involved with national policy for decades while Romney was governor of Massachusetts for one term, where he did little to change that state’s unique culture of corruption and astronomically high tax rates. 


Gingrich understands the scale of change required in government today.  He has tackled welfare reform, four balanced budgets, Medicare reform, and the largest capital gains tax cut in history.  The proposal for Social Security and Medicare by Gingrich rejects the idea that we can solve our budget and debt crisis by some combination of cutting benefits and raising taxes within the current framework of these two programs.  


Romney has a very limited record when it comes to proposing change to these largest components of the federal government. Gingrich actually understands the issues involved in running the American political economy and can speak about them in detail, as shown in the debates and in other public forums, as well with his proposals for change.


The second issue is conservative vision.  Newt Gingrich is a consistent advocate for conservative American values such as individual liberty and responsibility, while Romney is a “born again” conservative of recent vintage.  From the Contract With America to his latest venture, American Solutions for Winning the Future, Gingrich has provided leadership in terms of generating a broader, non-partisan discussion on political and economic issues. 


Jack Kemp said famously: “Be a leader.”  Gingrich does that and more, but he also has the intellectual credentials to back up the rhetorical theater that is American politics. Gingrich is the author of dozens of books, many of which he actually wrote.  He has the ability to learn and understand complex domestic and geopolitical issues. 


For over two decades, Gingrich has taught at the United States Air Force's Air University, where he is the longest-serving teacher of the Joint Flag Officer Warfighting Course.  He was the third witness at opening House hearing on Goldwater-Nichols legislation, which created a joint operations culture in the US military and streamlined political control over the American armed forces. 


The Goldwater-Nichols legislation had enormous practical and political ramifications, some driven by technology but others by political concerns about the supremacy of civilian rule in post-WWII Washington.  We need a President who understands these complex issues.  Richard Hofstadter wrote about the anti-intellectualism in American life, but out citizens are ready for a President who knows issues in detail and also knows what he does not understand. 


The third issue is pragmatic conservatism.  While Gingrich is guided by many of the core libertarian principles set forth by the founders of our republic, he is also someone who identifies problems in a frank and objective way, then seeks practical answers.  His willingness to  be a bold change agent versus a manager of the status quo is a key component that differentiates Newt Gingrich from Mitt Romney, and most of the other Republican candidates this year.


Yet even as Americans try to undo decades of socialist construction at the hands of both political parties, we need to do so in such a way that does not destabilize the economy and creates an environment that will foster confidence and new private sector growth.  Gingrich believes that fostering an open discussion about the many policy issues we all face is the way to break the cycle of corruption and dysfunction in Washington.   


“In an age where massive pieces of legislation are written in secret and passed before anyone has time to understand their contents, it is my hope that this open process of developing the 21st Century Contract With America will help restore the bonds of trust between the American people and their elected representatives,” Mr. Gingrich writes in 21st Century Contract With America. 


The other issue which demonstrates the pragmatic approach that Gingrich takes to issues is immigration.  Speaking as someone who is descended from immigrants and who has worked and traveled in nations all around the Americas, we need to be more sensitive to the plight of undocumented aliens.  But more than that, Gingrich and other conservatives need to advance solutions to the problem of undocumented aliens and thereby eliminate an obstacle to winning majority Hispanic support for Republican candidates. 


When you look at Romney’s anti-immigrant stance, he almost seems to be mutating into the Richard Nixon of “silent majority” fame, threatening to keep out the evil illegal aliens. Romney’s position is hypocritical, however, because his own Mormon ancestors fled the anti-polygamy laws in the US in the late 1800s for the more permissive climes of Northern Mexico – only to be chased back across the border by the violence of the 1910 Mexican revolution. 


Romney’s Mormon ancestors returned to the US across the same porous Mexican border that admits thousands of illegal immigrants each year.  Did they cross into the US legally?  Should we deport Mitt and his family back to Coahuila? 


Romney’s tough guy stance on immigration, juxtaposed with his unusual family history, makes him a sitting duck for Democrats in a general election campaign.  We need Republicans who will work with the Hispanic community, not give them reasons to vote against us. 


Gingrich has proposed a workable pathway to legal residency and full integration into US society for illegal aliens in terms of taxes and social services, but one that also recognizes the fact that many illegal workers will eventually return to their native lands.  Like Gingrich, I feel that only legal émigrés who follow the law should be eligible for citizenship.  But neither should we turn economic refugees into a permanent underclass.


