Updates From Fukushima and the Gulf

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Covering the Leaking Reactors At Fukushima With Tents Will Only INCREASE Global Exposure to Radiation


When I first heard that Tepco will place large tents over its leaking Fukushima reactors, I reacted with derision, as did Tyler Durden:

Artist's impression of this latest Japanese venture:

My reaction a couple of weeks later - after seeing an actual artist's rendering of what the tents would actually look like - was hope that the tents would at least keep radiation from spreading worldwide through the air, even if they didn't do anything to prevent contamination of Japan's groundwater or the Pacific Ocean.

But nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that the tents - while helping to protect workers at Fukushima - will actually increase the dispersion of radioactive gases. Specifically, Tepco will pump radiation out through stacks, which will push radiation up to a higher elevation, dispersing it even further around the world.

Gundersen says that Fukushima is still emitting huge quantities of radiation.

Along with the widespread Japanese practice of burning materials irradiated by Fukushima - which is sending another wave or radiation worldwide - the tents and stacks will only worsen the global exposure to Fukushima's radiation.

Despite The Ongoing Efforts To Cover Up The Scope Of The Disasters, New Videos Prove That All Is Not Well At Fukushima ... Or The BP Oil Spill Site


Despite the ongoing efforts to cover up the scope of the disasters, new videos prove that all is not well in Fukushima ... or the BP oil spill site.

A strange flash was observed at the Fukushima nuclear power plant:

And a new 10-mile oil slick was spotted in the area of BP gulf oil spill:

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This is bad news.

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Just started!

Tribute Memorial to the Liberty with the crew on right NOW at:





AND vote for Ron Paul on this poll now too:



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Godzilla Bitchez!!!


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Tony Hayward in charge of Iraqi Oil:


Teamed up with none other than....Nat Rothscild.

And they will also head Libya Oil.

Like the phoenix, which is reborn from its ashes, Tony Hayward, the former chief executive of BP, will once again lead an oil company.  Vallares Plc, an investment vehicle co-founded by Hayward and Nat Rothschild, confirmed it was buying Genel Energy, a Turkish oil and gas company operating in Iraq, through a reverse merger for $2.1 billion on Wednesday.


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Godzilla Bitchez!!!


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The tent would be made of plastic, an organic material. Organics absorb beta radiation while they break down fast.

The tent will probably collapse to increase the mess.

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I read yesterday that the 2nd floor of the 2nd building has a hot spot thats so bad that it won't register on geiger counters because they only go up to 10,000 miliseiverts because at those levels you die before your brain can read the meter anyway.

The Deleuzian's picture

If it's not on TV it's not real, Sad really sad but I'd rather be fuckin' pissed than sad so I'm fucking pissed!!!!!!!!!!

Sabibaby's picture

C'mon, no news is good news. 


In other news you can't watch TeeVee for more than 10 minutes without being reminded of 9/11

Yohimbo's picture

Ill say this once,

the name of the game is control

control of your person, productivity (if any), money, resources, mind, body and soul

the 6th page of the playbook is depopulation, how better to do that than cesium flying around the globe with a relatively short half life. The other stuff like the plutonium, they have technology to clean that up.

then they inherit the planet for the continuation of their "superior genetics".

but!, but!...... fukushima was an accident!  Sure it was, shh now, calm your pretty little head, there is no magnetic antennae array to cause magnetic pressure points on the earth and cause crust shifts or subsequent tsunamis.

Meanwhile they are under the ground in subterranean cities the taxsheeple paid for, having elite orgies.

fun crowd really.

Rhodin's picture

@ Yohimbo 10:40

Would you mind posting that playbook?  Sounds interesting.

Play book or not, world population curve is losing momentum, is dependent on cheap energy and stable climate, and will decline soon with or without elite "management".

I keep hearing rumors that Fuku was a science experiment by the Powerz, but i remain skeptical.  Other, even stranger stuff might be true instead.  In the 1940s, Edgar Cayce predicted Japan "going into the sea" starting about now. What is happening with earthquakes worldwide, but most noticably in the Greater Pacific is compatible with some of the "expanding planet" hypotheses. 

Old nuclear plants not standing up to a massive earthquake is hardly a suprise:



Perhaps we will have our very own Fuku to occupy ourselves with soon?

The rumors about the USA underground bases and bunkers are more substantial. Similiar and more extensive stuff is reputed to exist in China.  Both country's leardership will have an easier time surviving the economic collapse with a major war to distract (and/or dispose of) the populace.  Both suspect the other of planning such a war.  War is a  likely primary purpose of the bunkers.

