Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Racers?

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wtjET Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Racers?


I call on artists to make Nascar jerseys for all of the D.C.
politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, who are – with a few
exceptions – bought and paid for. For example, Obama has raised more money from Wall Street than anyone else.

You can find all of the information you need here and here.

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personally I think they should be waring orange jumpsuits with numbers on the back...

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US Department of Homeland Security developing system to predict criminal intent

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"Best Politicians Money Can Buy."

But, more importantly, are they honest politicians?  Do they STAY bought?

- Ned

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Time Warner's PAC office sits right across Laffayette Park - their glassed-in conference room looks down directly at the Whitehouse.  Do you suppose that is a coincidence?

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I think the 1980 Alan Arkin film SIMON was the first to promote this idea. But it also added rubber noses and clown wigs.


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""The jew is behind each, of course".

What a load of crap.  Take it back to Nuremberg Adolf."


Or to Henry Ford... who LOVED Hitler!

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"Or to Henry Ford... who LOVED Hitler!"

Or Keynes or Papa Kennedy or the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini who was Hitler's "special guest" in Berlin who did a little recruiting for the SS. 

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Or Prescott Bush, Rockefeller, Warburg, Rothschild etc.


Create war to indebt both sides.  Brilliant.


And evil.



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Yeah, there were some messed up people.  Somewhere (maybe on Glenn Beck, I don't remember) I saw videos and pictures of Nazi rallies in Madison Square Garden and Nazi camps in NJ).  Of course this was in the 30s when people didn't know (or maybe pretended not to know) what Nazis were all about.


Probably several around here who wish Wesley Crusher could warp the space-time continuum for them so they could go on holiday there.

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......brought to you by Carl's Jr

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I LOVE IT.  But I would rather see harry goldfarb reid, bonnie fwank or any of the representives of the communists(nee democrats) pictorally lampooned instead.

Who is monetarily backing the amalgam of school, community, city, cultural, and nation wrecking misfits that comprise the mob of envy bound together by nothing more than "critical theory"?

blacks, jews, homos, communists, illegals, muslims, fetus killers?

michael moore, cornell west, van jones, russell simmons?

What a crew of degenerates.  The jew is behind each, of course,

You won't ever be able to shine this shit, self appointed kommissar g.w.

You and your message are garbage and many of us are looking forward to a real brawl for it all, and many of us are going to level yeshivas

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boehner is your typical politician. he is bought off in many ways. the real problem we have in this country is his subservience to aipac. of course most congressman are that way , and this can be proven perhaps by watching them when bibi came to town......

here we have a foreign leader addressing our congress and getting what was it, 19 standing ovations?

who is your daddy boenhner...? the man is a traitor like just about if not all of them and he should pay for what he has done like a traitor should or does the concept of traitor no longer exist anymore?

by the way, outlaw, please stop sugarcoating it and irritating the jews......thanks in advance....

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For the record "Outlaw", I looked at your first 25 posts you made after joining ZH

- 9 had anti-Jew slurs

- 7 had anti-black slurs

-- of those 7 posts, 3 are also counted in the anti-Jew slur category since it contained both

- At least 3 contained other ethnic slurs (2 of those already counted above)

- 1 recommended killing members of Congress (+ 2 others unnamed, so either non-voting member of Congress or Pres + VP)

- 1 recommended violence against Jews

- 1 hoped Obama would be killed


OTOH, being a glass is half-full kind of guy, 9 posts out of 25 (almost 40%!) contained no slurs or threats of/hopes for violence!


Do your children know the hate their father has in his heart?  Your wife?  Your mother?  What happened to you that made you so depraved?

Outlaw Of The Wasteland's picture

in which splc building will you be munching your cheap pastrami sandwich?

Anonymouse's picture

I do like pastrami, though I have to be careful as it gives me bad breath.  But it is yummy, especially when warm

I have no idea what "splc" means though.  Is that a typo?  Unfortunately either your typing skills or my ignorance of the term  took the sting out of your barb. 

