Robo-signed | Bondi’s Director of Economic Crimes Division, Richard Lawson, Victim of Multiple LPS/DOCX Robosigned Satisfactions

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Sorry that laugh slipped out. This is a serious matter...

So, in the wake of all this controversy regarding the firings of Bondi's two Foreclosure Fraud Investigating Attorneys June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, I decided it was my patriotic duty to make sure neither Bondi nor her new director Richard Lawson were victims of the robo-signing scandal.

Lawson is the one that apparently sent the orders to fire these two fine women by the way.

To imagine that he or Bondi could be affected by the same exact fraud that they fired their investigators for investigating, without knowing the effects on them personally, would be an absolute tragedy.

Well, it appears the Bondi may be in the clear, for now, but it also appears Lawson may still be on the hook for lots and lots of money.

Reason being? Apparent forged/fabricated? satisfactions of mortgage by Lender Processing Services subsidiary DOCX.

Now, fortunately it was not the infamous Linda Green, but it was done in the same office by co-workers/surrogate signers Jessica Ohde and Rita Knowles, two other well know robo-signers.

How bad is it?

Well, I tried to make sure that there wasn't a problem with Richard Lawson's satisfactions but it didn't look good. After comparing Jessica Ohde's and Rita Knowles' signatures to the signatures on Lawson's satisfactions, I couldn't determine which were the real signatures and which ones one the forgeries...

Jessica Ohde's signature on Lawson's Satisfaction

Other random variations of Jessica Ohde's signature

Will the real Jessica Ohde please stand up...

Via Fraud Digest...

False Credentials

Docx, LLC
Lender Processing Services
Jessica Ohde

Action Date: September 16, 2010
Location: Alpharetta, GA

Jessica Ohde was employed for many years in the Alpharetta, GA offices of Lender Processing Services. She signed many different job titles on mortgage-related documents, often using different titles on the same day. She often signed as an officer of MERS ("Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.") There are at least four distinct versions of the Jessica Ohde signature, indicating that several different persons signed the name “Jessica Ohde.” Titles attributed to Jessica Ohde include the following: Assistant Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.; Assistant Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., as successor-in-interest to Option One Mortgage Corp.; Assistant Secretary, MERS, as nominee for American Brokers Conduit; Assistant Secretary, MERS, acting solely as nominee for American Home Mortgage; Assistant Secretary, MERS, acting solely as nominees for American Home Mortgage Acceptance, Inc.; and Vice President, Seattle Mortgage.

Aw Crap...

But what about Rita Knowles???

Rita Knowles' signature on Lawson's Satisfaction

Other random variations of Rita Knowles' signature

Not sure what to make of the above signatures either but make note that Lawson's Rita satisfaction was for a USAA loan as well and they don't even match up...

And there are more variations where those came from.

All you have to do is use Google to do a PDF search for their names and you will find many many documents bearing their signatures. I Included some examples from Jeff Thigpen's investigation below as well.

Also, remember, all of these documents are notarized. Some under penalty of perjury, but they do not seem to care, let alone follow laws that have been in place for hundreds of years.

How much so?

Well, take a look at this notarized document of Rita Knowles signature...

As you all know, these documents were never witnessed and notarized legally. Hence the result above...

Now, fortunately Lawson's satisfactions were for what appears to be a second and third line of credit on the house. One was for $10,500 and the other was for $29,025.

So if these satisfactions are faulty and he couldn't prove they have been truly satisfied, he potentially would only be on the hook for about $40,000. Don't get me wrong, $40,000 is a lot of money but at least his 1st primary mortgage wasn't robo-signed by a DOCX employee. Yes, $40,000 would sting a bit but not as much as the hundreds of thousand of dollars that others may have been stuck with due to the rampant fraud perpetrated on our nations land records.

Guess Dick got lucky that DOCX didn't sign off on his primary mortgage.





So lucky in fact, that the first mortgage was satisfied by         Sarah            Johnson        Assistant          Secretary          of             MERS...
(the spaces were suppose to be slow dramatic pauses)

Uh, wait a minute. That doesn't sound good...

Sarah Johnson, now where have I heard that name before?

That's right... From stacks of documents "compiled" by GMAC.

The same GMAC that was just in the national news this week with something about Internal Doc Reveals GMAC Filed False Document in Bid to Foreclose...

Who woulda thunk?

Guess we better have a look at Lawson's first then...

Sarah Johnson's signature on Lawson's Satisfaction

Other random variations of Sarah Johnson's signature

Yikes, looks like the satisfaction for the primary mortgage may have an "irregularity" as well.

I can't tell what signature of Sarah Johnson is real vs forged... Can you?

My other concern for  Dick, is from looking up his MERS MIN number, it appears that USAA didn't even OWN the loan to actually satisfy it...

