Throw the bums out!

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The bumbling fools in D.C. have done it again. They’ve screwed us all one more time. The low rent morons who are running the show have kicked the can down the road for (get this) two months.

On Saturday the Senate agreed to a bill that would A) extend unemployment benefits B) extend the 2% payroll tax deduction and C) delay a cut in Medicare reimbursement rates. The deciders agreed to do all the extending, delaying and pretending for two lousy months. In other words, Congress will be back at it over these critical issues in less than six weeks.

There have been dozens of articles from smart people connecting the dots between the uncertain tax policies business’s face and their reluctance to hire more workers. I’ve heard Pols from both sides say the same. It’s true. But the best that Washington can do is move the ball forward by 59 days; disgraceful.

The two-month extension amounts to $33b that will be retained in the economy. I would not be surprised if the benefit of the stimulus will be lost by the continued uncertainty that is being caused by D.C. What has been “accomplished” is just a loss.

The bright guys who came up with the plan have a mechanism to pay for it. They’re going to charge homeowners a new fee for the next ten years. If you get a mortgage from one of the federal agencies (90% of mtg. market) you’ll pay an extra price. It only comes to $15 a month if your mortgage is less than $220k. But if you live on either coast or in any big city, the cost of housing will force you to pay a bigger price. $45-50 a month is a more realistic way to consider the implications. What’s an extra $600 a year? It’s just another nail in the coffin for housing.

By far and away the weakest link in the economy is housing. There is not much that can be done about it. It takes time and there will be pain. But there is no excuse for congress to force homeowners to absorb the full cost of the stimulus. The legislation results in mortgagors directly subsidizing doctor's Medicare reimbursement rates! How stupid is that? What are these people thinking of? This is terrible economic policy, and every legislator who signs the Bill, knows that fact.

The problem with the legislative process in this case was the side deals that got included in the horse-trading. This time the issue was the Keystone XL pipeline. The Republicans wanted it; the Democrats opposed it. Why does the fate of the pipeline have to be tied to the fate of important economic legislation? Why can’t we have an up and down vote on issues? The Deciders lumped these two divergent considerations together and in the process shot us in the foot. We end up with another stopgap measure and few weeks before we have to do it all over. My Senator, Chucky Boy Schumer (D-N.Y.) had this to say about the conflict that is sure to come in February:


“It’s a fight we welcome”

These clowns love this stuff. It has nothing to do with the right choices; it’s about the next election. They don’t give a damn about the country or it’s citizens. It’s about keeping their powerful jobs.

I know whom I’m voting for in the next election. I’m voting against anyone that is currently “in”. I don’t care what stripe they wear. I want the other guy/gal. I’m going to vote against Chuck Schumer and all the other "ins". I want to send a message to every damn one of them. The ones who have their hands on any levers today; are no longer wanted.

Some will argue that I’m being irrational. That if enough voters thought as I do all the folks who now run governments would be out, and a crop of new ones, who didn’t know where the bathroom was, would take over. I don’t care. We can’t do worse than the current lot.


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what crap. Until you ban and outlaw lobbying, voting for a third party isn't going to accomplish anythng. Brian Williams's visit to Capitol Hill showed freshmen Congressmen who admitted as much.

The plural of "business's face" in the second paragraph is not an apostrophe s. It's "businesses face."

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The Federal Reserve banks and the US government will squeeze the American people for every last drop of blood until the people cannot take anymore and the people either refuse to pay taxes ,or, take to the streets in mass protest after someone sets themselves on fire like that fruit vendor in Tunisia.

Isn't it obvious to everyone, by now, that most of the Congress, the WH, the regulators, the Justice Department, many of the Courts, the corporate media monopolies, are not, working for the interests of the American people?

