SeX And PoLiTiCS, THe NeW NeW AMeRiCaN ReLiGioN

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Santorum is trying to save us

Unlike the bad deal the Dems gave us

Don't play their game

Each party's the same

They're doing their best to enslave us!


The Limerick King





Uterine chaos is here!!!
These pussies are stirring-up fear!
It's time to withdraw...
Retreat from the bra...
The new entry point is the rear!

The Limerick King




Santorum is out having fun
He's having a nice little run
But since he's not Paul
Momentum will fall
And facing Barack he is done

The Limerick King









h/t Aristarchan










The Larry revival is on
What a ridiculous con
Listen to teacher
Don't be a preacher
And stop sucking dicks in the John

The Limerick King











SNAKE HUSTLER (w/Limerick)


Romney is playing with snakes
To garner support from the flakes
When asked to report
How he'd win gay support
With a lisp said, "Whatever it takes!!!"

The Limerick King













The laundry is dirty today
That Issa guy sure likes to play
Just look at his grin
And the spot on his chin
It looks like his wife is away

The Limerick King






Darrel from Dickheads United
Says men on the right are invited
To join his crusade
Against those who get laid
If you join he'll get really excited


The Limerick King







THE STINKER (w/Limerick)


Newt is immersed in deep thought
A moment of genius is sought
A plan he'll prepare
To have an affair
And how to avoid getting caught

The Limerick King






 "The biggest threat to America today is not communism. It's moving America toward a fascist theocracy, and everything that's happened during the Reagan administration is steering us right down that pipe ... When you have a government that prefers a certain moral code derived from a certain religion and that moral code turns into legislation to suit one certain religious point of view, and if that code happens to be very, very right wing, almost toward Attila the Hun..."--Frank Zappa


Temptation is playing both sides
Like pole-dancing sirens it slides
Seduction and Lust
In God We Don't Trust
When Evil is present, it hides!

The Limerick King







Liberty hangs from the cross
Reflecting a state's moral loss
And justice they say
Left early today
She's fooling around with the boss

The Limerick King


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Bob's picture

Pot calling kettle black, then?

I've bitten the ole divide and conquer?  Maybe. 

Thanks, I'll think about it. 

Just curious: What's your take on Santorum's emphasis upon his putative religiosity as a presidential candidate?

nmewn's picture

Dammit Bob, do think about it.

Our country is being torn apart over complete and utter bullshit. No one was being harmed, no one was being damaged, no lawsuit was ever filed, no rights were being abridged.

They sweep in, insult people of all political parties and everyone is left standing around scratching their heads saying what the fuck just happened here and why did they feel compelled to do this now?

When the day rolls around that a new administrative agency is saying that it is forcing the people to buy a product or service or worse, by lying and saying it's "free" I'll have the same opinion I've always had...and you can count on it.

Bob's picture

Thanks again, fully awake now, I've mulled it over pretty well. 

Without senseless surrender to the pathetic charade of red-blue politics, let's remember how this problem screamed into the public eye.  Since the 2010 elections, the red team has been relentless in its attacks on what secular society has defined as "reproductive health" rights, both at the state and federal level.  The red team won big that year. 

They have been roaring on sexual issues since they "swept in."  They've declared war on the specter of creeping Gay-ism in all its forms, from marriage to partner health benefits to public education and more war against what actual individual women might choose to do with their own bodies.  Not that men have no stake (ever think about child support?)

There's an extremely well-financed and crazy group in American society that just cannot keep their minds and mental hands out of the pants, bedrooms, doctor's offices and lives of everybody else.  They profoundly abuse notions of privacy and consitutionality in a charicatured reverence they affect for "liberty."  They're all about "liberty"! 

They are the tail (or asshole, to people like me) that wags the republican party dog. I don't think they're in any position after their escapades of the last 1 1/2 years to whine about somebody turning the tables--however mildly--on them with this one.  Even if it is 110% driven by Barry's political cynicism. 

