ViSuaL CoMBaT DaiLY NoVeMBeR 9, 2011: (Y YOU NO BUNGA?)

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I began the day looking for ideas about YU-55, the asteroid that is will pass Earth within the orbit of the moon later today. Which is how I became friends the "Y U NO GUY." I have run across his image on several occasions but paid little more than cursory attention.

Today, however, I became intrigued when he came up during my YU-55 Google searches. It occurred to me that not only does he resemble characters in many George Grosz paintings, he also resembles many grotesque characters prevalent in today's news.

Y U NO Guy has his genesis in a Japanese Manga comic. Someone pasted his face on a primitive stick figure and posted it on Tumblr "open caption style". He has since gone viral. Google him and see for yourself...

Y U NO GUY BASIC (Notice WTF Guy as well)



He resembles Divine Miss Bunga does he not?



He resembles generic EUROCRATS...


Like this guy as well.


BTW, with all the talk about the big huge EFSF Bazooka, here are the facts.


He definitely resembles this famous Y U NO GUY.




And of course at the top of today's news...


It is ironic is it not that we had an episode with another depraved Presidential wannabe just a few months ago.


Regardless of the similarities, this time it is very different no?



Conservative talking heads and media magnates are jumping to his defense. They say it is a form of racism to accuse a black presidential candidate (and Supreme Court Justice for that matter) of sexually inappropriate conduct... 


This one wrote and article in May about DSK. In it she basically said that all "liberal politicians"  and "liberal intellectuals" are serial misogynists and fat ugly philanderers. That may well be the case, but I don't see what that has to do with Mr Cain's vice. She is now blindly defending a man with 5 different accusers, some of whom obtained substantial legal settlements. Would you want a President who you couldn'y check into a SOFITEL without worrying if he could be compromised by FRB OPs ;-)

Are you wondering if it is possible for a Presidential candidate to check into sexual rehab during his campaign? I'm not... But I am sure Ms. Coulter et al are...Save this grotesque Banzai7 vision in your Coulter file.



And now for something completely different...


No comment required.


Have you moved your money yet?




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Why do you think we provide the material for outstanding examples of journalism like the above article by williambanzai7?   The real purpose of sponsoring artists like williambanzai7 -- like all the non-prescription reading glasses sold at 99 Cents stores -- is to avert your eyes from the prize. The prize is our privilege to be able to create worthless digits and buy your goods and services with them without paying anything of value in exchange.

We don't have to commission a fart everytime williambanzai7 solicits a laugh from your backside.  We don't have to find a market to sell our bonds; or make CDSs perform, or even save the financial system for that matter. For we have the power to buy anything -- including a brand-new financial system right after this one collapses. Gold is not our nemesis. All of you will be happy to sell it to us at a higher price at a later date. We will be happy to oblige you with one form of fiat or another. Gold is just another story we tell to make you forget that you are slaves.

Gold, euros or dollars.

It doesn't matter as long as you have a price.

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"and so the maestro's, epigrammatic-symphonic incantation, trumpeted upon a procrustean operation, bloated as a corpse, espousing astute invidious pontification `bete`noire' futility,... as that of a child's,... 'mouth-of-marbles' - ignorantly ignoring, "there is a province on the fall of sparrow" [sic]

thanks wb7

loved the bazooka 

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BREAKING: The @Whitehouse & @BarackObama authorized #CIA Drone Hellfire II Lockheed-Martin Missile Strikes VS San Fernando Valley #Taliban

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I am sure there are mini-drones being used for surveillance at these protests.

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Obviously i have a song in mind whenever viewing such...hilarity so here's my take for "rounding out the fury" with "a little sound, too":

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Those cars were fucking awesome. Guzzlers, but awesome nevertheless. They are also an American symbol. European sports cars were designed to corner tight turns on a crowded continent. American muscle cars were designed to be punched on a vast continental straight a way.

If you look at the European art films about America, they are all obsessed with the vastness of America. This is also why the Japanese are obsessed with vintage American cars.

Tnx for posting

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Careful what you wish for. You may get it.

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I think we already have it...

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I enjoyed the Burger Cain Ad - home of the whopper indeed.

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I have to do a "Hold the Pickle" follow up ;-)

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I think I want to fuck Ann Coulter......with the EFSF Euro Bazooka.

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 Wouldn't be her first time.

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this stuff left me cold, Bill. Sorry

When you skewer corzine, holder, neaplitane, chablis, and the rest of dearest leader's klack you get more even handed. this is just more of the same old, same old salumi!

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Did Corzine last week, did Holder numerous times before: Google In-Action Jackson. Did Adolf Napolitano last November. 

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you should have white can labled 'MEAT' in black letters


with europe inside

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I think I saw the Emperor With No Clothes in there. In any case, we'll watch how all of this debt circus plays out.

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I liked the photo of PIGS protecting oligarchs

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I got those pigs off a Quiet Riot album cover. I resized the NYSE to make it taller and reversed the image. Then I inserted the evil one ;-)

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Oy. WB7 - Your "Asteroid Y U Cain" reminded me I needed to order my Debt Brother 2012 calendars. I am giving them for Christmas this year even though it is not a holiday for me.

I don't always share your perspective, but I can appreciate good delivery.

And the world seems bent on providing you with an endless supply of fresh material.


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I'm sure you will appreciate that entertaining people is a very big component of what I am trying to do. We spend so much time worrying over much more than the average man, we need some form of relief.