All anyone has to do, is look at the NDAA; 600+ billion gifted to the DOD, and with it, the complete destruction of our Constitution. Congress voted to allow the military to arrest and hold indefinitely American citizens secretly and without charge. Most Americans are vehemently against this. The corporate media was completely silent. They prefer to tell us about Herman Cain's sex life 24/7. Only the most brainwashed aren't seeing this crap for what it is, they don't even care to pretend anymore. 

I mean seriously, does this latest tax on property owners to pay for more debt creation, surprise anyone? This is just the beginning. We know that the TBTF banks are insolvent. We know the derivatives that were sold by these banks to insure the Eurozone alone, would make them go belly up instantly, if of course, any Eurozone country was allowed to default by the newly installed technocrats. Luckily for them, and in order to kick the can, they have already put these derivatives in front of the retail depositors at B of A and JP Morgan Chase and have stuck the tax payers with the enormous bill.

What does anyone think will happen if there is a Euro default and the FDIC actually has to pay all of the depositors and make them whole? Where is the money going to come from? Will they claw back this latest DOD money (joke)? Tax more? Cut Medicare benefits? Print more so that inflation takes from your average American, what the taxes and loss of services that will need to come out of pocket, didn't take? 

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but Bruce K is right to want to vote all incumbents out. We all need to do whatever it is that we can, individually and collectively; boycott the TBTF, boycott the corporate media when they deny us real news. Talk to people, write, volunteer. If anyone is a lawyer, start lawsuits like the 30 year old guy representing the MF Global customers pro-bono did. He is putting up a fight and making a difference. 

People need to fight for what is right, in whatever capacity they can. All of us that are awake, need to take some quantifiable action. If the people make it easy to abuse them and their fellow man, they will be abused. There are few victims in this life, only volunteers.







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Calling ALL nut-cases, assasins, tough guy wannabes, really pissed off nobodies...

Here are the home addresses of the CongressVermin. 

You have a mission.



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More like lock up the criminals.

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Fuckin A, Bubba. Fuckin A

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******* hell stop whining Bruce.

Honestly you know better. Yes lots of folk chimed in - give you credit for rabble rousing  but you know you're better than this

I'm off to Colombia for Christmas. Would you like to come too?

Salud y pesetas y el tiempo para gozarles







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they aren't bumbling fools, they got 'fucking the taxpayers' down to a science

and they will never fix the crisis since that would be working themselves out of a job


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at best they will all die like kim jong il...just don't vote for their kids and create a political dynasty.


funny how most fuckers have daughters....maybe that's nature's way of saying you've done enough damage to your own race you dumb fucks, let some other gene pools have a chance.


Obam: 2 daughters

clinton: 2 daughters

bush: 2 daughters

cheney: 2 daughters


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or it could be the abundance of BPA and other estrogenics in the food and water chains. Another 30 years and most of the males will be shooting blanks from chemistry and microelectronic device radiating our crotches and laptop computers heating our gonads.

Daughters are dangerous, they were always used as the tool that bound rival clans and tribes together.

Women are the future, men were a fluke. Ah well I know how the dinosaurs felt when they saw the asteroid arriving.

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There have been dozens of articles from smart people connecting the dots between the uncertain tax policies business’s face and their reluctance to hire more workers.

I don't want to be rude or banal, but you sir, are the biggest duchebag. You make Paul Krugman look an economist worthy of a Nobel prize. Who in the right mind put you up on ZH in the first place to write a blog about economics- a subject that you know NOTHING about. For one, you will NEVER have rising employment in a deflationary period when debt is deleveraging.

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Thats right, two different visions for America and here they are:

Sitting comfortably in the wagon getting your ass hauled everywhere and anywhere.

Standing in harness baring down and pulling your weight as well as everyone else's.

Wondering who has the best vantage point for vision of America?

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Excuse me that is a 3.8 % tax on your net real property sale proceeds, wonder who the Marxist in the Obama sphere came up with that one.

