Update On Wall Street Protests

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WWII Vet to Wall Street Protesters: “I Am So Proud Of All You People”  
WWII and Other Military Vets Support Wall Street Protest

A reader posted the following comment regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests:

I am so proud of all you people who are showing your back bones, to stand up and put a stop to the Banking cartel, who is defining History, by insisting that We The People, use their Fiat Money system. Our Constitution states, that Only Gold and Silver shall be used as lawful Money. The So Called Federal Government, is really only to have Ten Square Miles, in which to conduct their so called wisdom to Protect the Sovereign States. But look at how much territory they call, Federal lands etc. We Have a rouge Government, which is completely out of control. Your movements of collective peaceful protests, are the beginning of the end for the crooked Fiat Money people. I am a WWII Vet, South Pacific Campaign. 94 years young, handy capped, from War Injuries. I want you to know from my Heart, I am so proud of each and every one of you. So Hang in there, your movement is just what this Country needs.

I’m not certain whether the reader is one of these gentlemen attending the Occupy Wall Street protests:

  I Am So Proud Of All You People

  I Am So Proud Of All You People

In fact, military men of all ages support the protests:


  I Am So Proud Of All You People

  I Am So Proud Of All You People



Conservatives Support Protests  
Conservative Groups Support Protests

Last month, I called on conservative groups to endorse the Occupy Wall Street protests:

It is time for some big conservative endorsements, to rally around the non-partisan issues important to all Americans.

The Tea Party should endorse the protests, but so should the Oath Keepers, taxpayer rights groups, conservative Christians, limited government groups, and all other conservative groups.

Karl Denninger – one of the founders of the Tea Party – certainly supports the protests, even if he doesn’t agree with some of the positions taken by some of the protesters.

And yesterday, the Oath Keepers and a founding member of the Tea Party announced that they are supporting the protests:

Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances to their government, as the Constitution prescribes for all Americans. That is one thing. Another facet of our initiative is to use these public gatherings to reach and teach many who now hunger for the truth – we can show them how the Constitution will protect them better than an oversized, bloated Federal behemoth hell-bent on controlling every aspect of each citizen’s life.

To point this out to the masses, Oath Keepers is organizing a joint effort along with Alex Jones of Infowars dot com (who himself called for an Occupy the Fed movement); Steven Vincent of End The Fed; Danny Panzella’s Truth Squad TV; Brandon Smith of Alt-Mkt.com; Gary Franch of Restore The Republic; and others as quickly as we can contact them. Remember Bob Dwyer, the guy who started the first Tea Party to launch the Ron Paul revolution? He’s in. The forces of Constitutional rule of law must muster now to deflect the bile being belched forth by the socialist/statist extremists …. Oath Keepers has the message American youth need. If we do not go out into the street and give them the truth, can we really say we’re still honoring our Oath?

Common Ground Between Conservatives and Liberals

As I’ve previously noted, both liberals and conservatives hate corporate socialism (where the federal government favors giant corporations at the expense of the little guy) . The Oathkeepers announcement zeroes in on this issue in a way that both conservatives and liberals can agree on:

When a corporation becomes larger than is useful, and seeks to concentrate financial power into the political and governmental spheres, its likeness is no longer the King Snake, but instead is more like a Rattlesnake. At a point we call such corps “Monopoly Capitalists”. By the time a grouping of such Monopoly Capitalist corps are setting U.S. foreign policy, which the arms industry certainly does nowadays, the problem becomes unbearably apparent. Bechtel comes to mind, along with Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Monsanto, General Electric, et al.

That part of Wall Street is certainly to blame. But that is not “Capitalism”. Instead, it is “Monopoly Capitalism”, and it is now observably moving America into a new world order with intent to place America under the alleged authority of a one-world government. As such, Monopoly Capitalism is un-Constitutional and must be opposed.

While Michael Moore says that capitalism itself is the problem, Mr. Moore is wrong. As I’ve previously noted:

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked what he thought about Western civilization, he answered:

I think it would be a good idea.

I feel the same way about free market capitalism.

It would be a good idea, but it is not what we have now. Instead, we have either socialism, fascism or a type of looting.

If people want to criticize capitalism and propose an alternative, that is fine . . . but only if they understand what free market capitalism is and acknowledge that America has not practiced free market capitalism for some time.