When a bully comes crying, I find it hard to be sympathetic and part of that leads me instead to regard it as a teachable moment. 

If republicans start getting their asses kicked over senseless fights they themselves initiated, maybe they should blame themselves.  If it's not them who had it coming, it certainly is them who didn't keep the lunatics who identify as part of their team in check. 

FWIW, I don't believe mainstream republicans support the actions of the perverted conservative fringe who get so much time and attention.  I think their representatives, however, have very much enjoyed these loud perverts as fortuitiously useful idiots.  They don't have to address compelling matters at all that way.  They can spend most of their time answering irrevelent questions pegged to an absurd narrative manufactured by a savvy corporate media entertainment complex.  

FWIW, I think the red team is just as heppy for the distraction as the blue team is. 

They both work for the same interests, good cop bad cop routine aside. 

It is all bullshit.  But now it's the red team--yours--that's finally being taken seriously to task. Tough break. 

I don't have a team.  I can't imagine wanting to endorse any of these fucking clowns.  Most of the time it's funny to me when either side takes a hit.  Of course, such a clown show gets us nowhere. 

Give Up The Teams 2012

nmewn's picture

Bob, just back.

First, I apologize for the rough treatment, it was uncalled for.

Well, I can honestly say I don't know what mainstream reps think or feel no more than I do mainstream dems, even though I was one in the past. I do know what I think and feel now.

It is strange how your recollection of events leading up to, and away from, the 2010 elections is very much different from mine. Taking control of one chamber of congress can hardly be called being "swept in" to any real power, as Reid, in the senate, has blocked over a hundred bills from coming to a vote in that chamber.

I suppose, this is to be expected between us, different perceptions of the same reality.

My reality is, the 2010 elections had nothing at all to do with gay rights or abortion. The drivers of that election was about what the people (all the people) hoped would be a return to national fiscal sanity and a repudiation of having an unconstitutional law rammed down our throats through bribery & deceit.

That would be the law just abused by O'Barry & his commissar to insert themselves into church affairs, which was the point of Banzai's post and our comments here. He has no constitutional authority in or over any church or denomination which he is about to find out.

I have always found it profoundly odd and a complete contortion of logic that the "blue team" consistently screams for the federal government to keep their hands off their bodies and out of their bedrooms...only to then turn to the federal government (after catching their breath from screeching) and invite them into their bedrooms, into their refrigerators, into their schools and now, obviously, into their doctors offices with the passage of still more federal law.

In fact, many of that shade, demand it. What I believe you need to understand is this.

Any government allowed to become large enough to grant you rights will also be made large enough to remove them as well. Rights do not come from any government. They never have. They are either respected by it or suppressed by it.

It is good that two who share the same concept in avatars can still say these things to each other without fear of federal government reprisal, yes? ;-)

Disenchanted's picture



What happened to the discussion about trillion$ of taxpayer dollars subsidizing(a.k.a. bailouts) private banksters both foreign and domestic?


Not to mention the decades of taxpayer subsidies to the corporate war complex industry including 'foreign aid', which is mostly handing out the weaponry that industry produces, to our alleged foreign friends.


Where's the hue and cry about those 'entitlements' or that form of socialism? 


btw the 2008 bank bailouts weren't the first...that type of thing goes back a long way.


But the Godz forbid that the regular people get a cut of the pie. Which in some cases we and our employers paid a portion of some of these so called entitlements, specifically SS and Medicare. Is it our fault that corrupt politicians of all stripes totally mismanaged the funds that were intended for SS and Medicare and misdirected those funds into the hands of their cronies and to such causes that I in no way support(such as putting Israel first via the public pocketbook)?? ** Hell when you boil it down to the nitty-gritty even ObamaCare is bottom line a corporate bailout for the health insurance industry.


Fuck me running...


** I realized after I typed that...yes it is our fault for allowing those types to remain in office.

nmewn's picture


You might be surprised to learn I also oppose bailouts of all kinds. This is the second time in my life the government has bailed out Chrysler, for example. The second time they've bailed out the banks as well.

