Update on Fukushima

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The University of California at Berkeley detected cesium levels in San Francisco area milk above over EPA limits … and even higher than they were 6 months ago.

Finnish public television says that cesium from Fukushima has been detected in lichens, fungi and elk and reindeer meat in Finland.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency confirmed a radiation cloud over the East Coast of Australia.

The West Coast of Canada is getting hit by debris from Japan … and at least some of it is likely radioactive.

The authors of the controversial study claiming 14,000 deaths in the U.S. so far from Fukushima are now upping their figure to 20,000. I spoke with nuclear health expert Chris Busby about their study, and he said that mortality figures fluctuate pretty substantially in the normal course, and so it is hard to know at this point one way or the other whether their figures are accurate.

And while there is no evidence linking them to Fukushima, Bed Bath and Beyond has recalled radioactive tissue holders after they set off police radiation monitors aboard a delivery truck This may just be an example of the incredibly lax handling of radioactive materials.

And thyroid cancers are – mysteriously – on the rise in the U.S.


Nothing to see here, folks, move along ...

I noted last month in connection with Tepco’s announcement of “cold shutdown” of the Fukushima reactors:

If the reactors are “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out.


The New York Times pointed out last month:

A former nuclear engineer with three decades of experience at a major engineering firm … who has worked at all three nuclear power complexes operated by Tokyo Electric [said] “If the fuel is still inside the reactor core, that’s one thing” …. But if the fuel has been dispersed more widely, then we are far from any stable shutdown.

Indeed, if the center of the reactors are in fact relatively “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out of the containment vessels and escaped into areas where it can do damage to the environment.

After drilling a hole in the containment vessel of Fukushima reactor 2, Tepco cannot find the fuel. As AP notes:

The steam-blurred photos taken by remote control Thursday found none of the reactor’s melted fuel ….


The photos also showed inner wall of the container heavily deteriorated after 10 months of exposure to high temperature and humidity, Matsumoto said.

TEPCO workers inserted the endoscope — an industrial version of the kind of endoscope doctors use — through a hole in the beaker-shaped container at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant’s No. 2 reactor ….


The probe failed to find the water surface, which indicate the water sits at lower-than-expected levels inside the primary containment vessel and questions the accuracy of the current water monitors, Matsumoto said.

And while cold shutdown means that the water inside the reactors is below the boiling point, CNN reports:

Massive steam and water drops made it difficult to get a clear vision….

Given that steam forms when water boils, this is an indication that the reactor is not in cold shutdown.

Asahi Shimbun reports:

Tadahiro Katsuta, associate professor of nuclear engineering at Meiji University, said: "While an inside look was provided much sooner than I expected, it is still too early to rest assured. The water level is lower than estimated, so there is the possibility that the melted fuel that fell to the bottom of the vessel is not being adequately covered by water."

The Daily Yomiuri notes that Tepco has gone from 100% confident that water was covering the fuel to saying it is "quite unlikely" that there is any problem:

Drops of water fall like rain in the video, which was shot using an industrial endoscope. The drops were apparently the result of vapor--created by the heat from melted nuclear fuel--that cooled inside the upper part of the reactor containment vessel.


"It's quite unlikely nuclear fuel was exposed, as liquid from condensation is dripping down," a TEPCO official said.

Mainchi points out that reactors 1 and 3 are probably in no better shape:

The fuel inside the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors is believed to have melted through the pressure vessels and been accumulating in the outer primary containers after the Fukushima plant lost its key functions to cool the reactors in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 last year.


As I’ve pointed out since day one, the Japanese government and Tepco have covered up the extent of the radiation released by Fukushima and its health effects on the Japanese and others. See this and this.

The New York Times notes:

The government inspectors declared Onami’s rice safe for consumption after testing just two of its 154 rice farms.

Then … more than a dozen [farmers] found unsafe levels of cesium. An ensuing panic forced the Japanese government to intervene, with promises to test more than 25,000 rice farms in eastern Fukushima Prefecture, where the plant is located.