America needs to create a way for workers from Canada, Mexico and other nations of the Americas to work in the US, pay taxes and receive needed services, and be part of the formal economy wherever they ultimately reside.  And US citizens would benefit from such reciprocity in the other American states and the legal protections afforded by such state-to-state relations. 


I think Newt Gingrich could make the vision of a transparent, open marketplace for labor in the Americas a reality.   He has the sort of intellectual honesty and willingness to risk change that could address intractable issues like immigration, the economy and anti-competitive behavior in the economy.  And Newt Gingrich rejects the socialist policies of the American left, led by the likes of Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, who believe that people who work with their minds are somehow criminals. 


If you really listen to his whining socialist diatribes, Paul Krugman is the enemy of every man and woman who works in the global financial markets.  Many of my colleagues on the Street are very liberal, yet Krugman would take all of their money via higher taxes in a nanosecond.  How is it that nobody sees that Krugman’s commentaries in The New York Times are almost perfectly predicted by George Orwell in Animal Farm – and Hayek in the The Road to Serfdom?   


To me Newt is the only credible conservative in the presidential race for 2012, but one who brings a mixture of core American values, real world experience and a pragmatic, compassionate approach to a range of issues.  Gingrich wants to facilitate real change in America, while Romney only wants to run the welfare state better.  And Newt Gingrich is not afraid to call Barack Obama a socialist in a national presidential debate.  That is why I support Newt Gingrich for the Republican nomination for the presidency.


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signalfire's picture

 "Gingrich is the author of dozens of books, many of which he actually wrote."

I'm speechless at this.  Was this entire piece written by computer generated phrase software?

DarthVaderMentor's picture

He's an opportunist, a liar, a womanizer, a fascist, an immoral bankster whore and a power hungry scumbag. 


That's all the reasons why I'll vote for him on Saturday.


Palin is right. We need to make sure this theater of the absurd doesn't close down too prematurely. The GOP might actually choose a loser rather than the right scumbag to face Obama.


A vote for Newt or Paul is a vote to keep this theater open and the GOP needs it open to find a winner and its soul. 

darkhorse222's picture

Gingrich: is another bought and paid for politician/insider like the rest of them=Romney for instance  thumbs DOWN on him for gawds sakes

ATG's picture

Teddy, like Hoover, Ike and Lincoln, was a big government progressive.

Since our primary problem is too much government crowding out and killing the economy like a cuckoo bird, we do not need corporate government media whiz Newt Wit in the White House, but Dr Ron Paul, the principled choice of the people

Flakmeister's picture

Stolen from E. Klein....

"Newt Gingrich is a stupid man's idea of what a smart person sounds like."


Flakmeister's picture

No, the people that have a faith-based belief in the US fossil fuel prospects are the idiots. He is pandering to them.. He is a misguided hack that should have much have much deeper self-reflection...

iamse7en's picture

Zero Hedge article promoting the New World Order? Hell certainly has freezed over.

Supertubes's picture

This author is completely and totally unqualified to discuss American politics.  I will not explore the loathsome ways of The Newt.  I think it has been handled well here.  Although I do find it interesting that the author introduces us to this great politician by illustrating his first petty takedown.

Theodore Roosevelt is a Jeffersonian or "libertarian"?  Nobody, Court Historian or Revisionist, would describe him that way.  If he was anything he was expressedly for the unrestrained power of the national government, a world view that was anathema to Jeffereson.  Politically educated adults could debate whether Roosevelt was a "national greatness conservative" or a progressive; but nobody with the most rudimentary knowledge of American history would compare him to Thomas Jefferson or even Jackson.  To do so adds nothing to our political understanding as it is so completely off the market and unworthy of debate.

I guess this is what we can expect from a Jack Kemp disciple... libertarian/Jeffersonian indeed.  Hamiltonian power worshipping ass-kisser is more like it, just like Gingrich.

Joy on Maui's picture

My very, very high regard for Mr. Whalen was just obliterated and replaced with - WTF?

Always loved his take on what is going on in the banking world - in the world of politics, not so much.

Gingrich?   Really?  "President Newt"?  "President Mitt"?  If I knew nothing about them, I would disqualify them just by their first names.  But, knowing what I know, I suspect neither is capable of beating OBushma, and that is the real concern.

malalingua's picture

To put newt in the same sentence as Thomas Jefferson shows how out of touch you are to reality, I seriously thought you were joking and kept looking for the sarc off.