Social Security is a ponzi and has been looted just like many said it would be all those years ago...

"When they imply that the reserves thus created against both these policies will be stolen by some future Congress, diverted to some wholly foreign purpose, they attack the integrity and honor of American Government itself."

FDR 1936 Madison Square Gardens Speech

Whoever the "they" were in his speech, they were's a strictly cash flow operation now, the money from the peoples labor is gone, no savings in there. Geithner finally admitted it and O'Barry confirmed it with his "Granny's check" remark.

We would do well to not give them the trust they crave, until such time in the future they prove they can be trusted again. We should remember the trust was not broken on our end.

And yes, ObamaCare was basically a strong arm robbery.

But the robbers always wind up fighting over the loot in the end leaving only one standing and it will be government. They will tell you what they can afford to give you at the end of it. If you are young, you will be treated. If you are old your usefullness to them as a revenue generator is past.

You know the drill.

Disenchanted's picture

The government's usefulness to me has certainly passed...same as the contrived red team/blue team bullshit.


What color is the We the People's team?

nmewn's picture

lol...mine is not very popular around here, kinda boring and tea colored ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

It's like a political doomsday device, you can't know for certain where it will lead.

nmewn's picture

I'm sure the insurance companies will pay all damages inflicted "for free" when it finally goes it is written, so it shall be, so no real harm done ;-)

GeneMarchbanks's picture

From the above:

'In his philosophy of science, which has much in common with that of his good friend Karl Popper, Hayek was highly critical of what he termed scientism: a false understanding of the methods of science that has been mistakenly forced upon the social sciences, but that is contrary to the practices of genuine science.'

Evangelicals are an easy target. What you're seeing is a perversion and manipulation of religious ideals that are shaking Western principles to its core. Since there is little you or I can do about it, you make fun of it to lessen the burden. What is happening is quite pathetic but mocking doesn't really help distance yourself from it now does it?

Tell me falak, what are 'secular values' rooted in?

Ghordius's picture

you made a delicious excursion over to many subjects, but the original question was gene's "Tell me falak, what are 'secular values' rooted in?". the standard answer in the West is Christendom. and here I beg to differ. Christendom is itself rooted in values that are quite older. Christianity was, historically, sometimes even quite sceptic about some of our values, including the below two examples and the rule of law.


one glaring example: the family. straight out of the roman understanding of the familia, the exclusive legal domain of man. one man, his house, his fields, his womanfolk, his children, slave, cattel and wealth, all in his power to dispose or kill or sell as he wishes. the roman legal system (aka Intrusion from the State) only made provisions like the one saying that you can only sell your son three times, after which he is free or that a wife wishing to stay under the legal shelter of her original family had to stay away from her husband's home for three days a year.

Ask around, most would be convinced that Family Values are inherently Christian or at least Abrahamic.

this ancient understanding is alive in all faiths in individualism, (including the the undercurrents of Libertarianism)


another example, this time of something that does not exist in any actual form like the family, but still moves the understanding of many peoples:

the greek genos - roman gens: the understanding that all descendents from the same progenitors (originally over the female line) would share values and common wealth, including religious rites, burial grounds, and often all land in general. this ancient understanding lives strongly in the values of many europeans like the Swedes, some German tribes, but was also strong in the customs of the American Indians or the older Irish etc. it's the understanding that resurfaces in all faiths in socialism and collectivism in it's many forms

a word of warning on the ancients and their thoughts: they often failed to describe what for them was commonplace but lost for us, from Socrates and Plato about the politics of their genos (Plato's oncle was one of the Thirty Tyrants of a system based on the 30 leading genetic tribes of their times) or the politics of the roman gentes for Caesar leading him to win the Pontificate for his Julian gens and it's clients. Or the genos politics of the Spartans, best exemplified by the live of Queen Gorgo. Or the question why the Acheans had to get a Queen back from Troy.

falak pema's picture


I don't know if we read the same history books. But in my library, a man called Socrates appeared in the first book of political science ever written, Plato's Republic, (the definition is of Ciceron so its "in concrete"), where a man tried to explain human and social events through the prism of logic and observation and not as actions of divine will conjured in Olympus or by Destiny. 

