Tokyo Starts Burning Radioactive Waste from Other Areas … Tokyo Governor Tells Residents to “Shut Up” and Stop Complaining

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I noted in August:

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says in a new interview that the Japanese are burning radioactive materials. The radioactivity originated from Fukushima, but various prefectures are burning radioactive materials in their terroritories.


Gundersen says that this radioactivity ends up not only in neighboring prefectures, but in Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and California.

And see this and this.*

Now Tokyo is starting to burn radioactive debris from other prefectures.

Ex-SKF (the odd name comes from the fact that the writer is a former trader in the ProShares UltraShort Financials ETF known as “SKF”) pointed out last week:

NHK reports that the first container from Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture arrived by rail in JR Tokyo container terminal in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo at 7AM on November 3. It was promptly transported to one of the contractors selected by the Metropolitan government, and the debris was sorted, and crushed into smaller pieces. Flammable debris will go to the TEPCO’s subsidiary (Tokyo Rinkai Recycle Power) located on the landfill and be burned after November 6, and non-flammable debris will be simply buried in the same landfill.

Given that Tokyo is directly getting hit by radiation from Fukushima, and that Fukushima is still far from any stable shutdown – and is still apparently undergoing nuclear reactions (and see this, this and this) – burning radioactive debris just adds insult to injury.

I noted earlier today that Tokyo – and other parts of Japan – are burning radioactive debris, which will disperse more radiation into the environment.

Steven Starr – Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility,  and Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia, who has advised numerous countries on issues of nuclear non-proliferation – wrote a comment to the post agreeing:

Burning radioactive debris will only serve to further randomly spread radiation across Japan, as well as the rest of the world. Not only will this lead to more morbidity and mortality within Japan, but it will further complicate epidemiological studies of the Fukushima disaster. Raising “acceptable” levels of radioactive fallout is a false solution to a serious problem. It is possible for the government authorities to do this because radiation is invisible to us, and at lower doses, the consequences of exposure do not manifest themselves for some time . . . thus it is a poison that is easy to hide and ignore. Sadly, the children of Japan will be those most seriously affected by this man-made environmental catastrophe.

All independent nuclear health experts would agree with Starr.

And Japanese children are already suffering tremendously from Fukushima radiation

Ex-SKF subsequently reported (edited to delete Japanese language references):

Shintaro Ishihara, irascible 79-year-old governor of Tokyo who almost single-handedly decided to do this mind-boggling project to “assist the recovery” of Iwate, mentioned the complaints that his government has received over the issue in the press conference on November 4 afternoon.


According to Fuji TV news clip on November 4, the governor said,

“Shut up” is all we need to say to these complaints.




Fuji TV news also says that 3,000 complaints have been sent to the Tokyo Metropolitan government, over 90% of them protesting against the debris from disaster-affected areas to be transported, processed, crushed and burned and buried in Tokyo Bay.

And today, Ex-SKF reports that the Tokyo governor’s attitude towards his citizens has filtered down to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment as well:




“It is a fate for children to accept radiation contamination.”





Ms. Iwanaga of Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment was also bad. [She said] “Radioactive materials would disperse [by burning the debris] but it would be safe; there was no problem at all because it had been agreed and approved in the Metropolitan Assembly which represents the residents of Tokyo; there was no system whereby the residents have a direct say in the matter.” To top it off, she hung up on me.

Remember, Japan is a very homogenous society where peer pressure to conform can be intense. For example, last month it was reported that mothers who expressed concern about their kids playing outside in potentially radioactive conditions are called “monster parents” by their peers.

* Note: To understand the second link, you have to know that nuclear plants have the most sensitive ongoing testing equipment; indeed, because of the Russian cover-up, the Chernobyl accident was first “discovered” when a nuclear plant in another country detected high high ambient radiation levels.

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johnjb32's picture

This is a very bad sign indicating that the Japanese government is (no surprise) overwhelmed. If incineration creeps back in incrementally, it will be only a matter of time before North America starts recording more fallout like we reported in Kansas yesterday. It will all depend upon how much contamination enters the jet stream and where rains decide to dump it out. We have had no alerts here is Sebastopol through our detectors and are seeing no detectable radiation in N. America. But then again, it's not raining and the incineration has apparently just resumed.

You can find out more about what the radiation readings in your region are right here. -- MCR

ReasonForLife's picture

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred.  So the question becomes, where is the best place to transfer this radiation?  It's in the water, earth and air.  