The repeated failures have done more than raise concerns that some Japanese may have been exposed to unsafe levels of radiation in their food, as regrettable as that is. They have also had a corrosive effect on public confidence in the food-monitoring efforts, with a growing segment of the public and even many experts coming to believe that officials have understated or even covered up the true extent of the public health risk in order to limit both the economic damage and the size of potential compensation payments.


Critics say … the government can no longer pull the wool over the public’s eyes, as they contend it has done routinely in the past.

“Since the accident, the government has tried to continue its business-as-usual approach of understating the severity of the accident and insisting that it knows best,” said Mitsuhiro Fukao, an economics professor at Keio University in Tokyo who has written about the loss of trust in government. “But the people are learning from the blogs, Twitter and Facebook that the government’s food-monitoring system is simply not credible.”




“No one trusts the national government’s safety standards,” said Ichio Muto, 59, who farms organic mushrooms in Nihonmatsu, 25 miles northwest of the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

The Japan Times reports:

The government buried a worst-case scenario for the Fukushima nuclear crisis that was drafted last March and kept it under wraps until the end of last year, sources in the administration said Saturday.


After the document was shown to a small, select group of senior government officials at the prime minister’s office in late March, the administration of then Prime Minister Naoto Kan decided to quietly bury it, the sources said.

“When the document was presented (in March), a discussion ensued about keeping its existence secret,” a government source said.

In order to deny its existence, the government treated it as a personal document of Japan Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Shunsuke Kondo, who authored it, until the end of December, the sources said.

It was only then that it was actually recognized as an official government document, they said.


“The content was so shocking that we decided to treat it as if it didn’t exist,” a senior government official said.

Major Japanese broadcaster NHK purportedly stopped a reporter in mid-sentence on March 12th as he was discussing the exposure of the nuclear fuel rods above the cooling pool, telling him:

They say you mustn’t read this draft.

Finally, the Economist and Boing Boing note that a Canadian journalist was grilled about who he spoke with at Fukushima, and:

Held, threatened, and shaken down for bribes before being detained without counsel or a phone call. He says he was eventually deported, though not before being ordered to sign a falsified confession and being threatened by an official at gunpoint.

(Many journalists and nuclear experts are alleged to have been monitored, harassed or blocked by the Japanese government.)

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AbruptlyKawaii's picture

Radiation is people my friend ™ ®

theyve already found melted core slag in the core samples they drilled from UNDER the entire building.  not drilled into it.

they cant find the core inside the vessel because it is gone. it is under the building.

they drilled under the entire reactor building and found core slag.  i posted the link a few weeks ago:





the US department of energy thinks busby and his low dose emmiters are shit, in fact, the US DOE thinks low dose radiation is good for you. so we can all stop the hand wringing.



#WinTheFuture #Winning #WeCantWait


TerraHertz's picture

About the article claiming drilling under the reactor building:

While I expect that the cores of units 1, 2 and 3 have melted out of the steel PV and into the floor of the concrete containment structure, I'm very doubtful about the truth of this post.

I have not seen any evidence that there has been core drilling done around the reactor buildings. The photos provided are all 'examples' that don't appear to have any relation to Fukushima reactor site. Pics of a drill site with identifiable Fuk. background, or it didn't happen.

The long intact core samples shown don't appear to be from any kind of 'melt'. I can't read the japanese text in the images, but the first one looks like a vertical core from shale-like rock with stratifications, the second some kind of uniform yellow-brown soft rock, and the last is very ordinary looking concrete aggregate (with no rebar.) No sign of any melting or metallic inclusions.

The pics of the sample from a shielded container, looks like some kind of natural mineral. I'm not a geologist, but that sure looks like mica, which I wouldn't expect to see in a reactor core melt. Also, there's no sign of any cylindrical surface showing the sample to be from a drill core. I think it's just a sample of radioactive ore of some kind. The nice cloth wrap supports this, saying it's a valued sample, not some nasty core-melt junk to be disposed of.

So I think someone has put together some unrelated photos and concocted a story to string them together.
Sorry to say.

Buck Johnson's picture

The cores are in the ground and so being into the ground water.  I've said this a few weeks after the earthquake last year and even now, northern japan if not all of Japan may become uninhabitable.  All that radiation is contaminating the ground dirt, the water and everything that wades eats and sleeps in that environment. 