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The obama Healthcare includes another hidden tax bite out of housing market that kicks in when you sell your home, out of your seller proceeds you will pay an additional 3 % Obama Healthcare Tax on your net proceeds of the sale. Hey these Obama taxes are needed so the wagon won't get stuck in the mud and tip over, you suckers up front tied into the harness, just bare down and keep pulling.

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This article was silly.  You have no clue WHY the pols disagree.

Don't you get it?  The nation is divided over two different visions of America's identity, just as the US was divided before the Civil War.

Why can't they agree on solutions?  BECAUSE they have diametrically opposing visions, values, and beliefs.  

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Nice, Mr. Featured writer comes to the conclusion most came to the day RFK was shot.

Stop voting, it's like cheering at a World Wrestling Federation match.


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By the way, Bruce, if it hadn't occurred to you before to vote against Schumer, you have been in a coma.

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America is suffering from: 1. millions of unionized public employees who are parasites on the taxpayer and, incidentally, wreaking havoc upon the basic freedoms of the people: 2. a disastrously disfunctional public education system, largely due to point 1 above; 3. citizens without the freedom to do anything about points 1 and 2 because of the enormous clout and campaign contributions from 1; and 4.a political class (including the Fed and the "mainstream" media) that overwhelmingly favors crony capitalists and large banks over the rest of the population; and 5. a public too uninformed and stupid to vote 4 out because of 2.

With all this toxic positive feedback, it will take a revolution to start reversing the process.

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Spot on!

But as for the revolution - it just might be that black swam surfing a tidal wave coming in from Europe will do the trick.

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You forget all the households receiving government transfer payments (48.3% if I recall correctly) and everyone who makes their living in a fascist-government-sponsored industry, such as healthcare.  These are all supporters of the status quo.

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Wow, master are you lost.

Go deeper, all conditions are just as the corporate masters want them.

You need a bit of nuance, little less Fox News.



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By far and away the weakest link in the economy is housing. There is not much that can be done about it. It takes time and there will be pain.

Housing is weak because the financial world tries to keep housing prices way above where they should be in order to avoid writedowns on the mortgage paper they hold (and avoid bankruptcy).

As long as housing prices are kept high while people lose jobs and make less on jobs they have, the housing market will stay in depression ...and get worse.

Hosuing is another area where Wall Street is preventing economic recovery.

As long as the government allows Wall Steet to prevent economic recovery, you're right Bruce, not much can be done about it.

And it won't matter how much time you give it.   If the status quo goes on, 10 years from now housing will still be in depression along with no economic recovery.

The only pain needing to be borne is by Wall Street, letting home prices fall, taking the losses on mortgage paper they hold ...and bankrupting as a result.

Save Wall Street or save Main Street.  

So far it's save Wall Street ...and screw Main Street.

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wall street finances main street which they took hostage. Tax payers paid the ransom and now the hostage takers bailed and still hold main street hostage. However, the truth goes deeper and darker.


William Black


but the real that America is broke and runs on foreign investment on bullshit gambling parlor wall street runs who sells the myth that American exchange traded stocks are the world's best.

Without wall street's scams attracting foreign investments, b2b main street addicted to cheap loans would collapse, people would be unemployed, and  consumer economy will collapse b2c enterprises. It is petro dollar recycling. America buys oil, arabs get rich, arabs invest in ShittyBank, Americans get jobs and control investments.

Wall st. allowed US to build homes from chinese  and arab investment by selling the scam that all home prices go up.

Without chinese slave labor factory owner's dirty money invested into S&P500 scam who is going to invest(next sucker) in America in which American elites already own?

When shit hits the fan, arabs lose money, Americans have real wealth built on land (homes are worth the materials). But this time arabs are waking up as well as BRICs and all oil nations. America's only friend is western europe but Germany paid their WWII debts off and now they are aiming for superpower status once again with control of EURO. So America is all alone....