The only conservative running is Ron Paul, he's the only one that has a plan to save this country, newt is a war- mongering despot that has no business running for any sort of office.

Stop listening to that bigoted gourmand on the a.m. radio and turn off fox news and maybe then you can start thinking clearly.

I realize that ignorance and confidence gets you elected these days but the people are waking up, so wake UP!

TrulyStupid's picture

There are only 2 parties, neo-con and libertarian/Austrian economics.

The former is aggressively pro-war, pro-corruption, monopolistic capitalist, corporate welfare, borrow print and spend.

Every "republican" candidate save RP is the former, along with all the major democrats including Obama... There is no substantive difference between the policies of the neo-con wannabees. Gingrich is firmly in this camp, thoroughly narcisistic and corrupt, another amoral chicken hawk. It is a sad commentary on the general state of Republican political intelligence, that he is considered an intellectual.

And I thought I was Truly Stupid

Libertarian777's picture

Yes, Newt, the "patriot act doesn't need to be changed" and "we can find a balance between liberty and security {with the scales tilted towards 'security' instead of liberty}". Yes... Newt is the 'only' choice.


As Ron Paul said, you can be perfectly safe in a police state... but would you want to be?

godzila's picture

Gingrich ? Seriously ? If one thing he is just as corrupt and part of the establishement as anyone else. Absolutely zero hope of any kind of progres with someine like him.

To be honest - and it certainly pains me to put it into writting -  the only ray of hope is Dr Paul. The rest of the pack are just blood thirsty, corrupt puppets. Amazing how low US politics has gone.

jmc8888's picture

Newt Ginrigch, is almost single handedly responsible for the vitriol we see between the parties, and is the main architect of the policy that both sides of gov't cannot work together.  Gingrich is also a man who spent his time with Monica Lewinsky, a complete non-story, instead of actually focusing on the country.  You want to know why congress doesn't work anymore? You're looking at the man who set that standard, and pushed that train along the tracks. 

He is out of touch.

He is a propagandist.

He is an idiot. (Like a 50 lb overweight guy looks slim situated next 3 sumo wrestler sized people).  He is still an utter imbecile.

He is a fascist.

He is a bankster whore.

He is a hypocrite. (Bill Clinton and Lewinsky pales in comparison to what he did with women...meanwhile he would put himself out as the righteous one). Fannie and Freddie, otherwise known as Wall Street's planned con on Washington via captured Newt.

He has no idea of how to do anything.  He has no ideas.  He also is NOT anywhere near the top of his game, more like at the lows....meanwhile the game isn't the 1990's, it's the 2010's.  The game has changed a few times, Newt, has not.

This is just off the top of my head, which is far more than his supporters will ever know, even if they 'follow' him. 

Newt is one of the biggest reasons our country is where it is.  Why he can be the only option for the Republican party, just shows you there is no Republican party, just a bunch of whores aligning themselves to a name, and a bunch of idiots that don't see that.  Newt is capable? Yeah a capable dipshit hack, who is capable of finishing off this country.  But then again, Obama will probably finish it well before anyone would even have the chance to ever vote for Idiot Newt.  The republican party has no standard, evidenced by the fools they have thrown their support behind since well, Nixon?  But for this cycle, we've had the pre-Palin bs, stepford Bachman, Magical Underwear Mitt, Rick 'dumber than W, fascist bankster, student of the economic destroyers' Perry, Herman 'never will be abel to do anything but such Koch' Cain, and now Newt.  Hell I probably forgot about one of their dumbasses rising up in the polls.

I think Ron Paul is an idiot about many things, mostly that he is an Austrian Monetarist, and the positions are then idiotic because of this, but even from the outside, he is their only shot at doing ANYTHING positive.  The rest would be 100 percent failures.  If managed correctly, like a QB that can't throw...handing the ball off every time except for a PA fake a couple of times a game, Ron could do some decent stuff.  But his Austrian monetarism holds him way back, even if it is the same very thing, that has kept him from being a different form of the same bullshit overall sophistry known as monetarism....but in that case Keynesian bullshit.    Ron Paul is a republican's only hope, and even he has some serious flaws.  The republican party is in serious trouble, if they still can't figure out they need to rally around him, especially given the 31 flavors of bullshit they've tried so far and puked up, they are in trouble, and America (because you want legitimate sides) is too (but we already know we are in trouble).