People pointing to the Western economies and saying that capitalism doesn’t work is as incorrect as pointing to Stalin’s murder of millions of innocent people and blaming it on socialism. Without the government’s creation of the too big to fail banks, Fed’s intervention in interest rates and the markets, government-created moral hazard emboldening casino-style speculation, corruption of government officials, creation of a system of government-sponsored rating agencies which had at its core a model of bribery, and other government-induced distortions of the free market, things wouldn’t have gotten nearly as bad.

As Justice Louis Brandeis said:

In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipotent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. If government becomes a lawbreaker it breeds contempt for law: it invites every man to become a law unto himself. It invites anarchy.

[Confirmed here.]

If there has been lawlessness and corruption among Wall Street players, it was partially simply modeling the lawlessness and corruption of the Executive Branch and Congress members. I’ve written elsewhere about how the government lied by saying Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was behind 9/11 (when he didn’t and wasn’t), that we don’t torture (when we did), that we don’t spy on Americans (when we did), etc. Just like kids model what their parents do as well as what they say, Wall Street modeled the unlawful and corrupt actions of our government employees.

Being against capitalism because of the mess we’ve gotten in would be like Gandhi saying that he is against Western civilization because of the way the British behaved towards India.

Corrupt Politicians As Enablers of Corruption

The Oathkeepers and conservative alternative media powerhouse Alex Jones also zero in on the Federal Reserve system as a core problem. As Oath Keepers notes in its announcement:

Oath Keepers is planning to “Occupy The Fed Now!” and publicize this to remind the Occupy Wall Street people that the Fed is the source problem, without which the Wall Street criminals would be set back a hundred years. I will be posting our press release and a longer list of groups and orgs who will be joining Oath Keepers in this initiative.

We are currently drawing up our press release regarding our own response to the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which will be Oath Keepers’ official statement. We are now planning an official Oath Keepers project which we’ve named “Occupy The Fed Now!”.

Yes, Oath Keepers has seen the need to block the attempted takeover of the populist movement generally referred to as Occupy Wall Street.

In an extensive phone conference on the evening of October 04, 2011, we heard from Oath Keepers who have attended Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Los Angeles, and Occupy Seattle. The overall consensus from our people at these rallies is that most people attending the rallies are very open-minded to the Oath Keepers mission/message, and that they are hungry for answers. Indeed, our reports indicate that many Americans right now are awakening, in droves it seems, and they are full of questions for which we have the answer – the Constitution for the united States of America.

While progressives might assume that the Fed has helped the economy from getting worse, or that the importance of ending the Fed is being overhyped, top economists and financial experts disagree. See this, this and this.

As I pointed out Monday, whatever people think the government should do, the D.C. politicos have actually been a large part of the problem:

Because government policy is ensuring high unemployment, it is not surprising that the American protesters are angry at the Federal Reserve and other government institutions, and not just the big Wall Street banks.

Remember, Bush and Obama’s economic policies are virtually indistinguishable. Indeed, Obama actually likes high unemployment.

And as I noted in 2009, the government created the giant banks:

As MIT economics professor and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson points out today, the official White House position is that:

(1) The government created the mega-giants, and they are not the product of free market competition

(2) The White House needs to “regulate and oversee them”, even though it is clear that the government has no real plans to regulate or oversee the banking behemoths

(3) Giant banks are good for the economy

Of course, the government has also made it policy to cover up fraud and protect the fraudsters, and so the free market has no chance to punish fraud or cleanse wrongdoing from the system.

Without government-created moral hazard emboldening casino-style speculation, corruption of government officials, creation of a system of government-sponsored rating agencies which had at its core a model of bribery, and other government-induced distortions of the free market, things wouldn’t have gotten nearly so bad.

Indeed, the government is so corrupt that the head of the economics department at George Mason University says that D.C. politicians are worse than prostitutes … they are “pimps”, since they are pimping out the American people to the financial giants.

And while co-option of government by the big banks is a huge problem, it is also true that corruption in government leads to corruption in the private sector. See this and this. The U.S. has truly become a banana republic, just like the worst Latin American countries.

So anyone who thinks that government would solve all of our problems if it were only freed from obstructionists is only seeing half the problem, and is falling for the oldest trick in the book … the ole’ divide and conquer strategy.