According to MERS, GMAC was the servicer, which explains the robo-signing from the GMAC employee, BUT Fannie Mae, ie currently the TAXPAYER, actually was the one who owned the loan.

That may be a problem. Not only for Dick, but for the purchaser of his toxic titled property.

Not cool...

Sorry Dick, I tried, but it doesn't look so good.

Looks like he might be on the hook for close to $200,000.

Or, I guess he can hire an attorney to clear this "technicality" up if it is really satisfied since I am sure the purchasers of this property will after I contact them to let them know that they may have some serious "irregularities" because of the fraud perpetrated by the use of robo-signers.

It's unfortunate that this will cost Dick and the new owners thousands of dollars to clear this up even if he can prove it is paid off and no longer owns the debt.

I guess these are the kinda things that happen when laws aren't followed and are allowed to be continually broken.

It's too bad the two top investigators of the robo-signing scandal were fired from his office. They may have been able to help him out in all this...

Actually, Dick, now that I think about it, if they aren't holding a grudge, and I think they are not, maybe you can contact June and Theresa at their new law firm that is dedicated to FIGHTING FORECLOSURE FRAUD.

They are experts at this whole robo-signing clouded title thing.

The Edwards & Clarkson firm can be reached at 954-925-4771

Sorry Dick, but this couldn't of happened to a nicer guy...

So spread the word all. This affects everyone, just as the examples above portray.

If you haven't, sign the petition calling for an investigation of Attorney General Bondi’s actions:

The push-backs have already started...

Positive Bondi-spin articles are now hitting the internets...

Link - From Tampa to Tallahassee, this is Pam Bondi's life

Even though this article starts out with this...

There are pre-dawn (blond) moments when sometimes she's not sure where she is. "That's right," she tells herself. "I'm not in Tampa. I'm in Tallahassee."

It is a politically positive article.

And there was also this...

Link - My Word by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Explaining ousters

Be careful out there...


Missed our interview with June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards?


Full length podcast can also be downloaded here...
(Right click to save as MP3)


Richard Lawson Satisfaction by DOCX for $10,500


Richard Lawson Satisfaction by DOCX for $29,025


Richard Lawson Satisfaction by USAA/MERS


Jeff Thigpen Guilford County Register of Deeds Docx Data Highlights


More DOCX Signature Variations


LPS Government Solutions


Lender Processing Services' DOCX Document Fabrication Price Sheet

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You are my hero!

And this sick twisted mess couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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What needs to happen next is a complete review of the mortgages lying in the dark damp cellars at Maiden Lane, NY 10045. Go down the list, all those mortgages should be foreclosed by now: Were the proceeds of sales delivered to FRBNY? Doubtful, or they would be talking "recovery rates" on their RMBS Toxic Assets. How many properties are in Broward County, Florida? Woodward & Bernstein (Clarkson & Edwards) were excluded from the 50 States proceedings because the Banksterz want to be indemnified from futher liability, the kind that would result when the world finds out what they did to the FRBNY's portfolio properties. They couldn't have done it without the Robo-Signers, and Robo-Judges. Keep digging 4ClosureFraud!

NOTE: I shouldn't say only Broward County, just because that's the office C&E worked at, their focus was statewide. But for purposes of Foreclosure Filings, South Florida (Broward, Palm Beach, & Miami-Dade Counties) is pretty high up on the state's list. Therefor I revise my earlier question to: How many (of Maiden Lane) properties are in SOUTH FLORIDA? 

PS- Why are Edwards & Clarkson working a "foreclosure defense" firm? Why are they not consultants for an investigative reporting agency? (ie, Matt Taibbi's ROLLING STONE). They struck a nerve, somewhere. Follow the trail...

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

Please keep up the GREAT work!!!  

A big shoutout THANK YOU to ZH for posting this.  Obviously the MSM is not going to cover it, as they are too busy cheerleading for Bondi. 

What needs to happen next is for Bondi's political opponents to get ahold of this and run to the news with it.

flattrader's picture

This is the kind of original content that makes the site worth reading.

Re: Biondi's political opponents...

Yes, good suggestion.  Hopefully 4ClosureFraud is on it.

The irony is just unbelievable!

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        Counterfeiting T-Bonds?


     The forgeries we've seen in documents above, sworn and attested to under oath, is, I'm afraid, just the "Tip of the Iceberg".


     After all, if this behavior is rampant in this financial arena - sub-section, imagine what else is hidden in the Non-Audit-able sub-sections.


    For example, a couple of years back a couple of Japanese men were picked up at the Italian / Swiss border I believe. On them, they had a briefcase containing $134 Billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds. What was even more interesting was the denominations, and also whether these bonds were ever registered at all. Bloomberg, wrote up a brief piece on the story and gave it short-shrift. It was pooh-poohed out of the news, and no serious questions were asked, about their origin, purpose, issue dates, registration numbers, cusips,.... Nada. The story was interesting for what was not said.