As for disagreement on perspective, SI Hayakawa said that if you ever find yourself in a room full of people that agree with absolutely everything you say, leave immediately because it means you've been brainwashed ;-)

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I have been on this forum for 8 weeks and some, and I have learned a lot from this community of sharp minded, no nonsense, no BS, extremely intelligent individuals, and I would like to thank Tyler for illuminating the many ills and greed and horrid practices currently plaguing our finances and our world. I am happy that my eyes are opened.

I also learned that this forum has many sharp minded and extremely pessimistic individuals who are waiting for the end to come, with no hope, no belief, and just waiting for the end to come

Some of you have the pessimistic view of the future, and indeed it is grim. My first 2 weeks in this forum gave me nightmares of what the future portends. Hope, and a priest, helped me on thinking on what should happens "afterwards". We have survived World Wars, we have survived the threat of Fascism, Communism, Colonialism, we can still do so again. We are better educated than 1911. There are more enlightened individuals here than I can remember through my perusal of history books. We can do better than our forfathers still, even if our world crumbles, we can still build it back. Our current failed Order will come Chaos. Out of Chaos, however, will be Order. And we shall be the light within the darkness. We need to come up with a better system

I hope that my message of hope can resonate. All of you have IQ beyond mine I think. I want you all to think on how to create communities of hope. A sustainable community where we create and we do not consume more than we need, where we create wealth for generations. We need to create a sustainable system that will benefit not just our children, but for the children of our children and beyond. We may not all survive, but the idea will. We will create a concept, a philosophy, that will create Order out of Chaos. We need to, because our children depends on it.

Thank you for your time. I will try to post this once a month so everyone who can see this message can think and try to build a community of hope around them. With all of your intelligence, and perhaps with a new sense of hope and purpose, we can recreate our country again. Long Live our Republic of USA

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Something of note: Dr. Albert Bartlett, in is his lecture on "Arithmetic, Population and Energy", a key feature of a "sustainable community" at any level is no growth in population. That isn't enough, but it is intellectually dishonest to talk about sustainablility without noting this key feature.

Of course, the current monetary systems of the world are designed to grow indefinitely in a finite world... Could be a problem...

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Wait a minute,,, What the Fuck?? 

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While pondering WB7's last picture in this offering, it looks like Uncle Ben may be down with a "Commune of Hope".  Of course that rat bastard won't make it to 2040.

Thanks again William, I will be adding that last one to the Bernak photo file.  Ever think about posting a slide show of your Benny images on Youtube?  Maybe to "Benny and the Jets"?

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That is a great idea. I have this whole side activity of constantly searching for images suitable for Benny and Timmy.

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I noticed you like putting your 'faves' in drag.

I assume you use photoshop:

There's also brushes for other programs.

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art and visual combat live ! thank u bunga bunga !

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Damn, you're burning today, brother! 

The coven of atavisms marching with MLK, the PIGS protecting the NYSE, lovely Ann's other side exposed, Y U Not suffering literal spontaneous combustion, William . . .

Great Shit.   

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Awesome! All pics filled with win today.

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WB7! As always, "All the Fits that are News!"

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Goldman is very thankfull that they were shunned in the bankster's club.  I'm not.

But,as always ............. Great Work. 

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I think Blankfein is the original Y YU NO GUY.

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"I bunga, you bunga, we all bunga."

Joe 'The Rat' Thongaretti , 11/08/11, Leavenworth Penitentiary


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Bunga is Berlusconis legacy to history.

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EFSF Bazooka- Priceless. Outstanding work WB.

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I heard that Bazzoka phrase one too many times. It's a bullshit bazooka.

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It's a full-on blitz on the creatons of our time.  Sadly the To Big To Nail models look better than the TBTF banks.

"Y U NO" Guy - Found at "Know your MEME" - Ineteresting

Well dig this Meme

People are always exposing the symptoms of, or actions that support, an unsustainable PONZI scheme.  Or, they're insisting more regulatory power for the criminal wrongdoers will right the situation, further enslaving themselves.  It is this obfuscation and misdirection that has served the money power so well.

The privately held Federal Reserve is the top regulator of to big to fail banks. It's creation of money out of thin air and lending it at interest to the sovereign is the most insidious of criminal PONZI schemes.

If we truely want to restore real Free Market Capitalism to the Republic, we must first eliminate the most pernicious corrupting force of all.  END THE FED.


Money Power And The Central Bank: Life Is But A MEME




Based on Ponzi dynamics, credit expansions and speculative manias are naturally self-limiting. Credit expansions expand exponentially until the debt they generate can no longer be serviced and the greatest fool has committed himself to the exhausted trend, and no one remains to push prices up further.

Central Banks, Bubbles And The Coming Unwind


Can you say; Counter Party Risk?  See how money, created out of thin air has exploded the worlds financial sector and how it can disappear as if it never existed:

Evaporation of Wealth on a Vast Scale: How $Millions - Trillions Can Disappear


- Inflection Point

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Hey Banzai. Since I'm a single divorcie now, can you hook me up with the TBTF bikini models? I heard something about once you've had a fat lady.....

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Head over to Burger King, they are standing at the drive through window ;-)

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Thanks again William.

I found a website full of great (and some haunting) images.  SHORPY "Always Something Interesting"

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TBTF chicks...LOL!

We needed that.

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I want a Marilyn Coulter T-Shirt....or coffee cup....that is just terrific WB!!

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Yeah Zazzle up that Tshirt and Ill get one too!

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Check Banzai's store at these links:



It won't show up in his store for an hour but these links take your right to the products.