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The Deleuzian's picture

It's over!  Ready to be picked apart by all of those MSM Vultures that were already 'eyewinked' into doing so!!!

JOYFUL's picture



Talk more grrl; unlike the zombies parading in the streets, seems you've got a message worth hearing....yu got a tube channel or somethin?

Testosterone...delivered in the correct proportions to both the "large" brain and the "little" one - is a beautiful thing! With it, we can all bust out of that 'prison' of constructs brought to you by  the black magicians of 'political correctness' and "someday, once again, be guided by stars, and a moon shining down benevolently on our peregrinations towards cathedrals of eros and innocence."



Raging Debate's picture

Response to poster about US the problem:

1) The US was the most benevolent empire history. But it STILL became a corrupt empire. All cultures that embrace evolution win and become
empire. To win you must compete better than your best rival. I have to admit it, China evolved while the US stagnated. Based on human nature and cycles this was inevitable.

2) I don't know what country your from, but your shit stinks too. So does mine. Why? Because we're human. 2/3 amazing and 1/3 asshole. Literally and figuratively. We're in a 250 year evolutionary super cycle. Man cannot get away with paying politicians to lie for us to cover up that 1/3 for us.

This is great news long term but now the mirror of the Information Age shows lots of blemishes. And as usually, the wealthiest of man uses new tools (be them flint knives to a computer) to leverage their positions.

The effects of the tool being information driven means ever larger accelerations and concentrations of wealth. That induces entropy. So the world cannot operate as was in the last 250 years.

The pain comes during the transition and pain of it is minimized with new solutions and saving what still works.

3) The brand image of uncle sam died this last 40 year mini cycle. The US as all organizational management stuctures, start out with good value concepts and a mature Republic shelf life is about 200 years. If your interested in the topic of how governments rise and fall, read this piece I wrote called 'Why Americans can't wake up': http://ragingdebate.com/browse-articles/government-and-politics/feeling-...

4) The middle class doesnt revolt because of seeing a competitive target and going for it as you believe. They revolt when the ability to compete fairly end. In other words, Americans are revolting over Fascism. Fascism is an effect of a mature government or organization clinging to entrophy instead of choosing to evolve which requires restructure and hard work.

The older people in power lived longer this cycle because of modern medicine. Man is in-between the 3d pyramid management paradigm and 4d box paradigm. The Internet is a 4d tool. It is a reflection of physical evolution from 3d to 4d.

The natural reaction in animals when they sense drastic changes (sunny to hurricane for example) causes massive fear in the uknown and people in positions of power to hedge. There are 40 year and other micro cycles that add up to a confluence of 250 cycles. The 40 year cycles I name the cycle of the 'Producer' and the cycle of the 'Robber'. The Robber forces evolution through pain.

And our evolution is speeding up to 5d almost overnight. I bet the next super cycle

Bob's picture

Interesting current article--where's the three other installments--and nice site.  Good discussions.

Raging Debate's picture

Thank you Bob for the compliment. The users drove the research for devopment. The last three articles will come but my focus has been on acceleration of the utility. Events on the ground have shifted my work toward technical and revenues. My writing suffers, only 24 hrs in a day but I am working on changing that :)

AnAnonymous's picture

1) The US most benevolent empire is the common US citizen perception. It is not based on facts.
In a near future, it will become undeniably obvious the US has set the bar high in malevolence. How will it appear? Because most people around the world are going to use US actions as their rationalizations of their own actions.

"The US have done worse than us. So we have to do more to match the US effort"
They will be right. It is going to be hard to match the US achievement.

2)The US citizen nature is eternal. No evolution here.

3)The US government has not risen and fallen. It is the same as it was at the beginning, substantially speaking. But US citizens did not expect to be targets of their own achievements. See 1) the US has never been benevolent. US citizens want a fabled past to draw a benevolent feeling from it. The reality is that the US has not changed a bit. The US is as it was.

4)No. The US middle class is reactionary. They want a status quo and are now to discover that "better them than me" only works when them exist. The current situation has made that some US citizens are tossed out of the bowl and are being pushed under the train, when they thought that being US citizens would be a guarantee of being the pusher, not the pushed, always.