Try again.

EDIT:  Did you mean spic or Southern Poverty Law Center?  I looked "splc" up, FYI.  I still don't get the connection to pastrami though (but you did make me hungry!).

For the record, I think the Southern Poverty Law Center is a bunch of left-wing hacks.

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On the other hand, a very commonly-used propaganda technique is to infiltrate discussion groups with hate language, then attack the website saying "See...they're all hatemongers!!!!'

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Outlaw is not alone.  No need to watch this video, but take a peek at the comments:

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"The jew is behind each, of course".

What a load of crap.  Take it back to Nuremberg Adolf.

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do you know , that outlaw could probably back up that statement and if he can't , i then, if such a thing happened, would it change your mind or would you even read the information provided?  listen , if you are aussie then you are worse off than we so many ways and if you don't understand this, then are blind and deaf. do you have any idea what is going on in your own country right now and has been for a long time. australia is zog country for sure just like we are. your prime minister besides being a redhead with bodacious tata's , nevertheless hits the knee for her zionist masters .......there are a few down under that know this and refuse to bow the knee to moloch.............

one of them , brendon o'connell sits in acia prison, cooling off for 3 years, for daring to say things in public that caused the ears to itch and was imprisoned for hate speech. imagine that. hate speech. what a joke. they want this here as well. if outlaw was in australia, he would be found and he would be arrested for saying such things. i kid you not....

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wahhhhh, wahhhh, the nazis, wahhhhh!   Go to Israel, rat!

Anonymouse's picture

Please clarify.  Am I a "rat" because 1) I don't love Nazis, 2) I don't hate Jews, or 3) both?

High Plains Drifter's picture

ricky dancing with the rebbes..........once upon a time in texas and i bet most texans don't even know this shit....

what do you think about this.....mouse??????

Anonymouse's picture

Just watched it.  Cute.  Non-offensive.  Should have cut out about 20 seconds as the joke wore on.  Shorter would have been punchier.

Or did you mean I should be upset at Rick Perry meeting with some orthodox Jews?  OK by me.

Doesn't change my view on Rick Perry (shot himself in the foot on his illegal immigration stance).  I don't support him.  Not sure yet if he is in the Hell No category (like Mitt Romney is).  TBD

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You're a rat because you're not a bigot ;-)

Anonymouse's picture

Thanks for the support, mate.  Although I do have to confess, I am a little prejudiced against Nazis and Klansmen

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If the intent of these people is to "align" Occupy Wallstreet with bigots, they're doing a good job. They do the same thing whenever Ron Paul's name pops up.

Makes one wonder what their motivation really is ;-)

High Plains Drifter's picture

actually the small voices of dissent on this issue have no say in what goes on in that event, correct?  the real problem with ows is that it is controlled by the same people who are controlling our government. any movement of this type requres funding. the small voices of dissent on this issue like most in the "patriot movement" or whatever, do not have any real money to speak of , and so they speak while they still can on the only free venue they can, the internet... lenin control the opposition , you must lead them....


i leave you with a interesting video by the admittedly eccentric and former jew , nathanael kapner........

as a christian i can tell you that most of my life i was hit over the head about this stuff on
God's chosen people stuff, and now we see that this was a (for all intents and purposes) 20th century idea , at least here in the states......and a powerful one it was , no? what does this do to anyone wishing to ask questions or to voice dissent? it squelches them right off the bat, because the Church in this country is controlled and this is why it is silent on so many issues that will soon enough affect it in a most deleterious manner.........kapner speaks on many issues such as this and people had better listen. in the middle ages such men were called apostates because they turned on their own people.......what better man to know the jewish mind than a former jew......during the disputations in the middle ages that were argued from time to time before various popes, the man arguing the Christian case was usually a former jew.....imagine that......and so now comes kapner at this late hour........hmmmm....

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Avarice & corruption knows no race or religion.