That age replaced Herodotus by Thucydide and Zeus/Tyrant kings by rhetoric and democracy. It was followed by Plato's construct of ideals and Aristotle's....well you know the story probably better than I do.

All this happened when the only revelatory religion in west was Judaism, a tribal religion concocted by their leaders and ONLY applicale to people of that speciifc tribe. During the Ptolomeic period that followed the debate between ethnocentric Jewish elders and Greel philosophers proved to the world the superiority of that universal and logical construct that was not specific to any race or class of people.

So the origins in west of secular religion lie there. Western MAN is Greek and secular. Period; and we have stayed that way inspite of the thousand year christian parenthesis which came asunder in its message during the bloody Crusades.

As none of the subsequent hog-wash initially concocted in Nicaea by an Emperor and his chosen bunch of christian clergy, to resuscitate the obscure teachings of a Jewish heretic named Jesus, enemy both to Juda and to Rome, whose life was legend as nothing written ever was recorded by his living conemporaries who preached what they thought he represented as prime son of God of this new religion.

Aristotle remains the inventor of analytical logic, as first son of Plato, whatever you may say.

Beau Tox's picture

Falak no grok theologico rigor scholastica SancThomasAquinas inhistoricity.  Falak he eatum shrunkenherzen proscriptionen der SanctAugustine.  Il ne connais pas le verite de credo in unum deum ala Nicea. Falak incendere in Gehenna in saeculum saeculorum.

GeneMarchbanks's picture


Be assured we've read similar books regarding antiquity and Greece. Ancient Greece was quite simply pagan which you fail to mention in your continued clinging to "logic" as if somehow the Egyptians and all prior history was "illogical". If you wish to translate this as: secular society is pagan, then I'd have to agree entirely. I might add I have no problem with this as I enjoy many of these pleasures. I'm neither a moralist nor Christian apologist and you're uncomfortable with my comments because they point out that you have no answers regarding present day afflictions. I'm not sure why you continually reference the Ancients as if somehow history has stopped with them; maybe you're showing off or just a Hammer as Twain would say.

In regard to Rome, I have my Gibbon, do you? Anyway, time and again it has been shown that through the collapse and decay mostly Christians were able to cope citing faith as the deciding factor. Now fast forward to Greece today, are they pagan? Yes. Are they Orthodox? Yes. Christianity neither washed away their culture nor can it be established that it was the cause of its degeneration. So... not sure what you are proposing? Destroy Mt. Athos and all monasteries? Snatch bibles away from people in Alabama? Is it religion you believe needs to be banned to 'save humanity?'

The funny thing is the great paradox of how reason hits its limit once it wants to eliminate fanaticism with more fanaticism?

Seer's picture

"Anyway, time and again it has been shown that through the collapse and decay mostly Christians were able to cope citing faith as the deciding factor."

Humans didn't "cope" before Christ (for 40,000 years; vs. only 2,000 [AD]?)?

It'll be interesting to see whether humans recreate this story following their emergence from the next glacial period.

falak pema's picture

Not fanaticism, there is no fanaticism in greek logic, please...

Marx yes, but Marx was a great critic, he defined the problem but not the solution. He was no problem solver. He was into scientific determinism. That was evil. Socratic teaching is NOT deterministic.

Destroying Mount Athos would be a cultural crime. Beyond blind faith and dogma, religion has a cultural dimension and a social dimension like none other. Just like destroying or letting nature demolish Angkor VAt...The Talibans did it to Bamian; the intolerant, dogmatic, religious minded, exclusionist bastards; Afghanistan's meager cultural heritage through the ages. 