Raging Debate's picture

An Anon, you didn't read my link to explain my positions. You are an Issue level thinker. Bob now knows what I am talking about but you don't. That is why people like you will join a 'side' of East or West and become banther fodder for it.

bill1102inf's picture

Maybe our next president will WAKE THE HELL UP AND THROUGH THE JEW BANKERS OUT OF AMERICA. End the ILLEGAL Federal Reserve, hang the bankers, through the UN out and announce that the United States will become a totally self sufficient country.  Build thorium power plants and get us 100% off Arab oil. Default ALL DEBTS and reissue currency FROM THE GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE.  Only NON AMERICANS will pay interest and the INTEREST PAYMENTS WILL BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY.

AnAnonymous's picture

Red alert. Red alert.

If you look like a Chinese or if you look like a negro, do not participate to these meetings and avoid the surroundings of them.

US citizens are well known to be acted by a mob mindset that can flare up anytime.

US citizens roaming at those demonstrations feel their standard of life is endangered and somehow are prone to express their fear through wanton violence.

If you look like a Chinese, they might target you for being one of the people US citizens frequently accuse of stealing 'american' jobs.

If you look like a negro, they might target you for being one of the prefered children of their fantaisist 'parasitic state'

If you want to live, do not go near those demonstration sites. It is a matter of life or death.

PJPony's picture

That's why our military are getting involved.  The minute the communist uprising begins, they are going to take it down...and fast.  They are educating the people there who don't have the intelligence to know who they are fighting and leading the people in the right direction.  If these people wake up and join up, I wouldn't want to be a banker or a politician.

I wonder how many Van Jones types will speak with Oathkeepers on board?  Anyone hazard to guess?

PJPony's picture

That's why our military are getting involved.  The minute the communist uprising begins, they are going to take it down...and fast.

tony bonn's picture

i love me an old fashioned protest and i hope to see it spread to other cities so we can see how the nazi pig police brown shirts treat the little people who pollute the lives of the rich and powerful....

more street action and less talk....

the rockefellers ordered the murder of john kennedy - it's time to fight back...

Lazane's picture

not so much wall street as it was the bankers who took over wall street in the 1999 final battle over repeal of Glass Steagall. Bankers have wanted back into wall street like a rash that don't go away ever since the last great depression. 

Hohum's picture

I think that all underwater mortgage holders should protest and threaten to abandon their properties if the banks don't give them massive principal reductions.  That is something that doesn't depend on big bank or big government decisions.  Will that happen?  Don't think so.

Georgesblog's picture

I believe that this case will illustrate how the corporate structure deals with all conflicts, foreign and domestic.

Electrocution of U. S. soldier in Iraq.


PJPony's picture

I believe the goal is to muster enough numbers by protesting locally, THEN make the march to Washington.

They must have the numbers first and convince both sides to work together to oust the corruption.

Something major will happen.

PJPony's picture

This is the real deal.  The retired military leaders have finally stood up and said enough.

There has been a call to action for all retired military to begin enforcing their oath.  Washington is about to be cleansed. 

I don't know what we will end up with, but it isn't going to be business as usual and they have realized if they do not do something now, the infiltrators will win the war.

Oathkeepers and others are going out to educate the protestors on who the true destroyers are, so that the innocent will not be targeted.  The Michael Moores and community organizers are going to be taken down.  They will not win the message.

Be prepared.  The time of peace is over.

Bob's picture

It's good to see oathkeepers mobilizing.  I agree that this will be big.  When it comes to "taking down" their fellow citizens whom you and/or they do not like, I'm afraid you're over-reaching, however.  Not to mention violating the essence of the entire movement. 

Police and military who take that attitude won't get very far on either side of the barricades. 

Hopefully, they have a more enlightened understanding of those oaths. 

centerline's picture

I have said it before that the military is the real wildcard here.  More so that the civilian police.

VyseLegendaire's picture

These look less like protets and more like a circus.  Seems there is a general lack of purpose and a great deal of confusion among all the different groups.  

I really doubt that they're going to be able to push for change in America, its just too late. 

AnAnonymous's picture

By the way, speaking of circuses... Do you mean that circus animals are constantly mistreated in the US?

There is a guy who failed his US citizen test and could not take it anymore, he went revealing a lot about the torture inflicted to animals in US circuses.

US citizens hate the natural world. They want to destroy it.

