The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know

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most of the debt is WAR related.

the PENTAGON eats and destroys the U.S.

why do we need 11 carrier groups ???

when you add all military related costs (VA, etc.),

the military eats 70% of the U.S. budget.


corporations take 70% of national income (GDP); 

but, corporations only pay 7% of taxes in the U.S.

can you have a bit more perspective ????




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Carrier groups is, without question, the best military money we can possible spend.  By any measure.

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The top 3% own half of all wealth and the other 97% have the other half.  The top ten percent own 97% of all wealth and the lower 90% own barely three percent of the wealth.  Right wing answer is to get rid of the other 90% who are just beginning to wake to their situation now that they can no longer live on credit.

Not that the left has the answer either, they seems to be wanting a solution which is just a retread of Raygun era supply side voodoo, they think that by reinflating assets (as if they could) giving banksters trillions and trillions while voiding any accounting principal that gets in the way, they seem to believe that this will make the tide rise lifting all boats once again.  Now the arguments on either side of the political divide is not whether deficits will help but how deep the red ink can be, some even calling for an end to taxation. 

I remember clearly when $10,000 per year was a solidly middle class income for a family of four, when only rich people had credit cards, when state universities were free to residents (California), and most people did not have healthcare insurance because most people did not need it, they could actually afford to pay their own medical costs, it did not cost 2 grand to walk through an ER door, and having a kid was a few hundred bucks.  And I am only in my early fifties. 

In a way the collapse we all wait for has already happened, it just was a slow motion collapse that lasted forty years and is still in progress.  Of course when the pot of water we frogs sit in heats that slowly it is hard to say just when we hit a boil, but more than a few are starting to remember when they were not even in a pot but roaming the swamps of the wild.  For a few calling for a return to the founders world of Washington and Jefferson though you are sadly misdirected.  This is not an enormous empty continent with a few million colonists and an endless frontier behind which sits vast storehouses of mineral and agricultural wealth, a rural agrarian economic system that is in part dependent upon the use of slaves.  For one thing just try a little recreational no less commercial gold panning and see what happens.   We became an urban technological meritocracy which though it now is badly wounded still can not ever return to the economics and ethics of the founders, not unless the wingers get their wish and 300,000,000 of us cease to exist.

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Great work Ilene.

It costs about $5/day to feed someone, and less for them to occupy vacant housing/apartments/military bases. We can easily feed and house everyone. But we can't afford their tats, cel phones, nail jobs, rim jobs, etc. The government should seek to provide a very basic level of subsistence to those on the margins - enough to keep a person going, but only that. Part of the problem is that we're seeking to provide a lower middle class existence to the welfare class. Instead, we should make it easier for them to get by in the productive world by doing away with the laws and regulations that affect the cost of living, particularly rents and food. This evil government is actively discouraging independent food production. And the country is awash in surplus medical equipment - do we have to provide state of the art care to everyone with a pulse? If the welfare class received circa 2000 tech and meds, they'd still be ahead of 80% of the planet and 99% of all people who have ever lived.

That probably sounds cruel to some, but the real power behind demagogues like Obama are the people who will line up for entitlements any chance they get (social and corporate). Because they are our brothers and sisters, we believe we owe those in genuine need a helping hand. But we don't owe the welfare class a comfortable existence - their lives should be consumed with worry about the future and plans to change it. Those that would abuse and milk the system are often hard to identify, so the system has to be minimalist. We DO owe them some latitude: lots of them can provide for themselves if they have to, but now every new business has to jump through hoops that are written by and for the intelligent, in part to discourage the lower classes from competing. A sane and compassionate welfare system must provide the minimum possible safety net, and must exist alongside a system of commerce which provides lots of opportunity to get out of welfare and become independent. Presently, as soon as someone on the dole wants to earn, they are cut off the dole. This problem is fixed by making the dole as small as possible, and letting those on the dole earn while on it. They lose the dole when they move out of whatever crappy housing is being paid for by the rest of us.

We know what TPTB would like to see happen; they're eugenecists and would like to find a way to do away with the welfare class, as long as they can blame it on someone else. This mess doesn't have to result in millions of dead Americans, but that's going to happen unless we start thinking differently about almost everything.


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The most egregious statistic is that the odds of NOT descending into the totalitarian feudal state that has been planned by the elite are


Were that it wasn't so.  Look how we've  gotten there incrementally:

Creature from Jekyl Island surfaces, immediately followed by an income tax to pay for the coming rape and pillage.

FDR and the original Keynesian Revolution

JFK assassination

LBJ Great Society

Unions take over public education; US goes from first in math and science to worse than 20th today.

Nixon takes us off the gold standard; last audit of Fort Knox

The election of  the supreme globalist and NWO proponent Bush Sr

The false flag of 9/11 and the trashing of the Constitution since.