Well, the world is awake and Chinese and Indian slave labor factory owners are nationalists at heart learned from western power abuse for last 2 centuries interested into developing their own cultures and see the wall street US economy right through. Slowly planning to get away from the dollar. all BRICs.


That's when USA gets desparate and sells military arms as "exports" and starts wars to invade and rob natural resources as usual in Africa...killing any leader attempting to move away from the US dollar. (see gadhafi and gold backed pan-African currency).


They say Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires....for it being the center of  China, India, Russia, Ottoman, Persia, Arabia, etc. but that's also when empires overreach their ambitions.



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401k's just provide proof the average american is suffering from stockholm syndrome.

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Nice rant, but the most satisfying rants usually offer a solution or two which this doesn't. Not even a vague one. You're assuming that these clowns actually make the policy decisions by themselves. They rely on their party leaders who in turn rely on the powerful think tanks, behemoth-sized agencies (like the CIA which is a city state all by itself), and the lobby groups who shape complex issues into bite-size summaries for the morons in office. Except for a rare handful, they do what they are told (Or they go with the summarised conclusions of their briefs). These lawmakers do not matter as long as the peripheral agencies and the old guards of the entrenched civil service exist. 

"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." - Ellen Ripley

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Why two months I questioned.  The only reason I came up with is that TPTB including congress know that Europe will blow up in less than two months. 

Then we can blame the evil Europeans for taking the world financial system down and we respond with QE to infinity and beyond.  

Mean while, the politicans buy themselves another election by printing and spending even more money to save us poor serfs from the evil European lords and banksters.

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focus on the fraud , the truth regarding the  9/11 murder of 3,000 innocents, & the treasonous acts ....... now will anyone become enraged enough to take on (take out)  our 'elected officials' ?   

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they should also be shot, hanged, burned at the stake and forced to sexually service joan rivers.


I got the Bull by The Horns - HELP's picture

Fellow ZH's,

If you are relying on a Chinese internal bailout of its economy I would not hold your breath. The pump priming of the Chinese economy has gone astray.

An email from a contact in China:

"At this present time, I work as a Foreign Supervision Group 1 Leader, on a construction of a 40km (out of 60km) long section of High Speed Railway (HSR), between Hefei and Fuzhou in China.

There are problems here ranging from rampant corruption, to piss-poor quality of work, and even worse safety standards, and the government has almost stopped the funding to 90% of these projects, mainly because of it, and is trying to sort it all out. The Minister of Railways, and his deputies, were jailed last February for embezzling over 24 billion US $!!! Because of these uncertainties, and also other issues, I'll, most probably, be leaving China early next year, "

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sounds like the triads and the tongs are heavily involved in various public works projects...........imagine that............

High Plains Drifter's picture


paul campaign close to 4 million dollar goal.........shazaam..........

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From an outsider point of view, it would appear the most sensible solution is to immediately create a third INDEPENDENCE party headed by Ron Paul, and attract to it all the desirable, disaffected personalities who otherwise speak the same language.

Failing that, another most direct, revolutionary purposeful act is to conciously spoil your ballot - here, I'm assuming spoil ballots are counted. You can imagine the impact if there were more spoiled than valid ballots - a 'mistrial' - we have to start again. That's the catch!




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Bruce, I know you mean well, but you can't fix a deeply corrupt and broken system by swapping a few faces.  The whole corrupt military-Wall Street-banker-Washington complex will have to be dismantled, and governance and the property distribution in America will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.  A few new Congressmen, even Ron Paul as President, will not suffice.  The money will simply buy them, too (and President Paul would suffer some "unfortunate incident", or be impeached on some bullshit charge).

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Mr. Kasting actually does not mean well and this article proves it.  It is "completely" (lol) understood that the US(SA) system of government is a representative one for the High Priests of Zion and no one else (maybe I exaggerate, no?).  In fact it was created from time zero by them; an illusory experiment in "freedom."