Thanks ZH for the laugh, I love it when ZH gives idiots the forum to help solidify the opposite.  That Newt will never be a good option for anybody to choose, even as a husband.  Let alone as president.



DosZap's picture


As you have so admirably pointed out his shortcomings, if you tell me your prefer whats THERE to Newt,you are in serious trouble.

As it stands we're knee deep in the  flaming fires of hell,only to get worse.

Way I see it ANYONE but Obama at this point is A#1 with me.

ATG's picture

Austrian Business Credit Cycle one of the few theories providing successful asset management, that does not confuse gold with debt pyramid usury fantasy with the eye of Sauron in Mordor:



ActionFive's picture

On what merit did this guy zoom up in the polls as of late? Your next TPTB candidate on a plate?  

whstlblwr's picture

Don't buy into status quo candidate marketing. Register republican and vote for Paul in the primary.

He is not afraid to fight "If anybody dared touch us we could wipe any country off of the face of the earth within hours. And here we are, so intimidated and so insecure and we're acting like such bullies that we have to attack third-world nations that have no military and have no weapons."[17]

From wikipedia: Ronald Reagan spoke in support of Paul's foreign policy views, stating "Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country."[7] Daniel Ellsberg, famous for releasing the Pentagon Papers, has said of Paul: "On foreign policy, on the Constitution, on Homeland Security, on intervention, he speaks very well."[8]

ATG's picture

RCW, I knew Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, and NG is no RP.

One is a Constitutional Libertarian and the other was a dethroned hypocrite retail self-serving politician who regularly compromised Conservative Constitutional Libertarian and Moral principles to get ahead.

Even though I spoke with glib opportunist Newt, GOPAC or Grover Norquist several times a week as a candidate in the 1994 Contract with America Elections, endorsed by Dr Paul, there is no way I will vote for bomb thrower finger-pointer Newt Wit, because he cannot beat 0 and would gladly trade our freedoms and taxes for more Lobbying, Military Empire and Police State, more often, in more places at our expense.

Fast and furious perfessor talk is cheap, a dime a dozen in DC.

The only candidate who can actually retire 0 and his gangster government, by appealing to Independents and Conservative Blue Dog Democrats with calm peaceful time-tested principles, is Dr Ron Paul, father of the Tea party.

Dr Paul would be the first practising Physician in the Oval Office, and the only member of Congress elected President with his MD Ophthamologist son serving Jim Bunning's KY seat in the Senate despite Establishment opposition and dirty tricks. Both have excellent long-term vision and bedside manner.

USAF Vet Dr Paul delivered 4000 babies without Abortion or Federal Funding at Taxpayer expense. He survived Twenty-Two Years in a Crooked Congress, including the NG as Speaker of the House, that built a pyramid of deficit debt spending, raided the Social Security Trust and destroyed our American life, liberty and prosperity after we earned and enjoyed them.

Ron Paul is the only person in DC to hit a home run in the Annual DC hardball game, playing in cleats at the tender age of 75:

Dr Paul has the third largest campaign chest in a billion dollar election cycle, thanks to mostly small donors under $200, unlike the corporate foundation foreign lobby candidates who bought the Party limelight and got more monopoly media coverage and debate time.

There is a darn good reason Dr Paul placed near the top of nearly every Internet or Straw Poll, including D strongholds CA and OH, many abruptly cancelled like TX without credible explanation. Dr Paul stands to upset and win primaries and has a good shot at the nomination, unless the voting is fixed. A fired-up grassroots base who vote is the key to winning:

What Tricky Dick called the great silent majority. They are mad as heck at government and candidates as usual. We face an electoral or defacto revolution in 2012 the more Chuckie Schumer denies it on Meet The Press: 

The Eastern Seaboard DC Wall Street Establishment may well wake up horrified to learn on 7 November 2012 they no longer control the country and the majority of people they sold to the lowest bidder.

To know Dr Paul better is to trust and vote for him to save America by enforcing our Constitution, no matter what corporate monopoly media nattering nabobs would have US believe: 13:49

Note especially Dr Paul's coup de gras to neoCon Paul Wolfowitz in the audience, who asked a loaded question, by quoting his statement that the reason Terrorists hate US is our military and special ops contractors occupying their homelands (and killing their civilians and children with Langley Tonopah Remote Predator Drones and Depleted Uranium).