One of my best friends was 30yrs my senior and held the "dirty joo" meme until his death. A wonderful man in every other respect. I used to say to him...I'm shocked, shocked I say, to find blacks opening businesses to sell jeri curl products to blacks and the Chinese having the gall to open Chinese restaurants ;-)

Its when I'm forced by my own government to subsidize Chinese people having their hair jeri curled I start to have very large

The arab monarchs are not joos. They pillage their own peoples wealth, live in "castles", eat only the finest meals as their own people live in abject poverty and eat flat bread. Chavez is not a joo, neither is that dickweed Mexican president.

Greed and power lust is not unique to one race or never has been and never will be.

High Plains Drifter's picture

on the issue of arab monarchs, i have had arguments with muslims about this very subject on some patriot radio forums......they come around seeking support for what is happening to them, i can understand that for sure.......i say to them. how do know your leader is arabic?  silence........i say just because someone dresses arabic, speaks arabic and acts arabic does not necessarily a arab make , no?  they agree. they think there is a lot of stuff going on and they are waking up to it. take for instance the fact that muslims always go around saying well the world has over a billion muslims in it.....i say fine. then perhaps you can explain to me why it is your people always seem to get the short end of the stick. why is that?  what causes that........for instance some arabs wit:


the jews have this enemy. its called islam. the jews or those who call themselves jews, decided they wanted to live on arab lands in a place called palestine and they took it by force and killed many of its indigenous they call it israel.....for many years before that, islam and jewry collaborated especially during the times of the islamic conquest. many jews in their own self interest converted to islam.......its true........and they remained there, while in the privacy of their own homes, etc, kept their allegiances to judaic talmudism. this collaborative effort has been in effect for a very long time. but now things are different. the arabs are no longer of any usage, since the jews have their own state now and they have their own money and their own power and 400 nuclear bombs, which by the way, the israelis stole from the technology from the united states in order to build........and for this jfk was killed.....but that is another issue....

so now the arabs and islam are the enemy where in days gone by they were useful idiots......the goal was to annihilate christianity and in many areas of the middle east this was accomplished...islam accomplished this task admirably but now as i said before they are in the way. so now they are the enemy. so what do you do when your enemy is so much bigger than you are numerically speaking.....well you divide them and have them fuss with each other, correct? so now we have sunnis and we have shias and we have wahhabis and assassins and mystics and on and on it goes. so this divides the enemy and makes him much more easier to control and to attack. and so now comes the us army, another group of useful idiots who are now serving their purpose, to destroy the jewish enemies, islam..........and so it is. and one day very, very soon and that day is on the near horizon , we too shall lose our usefulness and this is happening now....have you noticed any deterioration in this country as of late? hmmm?

i argue with these arabs. i say listen, is it any wonder why your people never seem to be able to get anywhere? is there a reason for this? but in the endgame, islam too, is a interesting subject in and of itself. for you see , it too was a manufactured religion, that was created for a purpose and then it was set loose on the middle east and north africa. now having said that, i can day , that sometimes , when something is created like this, it can and does take on a life of its own.......and i believe this is the case in islam. they retook jerusalem and they refused to turn it over the to the jews (under the auspices of the english king) and it was then that the jews realized they had lost control of it.....but no matter, when in doubt collaborate and become a useful subject at court and so they did......and the christians...? well they bought the farm, at least at first, but then they were offered the way out, and that was paying the religion tax. i think the muslim caliphs started to realize if they go around killing everyone in a place, then they would have no subjects to govern or tax...........

and that is just the tip of the iceberg

Outlaw Of The Wasteland's picture

THE DISAPPOINTED ONE SPEAKS--"I listened for the echo and I heard only praise".


Thank you HPD

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"the jews have this enemy. its called islam."

Islam has this enemy...its called anyone that does not prostrate themselves before it. It works the other way as well doesn't it?

I'll tell you here and now, I have no intention of ever converting to it or paying the jizyah tax for not converting to it or dying without taking a bunch of the sons of bitches with me who would be trying to impose it on me.

"the jews or those who call themselves jews, decided they wanted to live on arab lands in a place called palestine and they took it by force and killed many of its indigenous inhabitants.."

So are we talking Joshua here or Cannanites?

If so, this is long before something called Islam was ever invented by Mohammad. The word Israel itself comes from Egyptian texts in relating to how they were conqured in that place and then enslaved by them. Egyptians. It should be noted they did not call the region Palestine either.

Look HPD, these people (both sides) have been fighting and dying over those rocks for centuries. They are surrounded by nations who not only want to see the nation gone but "that people" exterminated...wiped from the face of the earth. Not just defeat them...but slaughter them and their children so that they are no more.

One has to ask why that is.

From every standpoint I have tried to look at it comes up pure evil...from a right to self determination standpoint or religious or cultural. You have the luxury of believing what you want whether the facts fit or not.

The facts I have gathered point to Islam being a bastard religion which allows its adherents to lie to "infidels" to achieve any political or social goal desired. No other religion on earth is like this, where the act of common decency (telling the truth) gets a get out of jail free card in the written word of it.

Believe what you want...I'm done with the subject.

Bob's picture

This type of reasoning reminds me of the feminazis who condemned the male gender for perpetrating all the evil in the world.  You can't productively argue with them either . . . they would appear to be right, after all.  Hell, even more right than you could appear to be even in your wildest dreams. 

High Plains Drifter's picture

well bob, if you can listen to a guy like kapner trying to reason with you, and he is a former jew telling the truth about what is going on, then how can anyone else try and reason with you about it.  for you see, it is real truth it is the deep dark secret that most people refuse to accept or acknowledge. i as a christian man must balance this truth with  things that i know to be true from a christian perspective with the way this world works and always has worked. now believe me, that can be a chore at times.  one thing is for sure. money is power and power is money. when you control most of the world's money then it must be ascertained that you also control most of the world itself. as usual, all things boil down to race and tribe and everything else really doesn't matter that much , right now. this is why nato is having such a hard time in libya. they have run into the ancient concept of tribes.  this ancient concept of tribes will be revistited here again one day. it has to happen in order for the people to survive and in the end as it is in the prisons of today, the races and tribes will seperate and protect each other in the anarchy that is coming. this is my own theory about it and if you can come up with a better scenerio i am all ears...


by the way you mentioned you know who started feminism and why it was started?  

Bob's picture

I know pretty much everything you need to know about feminism.  Including that you can't reason with the deeply sincere yet twisted fanatics.  Nobody can "know why it was started," (as if it were some clever plot that sprang from a single deranged mind) although the grounds for popular support should be obvious. 

There is a good reason people see this great conspiracy theories as bigotry.  You could apply them to men.  You could distinguish a little finer and pick on white men.  You could get even finer and pick on New Yorkers and Londoners. 

You can find some angle for picking on any group.  Others will see the passion that is its real foundation, but if you've invested a world of time in "study," you'll miss that element entirely.  Others will be more than happy to support you, however, especially in the echo chambers of the internet.

Why not just stick to the game itself, rather than the players? 

Not satisfying enough . . . somehow?


High Plains Drifter's picture

well let's not even talk about the players, if that bothers you .  let's see what the results of this movment are shall we?  so what are the results of this movement in your eyes, if you would be so kind to expand upon for minute.....bob, let's reverse engineer this movement and see what it leads us shall we?  

Bob's picture

I'm too old and painfully wiser to imagine any longer that this world is going to fit my fantasies in even gross detail.  This particular incipient movement has yet to even claim a single focus.  With all the jockying for position now going on its impossible to reliably predict it's outcome, imo. 

Only time will tell on this one. 

High Plains Drifter's picture

well we are not talking about fantasies but real life.   i disagree with you about its focus. oh it had a focus and it kept its focus and it achieved the desired results.............

have you seen this very remarkable film......




have you ever read the writings of henry makow.