DollarMenu's picture

Thanks GW-

It just proves the point, no matter where it is,

government is the source of true terror.

NotApplicable's picture

You seem to be forgetting that he is a government supporter, looking to cure the world by giving "his kind" the gun.

battle axe's picture

Keystone Cops, we drilled a hole and we can not find the Nuclear Fuel? WTF? And I thought our Government was retarded.  Anyone who is an American working in Japan better get the fuck out of Dodge and get your ass back to the USA. 

HungrySeagull's picture

Not here, Stay out in Eastern Europe or something for a while. At least wait until the sore throat and bones go away.

847328_3527's picture

GS will probably call this "very Bullish" once again...I'm guessing based on the Broken Window Theory.....

andybev01's picture

That makes me wonder if the Sachs employees who were told to remain in Tokyo have mutated into actual squids by now.

Bananamerican's picture

no, but 40 ft. Douchebags have been spotted near Kyoto....

geekgrrl's picture

Thanks for making me laugh when I'm really crying.

It's just so sad. How much needs to be lost before we understand that everything is connected and how much has already been lost?

Uchtdorf's picture

Godzilla now has competition in tearing down Tokyo Tower.

true brain's picture

This is actually good. Well, not for you if you or your family develop cancer and die. But with the increase level of radioactivity in the environment, mutation rate to the human DNA as a whole would increase thereby allowing human beings to develop natural immunity to radiation. this could be the first step toward space travel and living in space. Think about, in two  thousand years a future human couch potato can get 1000 Gy of radiation from a solar flare and can still watch monday night football. well, but it sure sucks to be one of those dying from cancer. Keep the good news coming.

Reptil's picture


You're talking about the "Hormesis" effect. The theory was that (good) mutations were triggered by low level radiation. It has been found recently that this is WRONG.

Here's a presentation when this was still in dispute (1996): (at 11 minutes in or so) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rW-EwP-DNE

1. there is correlation between low species count and low radiation exposure! I.o.w. living things DIE OFF when exposed to radiation, they don't develop "natural immunity". The wildlife in contaminated zones in Chernobyl is NOT florishing. It's dying off. (low species count)
There's NOTHING to indicate this premise of Hormesis, everything points the other way. We're carbon based lifeforms, and developed on this planet which has been relatively free of radiation. Look at the children in Belarus, Kazachstan and other highly contaminated areas. They're withering away, not healthy but different (mutated) children!!!

2. Like the nuclear industry, you're leaving out internal radiation effects (widespread nano particle contamination is a new occurrance on this planet). Comparing it to a singular occurrance like a Solar Flare is not correct. Alpha emitters like uranium and plutonium in nano sized particles will be absorbed in our body, and our DNA, and wlll result in damage, not just mutations. Infertillity is the direct result. A system of reproduction broken. It's THAT SIMPLE.

3. When DNA is damaged, at some level, future generations (if any) will have their DNA SCRAMBLED - GENOMIC INSTABILLITY. This is (by lack of a better understanding) considered an "all or nothing" survival mechanism, not a "normal" development with a good chance of producing "more adapted" offspring.

listen to this please! specifically 9:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwYDPUszF4s

Killing off living things, and making this planet permanently uninhabitable for our species is NOT my idea of "good news". 0__o

A Lunatic's picture

Bullish for mail order brides.

centerline's picture

+1 for the gene pool.  Same logic I use to tell my wife to let the kids go ahead and eat the candy they just dropped on the floor.  3 second rule also applied of course.

Reptil's picture

Uranium is normally rare, our bodies are "tricked" thinking it's iron and doesn't filter it. Plutonium is man-made and was never before present on our planet.

So you can't really compare that with building an immunity (defence) against bacteria.
Ironically, radiation destroys our immune system.

true brain's picture

No, i'm just sounding scientific and very human. Don't insult the reptile, the human stuff is a miillion times worse. And you can be sure that after we're done, the reptile is next the species to inherit the earth and climb the evolutionary ladder.

knukles's picture


Or something very, very worse.
To live in fear of being eaten just when you think you can survive the radiation.



The Heart's picture

Why does the population reduction agenda continue every day?

All you need do is watch this movie to completely understand the underlying agenda of those who control the killing radiation expelling machine industry.