Supreme bankster/CIA nurtured puppet becomes President



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first statistic is insanely scary when you think 30 years ago there were still 30% of households getting government cheques. So we've gone from almost 1/3rd which already was terrible to almost 50%, and people wonder how we got to where we are.

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101. There are over 300 million fingers pointing blame, but only one Ron Paul with an idea of how to fix this mess.

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A few points on what are some of the fundamentals behind the "Occupy…………….." movement and all of the other movements around the world for that matter.


First the most powerful meme of this movement, the one that scares TPTB to there core, is the fact that it is all about;


1% vs the other 99%


The accounting has been done by multiple organizations. The banking industry in the US and probably globally, have the assets to cover peoples deposits, merchant deposits and transactions, basically all of the "REAL ECONOMY's" money. 


Unfortunately this only represents a small portion of the banking and finance industries activities. The other 90% of what they have been doing, essentially gambling and fraud, is what is being bailed out, that is what is at risk if (when) banking collapses, NOT the real economy.


This is a bit over simplified as banking collapse would certainly effect all trade and therefore the real economy but not in the way that they are saying and recovery of the real economy would be possible and maybe even reasonable whereas what is happening right now is that the real economy where 99% of us live, is being sucked dry, thrown under the bus, raped, or what have you, in order to cover the bad gambling debts of the 1%.


It's not just banking and finance it is all big corporations most of which have been augmenting low and declining revenues from making and selling stuff by participating in the financial dealings (gambling and fraud) also.


 The politicians currently in charge (and those aspiring to be) got there positions and owe complete allegiance to BIG money. They will do what is best for the 1% NOT what is best for the 99%. In all fairness they are convinced that serving the 1% is whats best for the other 99%. I know this for a fact.


Money = a claim on the future.

1% controls all of the money.

99% have no future.


Bottom line This is a crisis of capitalism but this is where it gets tricky.


Debt driven Capitalism is and has been the optimal system to promote exponential growth. Resource depletion, over population, environmental degradation,  are just a few of the detrimental results. A version of capitalism is what every Country around the world uses to juice growth, even communist China. Silly people think they can control capital, LOL!


Capitalism functions like a pyramid scheme in that there are always opportunities for more and more people to acquire wealth but only as long as multiples of additional participants are constantly coming in at the bottom. Oh, yeah, capitalism also requires that there is enough cheap, almost free energy coming on line at a similar or greater multiple in order for those participants to generate excess profit$ to pass on up the pyramid.


Right now there are plenty of willing participants but due to the lack of cheap, almost free energy these participants are unable to generate "excess profit$" to pass up the pyramid. Low life bums. So instead of money flowing, being pushed up that is, the relentless, unquenchable demand that "capital" is simply sucks it up anyway it can even if it has to create virtual participants with virtual excess profits. There is no stoping capital…FEED ME SEYMOUR!


Capital has muscle too and is always looking for cheap, almost free energy. Is it any coincidence that last of the light sweet crude is in Iraq and Libya?


Even that is not enough so it just keeps on expanding debt/credit and skimming off the top.


Debt/credit expansion has continued on well beyond anything that this planet can ever support.


Problem is whenever you talk this way people scream "your a damn communist/ socialist".


Clearly humanity needs to operate from a base of support that includes healthcare for all. education for all, security in old age for all, in order to maintain dignity and humanity and this is socialism. Above and beyond that maybe we can have some form of capitalism that allows people to reach there aspirations BUT CAN NEVER INTRUDE ON THE BASIC SOCIALISTIC BASE SYSTEM. Truth is we kind of had this sort of setup here in the US for a while but then capital noticed this while heading out for some grub one day and…well the rest is history and here we are.


Maybe instead of Debt based Capitalism we should try Gift based Capitalism.







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Thoughtful and mostly right, but by your admission you can't stop capital. When you say we need a basic socialist system you have to pay for it, so capitalism has to be muscular enough to do so. Socialism exacerbates capitalism's excesses.

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I posted this on an other topic but it seems more appropriate here.

The farce is out in the open now.  Hell, TPTB aren't even trying to hide it anymore. 

The tea partiers noticed it first and the Occupiers are coming around.   They see the effects of the problem, but can't define it or see the root cause.  It is dawning on people that both political parties produce about the same result.  I hope everybody follows their concerns and grievances to the logical conclusion.  Individual liberty and responsibility is the answer.  The founding fathers figured this out and Ron Paul is preaching their gospel of liberty.  The Austrian economists established the theoretical proof.  It takes study and thoughtful consideratoin to see the truth.  Central planning fails every time it is tried.   (Most people on ZH are already there.)

Most people are still asleep.  One by one, they are waking up.  Now is the time to spread the message of liberty at every opportunity.  As the situatipon deteriorates, more people will be looking for answers.

