Tempting Tuesday - S&P 1,200 or Bust (again)

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All I know is that when the proletariat starts sharpening their tines, they will be coming for  you assholes, not me!

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This is a libertarian web site.  Make your future socialist to the folks at Huffington Post.

Let me summarize Phil's philosophy:  "life is so unfair, let's spend other people's money (which we'll borrow, of course) to make it less unfair"  (but unfortunately, more unfair to another group, say savers)

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Meanwhile, our Corporate Masters had a record $2,050,000,000,000 of cash on their balance sheets, up $90Bn in 3 months - which represents $90,000,000,000 removed from circulation in our economy which translates into the 3-month payroll for 7.2M people at $50,000 a year.


can you spare a dime, missah.

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Sounds about right. Prepare for outraged Riche Rich "I earned it" (or dream I CAN earn it) voices to chime in on how out of touch and class warfarist your post is as they type between glasses of Chrystal.

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I almost spilled my Cristal, have you no respect for good wine! Chrystal indeed!! You barbarian.

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Get ready for the massive bloodbath.


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most likely real ... and the rich seems to be feeling it as they volunteer to pay higher taxes, and in case of bloomberg, deploying nazi storm troopers on few harmless hippies gathering around wall street ...

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Blah blah blah blah blah.....Crash for fucks sake so all you assholes get wiped out stops and all!

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If we can steal grandma's SS, then everything will be OK.

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Steeling implies it was hers to begin with.


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That's right.  It's "steeling".