US world order.

Bob's picture

And your prescription for what ails us and, by extension, the rest of the world is . . . ?

Or are you just the voice of righteous hatred?

Where the fuck were you when our denial was the biggest problem?

Use your eyes, comrade:  End the Wars.  End imperialism. We're the people of the world, the 99%.  People over profits.  Etc.

U got eyes, right?

AnAnonymous's picture

I have to prescribe nothing.

If giving factual observation and proper diagnosis is due to righteous hatred, well, then US citizens should relinquish their addiction to wanton hatred and start to hate on righteous bases.

This would end their production of cheap propaganda.

US citizens want wars and the opportunities coming with them. Not joining the military is a choice that has a cost like rejecting free healthcare, free tuition, superior social status. US citizens are not ready to make that choice and they prefer to kill to better their life.

In the past, it was called living off blood money.

The US is not the solution, the US is the problem.

Bob's picture

When the American people are ready to evolve, it will be people like you who will be happy to step in as their problem . . . just so you don't have to change your tune. 

You're very good at it and it seems to be, as you say, the only one you've got. 

AnAnonymous's picture

The US citizens nature is eternal. It does not evolve.

Bob's picture

I see.  Human beings don't change, nor do their institutions. 

So you're the Spokesperson for the cabal of assholes that will be taking over from the American asshole cabal?  Best case, that is. 


Too bad you turn out to be so deeply full of shit.

AnAnonymous's picture


US citizens nature represent only a fraction of human nature, even though US citizens would like people to believe that their US citizen nature encompasses all.

It is cheap rationalization. When US citizens act, they want it to be on behalf on humanity. They act this way because it is the way human beings are supposed to act.

Only mere US propaganda.

The reality is that human beings who belong to the US citizen group act the way they do, not because they are human beings, but because they are US citizens.

Human nature is much more than US citizenism.

Human beings do evolve. But when they are US citizens, their nature turns eternal. The US has not changed one bit since its inception.

The US citizens nature is eternal.

Bob's picture

What's cheap is the way in which your often searingly accurate analyses are offered up by a guy who in this country would be an internet-educated redneck bigot . . . yet who gets a hearing here as an apparent thinking liberal from the very Americans you condemn so monotonously.  Talk about duplicity.  Sometimes I question the net value of the internet altogether. 

Fuck off, dumb ass.  You'd be an asshole--a real asshole--if you'd been born here.  Just as you are wherever you're at now. 

That's one thing Americans aren't to blame for. 

Thank your parents for that. 

Peace Out/


AnAnonymous's picture


It is quite simple actually and this is the pain for US citizens.

The US is a group. It acts as a group.

Now one can claim that the group actions is not representative of its members' actions or intentions.

After testing this hypothesis, it is clear that in the US there is no discontinuity between the US as a group and US citizens as units of that group.

The US acts as a group on a greater magnitude than a US citizen unit. It is how it works.

No difference in behaviour.

Some people born in the US, a minority, are confused because in spite of their birth, they are not US citizens in their mind and flesh. They do not fit in the group, have different behaviours and come to the false conclusion that they are US citizens in terms of spirit.

They are not and can not represent the US.

PulauHantu29's picture

Eric Cantor worried about all that free speech on Occupy Wall Street...calls them "mobs:"


That's odd. These Americans are worried about Eric Cantor and that "mob" on Wall Street it seems.

So they are even?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture


I do not know if the protests will work or even if they are a legitimate upwelling of ordinary people.  I see little harm in the peaceful attempt however.  They serve a constructive purpose of giving vent to a lot of pent up and legitimate frustration, and in that they are useful alternatives to violence. 

I also see though that the power brokers need only wait out the protesters since many ordinary citizens cannot afford the luxury of time of participating and waiting on protests to bring about change.  So how is one to effect change if one cannot protest and the path of violence is ruled out as the path to destruction?  Try shunning. 

Next time you’re introduced to someone who says their line of work is banking, for example, look at them horrified, aghast. Say nothing; simply wrinkle your nose as if someone just committed a serious gaffe.  If they offer their hand to shake, look at them as if they’ve just offered a freshly laid turd.  Then, without a word, simply turn your back to them and walk away.  A few instances of such shunning, and even the most dense will get the message.  As for the psychopaths on whom such a strategy will not work, they are of little moment.  Though often in positions of power, such psychopaths are necessarily few in number and rely heavily on those against whom such stigmata WILL work.  Carry on.    