The only way Ron Paul and America can lose is if we do not vote.

Wake up and vote or die...



cynicalskeptic's picture

Yeah...his 'Contract With America' was broken right off... As if Congress will EVER be subject to the same laws, rules and benefits that the rest of us have to deal with.....

The reality of Gingrich's own life is a horrid example of moral and ethical bankruptcy - sadly all too tyoical of what the Repoublican Party has degenerated to......   Gotta love the 'family values' typoes whose own lives are a mess.   At a point in time when the nbation needs ACCOUNTABILITY for all those that have made such a mess of things, the LAST person you need leading the nation is someone who hasnever been held accountable for his opwn actions.   

The reality is that there isn't one sane Republican candidate (Paul is dead on with some things but off in lala land with others) though with Obama acting like Bush III I don't know why the Republicans WANT to get elected.... they're getting all they want without having to take any blame......   the problem is if this keeps up we'll have rioting in the streets from the jobless and hungry.






darkhorse222's picture

WTF?! You respect a guy who preaches "Family Values" who has had several affairs outside of marriage?-Came to his cancer ridden wifes death bed to get her to sign divorce papers! He must have been in a rush-couldnt wait for her to die (How crude)

Then quickly remarried some slut? Who has his hands in more pockets than many democrats-hence his great wealth? Who was caught up in an ethics scandle in congress a few  years back?

NG is not a man-he is in it for himself-hanging out with the big boys-he could give a crap about the country or his constituants, when you look at the man-HE IS NOT OF LEADERSHIP QUALITY

Im voting for RON PAUL-not a man who is part of this corrupt system like Gingrich; Paul is not perfect-but rises far above the heads of any of the other dolts that the GOP is foisting off on the unsuspecting public-


edit: now we read of BILL CLINTON singing the praises of the Fig Newton-need anymore proof how the corrupt just love to pat each other on the back?-come-on some of you Republicans must be vomiting at this sick news:

Fozzy Slippers's picture

It's not your Gov. It's a forgien enemy state. Why are you even voting? Get ready for some real war. The userpation has gone on long enough.

Henry Hub's picture

***For Republicans Newt Gingrich is the Only Choice***

Is it possible that Zero Hedge has been secretly bought out by Fox News and Roger Ales is now Tyler Durden!


billwilson's picture

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Gingrich?  The man with no morals to try tio get the Conservative Christian vote. HA Ha Ha. Trice married, lying, cheating, asshole (to be kind).

Gingrich? Corruption perosnified. 

Gingrich? Incompetence personified. He had to be thrown out as House leader because he was royally screwing the place up.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

If that is the best the right has to offer, man is America in deep shit.


Totin's picture

Where you been? The US has been in deep shit for the last three years since the left gave us their best.

Coldfire's picture

A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama. Any vote is a vote for farcism. Even RP cannot save the system, it is rotten to the core.

indio007's picture

Newts Congressional ethics violations will end up in a campaign commmercial and he will be toast.

It seems the lame stream media is just going down the line trying to annoint the "winner". After Newt, will come Huntsman who is palatable to most.

Ron Paul will never get a fair shake even if he won every primary they would say he is unelectable against Obummer.


When people say Ron Paul is unelectable they are talking in code. What they are really saying is "Moneyed interests have veto power over who ultimately becomes President".


Even if Ron Paul "won" , I sure the ultimate voters (the Electoral College) would vote for someone else in the end.

It's not there just for show after all.

American Sucker's picture

Voting.  LOL.  Why not do a raindance on Election Day instead?

my puppy for prez's picture


"Finally, in order to understand just how dedicated Gingrich is to destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, consider that he described himself as a “conservative futurist” who enthusiastically recommended as Speaker of the House his colleagues read Alvin Toffler’s 1980 book The Third Wave.

In the book, Toffler wrote a letter to America’s “founding parents,” in which he said: “The system of government you fashioned, including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented – a democracy for the 21st century.” According to Toffler, our constitutional system is one that “served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.”   (excerpt from an article which is up today at

It is amazing that this 46 yr. old homemaker/baker can discover more truth about the REAL Gingrich than this hack author!  I am embarrassed for this author's obvious lack of knowledge....reminds me of most retarded Republicans I know....and I used to be one of them!  

Newt is a big, fat liar, a transhumanist, a consummate globalist, and did I mention a big, fat liar?