To take it out of the drinking water, I'd look at these: 


High Plains Drifter's picture

it seems like they are committing national suicide.  the question is why would anyone want to do such things?  there has to be some major treason going on there. one thing is for sure. there has been for a very long time, involvement there of freemasonry.  the asians go to the secret society thing like a duck to water. if these goy masonic networks are shall we say, heavily infested in their government and they probably are, then  this would explain why certain japanese in government are doing things that appear to be extremely bad  for the japanese people and the rest of the world for that matter. 

Monday1929's picture

Since this is Zero Hedge, it must be all those Japanese Jews, right???

Hephasteus's picture

Worse troll/facilitator combo yet.

Air force sucks at air traffic controlling.

Whoa Dammit's picture

I think the government is just unwilling to spend the money it would take to clean up the radiation properly, as it would bankrupt the country.

xcehn's picture

The Japanese puppet government continues to lie and sacrifice the people's health to keep the economy and markets humming at all costs.  Just like BP, TEPCO is also in the driver's seat.

PulauHantu29's picture

Everyone hates a Whiner.

dcb's picture


HungrySeagull's picture

Well time to start waving the rad probe in the walmart I guess.


As I said before and say again, they should have deployed a few nuclear bombs against Fukushima Dachi plant complex and buried the thing into the sea or under the earth long ago. But no.


Well, they learn to live with radiation now and eventually we will too.

Yellowhoard's picture

This is all part of a diabolical national defense strategy.

Who the hell would want to invade Japan now.

It's like giving your beuatiful daughter a case of scortching herpes so nobody will rape her.

Think of the savings!

Jalibb's picture

Japanese children eating GMO altered breakfast cereal next to burning nuclear waste pits. What could go wrong?

Jim in MN's picture

When I saw this story yesterday I actually found it too depressing to post, even here!  Guess I got over it:

Smaller increase in children's weight in Fukushima

A survey shows that some children in Fukushima Prefecture have smaller average weight gains this year compared to the year before. A pediatrician says the results indicate the negative effects of the nuclear plant accident in March.

Doctor Shintaro Kikuchi tracked the weights of 245 children aged from 4 to 6 in 2 kindergartens in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. The results show an average weight increase of 0.81 kilograms over the past year through June. The increase for children in the same age group the previous year was 3.1 kilograms.

The average increase for children aged 5 to 6 in the survey was 0.84 kilograms. But a nationwide health ministry survey conducted last year for children of the same age group showed an average gain of 1.8 kilograms.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident has caused high levels of radioactivity in areas around the plant. Koriyama is located about 60 kilometers from the facility and many children in the city have been forced to play indoors to avoid contamination.

Kikuchi noted that the smaller weight increases could be related to reduced appetite resulting from less exercise as well as changes in the secretion of growth hormones due to stress. He said measures should be taken to restore normal hormone levels in the children.

Monday, November 07, 2011 20:09 +0900 (JST)

Septicus Maximus's picture

Good old George Washington at it as usual.,worry-wartin' muthafuqua...

wang's picture
wang (not verified) Nov 9, 2011 7:38 AM

Perhaps they don't give a damn as once we are finished with Euorpe, Japan is next up and it will make Europe seem like Jefferson County

apberusdisvet's picture

Someone should start geiger counter monitoring the inbound US flights from Japan and the arriving  container ships.  The gubmint has already stopped radiation monitoring on the West Coast and in Canada. ????

Go long cancer clinics.

Move to the Southern Hemisphere

cynicalskeptic's picture

Cue Godzilla, stage right..........Mothra, stage left.

sumo's picture

Bullish. Clean-up of damage caused by Godzilla and Mothra will add to GDP. Just ask Krugman (he'll have a cameo in the next remake).


Vlad Tepid's picture

Some twitter comments and a broken yahoo link.  I need more than this GW.  This is a colossal disaster, the J govt is about as consumer savvy as Netflix and the Japanese have strange customs but all I see here is rumor mill.  I don't see anything like this worry even in the alternative vernacular press in Japan.  I know you're not an anti-Japanese gadfly on the level of Debito_Arudo but please try to get a little more than a spoon to stirup the ZH pot.  I wish I could help but I'm just not seeing this stuff.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Atomic Sushi, going into Atomic Garbage Cans, going into Atomic Incinerators, going into Atomic Air, going into Atomic Lungs.

This is just great.


merizobeach's picture

Democracy, or any concern for the populaces whatsoever, seems to have gone completely out of fashion in this young century.

Kina's picture

So when they manage to contaminate all the produce of Japan and can export nothing the Mayor of Tokyo  will have to seppuku.


Yes, women can do it to.


