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"But to discount the fact that the markets have risen 60% since Obama was president, and the armed forces took out Bin Ladin..." Exhibit A: a working class dog who believes that markets propped with funny money and manipulated by HFT computers with market volume collapsing faster than a black hole, and unemployment numbers skewed to ignore everyone who gives up looking for work, is a sign of market health. You must have been in Econ 101 at Columbia with Mr. Sotero. Please stand by to receive your Nobel Peace Prize for your ground-breaking work in economics. Exhibit B: Your award for the "Bin Laden" remark comes the day his "steroids body" washes up on shore anywhere on the eastern seaboard.

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would make a great t-shirt design

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Now that is some messed-up analysis.  Here's the conclusion but the whole article is just bizarre.

Dr. Keith Ablow: So, as far as I can tell, judging from the psychological data, we have only one real risk to America from his marital history if Newt Gingrich were to become president: We would need to worry that another nation, perhaps a little younger than ours, would be so taken by Mr. Gingrich that it would seduce him into marrying it and becoming its president. And I think that is exceedingly unlikely.


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@ "..so taken by Mr. Gingrich that it would seduce him into marrying it and becoming its president. And I think that is exceedingly unlikely."
this author is obviously a hired imbecile. common.
there are other options not considered being that
perhaps another nation will not treat his infamy with
the respect his second and third might or might not
pour on him. they, other nations, may just have him
buy them pretty weapons and then throw him to the
street for the prostitute that he is.
you see nations are not like woman as much
as you may see that there are similarities. they can be
like something else entirely. and it may not be newt
himself that gets thrown to the street. it might be
his audience, his charge, his responsibility, his people
who take the knife in the back.
are we to be like his lost children and love daddy to
make us whole as he tells us nothing of the trades and
trade offs that sustain him and us. we children of the newt?

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Woe Unto You; Hypocrites, Liars, Oxymorons
by Tom Valentine
Pay attention to this video because I Could not have said this so well myself.
"Im Sorry" Ron Paul Supporter From South Carolina (evangelical hoax)
No wonder secular Americans groaned at the so-called Moral Majority a few decades ago; These oxymoron types are unbelievably smug, self righteous and stupid.

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The only thing that makes me feel better about the state of things than the chuckle your work gives me is when somebody sticks the administration in the eye and they know it. Thank you Tim from an ordinary person.

William as always thank you for your brilliant work.

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'da hair, da hair I can't breath, my hallergies, its make me puke, blah.

/slapshot reference/

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Listen, I'm not familiar with this guy, but super blog post, anyway.

But seriously, avoiding President Obama.

I mean, his advisor on "jobs & competitiveness" is THE CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt.  And sure, maybe GE doesn't pay federal taxes, and sure, just like all those corporations which don't pay fed taxes, they are also responsible for offshoring the most jobs (hey..wait, so they don't create jobs when they don't pay taxes?????????*#&#&$*#*(@()@), but you're forgetting the....


During the economic meltdown of 1892, JP Morgan, that plutocratic parasite, engineered the takoever of Edison Electric, the company of America's most prolific inventor, Thomas Edison, along with Edison's electrical patents.

JP Morgan also scammed the brilliant inventor and father of our electrical grid, Nicholai Tesla, out of the majority ownership of Tesla's patents!

Morgan effectively ended the inventing careers of both Edison and Tesla!

In 1985, Jack Welch began a program of massive offshoring of GE's tech jobs: engineers, programmers, R&D scientists, etc., and over the next decade restructured GE into a private equity firm and hedge fund of hedge funds.

Today, GE only exists because they were given TARP bailout funds.

I guess that's why GE's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, is President Obama's advisor?

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and GE is also a HUGE military contractor!

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Let us not forget that GE's biggest export is jobs.

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Oh, that can't be good.

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There's an old saying "hockey players can't walk and chew gum at the same time". I guess they can after all.

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Knee pads are for hockey.   Tim Thomas 

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Puckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk You Obamba!

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Way to go Tim!

By the way, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last June.  Does the White House not get their news in a timely fashion?

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Depends on the basketball season.

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"Not all super-heroes wear capes"! Nice to know they are still out there. Nice work.

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Way to go Bill. Great work as always. Thank you.