LasVegasDave's picture

WOW, these occupy WS protests sure have brought out all the demented anarchist, eco terrorist, communist and fascist cockroaches.

Oh, well.  If they are sacrificed in the first wave as shock troops in the take down of TBTF banks, that wont be a bad thing.

I for one will never stand with those dirty, parasitic maggots as much as I hate the squid, the morgue and the other manipualtors.

NYPD; aim carefully and open fire.

FL_Conservative's picture

I have no issue or argument with the desire of any American person or group thereof that decide to exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest.  I do have concerns about the marches now that the Dems, liberal elite and the labor unions are jumping on board, as I use all as contra-indicators of the right actions to take.  It's quite possible that all of them are merely attempting to co-opt the effort of these well-intentioned citizens, but that certainly gives me pause as I consider whether to embrace this OWS activity or become concerned by it.  Personally, one of the concepts I live by is embodied in an old farmer saying to "keep skunks and bankers and lawyers at a distance".  No one needs to wonder why most people distrust politicians so much considering that most of them are attorneys and all of our Treasury Secretaries and Fed Chairmen are bankers.  Nuf said!

FEDbuster's picture


An Open Letter From FedUpUSA To Occupy Wall Street Protestors All Over The Country


If the "left" is "guilty" of starting the Occupy Wall Street campaign (initial funding by Soros?), this movement may come back to bite them in the ass.  Looks like the "Tea Party" is going to get in on the action.

It's fun to watch Glenn Beck (a member of the top 1%) do his best to divide and conquer.  He is starting a group called the "53%" instead of the "99%", he wants this group (the 53% of people who pay income taxes) to denounce and disparage the 47% who don't pay income tax (including in his view most of the OWS crowd).  I see this really backfiring on Beck when the "taxpaying Tea Partiers" realize how they are screwed by the Banksters and have much in common with the OWS protestors.

The divide and conquer strategy used by both the left and right is starting to fail.  Alex Jones is trying to educate and focus whomever he can against one common enemy, the Banksters and the FED.  Last night he was at the Dallas FED leading a protest, and today he is at the Houston FED doing the same thing.  Some other Infowarriors in NYC have lead hundreds of OWS protesters down to the NY FED building only to be blocked and beat by the NYPD.

The FED's 100 year charter is up in 2013, the time to start the non-renewal campaign is now.  END the FED

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Isn't the theme of the 99% against the 1% an attempt to divide and conquer? The real problem is that our democratic republic has been hijacked by a flock of special interest groups. If I were to protest it would be for the right to make my own decisions regarding my own life.

AnAnonymous's picture

And when has this hijacking occurred?

From the beginning, the US has been the expression of special interest groups.

George Washington was the leader of the land owners who were furious that the King, good old King George the third, was enforcing the Indians' property rights and thus preventing George Washington and co to expand and develop their business, at the expense of the Indians.

The US citizen nature has not changed. It is simply that the current era is no longer propicious to the US citizen nature.

The US has not been about Freedom, Truth and Justice. The US has always been a story of division, of class warfare, racial warfare, gender warfare, any kind of conflicts that could be monetized.

The US war of Independence was a war waged on the upper class, noble men with values, by the middle class men who cheated the lower class in joining their fight to later renegate on their promises.

It is well illustrated with the case of black loyalists vs black something.

Both sides in the war had promised Blacks who fought for them freedom.

Black loyalists were blacks who joined the King. And even if the King was defeated, he held to his word and employed himself as making sure those blacks would be freed.

On the US side, the blacks who fought for the US were betrayed, re enslaved and sold.

This story sumed up quite well the root of the current issue: the US is not the solution, the US is the problem.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

That's all more or less correct and encompasses some of the reasons that I'm an anarchist.

What solutions do you propose?

AnAnonymous's picture

What solutions do you propose?

I am absolutely not obligated to provide solutions to make factual observations.

This story of providing solutions is by the way circular.

So here again what US citizens want to impose on the world:

a person has a car break down, goes and see a mechanics. The mechanics check up leads to a false diagnosis.