In France its the simple christians that perpetuate the universal message: Abbé Pierre, Soeur Emmanuelle, Mère Therese. They are more atune with the people than the Vatican ,now a faceless multinational, that it has been since 1070 and the Gregorian reforms! The first multinational corporation in western civilization; followed closely by the Templars, thanks to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux's treatise :DE LAude Novae Militiae. And we know what bankers the Templars became. Eat your heart outs WS shills! 

Christianity is universal as social network in today's world, not ideological network. Its cultural heritage is unique and precious. As its ideological message has become "exclusion" obsessed since Crusades, more finger pointing than embracing, and Greek humanism has stayed "universal" in its message; as written in the blood of civilization by the Enlightenment.

Ps : I love the origins of paganism. Its values were superb in many ways. One example : Aphrodite as icon was much more rich than Virgin Mary. Women had a huge role in Pagan culture. Just one example that the troubadour tradition in sterile medieval times resuscitated, by making woman desirable, not just a sexless icon on a wall.

memyselfiu's picture

Gene & falak, nice exchange of thought there.

Beau Tox's picture

Falak couldn't grok Christianity

He thought it was like a Linanity

For his poesized Time

And his license for Rhyme

Came from Secular Human Insanity


Seer's picture

Pagans also spelled "Sun" correctly.  Ever since the its "misspelling" has become socially acceptable we've been on a campaign to destroy, and seek to leave (either by invisible hand or by the fantasy hand of "technology"), the planet.

Go ahead, people, talk about fundamentals, but know this: if you cannot trace what you're talking about to the earth then it's NOT real (in our lives).

Wakanda's picture

WB7 and The Limerick King

Are working overtime

On combat art and edgy rhymes

To stimulate my mind


It's kinda like waking up on Sunday morning to the


Thanks WB7 and LK - U ROK -  : )

alfman's picture

those sure are fine artwork!

a pity, FZ died 20y ago, he sure would have to say some words about the world today.

I am Jobe's picture

Wow wee Banzai. Excellent work as always. Thanks.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

A wholesale attack on religion does not serve the pro-freedom, pro-people, revolutionary cause.

In fact, this kind of attack plays into the hands of the Powers That Be.

As much corruption as exists in the establishment mis-use of religion, as much religious bigotry as is out there, as much as religion has become one more tool of hatred ...

The facts remain, that:

(1) Religion is one of the main comforts of the poor and oppressed in this world, and a general attack on religion is in essence an elitist attack on common poor people;


(2) As much as non-believers would not wish to admit it, idealism, the desire for justice, the bravery to risk one's life for others, all have their roots in religion and faith, even when the particular persons claim to be anti-religious-establishment rebels. This was true of the 1700s Enlightenment, and it is true today.

Throwing away all faith and religion, is throwing away the core of humanity capable of revolution.

The higher art is to separate the false, fake and bigoted forms of religion, from the true faith that is the ultimate radicalism ... "for the least of the brethren" ... for the poor, for the oppressed, even for the furry animals tormented by humanity.


Wakanda's picture

The act of "worship" (of anything, a god, a rock, what ever...) separates one from one's power by creating false divisions between the self and the object of adoration.  Once internally divided and of limited power, humans are easily enslaved, manipulated and corrupted.

Idealism, the desire for justice, comes from inside one's heart, not from religions.  Institutions may try to embrace these ideals, but their ultimate source is always within the person.  Putting aside religion is the act of letting go of false idols and returning to the source of our humanity, our inner selves.  There we find compassion, justice, and love.

We have spread to the edge of the petri dish and can't afford to lie to ourselves anymore.

Someone's gonna come along and redefine what humans can do.

Soon, very soon...


Barefooted_Tramp's picture

Religion and poverty are linked to the hip: Ever wondered why God always seems to come to us when the weather is bad?

williambanzai7's picture

When poverty drives you to prayer, you have no time to tell everyone else how to live their lives. But that is precisely when the doors to mass manipulation begin to open. 

williambanzai7's picture

I have no problem with religion. I encourage people to develop their own spiritual dimension.