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Looks like individuals from both ends of the political spectrum are coming together, but the unity is based on destruction, not solutions.

The progressives want to solve the problem by introducing more government involvement in every single aspect of our lives from the very top to the very bottom.

The [conservatives? Tea Party? Constitutionalists? ???] want to solve the problem in the polar opposite way, by limiting the Federal government's authority in just about every way but militarily.

Civil war?  Maybe.  I mean, how else do these things get resolved when social volatility is at such a dangerous high?

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Centralized Corporate Power and Serfdom
Centralized power is the problem. Corporations centralize power and corrupt markets into fixed oligopolies and crony capitalism. Local economies, small businesses and local banks are the answer. Keep our earnings and money local.

Leakage From Our Local Economies
Buy something at corporate big box and that revenue is sucked out of your community to a TBTF bank never to be seen or of benefit to your community again...

Grass Roots Redevelopment of Our Local Economies
Wall Street, corporate power and their political toadies are the enemy of the vast majority of us... taxing us at every turn with rigged markets, usury rents and just plain old taxes rigged against the individual and small business owners...

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Central planning fails because it is really central looting by a corrupt ruling class who amass centralized power and seek parasitic rents from the entire society. Whether it is called communism or corporatism, the results are the same.

We strain under crony capitalism of finance capital criminals who incompetently only fail upwards in a corporate owned governance political system.

Stalin and his kleptocrats achieved the same results with a different facade... but it all amounts to the same for the bottom 99%... the peasants...

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What are we back in kindergarten? Bold the "important" items of the list for the stupid readers?

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No.  Some of us still have jobs and can't be sitting staring at an article about macro economics all day long.

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#56 Remember Vietnam? 

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The "average" Amercan is one stupid SOB

The Americans that argue democrat v republican are even fucking dumber than that...

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The average American thinks they live in a system built around their best interests. Both parents work in most working families, and the system throws up as many distractions as possible. Don't blame them for appearing to be stupid, it's the result of decades of relentless conditioning. Many people reading and writing here were once 'sheeple' waiting to be awakened. No one is born knowing how things work.

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Agreed, two wings of the same bird, don't listen to what they say, look at how they vote lock step with the Administration Dem or Repub and the paragdime becomes shattered.

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What surprises me the most is the one category that was ommitted......the number of people who 'live' on the underground economy.  A lot of the peeps I know, either sell weed or grow pot in their basement. I dare say if they were to legalize it, the 'real' economy would instantly collapse. I find it amazing that regular folks that get some form of government subsidy, have $400 to spend on an ounce of weed. And most of those are not boomers who generally have an extra $400 lying around. How do they do it??????????????

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Participants in the underground economy are hard to quantify accurately...

Is a local crack dealer, a CIA drug smuggler, or a TBTF bankster drug money launderer (all of Wall Street) going to respond to your survey about numbers, volume and dollar amounts?

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Hi Ilene,

   Thanks for this important compilation.  However, I hope you will consider not passing along numbers (such as the percent of debt to GDP) projected beyond 2020, as we know that the conditions that created the trend used for the projection are clearly unsustainable.  You know the collapse will occur long before such extremes would be reached.

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+1... Excellent Point
Those long term projections, anything greater than 5 years are complete inaccurate bullshit and should be immediately ignored...

Any one that has studied probability and statistics... and by study I don't mean stared at a chart drooling while drinking coffee...  knows that...

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To be fair, I think the point of those projections was simply to show linearity of current trends, i.e. severity based on  theta.

Again, however, there's little to no support that anything economic or financial is or has ever been "linear..."

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Allow Me to Retort:

The two entries I was referring to inaccuracies in long term extrapolations:

#96 It is being projected that the U.S. national debt will hit 344% of GDP by the year 2050 if we continue on our current course.


#95 The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that U.S. government debt held by the public will reach a staggering 716 percent of GDP by the year 2080.

Now, #96 The Heritage Foundation, their accuracy in economic forecasting I can't speak to. But #95, the CBO, let us look at one of their project of budget surpluses in 1999 extrapolating just 10 years forward for 2001 through 2009:

Baseline (Conservative) CBO "Estimate"

"CBO projects that those on-budget deficits will give way to on-budget surpluses in 2001 and succeeding years as the total budget surplus climbs to $381 billion in 2009."

Enhanced CBO "Estimate"

"CBO’s projections assume that enacted appropriations will be consistent with the statutory caps of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act (the Deficit Control Act) that are in place through 2002... If, instead, discretionary outlays are held to the dollar level of the 2002 caps through 2009, CBO projects that the total budget surplus will grow to $514 billion in that year."