For Mr. Kasting to rant on about throwing the disfunctional corrupt idiots out, means implicitly that the foundation is sound and that "if only" new "right seeing" blood were injected that "the golden age" would be upon us.

Since this rant was given, not as sarcasm, but to be taken straight, I have not further reason to read Mr. Kasting.

It is so much fun to cross off the boobs, shills, and dysinfo bylines that are included in the Guest Post and Contributors sections here at ZH as it makes scanning and reading much quicker.

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Blah, blah, blah...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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The banksters own every side of politics. The only way to oust the decay of everything is to vote in anybody who is not a Democrat or Republican. The bankster disease is necratising the flesh of the US. Next is gangreen.

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Exactly, same as it ever was. The puppets will propose many new "fees" (a.k.a. taxes) for the paper pushing financial fucknuts. None of it will be collectable. Look folks, the "owners" don't want you to think, just pay. Derivatives are now over 700 trillion. Bullshit, there aren't enough physical assets in the world.

Whatever, I have two weeks slopeslide in deer valley. Happy holidays all.

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Nice rant Bruce, and I liked your predictions/results for 2010.

The one good thing is that Obummer will be forced to do his job and make a decision on the Keystone.  No more kick the can until after the election, as he clearly intended

steveo's picture

I am the author of the mystery pellet video.   This shows that Fukushima is all blown to shit

I found some additional photos and links that look very much like the rods in the video

I also added these to my anti-nuclear blog

Scroll down for the pictures and video

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"If you think you have a solution, then you are part of the problem." - George Carlin.

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Does anyone know of any instances where a people EVER VOTED themselves free?

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My interp is that only new mortgages will be subject to the $15. I did rough math on 330,000 home sales a month and came up with an calc that the $33b will take about 12 months to pay off. Of course since the extension is likely to carry out to the year end, this $15 fee will likely be permanent. 

Lost in the 1,000+ pages is also an increase to military spending while the EPA and Education are reduced. 

Add also that the cut backs to the postal service hae been postponed and it's easy to see that we are barreling head-first into fiscal abandon.  

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This is the crime of the Century and they (the elite) are getting away with it.  Every time they make one of these extensions, the politicians, lobbyists, banksters and their lawyers all make millions more dollars.  The whole thing is one great big fraud.



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This lawsuit was filed the other day and IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!!!!! PLEASE READ AND SPREAD FAR AND WIDE.



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Some will argue that I’m being irrational. That if enough voters thought as I do all the folks who now run governments would be out, and a crop of new ones, who didn’t know where the bathroom was, would take over. I don’t care. We can’t do worse than the current lot.

It's not irrational, we don't need people who know where the bathroom is. We need people in office who can run the government, without getting pig slop all over the front of them and their faces.

It's like those fuckin' WS Bankers,... we don't need them. We need what they do. Or rather, what they should be doing. That is to run a gawddamned financial sytem without them risking us into fearful markets and nuking us. Blankfein and Dimon and all of those other fuckers, their Sr Management, and Boards should have been shitcanned the day after we (fiscal and monetary) had to open our wallets.

A bank takes in deposits, facilitates liquidity through transaction/tranfer systems, and loans the money out. All of the other shit they can do from converted warehousees on the Lower East Side in seperate companies. When they blow up and fall into the East River, they'll hardly be noticed among all of the rest of the shit.

After we've had to read history for 4 years about financial nuclear events, nobody can say outloud the 100% clearest symptom of impending doom,... is a disproportionate earnings and market cap of the Financial Industry compared to everyting else in the Economy?? They are either gaming something or risking the system out the ass.

How the fuck can these neo-classical, neo-liberal business failures be left in place. We appear to be re-inventing Japan as hard as we can. Failed businesses with hidden failed assets.Their bitchfaced version of capitalism and free-markets is an insult to the intelligence of retards, let alone Adam Smith et al.