   It occurs to me that, if what we've seen in the mortgage arena is the "modus-operendi" and not the exception (which I believe is the case) then the fraudulent issuing and counterfeiting of Treasury Bonds, Notes, Bills has been going on at a massive pace.


   Catherine Austin Fitts has been telling people about the billions of dollars that goes missing every week from government spending. She was at Housing and Urban Development and said 59.3 billion dollars went missing from HUD in just two years.


   It seems, Treasuries are issued, sold, and the proceeds disappear into the unauditable categories of the N.Y. FED Account System and U.S. Agency Budgets. I don't think Catherine Fitts was in error about her patriotic observations; I actually think she was trying to look out for HUD, its recipients and the U.S. Taxpayers.

 There must be mechanisms in place in the labyrinthine system to obfuscate the trail of funds and Treasury issuance, making it somehow seem incomprehensible.


  If the fraud in one area, is so completely endemic, then why would it just stop there? It's the same players that are handling all the other financial assets as well. Same banks, same Primary Dealer Network, same FED Bank Branch, same FED owners, same individuals.

Diogenes's picture

If it is the news story I think you mean, the counterfeit bonds were part of a scam that originated in the philippines. They let on they have billions in bonds that were lost during WW2 and recently dug up and now they need your help to cash them in.

Bastiat's picture

I recall reading Fitts saying that she actually had research done while she was on the inside that indicated more (FNMA or FHMLC, or both) paper had been issued then there were mortgage -- ie. the old banker game of multiple pledge of the same asset or revenue stream.   I have never seen anyone say that US Bonds were issued in this way--in fact I'm not sure it is possible.  To my knowledge, no paper bonds have been issued in a long time so what exactly does counterfeiting mean and how would that work?

Diogenes's picture

On her website I believe she uncovered information indicating the CIA was getting up to 1O mortgages on one house, FNMA insured, then letting them all go in default. The FNMA would eat the loss and say nothing. This is one of the ways they finance black ops

flattrader's picture

I was thinking this would be a diabolical method for funding anything off book since we all caught on to the $5,000 for a hammer budget line item.

I you can provide a link to the Fitts website please do.

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Citizen Warriors-July-30-2011

Created 2 days ago on powertalk


Pam Bondi Fired these nice ladies who had worked for years to crush Bank Fraud, fired without warning (given the option to resign) and NO Work Product was able to be moved to the “New Team” that is twice the size with NO! convictions of any Banks!

America is a JOKE!! Banks can come into a person’s home, throw the home owners belongings out and change the locks.. the Police say it is a civil matter.. and when a Land Lord does the exact same thing? He gets charged with a Felony and off to Prison he goes!

So the Banks! Do whatever they want and Citizens! are fodder for the Court system! Same Shit Different Day!

When will people Wake Up??

Bastiat's picture

That's too much!!  Fantastic work you folks do!


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Anyone familiar with Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) ? I heard something about them yesterday I'd like to verify.


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LPS is in Jacksonville FL and is a part of Fidelity.

1.   Florida Attorney General Subpoenas Lender Processing Services ... - Cached

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Oct 13, 2010 – Florida Attorney General Subpoenas Lender Processing Services ... It's the latest piece of very bad news for LPS, which is currently facing ...

2.   FDIC Makes Public April Enforcement Actions; No Administrative ... - Cached

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May 31, 2011 – To view individual orders below, click the link for the PDF next to the order. ... Lender Processing Services, Inc., Jacksonville, FL; and DocX, LLC, ... Bank Leumi USA, New York, NY; FDIC-11-032e; against Roberto E. ...

3.       [PDF]


You +1'd this publicly. Undo

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Apr 13, 2011 – WHEREAS, Lender Processing Services, Inc., Jacksonville, ..... from Examined Servicers (such as newly executed authorizations to execute ...


Gromit's picture

Thx....shorted LPS this morning, acting nicely so far.

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Great! Job!!

Keep! It!! Up!!! THEY WILL BREAK!


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Amazing.  I've tried to share this link on facebook and it is already "blocked" due to "abuse complaints".... 

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Bob damn it, you're right! I tried to share this, and it was flagged as spam. 

I cussed out facebook and called them a bunch of FBI / CIA asskissing bastards who tried to prevent my freedom of speech and in doing so, have prevented real truth from getting to those who need to know it. 

We'll see how that goes. 

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Well, they responded to my "counter report" by taking all of my fb pages offline - I can't access any of them, "server too busy or down" message....

Update: My pages are back up now, they weren't down very long, so maybe fb did have a 'problem'...

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Totally Awesome!  They were getting rid of those who actually uncovering the fraud as they were trying to cover up the fraud!  I wonder what ever happened with Obama's robo signed clearance of property debt?  All his documents were robo signed fraud.  Seemed that got swept under the rug last year.