Our country is in SERIOUS trouble if this author represents even a fraction of the populace!  Geez......

technovelist's picture

The words "libertarian" and "Gingrich" in the same sentence could cause a black hole to swallow up the Earth.

Just sayin...

victor82's picture

Dupiicate Post!


What would Ron Jeremy say!

victor82's picture



The GOP is pushing the same corporatist toadies and, since they were able to run Palin out of the race, nobody but Ron Paul merits my vote.

I will probably write in Palin as a big "fuck you" to the Bushtard Establishment that still runs the Party. I can't believe that there are people out there who would actually vote for Mitt Romney, btw. The man is beloved by nobody save the State Party Chairs and Georgette Mosbacher and Georgette Mosbacher's jewelry collection.

If you are wonder who Georgetter Mosbacher is, look up in your Funk and Wagnalls under "A Rising Tide Lifts All Yachts". You'll see her picture there.

azzhatter's picture

I'd rather die than vote for that lard ass, scum sucking pig Gingrich.  Ron Paul is the only choice for 2012

FEDbuster's picture

A Gingrich presidency would take us to full boil WW3 (we are already on simmer).   The guy is just plain political scum, but you know what they say about shit.  Newt is one of the biggest floaters around.

Alvaro de Esteban's picture

Don´t know if Krugman is the enemy of the Financial Markets WORKERS, but sure he is more than friendly with Financial Markets OWNERS.

Diamond Jim's picture

boy, must have touched alot of raw nerves with my post. Guess i was dissed again and had my comments removed by Big Brother. This site must remember our 1st amendment rights and that there is a place in this universe for those not so willing to bow to the altar of Mr. Paul, as so many on this  site now advocate. He is a demogaogue as much as Prez. Owe...who is the real problem. All this comparison of Gingrich to a "nazi" is very reminiscent of Democratic strategies of name calling like "extremist"  "radical" that is now attached to the "Tea Party"etc. I submit that Mr. Paul comes off as too extreme and will not appeal to the masses in "fly over country". True, he speaks the truth and one must admire his nerve and compassion, but he does not strike me as able to work with a Congress, can we say "compromise" boys and girls ?? And as I alluded to earlier, has no foreign policy other than "isolationism".

So diss away you covert democrats and OWS people........this site is not what it used to be....let's see how quickmy comments are purged and discent discouraged.

TrulyStupid's picture

Sorry... but there can be no compromise with impending bankruptcy... can't be a little bit solvent (or pregnant).  The deficit must be defeated prisoners.

Nostradamus's picture

Uhh, look man, what we have needed for quite some time in America is a president who won't work with congress and won't compromise.  We need a president who will tell the drug addict "no more".  We need a president who will tell the junkie "no compromise" when it comes to him wanting just a little bit, just a teensy weensy more, heroin.  No matter though. The junkie has already OD'd. The fatal dose of that high producing substance called "debt" already coursing through its veins. Ron Paul or no Ron Paul, we won't avoid what's coming down the pike.

WatchnSee's picture

Anybody but Obama!

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C'mon man. Don't you remember people said that a long time ago about Al Gore. "Anybody but Gore," they said.  And look what we got. Eight years of the awful big government Republican, G.W. Bush.

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 Ron Paul has drawn surprising support. A couple of examples of voters under 40 years of age: One of our computer system personnel, has  one child nine months old, voted for Obama, strongly favors Ron Paul. I had a root canal job two weeks ago. The dentist is engaged to be married. He volunteered his concern about the debt problem, and to my surprise, strongly  favored Ron Paul. The question I have about Ron Paul is whether he can handle the politics needed to get passage of his ideas.

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I was getting concerned for Tyler's judgement while reading this POS article. But it is a Sunday night and a little diversion from the eminent eurocalypse is appreciated. 

Looking at the number of votes and rating made me smile!

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Agree....another soft on illegal immigration appeaser, pathetic.  Ron Paul first, then maybe Gingritch.  Newt would do great in debates, smart as a whip, but we need bold leadership who disdains the establishment...that is RP.

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Agree....another soft on illegal immigration appeaser, pathetic.  Ron Paul first, then maybe Gingritch.  Newt would do great in debates, smart as a whip, but we need bold leadership who disdains the establishment...that is RP.

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Ron Paul or None at All

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yeah, I wrote him in in 2008 and looks like the same again!