These guys aren't geniuses, they are assholes. If this current crew of Banktwats had to be  replaced, there would have been some hope of cleaning-up this poor excuse for a shithole. You put the new guys back to arduous and painful mark-to-market, get the full bill on the table, and flush out.... shit like repos-to-failure and hypothecating.

Because fuck it. Nobody knows what the real price of anything is. You have to wear Depends, with a quick-change backup set, just to step into a market. A third of Main Street has already fallen off of the cliff, and the rest of them(me) are frozen lemmings... whose only future is one of curiosity to answer the pressing questions.... Is the final shove going to be the job going MIA, or the day when the postage on the 20 yr old 401k Statement is larger than the balance in the equity mutual funds? And is a loaf of bread going to be 5 cents or $1000?.

What are these assholes still doing here?

Oh, that's right. They married their first cousin hogs in Washington. And those wipers-of-monied-asses have guaranteed all of the past, present, and future defecations of their play-in-their-own-fesces mates.

So what is irrational about voting out these blowers-of-monkeys-for-dollars?

And show we are not only ready to do it, but intent on doing it, until we get it right. Because  our further intention is to quit being the showerboys for the Ped State Nittany Lions, while getting our lockers robbed.

A good first step suggestion would be for all like-minded folk to renounce political party affiliation and become Independents. That way we will know who is who.

The only people who will stay affiliated, will be the ones who want to suck the dick of the political system and get something out of it. You'll know a knuckledragger, not by his Party affiliation, but by any affiliation at all.

To  affiliate and delude oneself that DC is anything but one massive circle-jerk with our money as lubricant, is counter-productive.

My bet is that our democratic Republic can run fine, if we get people in Wash who actually implement it.

We don't need this current crop of money dumpsters, we just need what they are supposed to do.

Don't confuse the two.



StormShadow's picture

Bruce and all the rest here is a good site rallying to do exactly what you're talking about, throwing them ALL out:

Hillbillyfreak's picture

They extended existing payroll tax cuts.  When they instituted this great idea, how did they "pay" for the tax cuts?  Why not just continue with the offset they instituted when the grand plan began?  Why now the urgency to "pay" for them?   Are they increasing the percentage reduction?

This is totally insane.  They extended the payroll tax deduction for two months, but have instituted higher fees on fannie mae mortgages to pay for it.  Are these higher fees permanent or will mortgages made after two months not be subject to the higher fee?

This is from USA today:

The typical person who buys a home or refinances starting on Jan. 1 will have to pay roughly $17 more a month for their mortgage, thanks to a fee increase included in the payroll tax cut bill that the Senate passed Saturday.

The legislation provides a two-month extension of a payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits that would otherwise expire on Jan. 1. It would also delay for two months a cut in Medicare reimbursements for doctors that is scheduled to take effect on New Year's Day. The House is expected to act on the bill early next week. Two more months of the Social Security tax cut amounts to a savings of about $165 for a worker making $50,000 a year.

To cover its $33 billion price tag, the measure permanently increases the fee that the government-backed mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, charge to insure home mortgages. That fee, which Senate aides said currently averages around three-tenths of a percentage point, would rise by one-tenth of a percentage point under the bill.

So, what happens if in two months the payroll tax reduction is not extended again?  The fee continues.  Will the fees collected go to social security, the general fund, fannie/freddie, the Bernake?

It appears when the payroll tax holiday for 2011 was initiated, they replaced an existing tax credit - Making Work Pay - with the tax holiday.  That seems to be how they "paid" for it.  So, again, why do they need to pay for it again?  Considering there is a 1 trillion plus overall deficit, why is there any urgency to pay for it at all?

onlooker's picture

“”My Senator, Chucky Boy Schumer (D-N.Y.) had this to say about the conflict that is sure to come in February:””


I can assure you that Schumer is not your Senator. He is the boss that holds the Senate seat.


You could be viewed as a naughty puppet. You could also be viewed as a ZH American hero. It would be most interesting to see the files on you.