And knowing the banksters created this agenda, you can see their lackeys in the IAEA are also perpetuating the killing off of all humanity.


And if you think you can escape to So. America or something, think again. The radioactive contamination is world wide. There is NO escape and it is ONLY GETTING WORSE!



Have you had your potassium Iodide today?

Ruffcut's picture

The pot id, only provides some protection for the thyroid.

I did a lot of research on the best detox and found bentonite clay.

After a heavy metal cleanse, I do a table spoon of this mud, every evening. Some talk about zeolite, but bentonite is available at most health food stores.

This subject is all taboo for now and we should be OUTRAGED, among other things. My dog was only 3 and died of cancer. My mom's two year old cat, just died. My aunts dog just died. My wife's good friend just lost her baby.

This is beyond a clusterfuck, that surpasses the imagination. It is unbelievable that we have become so intent on cash to "go with the flow", resulting in self contamination. Next, we should all be trying to cross the street, right in front of buses. It would be quicker.

I Got Worms's picture

My friend that lives in San Francisco just found out that their 5 year old lab was diagnosed with bone cancer, after developing a limp recently. Probably going to die in a few weeks. Since I heard about it, I have wondered about the radiation in Japan.

Good on you for taking the calcium bentonite clay! I throw a tablespoon in my smoothie each morning which I share with my 2 year old son. Scared absolutely shitless about the toxic stew in our air and food that my son is being exposed to every day.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

I am sorry for your recent loss of friends, family, and pets. Do you believe that these deaths are directly related to the damaged reactors in Japan?

This is an honest question.

BoNeSxxx's picture

What does the heavy metal cleanse entail?

tion's picture

Do a google search for products for this, or start incorporating a lot of cilantro and tumeric into your diet for a period of time, and taking chlorella tablets.  The bentonite clay is really good for pulling metals out.  You can ingest it and use it topically - adding a cup or so of the powder to a bath is a really good way to use it - clean yourself first and then run your bath and mix in the clay, bring some water to drink with you and just soak for half an hour, just towel off when you're done.  When you drain the water, if the clay at the bottom of the tub has turned blackish you should consider frequent clay baths and a full detox cleanse.  The kids don't mind the baths either, but encourage them to drink water before/after so that they don't get lightheaded.  For ingesting it, you can either mix the powder with water and drink that, or a more palatable option is a product Whole Foods carries called Sonnes #7, it's a colloidal bentonite so already in liquid form, about $22 per one litre bottle, I'm sure there are other brands out there too.  Pick up some herbal laxative tea while you're at it, just in case, and drink lots of water when you're taking this stuff, if you're giving clay to your kids pick up some prunes and have them eat a couple of those daily. This stuff is soaking up all sorts of nasties, including heavy metals, so you don't want it stuck inside of you.  If you're concerned about Fido and Fluffy, just mix a little clay in with some canned food and they won't even notice.  But just a little, once every few days or so. You don't want your furry friend to get backed up.

Race Car Driver's picture

If the clay will back up you or your dog - what does it do to the tub drain? Will the plumber consider it hazardous waste since it contains heavy metals and charge extra for disposal?

Is it safe for septic systems and can it bleed out into the well water causing recontamination in the body?


Treason Season's picture

Thanx for the detailed response.

geekgrrl's picture

I'm not sure what ruffcut used, but there are a number of herbs, extracts, and drugs that can help facilitate heavy metal detox. Most natural food stores have at least one formulation; one that I found called "Heavy Metal Detox, "contains citrus pectin, and it seems reasonably effective. Years back, I also did around a year of mercury detox using DMSA, but I needed to go to a naturopath specialist in metal poisoning to get the prescription. It's also hard on the GI tract, so unless you have really bad poisoning, I wouldn't recommend it.

From what I understand, cilantro is a pretty good chelator (metal remover) and some other herbs have been mentioned by others but I haven't tried them. Personally, I hate the taste of cilantro, although a vegan friend of mine came up with a very nice cilantro peanut sauce that makes it marginally edible.