CBO Optimistic "Estimate"

"It is also possible that the U.S. economy will continue to surprise most analysts and taxable incomes will continue to grow rapidly for another year or more—in which case, surpluses are likely to be even larger than projected. In the longer term, CBO projects, real growth will average 2.3 percent a year from 2001 through 2009, taking into account the possibility of booms and recessions during that period."

"CBO is now projecting budget surpluses that are much larger than those it projected last August... Cumulative surpluses over the 1999-2008 period are $745 billion higher."

The CBO assumptions did not exactly pan out, now did they.

The Fallacy of Assumptions 

"CBO’s baseline projections are intended to provide the Congress with estimates of the spending and revenues that will occur if current laws affecting the budget remain unchanged."

The CBO Couldn't Even Estimate 1 to 10 Years Out: How do you expect an accurate 70 year extrapolation?
Now the current laws effecting the budget did NOT remain unchanged did they? By late 2001 into 2002 spending exploded to loot the so called surpluses.

So tell me how it is a logically sound assumption that between 2011 and 2080, "current laws affecting the budget remain unchanged."

Since the assumption or premise is so patently absurd, then I submit to you the projection is idiotic on its face, statistically invalid and of no use to anyone's enhancement of knowledge.

Most long range extrapolations suffer from the same fallacy of premise.

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I don't really think I deserved a "retort," especially all in bold.  I wasn't picking a fight.

I was just saying what I was saying.

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What amases me is how long this economy has lasted and how long it looks like it will last. All the central banks and governments have kept the economy on life support for a long time and it appears they will a least try to keep it that way even longer. I'm betting on a collapse in 2013, anyone have a better guess?

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Yea,  statistically speaking, at the rate we are going, I say before the end of this month IMHO. There are some new events that will throw a monkey wrench in this so-called "recovery" If we were in a recovery, CAT stocks and Copper would be on the rise.

Their recovery plan is to bring the system down and have the people beg for ANY conclusion to this man made artificial "crisis".

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2012 may truly be a pivotal election, but what will be pivoting to?

Name me one candidate, other than possibly Ron Paul, who will even mention the thnings that must be done if the country is to change directions and begin the healing process.

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They're all fucking clowns whose platforms distill down to "more of the same."

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usury at the root equates to this failure we see.
end the fed and their death star notes of failure.

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DAVID STOCKMAN, FATHER OF REAGONOMICS, otherwise known as "The Free Lunch Tax Cut Scam" SAID:


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Shortsighted BS. Woodrow Wilson was a democrat.

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America FUCK YEAH!!!

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Bed Bath and Beyond - Fuck, yeah!

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If you build stupid shit, the stupid shit will come - Fuck, yeah!

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And they wonder why we occupy the country...

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Concise, yet thorough. Thank you for this article.

The Daily Reckoning's staff recently wrote we lead the world in several other areas:

1 laziest;

2. fattest;

3. highest homicide rate;

4. highest incarciration (prison pop); and,

5. highest divorce rate.

I don't remember the other five but they were as dismal.

Oh yeah, #6 highest rape.



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Our prison population wouldn't be so high if it weren't filled with  33% + IDENTIFIED illegals. Many more have not been identified. Stop with yyour stupid statistics that skew the reality you sound like a yahoo puppet.

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Not to mention all the prison space filled with DEA bullshit. Marijuana a 'gateway' drug?  Central planned Statism, gateway to hell..

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I hate cherry-picked talking points. However, to be fair and balanced, Jesus loves you!

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Can't be blaming Obama when Bush was the one putting 2 trillion dollars in war costs off the books - TARP was passed on his watch.  BOTH parties have failed but be fair about allocating blame....  

And using REAL inflation numbers, GDP was negative under Bush, unemployment was far higher and the dollar lost almost 40% of is purchasing power.

BTW - the patron saint of conservatives St.Ronnie ran up the debt too by expanding our military even as the Soviets were imploding......

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Yeah, throughout this whole list, I saw years like 1976 and 1980 and 1994 and 2000 right alongside 2008.  Obama is a lousy president but those who blame everything on him are either stupid or lying.

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And why the HELL do you think the Soviets were imploding, you dolt?

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Blame Obama and the Dems when you loose your State Soverignty, have you read paragraph 376 in his job bill?

And this will come to pass because of this new measure:

Regaurdless of who caused the problem, we will fall headlong into Tierney without a doubt and feel some pain in real time.

This job's bill is a Chi Town type thug Politics gone Mainstream America that will strong arm states into submission Via taking Federal money and when their States Soverignty is signed away, The Govt. will send the Corperations to those states that have caved to create "job's". Real nice Huh? 


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Wrestling is fake and the NFL wins the Super Bowl every year.

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An item that cost $20.00 in 1913 will cost you $457.67 today


Unless that item is a Gold Double Eagle.  And now you can see the TRUE cost of inflation.

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Thank God the primary job of the Fed Reserve is to keep inflation down! real bang up job there Brownie!