EDIT: Well, they could keep exporting this




jeff montanye's picture

thanks for the link.  i guess by then (radioactive produce) the irony of this one would be too painful:

DeltaDawn's picture

Those girls may want to go on an extended concert tour.

johny2's picture

that is a great idea...Politicians on high positions should be encouraged to "sepuku" every time they fail their promises.

Hobbleknee's picture

Why burn radioactive debris?

DogSlime's picture

I heard they burned some of the atomic waste the engine bay of a Delorean, but discovered a "minor issue" at around 88mph...

DaddyO's picture


Doggone Flux Capacitors!!


Vlad Tepid's picture

I don't know where GW is getting this.  He never even says that they are except in the headline and in a link to an August story where someone else said it but it was not substantiated in the article.  The Japanese have been burning lots of debris from the tsunami which is the only way to get rid of so much rubble.  That some of what was expelled from the Daiichi plants landed on other things is not in doubt. That does not make it "radioactive waste," like they were torching plutonium barrels or something.  I want to be able to use GW as a source to counter the mainstream BS and govt propoganda but it all looks like wild rumor and innuedno From the man with wooden teeth.  

disabledvet's picture

the theory that "radioactive steam is venting from the Fukushima site" comes from none other than the Department of Energy here in the US. Not even Arnie Gunderson goes that far as he admits. No one is arguing that this isn't a catastrophic situation with inevitibly tragic consequences. Unfortunately the easiest way to deal with is to tell people to "shut up." Been told that myself by the local clown government people. It's always the same: "so people die, big deal." Needless to say "cancer from tying your shoe laces" is a horrible way for a little kid to go.

hidingfromhelis's picture

Wow, sounds like Shintaro Ishihara and Charlie Munger have a lot in common when it comes to sensitivity for the peons.  "Suck it up!"

Vlad Tepid's picture

Ishihara is worse.  His mouth is like Berlusconi's schlong:  full of hot air, always used in the wrong places, and never in the service of his constituents.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"Shintaro Ishihara, irascible 79-year-old governor of Tokyo who almost single-handedly decided to do this mind-boggling project"

Nothing is done single-handedly in Japan.  They've picked a soon-to-die fool and made him a lightening rod.  Keep the pressure on the Japanese government and their enablers.

vato poco's picture

Obstructing our Leaders, or questioning their actions as if we lacked national spirit and 100% faith in them is a bad thing. First, it causes them loss of Face - the worst thing in the world, at least as they see it in Asia. Second, it causes them to be confused and embarrassed. This angers them, and they can and will take that anger out on you and your family for generatiions to come. Worst of all, though, asking questions will cause the spotlight to shine on YOU. Everyone will turn around and look at YOU. Once you let that happen, no amount of bowing or honorifics will make that go away - and as every kid in Japan can tell you, Mama-san always said "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down."

Now get back in LINE, sit DOWN, shut UP, and DO AS YOU'RE TOLD! These are the folks who locked 16-year-old kids into flying bombs in the '40's. The folks who sent the 5000+ man crew of the 'Yamato' on a useless, pointless suicide mission in the waning days of the war. The folks who killed themselves and their families (about 22,000 people is the usual estimate) at Saipan rather than be captured by the devil Americans. You think they give a shit about a few thousand salarymen and their accursed brats getting radiation poisonong? National HONOR is at stake here! No cost is too high! It's the Nippon way!!

cdub's picture

Said the Japanese government to the non-oriental world, "Fuck off you butter stinkers, we've got bigger problems than appeasing your round eye concerns!"

I notice a lack of complaints from their immediate neighbors, even the fakocracy of South Korea. I wonder what's up with that?

qussl3's picture

Kinda helps that the winds blow east.

Aeonios's picture

Well with any luck California will get wiped out too. We're counting on you Japan.

knukles's picture

Jesus fuck dimwit.  Like the radiations gonna stop at the Neveda/California state line.

But then again, just as we crosss the state line, the drugs started to kick in or something of that ilk by HS Thompson....

Triggernometry's picture

"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold..."

Coldfire's picture

Sayonara, Japan. And thanks for all the excellent stuff.

jeff montanye's picture

especially you sony and toyota.  thanks.

ItsNotYouItsMe's picture

They should be used to this by now ]|~\

Zer0henge's picture

I don't see a problem here...

duo's picture

From each according to their radioactivity, to each according to their ability to absorb it.

LOL, Shinagawa station is right in the middle of the Sony world HQ complex, with a fairly large hotel across the street.

fnord88's picture

these are not the mutations you are looking for?