Too many people cower in the corner when this religious right bullshit comes up. I really don't care what people want to believe in just as long as they keep it between themselves and their God and keep it out of everyone else's bedroom. It's not ok for the government to encroach unless it is encroaching your uterus. Separation of church and state is ok as long as it's not our church.

These people never give up, as if we haven't had enough open religious hypocrisy mixed with politics for the past 30 years. Let me assure you, the people who go on and on about this stuff are not the poor and oppressed of the world. They are tools of the power elite.

Once again they have stirred it up in the US. It is not ok to distract the focus of politics from the issues that really matter. Contraception did not wreck the American economy.

You mAy consider this post my humble attempt at 'nailing' the issue. 

Seer's picture

"tools of the power elite."

Or... "they" USE the power elite.

Commonality is that they all operate as patriarchies.  Pagans and the Iroquois (whose governing structures greatly influenced the founders of the US Constitution, well, except for the equal rights of women) not so much...

nmewn's picture

"Once again they have stirred it up in the US. It is not ok to distract the focus of politics from the issues that really matter. Contraception did not wreck the American economy."


What I find amusing is the mental image I have of Martin Luther O'Barry (in essence) thrusting open the church doors and demanding the church pay for something they do not wish to pay for or that the parishioners of said churches did not petition O'Barry to solve for them.

Said another way, the state insults one group of people while another group of people is said to bear the costs/expenses of the insult (it's free from the insurance companies, really? does that work?) while yet another group of people cheer from the bleachers that the government has finally forced themselves into the last bedrooms on earth.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, it is no accident that this hornets nest is being stirred now. Notice how a pure Obamney contest was fine, but with Santorum clubbing the Zombie and Paul trending, it suddenly became necessary to rachet up the religious noise.

nmewn's picture


And the ease with which it was done. His contempt for the intellect of modern women is astounding to me. And no one else seems to recognize it.

Look!!!...they're going to take away sterilization & abortion!!!...time to whip the troops into line!!!

I give you Cash for Condoms!!!

WillyGroper's picture

Not all of them.

To protest a bill that would require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion, Virginia State Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) on Monday attached an amendment that would require men to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before obtaining a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication.


Sen. Constance Johnson, a Democratic state senator in Oklahoma, has proven that the legislative process does allow for some terrific satire -- even intentionally. To undercut the message of a controversial "personhood bill" brought forth in the state, which would give zygotes the same rights as adults, Johnson added a provision that would treat any sperm not intended to fertilize an egg as an "an action against an unborn child."


Bigger eggs to fry?

Element's picture

laughed, laughed, coughed, laughed some more, very funny stuff.

Dead Canary's picture

I belong to the "Order of the Divine Frisbee". We believe when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and you can't get it down.

Wakanda's picture

Sign me up to the OOTDF!

Spin my soul in the sweet fresh air!

Jena's picture

The only problem I see with that is that it's a lot like life:  Before you make it to the roof, you'll be chewed on and covered in dog drool as they intercept your free flight.  Other than that, perfect.

Dead Canary's picture

According to our teachings, the dog represents Satan. Snatching your soul from everlasting grace, peace and harmony. We tend to be cat people.

Wakanda's picture

Dogs seem happy and joyful when they are snatching frisbees from the air.  Maybe that's their religion?

Being covered with dog slobber and teeth marks may not be the worst way to go after all.

Use me, abuse me, then spin me up on the roof for eternity...

Jena's picture

Dogs as Satan?  Your dogma seems harsh, but then I'm of mixed principles:  I believe that cats and dogs may co-exist under the right circumstances.

You're right, happy dog slobber is certainly not the worst way I can think of to go.  

Nobody For President's picture

You are working overtime in a target-rich environment.

So many clowns, so little time.

Thanks again!

Dead Canary's picture

Wow! I got a LOL from Williambanzai7. I can die happy now.

falak pema's picture

Will you bequeath me your frisbee before you pop?

bluebare's picture

From what I've seen so far, I believe that Rick Sanatorium would make an excellent Ambassador to Mars.