One of the tricks with metal detox is that most heavy metals are readily re-uptaked in the small and large intestine, so bentonite clay or psyllium husks are often used to help bind the metals in a less soluable form, improving elimination in the feces. The numbers I've seen for mercury are that for every 1 part excreted through the urine, 15 parts are excreted in the feces. So the detox schema is to 1) liberate the metal from cells to the bloodstream using some sort of chelator, 2) the liver then removes and sends to the gall bladder in bile where it is released into the intestine, then 3) bind it in the feces to avoid re-uptake, 4) elimination.

I'm much less familiar with cesium and since it has a different ionic valence (+1 versus +2 for most heavy metals) it's not clear to me how effective traditional metal detox methods would be and I doubt there is very much scientific literature on the subject. It seems most likely that it would replace sodium and potassium, probably not a good thing since these elements impact nerve conduction.

I know there are a few MDs floating around on ZH, and I would be interested in their input re: detox, and whether it is effective for radioactive internal emitters.

Cathartes Aura's picture

good post - as usual! - geekgrrl. . .

I'll just add, anyone using cilantro to detox heavy metals, needs to know that the detox releases the metal from wherever it's "stored" (tissues, organs, etc.) into the body - it then needs to BIND to be eliminated - I can recommend chlorella as a great binding agent - just don't do the cilantro on it's own. . . i don't have access to my old bookmarks, but this will get folks started:


if you live in a heavy spray area, detoxing from aluminium is a must.

Uchtdorf's picture

Serious drugs to forget the pain. Been wishin' I had one of those Men In Black flashy-thingys to make me forget everything. Stop the world -- I want off.

Divine Wind's picture

Giving me your Au and Ag.... ROFL

krispkritter's picture

Throwing out all your Motley Crue albums?

centerline's picture

+8 hours of uninterrupted Barry Manilow.  Needless to say most don't survive without sedatives.

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Sing to Cohen's "I'm in Heaven"

I am glowing!

I am glowing!

And I don't care if I have to live or die.

'cause...never mind

AGuy's picture

..And in Hell or in glowing Hell.



drink or die's picture

Can we get a rebuttal by Ann Coulter to keep things fair and balanced?

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Hitlerly, MS CLINTOON has got that covered!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Has she tried Fukushima sushi lately?  I heard it's great!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The radiation has been priced in.

sabra1's picture

radiation, chem-trail stuff, fracting, GMO's, flouride, forced innoculations ( slow kill.) i cannot wait to see what we mutate into! if y'all want a hint, take a gander at janet napolitano!!!

Ruffcut's picture

You missed the BP spill and your pre-oiled fish.

"janet napolitano!!!" I thought just changed her name from linda tripp. Same package of shit, different name.

The Heart's picture

Sadly, we ALL will not be around to see the next generation of horridity and mutated deformations as humanity declines. What has happened has happened and to this date, ten months after the extinction level false flag event, it has only gotten worse. The COVER-UP of the national emergency that is happening there NOW will continue to be covered up by the web of evil that is hiding the real seriousness of this false-flag event in Japan. It must really upset them knowing this did not go to the extreme they planned as is lowly boils out radiation into the worlds environment now. They are really catching the fallout in asia and more so in china even though the HARRP is working overtime to send the radiation in the jet stream across the pacific. How many folks have you seen die around your neighbor hood lately? How many of you have had family members pass recently? How many of those deaths are radiation sickness related, or could be?

HungrySeagull's picture

Learn something? Drill a hole. Is it down there? No?! WTF?

The only thing worse than Radiation is my accumulating disgust at how shoddy this whole event is being handled. It's almost like a bunch of Mr Magoos all over again.

I rather have Chenobyl or TMI all over again, at least with these, you had hard truths that will be or not be self evident.

I said this last year, light off one or three big nuclear bombs down below that complex and let the Ocean reclaim the coastline that is left.

But no....

YBNguy's picture

Shill says everything is okay!


Gives 10000 free round trip tickets to Tokyo!!!

metastar's picture

The EPA has raised the limits on what is safe so there should be no problem. I guess they'll just have to up it again to keep us safe.

Milestones's picture

Good Gawd, are these people related to those working at the Federal Reserve by chance?         Milestones

ForTheWorld's picture

So it's sort of like a debt ceiling, right?