Jimmy Carter was right's picture

Without trying to sound like a complete shill, this is where you can get the best info in English on the ongoing crisis in Fukushima ( besides Gunderson, but he's not boots on the ground here) .  Some of you with vested interests in friends, family, ag in the area should read long and hard. I have no affiliation with the blog, just I live here and want my kids to blah, blah, blah.


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the japanese hsould be forced at gunpoint by the chinese russia and the u.s. to pay for 4 rounds of 50,000 cheap migrant laborers to come over from all over the world and clean this fucking mess up in four weeks.


each round of 50,000 does one week of work and goes home. 

it is the AGGREGATE exposure that is a problem. if you get more people to work on it, each getting less aggregate exposure they will have lesser health problems and so you can simply have them exposed without protective gear and other bullshit. the world wants all the workers to be protected, meanwhile this radiation disaster is slowly poisoning billions of people who breath the air every day. there is no fair solution. expediency is needed. massive labor is required and the price of labor in japan is not so much high as it is is problematically regulated. devleoped nations are so hamstrung by their own regulatory and legal systems that they cannot muster up the mass man -power efforts that are needed to clean up disasters quickly. 


funny how china seems to be the only country qualified for this but the great irony is that they are the biggest single source of creating their own man-made disasters ( the giant  earth quake in 2005 was supposedly sparked by their creation of a giant dam) 

srelf's picture

No, let's require 1 round of bankers and economists. ONE trip to Fukushima is enough to kill you after the average cancer incubation period. The 4-trip idea is unfounded.

It is NOT just AGGREGATE exposure that is a problem when you have long half-life alpha emitters like plutonium, americium, curium, and einsteinium, which can be inhaled and sits there in you lungs cooking up a cancer for you.

AnarchyInc's picture

Appropriate that an element named after america just sits there and poisons you gradually

Jim in MN's picture

I assume you all saw this map of soil contamination; note high radioactivity right up into Fukushima City, which is the real ongoing scandal as far as I am concerned; a metro area of some 290,000 souls being sacrificed simply because admitting the need to evacuate there appears too much for 'the system' to handle in Japan.  Also note that every time they bother to look, they find more.

Asahi Shimbun: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201108308286

Extreme soil contamination detected near Fukushima plant

About 8 percent of the measured areas recorded more than 555,000 becquerels, the figure that required forcible relocation by residents in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear incident.

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Thanks for the continuing coverage of "non-events". I live on the Gulf Coast, and I wonder about the date of the video footage, since we recently had TS Lee, which for all you non-participants was a definate "water event", and went straight over the "oil spill".

I have recently been experiencing (after TS Lee) some interesting respiratory and digestive problems, very similar to last years physical events. 

Oh well. On a long enough time line...

Sudden Debt's picture


I think there's a movie about it somewhere on youtube.... funny as hell.


americanspirit's picture

My wife and I ordered our last organic green tea from Japan last week because we called the distributor and they told us their warehouse was almost empty and they weren't ordering more until 'things stabilized'. So I went to our usual online source for rice and was told they had ample supplies for now but that they were not going to be ordering more ' at least for a while'. Talked to the chef of our favorite Japanese restaurant in Austin last week and he said that he was searching for alternative sources for several kinds of fish that he usually flies in direct from Japan, and that his suppliers were being told they had to check every fish for radiation before shipping and to certify them as safe. As for the Gulf, we have totally stopped eating Red Snapper, Gulf Shrimp, and oysters. Called a friend of mine in Alaska who fishes for King Crab who told me no signs yet of radiation in the crabs although it is showing up in Salmon. Don't have any contacts for NW oysters but my guess is they are probably already a little hot. Draw your own conclusions, but I am thinking even land animals and vegetables will soon be iffy.

vast-dom's picture

americanspirit: i too ordered up the last of the 2010 0rganic Matcha teas. Very dissapointing to say the least. But my organic green tea supplier out of Japan claims that his preferred organic producers have been conducting radiation tests on their leaves and they have been clean.


My supplier:


There is a section on the above website that has test result samples and describes which regions they source from  etc.