The car owner happens to know that the diagnosis is false. The car owner does not have to provide a solution to tell the diagnosis is false.

Now, the best, in this US world order, if the owner knows the real diagnosis and tells, the mechanics (who is a US citizen) takes the solution as his own and charges the customer as he (the mechanics) has found out the solution.

This little story shows why it is never good to hand solutions to US citizens.

If US citizens want solutions, either they provide their own, leaving to the others the possibility of assessing the reality of the solution or they step down from power and let others implement their solutions.

It can not be otherwise.

LasVegasDave's picture

"I am absolutely not obligated to provide solutions to make factual observations."


That must be an all time record for someone to go to zero credibility.

Typical left wing parasite. complain all day; live off the productive work of others; propose no solutions.


AnAnonymous's picture

That must be an all time record for someone to go to zero credibility.

Typical left wing parasite. complain all day; live off the productive work of others; propose no solutions.


It is very dubious. Left wingers are US citizens first and all. The dichotomy rests on nothing, save gang wars. Which matters a lot in the US.

Zero credibility? It is another US propaganda trick. Cheap.

Do US citizens operate under such conditions?

Lets see.

Picture this:

five doors. Four are trapped and lead to death. One is reward.

Two counsellors: one is a US citizen who claim to know what door is the right one. He is known to lie.

Another can not tell what the good one is but he can tell for sure one door that is not the right one.

Would in such situations US citizens deny the mention of guaranteed knowledge because the guaranteed knowledge does not point to the answer? Would they jump to the proposed solution as they know it is false?

After testing numerous times US citizens in such scenarios, the answer is no.

In such scenarios, US citizens do not dismiss knowledge about wrongness and they do not ask for constructive solutions.

But such is the US citizen nature. They are duplicitous. So they can not accept their own nature.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

For a moment there I thought we were having a real conversion. Thanks for disabusing me of that notion.

AnAnonymous's picture

Discussions might be fact based. Troubles is that US citizens reject facts and prefer propaganda.

It is hard for them to discuss anytime facts are involved.

Raging Debate's picture

An Anonymous: Facts only happen with an independent media. Thats step on of the solution. Now that the AM/FM radio has been built, expect upagrades and amplifiers. Speak truth to power.

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US citizens do not want facts. Facts point at them as being the problem, not the solution.

They want to hear propaganda telling them that the problem lies elsewhere, that their overconsumption trend is not by them but by people who are not involved in the consumption process.

US citizens need scapegoats.

Now, US citizens would like to take harbour in the self proclaimed assumption that that finding scapegoat is human nature.

Alas for them, human nature or not, when the rest of the world thinks that the US is the problem, they are right, they are dealing in reality.

When the US citizens think that Zimbabwe has started the current crisis, that Somalis are consuming so much they pushing US citizens out of their legitimate consumption, they are wrong, they are dealing in fantaisy.

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Is that General Honore, hero of the Second Battle of New Orleans (post Katrina) ?

ADD: Photo 4. Sure looks like him. If so...WOOT!!!!

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The MSM has given these OWS groups kit glove treatment compared to the TP, as directed by the WH Progressive Media Czar. Soros a major backer/handler of Obama helps fund Adbuster the major organizer thru his Tides Foundation front group, ditto Soros funding Van Jones Rebuild the Dream group (Van Jones also works for Center for American Progress another Soros front group and all-around dumping grounds for out of work Democrats/Progressives). Talk about Astroturf! There's nothing organic here, just Soros trying to create a "situation". Same people keep showing up from SEIU and other unions, ACORN(Rathke) and the lot, wake up folks.

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Why don't we just convince these morons to occupy Mars. I'm sure all of the hippies would somehow get there and then we could move on from this bout of idiocy, disloyalty, and sheer destruction of confidence in the people, the government, and basically everyone else.

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Surely you jest?

This is "blowback".  When you ass rape Americans as long and as hard as the Banksters have, there will be a response.  This movement will grow to epic levels.  I was in DC for the 9/12 rally in which 500K+ angry "Tea Party" people marched on the Capital, to little effect.  I have been to several local Tea Party rallies with little or no effect.  The 2010 elections were somewhat effective, but there has been no real change (still on course for economic collapse). 

Maybe we can end the FED as a result of this, and try something new like Bill Stll is proposing?: