Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 96 -- Solutions in a time of crisis

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Ok, so WW is good for an economy, Economy is about physcological barriers to spending and not the lack of opportunity to produce something of value.  We fear Ron Paul because he speaks bluntly about reality.  WTF?  Idiot.

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A major newspaper is going to publish this?  LOL.

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If the principle of moderation had been applied to income, profits, bonuses, house size, cars, jewelry, college, clothing, furniture, etc., etc., etc.; then the beast would not have grown so large.

If we could recall from the past the generations of Parents and Grandparents of times of true life or death crisis they would no doubt chide us for the sins of Greed, Sloth, and Gluttony (at the least).

There is no political solution to societal diseases such as these.

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Most people are unfamiliar with the Preamble to the Congressional Record. Each new Congress is required to record it's own statement on the State of the Union. That is where it is found. It is important to know the background of a crisis to understand the response to it.  Following are quotes from the record.

"Congress acknowledges that the State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, did abrogate certain civil liberties. The emergency has continued through WW II, to the recent Korean Conflict. However, certain provisions of the State of Emergency must be maintained, in order to support the United Nations in it's efforts to establish and maintain world peace"

- P. to the C. R. 1953

"We recognize that most people in the United States, having lived under a State of Emergency all of their lives, have known no other circumstance. We see no distinction between a State of Emergency, and a State of War."

 - P. to the C. R. 1973

From these two official statements, we see that the present circumstances are no accident. Congress committed our lives and property to service to a foreign power. This mercenary relationship is one of the foreign entanglements that we were warned about.  As long as Congress remains complicit in these efforts of world conquest, the people of the United States have a stone tied around their necks. The United States will be dragged down with the rest of the world, because national sovereignty was abandoned, before most of us were born. Now, I know why I first heard my grandfather say that the country was going to Hell in a hand basket. I was a very little boy, at the time.

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Moderation in all things ... including moderation!