Hope this helps.

americanspirit's picture

Good Morning vast-dom - thank you. Yes, all of this is tragic beyond words. It's not just about not getting the tea we like, it's about families, communities and a way of life that has sustained for thousands of years being swept away not by an earthquake or tsuname - they have survived hundreds of those - but by the ingorance and greed of a few powerful men. BTW we buy a lot of our tea from Tao of Tea in Portland Oregon - great people, very conscientious.

vast-dom's picture

Agreed. And please let me know your thoughts on yuuki-cha, if you decide to peruse their site.


jse111's picture

At a minimum, northern Japan including all of the Tokyo to Fukushima corridor will become an unoccupied nuclear wasteland within 3 and more likely 2-years. Cesium 137 (half life of 30-years) is progressively spreading through the water table (admittedly 200 or more miles from ground zero) and the atmospheric contamination of Plutonium 239 (half life of 24100 years) continues without a scintilla of documented evidence of control. No method of removing Cesium 137 from the water table currently exists or is expected to exist for a minimum of 10 or more years. Additionally, one isotope of inhaled Plutonium 239 is far more likely than not, a death sentence.

The cost of caring for the vast multitudes of ultra sick and dying individuals will become catastrophic and the human suffering unimaginable. In defense of the Marx Brothers in charge of "cleaning-up the inconvenience” at hand, there is no solution after at least a 3-reactor meltdown and multiple "hydrogen" of far worse explosions. After these events, the islands population was substantively exposed, the damage was done.

To the nuclear shills that follow reality presentations as this, all sentient readers fully realize what you are and your corporate agenda. TY to George for his proactive reporting.


Silver Dreamer's picture

But... but... nuclear power is SAFE!  Let's build some more!!!

Stuck on Zero's picture

It's a good thing that the government is actively seeking new power sources such as Thorium, ZPE, small-scale fusion, high-efficiency solar, and ...  oh wait, they aren't.

Bring the Gold's picture

It's almost like the elites want to keep that stuff underwraps/underfunded until a depopulating cataclysm strikes...naw, they have our best interests at heart.

Fukushima Sam's picture

None of those things work very well, so depopulation would be followed by more burning of what fossil fuels are left, hopefully at a more sustainable level.

Ruffcut's picture

I guess awareness is too negative.

The zombies are already here. They choose being brain dead and pollyanna verses critical thinking for long term survival.

NotApplicable's picture

Interestingly enough, it all comes down to time preference.

Here's the deal. Each of us knows deep-down, that society is fucked. Yet so far, each of has survived despite the oncoming catastrophe. Now, while there are some of us who address it head on in an effort to negate its future effects, most see that as an impossible burden, and shift their focus to the present and their immediate needs.

In other words, we are being knocked back down Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Worse yet, due to the undermining of the productive sector, it cannot be stopped merely with education, as we are growing too poor to afford our own culture and ideology. Welcome to the Dark Ages of the 21st Century.

Devolution 101

tip e. canoe's picture

it's a bit like Venice yes (metaphorically for now)?   ...slowly the water is rising...   now i begin to realize why i liked this show so much as a yute:


dcb's picture

I remain amazed that this story isn't even in the press. you would think it has been solved and is over in the us.

Gohn Galt's picture

The nuclear power industry has been pushing for new plants for decades, they couldn't say anything in March not all the contracts were signed or the government insurance guaranted.  Before this disaster, no insurance company in the world was big enough to handle the liability, only governments.  If you look at the real numbers and liability, nuclear energy might be the most expensive energy we have ever used.  There are a record number of plants going up.  The Bush and Bin Laden family's have a half dozen more to be constructed in Mexico.

Too bad that the Japanese people do not have a say in the way their government is run.  With all of those underwater volcanoes there should be more than enough energy at a fraction of the cost and with very little liability. 

NotApplicable's picture
Are you kidding?!? Chaz Bono is going to dance with a woman! This is an outrage!!1!!eleventy!111!
GoldBricker's picture

If it's not in the press, it has been solved, from the point of view of those who matter. It's also absent here in Europe, where I live.

Fukushima Sam's picture

Even the shills and .gov sock puppets have stopped showing up on GW's posts.  That fact is actually a bit disturbing...

Lmo Mutton's picture

Global Destruction Bitchez.

Mars is looking better all the time.

old naughty's picture

The Martians will proton us all. 

Shitters_Full's picture

Don't worry about mine, bub.  Take care of your own.

Bartanist's picture

Maybe they can just dump the radioactive material down a deep hole in Newfoundland ... oh, wait its been done before.

breezer1's picture

what are you talking about?

Eugend66's picture

Sir, thank you for your efforts and time for making all this available ! Your work is much appreciated.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

The temptation is to pummel TEPCO, but there are still hundreds of nukes all over the world.  Which one is next?