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TROIKOZUNA (Bailout Yokozuna ??)







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Good thing I did a coffee spit take in my lap before I pissed my pants laughing......

No one will ever know.........

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Greece at the bottom of the pyramid

but sadly much of America as well

ironically if one were to have an Apple pyramid the bottom tier could be the Foxconn slave workers with all of the Apple Cultists partying above

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Merkel Medusa = LOL!

And...the troika gets to steal Greek gold, even though they call it a "barbarous relic".

CALPERS and CALSTERS are probably lining up for Greek debt that will be subordinated to the ECB or get a 99% haircut so they can default on pension obligations.

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The snakes need human faces. It's not like there aren't enough (human) shakes involved in this garbage.

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Can't serve two masters.  Mammon or God.  Will love the one and dispise the other.  By the way, WB7, that last one's a pretty gross take... Kinda looks like my uncle Irving and his wife....ooooouuuuhhhh

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I was somewhat amused to find that there is a Troika Dance. Many examples...

Run with it William...



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Da Troika, Hey! umm, I'm thinking we won't be seeing that one on Dancing with the Stars. 


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That's what the Poles call the Porker

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With Medusa do the drapes and carpet match?


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Yes, but there is just one snake

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Ah Lady Boy then.

Alan: You ever been to the far east, Michael?
Michael: Well, only Manilla, Hong Kong and Bangkok, like.
Alan: [Interested] Bangkok?
Michael: Aye.
Alan: Erm, so what did you see in Bangkok?
Michael: Oh I saw the Golden Temple, man. Beautiful, it was.
Alan: Yeah, what else?
Michael: Er, well there was the river market, like. All the little boats come up and they’ve got
all the fresh produce on them, and –
Alan: [Walking out the bathroom and interrupting] Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael. Come
on, tell me about the ladyboys.
Michael: Oh, you mean those transsexuals? Aye, I seen them, but, you know, they’re
disgusting I kept away from them.
Alan: Oh God, yeah, yeah. Fascinating creatures, though. Looks like a lady, but really it’s a
man. I don’t find them attractive, it’s just confusing. I don’t suppose you’ve got any army
stories about them?
Michael: I did hear about this corporal, right?

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Nothing wrong with being a Drachmillionaire!

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Merkel's more like the euro's sedusa, trying to keep everything pretty.