Bob's picture

I'm sorry, HPD, I just won't drink what I see as the koolaid.  As empowering as it might feel, it's profoundly counter-productive, imo.

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Why do so many Jew-haters try to pretend it's just Israel they are upset with?  Why do they hate a whole group of people?

How is this any different from hating blacks, whites, Asians, Indians, Irish, or anything else?

They are no different from Nazi, neo-Nazis, KKK, Black Panthers, and other hate groups.

Granted, not all take action against others, so their hate should not be illegal (the concept of a hate crime is idiotic), but it does show what small-minded little worms they are.  I know not many here are Christian, but the depth and breadth of their passion truly is a satanic influence.

We are not meant to hate each other, but to love and cooperate and build each other up.

Yes, people (Jew and non-Jew) do evil and should be punished for it.  But hating any whole group of people is completely irrational.  Strike that, it is evil.  That may not be your intent, but it is the outcome.

Outlaw Of The Wasteland's picture

khazars invented collective punishment and should die by its sword.

Anonymouse's picture

Why should some Khazars (never heard of it.  Had to look it up) who are descendents of people who lived 1000-1500 years ago be held accountable for something (I'll assume what you said is true) their remote ancestors did?  They shouldn't.

Why should you be held accountable for something you didn't do?  You shouldn't.

By your logic, you should be nuked, since America invented the atomic bomb.

Gully Foyle's picture


"We are not meant to hate each other, but to love and cooperate and build each other up."

When has that ever been the prevelant theme in human society?

You want a nice interactive culture that supports everyones needs become a Bonobo. Mankind excells at violence and subjugation. It's in our genetic makeup. You can not escape your genetic code, only mask it.

Anonymouse's picture

That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

But let's look at it from a secular standpoint.  Which is more beneficial?  What should we strive for; understanding and love, or derision and violence?

I have no idea what a Bonobo is (is that a fan of U2?).  If you mean the monkey, I'd suggest we at least try to rise above our base instincts.  Who knows, maybe with a lot of effort, we can make it up to the first rung of the ladder, rather than wallow in our own filth

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fuck it, why bother with having middle men,

 just change the godamn constitution and turn this country into a direct democracy instead of a republic. do away with 90% of the laws, and create a legislative mechanism that works through the state legislatures.

defund the federal beauracracies and the military by 60% across the board, including the irs . 

eliminate the sec and just have the office of thrift supervision put blanket approvals and blanket bans of behaviors. 

derivatives on all equity and credit securities, banned. 

credit and bond insurance, banned. 

futures contracts on non-commodities, banned.

possession of futures without intent to take or provide delivery , banned. (traders and market makers must be physical brokers and warehousers. )

tax------incentives , deductions, credits in the irs code. banned. 


complexity where simplicity can do ----banned

most of modern wall street banned. 

protecting the investing public from themselves----banned. 

banks with less than 20% capitalization---immidiately nationalized and auctioned off. 

banks too big to fail---banned. 

regulators without a clear job -----banned

cftc, sec, occ, banned. 


former bankers and economists serving in government positions that influence those industries,---banned. 


conflict of interest----banned and punisheable retroactiviley with no statute of limitation.

self dealing----banned. 


death penalty ----banned for all crimes but conviction of self dealing in government positions.




Anonymouse's picture

Some good ideas and some very bad ideas.  Direct democracy?  Horrible idea

You run through a litany of things you don't want me to invest in anymore and then say "protecting the investing public from themselves----banned."

As Rosencrantz told Guildenstern,  “Consistency is all I ask!”

Bringin It's picture

Funny Bankrupt, I don't see where you say End the Fed?

sunkeye's picture

bravo bankruptcylaywer i cut&pasted your post and emailed it to myself for keepsakes minor quibble w/ direct democracy but every other point a bullseye you ask me