My only niggle with Thomas is that he could have laid to rest the partisan charges, and staged a little teach in, if he had specifically sited the NDAA & Citizens United, which are essential and something all non-oligarchs can happily agree upon rejecting. I've read a ton of the Globe responses and was... not at all surprised by the readers' abject ignorance of the situation. Kevin Paul Dupont, who I think is the great sports writer, one of the best in the country, really has no idea there is a problem that Thomas has chosen to confront. Had Thomas sited specifically NDAA & Citizens United, it might force the media to at least explain away these two scourges on the land.

Thanks again for you great work.

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I thought about that, but my feeling is this stuff is all over the place now, at least on the Internet. So when I guy like that suddenly throws a zinger it resonates very quickly. Kind of like images ;-)



And what really impressed me is he had the superb sense to say this is not about partisan politics, its the fault of both parties.

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Priceless!!  A true gem! Both TT and WB7

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WB7 shoots!  He scores!

Go for the hat trick!

A puck in each ear!

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And by the way, great work as usual Banzai7.

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Tim has real integrity; that is, doing what you profess, and believe, is right even though it might not benefit you.

Indeed, he will be ripped by many O!bama accolytes today, to be sure. But he told it like it is, saying it had nothing to do with politics , and in doing so was true to himself; which is more fulfilling than just about anything else.

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WB7 thanks for the brilliant artwork, as always.


A lot of fag trolls on this chan.

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They have a different agenda.

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not just a different agenda but also a funny tendency to work in teams




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After a while it gets very boring...

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From today's Boston Herald (almost 300 comments - decidedly in Tim's favor.)

Tim Thomas told: ‘Stick to hockey’

Slammed for Obama snub

“My advice to him is to stick to hockey,” said Phil Johnston, a top state Democrat who served under President Clinton. “I think Bruins players are taken seriously for their hockey, not for their politics.” 

Phil Johnson, Chairman, Massachusetts Democratic Party, is at 10 Granite Street, Quincy, MA 02169 or at 617- 472-0637, or by fax at 617-472-4391. His email is phil.johnston@massdems.org.

My advice to you Mr. Phil Johnston is: SHUT THE FUCK UP!


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Well, Mr. Feel My Johnson, if they're supposed to stick to hockey, why the fuck are they being invited to the White House in the first place?


Yes, I also sent that message directly to him.

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Cool - just dropped ol' numbnuts Johnson a line - thanks.

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"Sire! The peasants are revolting!"

Phil Johnson = Elitist Prick

God forbid anyone should actually have an opinion and ... ULP ... speak their mind! Why it's ... it's ... UnAmerican, that's what it is!

This from that cradle of Liberty Boston, Mass.

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Tim Thomas is a citizen first and a hockey player second. He has every right to express his opinion, in the old America that is.

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Why don't they every tell Hollywood liberals to "Stick to acting"?


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Either that or play a few shifts on ice. Just long enough to get slammed into the boards...

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I used to think they were liberals, but after this SOPA business, I'm thinking that is all an elaborate front to draw attention away from the corporate fascism nested there.

There is something very sinister therecand it is all about those at the very top.

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WB7 - Don't you think "corporate fascists," as you call them, can be liberals?

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The big tent in insider American politics right now is "neo fascism", and it doesn't matter if you play for the 'rats, or the 'cans. It's all about control, baby!

Kudos to TT, and RP - voices in the wilderness, but getting louder.

williambanzai7's picture

They can try to paint it as partisan, but clearly it is nt.

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Wonder what Phil's response will be when the guillotine rolls up in front of the capital building in Boston.  This city is no stranger to violence in the name of liberty.

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An opportunity for a Nike ad with Tim Thomas - "Just Do It" - Snub the supreme leader of the homeland - would luv to see it...

williambanzai7's picture

Imagine him squaring off with this...


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Excellent William. Did Tim Thomas mispell "visit" or was it a typo that can be corrected?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

We all do it. I used to proofread in college for side income and this is the first one I've noticed after a year of admiring your work. I also hate spelling and grammar nazis.

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I usually circle back looking for typos. But it took me a very long time to learn how to turn off that part of the brain when engaged in right lobe activity. ;-)